7 Surprising Reasons Extenze Works for Men

A lot of men are tempted to purchase and try out different penis enlargement pills that would show them significant results in a matter of a short time. Although these products are not difficult to find in the market since they are advertised on the Internet, radio shows and magazines, most men would want to find a certain brand that would be safe to take and give them the results they expect.

partnersOne of the most common reasons why men are interested to try these products is that they have a fear that their sexual organ would look too small for their partners or they could not satisfy them in bed.

Survey shows that most of these guys who think their penises are too small actually have penises that are in normal sizes. On the same view, men have a far fetched idea as to how a normal sized sexual organ actually does look like.

Among the many products available in the market, Extenze is a brand which no men will ever regret taking. Taking this product once a day will let them experience their desired result immediately. A few of the experiences that they will encounter are:

  • Having an increased endurance to achieve longer sessions
  • Orgasms that are electrifying and massively intense
  • Easier sexual responses that you will be able to rely on which would make you feel a lot younger
  • Your erections will be more frequent, harder and bigger

Does Extenze work in the way it should?

herbal blend


Photo by Sjschen / CC BY 3.0

Reading a lot of penis enlargement pill advertisements might make you wonder how does Extenze work for men effectively.

The product’s secret as to how it could give such amazing results is because of the herbal blend in its ingredients.

Every component is selected to fortify and strengthen the staying power of one’s erection and to increase the blood flow towards the penis.

The reason why Extenze work so well for men is also because of the following facts:

  • Taking Extenze would significantly let the blood gush through the penis’s three erectile chambers
  • The product is not composed of ingredients that are narcotic or artificial
  • The components create an increased volume of blood to the erectile chambers which creates a harder and bigger erection
  • Another reason why Extenze is effective is because of the safe and natural formula that augments the erect penis’s potential which would include its endurance and size

7 Reasons Why Extenze is Effective Compared to Other Methods

  • surgeryThere are some people who think that surgery or other invasive procedures are better than taking a pill because they think that it could give them faster and better results.
  • Truth be told, there are risks and consequences that they could get themselves into. The cost for these surgical procedures to be done is quite high and it is also unpredictable whether the procedure will be a success.
  • Although there are other prescription drugs that may do the same effect, most of these medications are prescription drugs which may also impose a few risks for some. These drugs are also not advised to be taken by people who may have serious illnesses or conditions, thus needing a physician’s expert advice.
  • One of the reasons why Extenze is potent for most people is because it is made up of natural ingredients which may also provide other good benefits. These ingredients are known to be herbs that could also provide therapeutic results to one’s health without imposing dangerous health risks.
  • Not only does Extenze work so well and effective but it is also safe for taking because it has no known adverse effects and it has been blended with male-enhancements supplements.
  • physicianTaking a pill into one’s body is safer than allowing for implants to be inserted. Even if the
    product contains herbal components which are to be checked by the physician if they are alright for taking, implants have unpredictable results which needs to be paid with a lot of money or worse, one’s health. It is also known that there are complications that are likely to happen if the procedure is not done quite good.
  • Injections for penile enlargement exist but are not effective. These only give chances of the person being impotent since the medication will be directly injected to the blood vessels. It is not only impractical but also very dangerous.
  • Vacuum pumps for erection purposes may not be an invasive procedure but the result that it causes may not last as long as the user wants it to. A penis pump is a kind of tube that is fitted over the male sexual organ which is to be pumped so that pressure and suction happens to make the penis erect. Some initial users get impressed with the results at first but with continuous use, the ability to have an erection diminishes.

24 Crazy But Fun Facts About Sex That Will Make Her Laugh Out Loud

You may see yourself as an expert who knows everything about sex, but you could be wrong. To be fair, most men think they’re experts who know every little thing about sex. The reality is that only male scientists who study the subject in depth know about sex, and even they don’t know every single thing about it, both past and present.

Want to be a walking encyclopedia when it comes to sex facts to attract the ladies? You just clicked on the right article that talks about the crazy but fun facts about sex that will make the ladies laugh out loud.

Interesting Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Sex is pleasurable. Sex can be weird, but it’s also amazingly interesting. You may simply see it as a pleasurable act, but what happens inside the body during arousal and sex just proves how complex sex is.

Here are interesting facts about sex that will blow your mind:

1. Some People Are Wired to Have More Sex Than Others

brains’ activitiesIf you were to ask different people on how sexually active they are, the answers would be different. For example, if you asked them how many times they have sex in a week or month, the answers may be considerably differently, but still they all would consider themselves sexually active. The fact is, some people’s brains are wired differently, which makes them want more or less sex.

According to a study that used EEG to record brains’ activities, some people’s brains are more sensitive to sexual stimulus than others, which means they are easily aroused and would want to hook up more often as a result.

2. There is Enough Sperm in One Single Man to Impregnate Every Woman on the Planet

How would your partner react if you tell her that you could impregnate every woman in the planet? When it comes to the number of sperm you release in a lifetime it’s probable.

On average, a male can produce about 525 million sperm cells in his lifetime with at least a billion released every month. In every ejaculation, a healthy adult male can shed up to 40 million to 1.2 billion sperm cells. Whereas, a healthy adult female may release about 450 mature eggs ready for fertilization.

3. Sperm Cells can Survive Inside the Fallopian Tubes for Seven Days

Once released inside, sperm cells travel to the cervix, the uterus then to the fallopian tubes. Weak sperm cells may die in the process while the strong ones get to go on with the journey. They can travel up to 2.5 centimeters (cm) every 15 minutes and the fastest swimming sperm cell can reach the egg in just 45 minutes while the slowest swimmer may reach 12 hours.

If the sperm cell cannot reach the egg, it may survive in the fallopian tube for up to seven days.

4. The Clitoris has Twice as Many Nerve Endings Than the Penis


The clitoris and the penis are among the most sensitive body parts; however, a woman’s clitoris may be more sensitive to stimulation than a man’s penis because it has about 8,000 nerve endings compared to a penis with 4,000 nerve endings. Rightly so, because the clitoris is mainly designed just for pleasure.

It’s just amazing when you ran into fun facts about the human body you never knew before.

5. The Vagina Decreases in Size By as Much as 30 Percent When a Woman is About to Reach Orgasm

Have you ever noticed how the vagina tightens as your partner reaches the peak of pleasure? That’s because the vaginal muscle contracts and decreases in size by up to 30 percent as she is about to reach orgasm and during orgasm.

Several changes, both external and internal, occur during the big O. blood rushes and fills the genital area, pleasure and feel good hormones are released and the muscle contracts. According to experts, the intensity of the contractions vary on how strong the pelvic muscle is.

6. Masturbation is Known to Help Cure Depression

When your partner catches you pleasuring yourself, just tell her that it helps cure depression. If you’re lucky, she might believe your lame excuse of facts about masturbation and laugh it off.

The truth is, masturbation does help cure depression, and that’s based on science. Research studies show that men who masturbated were able to improve their depression. This is because sexual arousal and orgasm makes your body release feel good hormones that can help improve your mood. On the other hand, over masturbation may trigger depression, according to other research studies out there.

7. Orgasms can Help Alleviate the Pain of a Migraineheadache

If she refuses you because of a headache, now you have a reason to convince her to be intimate with you. Orgasms may help relieve headaches caused by migraines because during orgasms the body releases endorphins that act as a potent pain reliever.

8. Males Over 70 Have 230 Times More Sex Than Women Over 70

If you think older couples are done with sex, you’re wrong. They may not be as sexually active as many younger adults out there, but sex is definitely not over for them.

According to a study published in TheNew England Journal of Medicine where males and females, ages 57 to 85 participated, more than half of those who were ages 57 to 75 performed or received oral sex, while a third of those aged 76 and up performed and received oral sex, as well.

Sex isn’t just about vaginal penetration with a penis. For other people, kissing and touching are sexual acts, too. Research about fun facts about kissing, and you’ll know how it affects your body in many ways.

Participants of the study who had poor sex lives admitted that their lack of sexual activity stemmed from lack of a partner or serious health concerns.

9. White Women Have More Anal Sex than Any Other Group

White WomenThings must be changing in today’s modern times, according to recent studies, because if you think anal sex is a taboo for women, you’re wrong. Apparently, it’s not out of the question for them anymore.

According to a recent study, one in three straight women in the U.S. have tried anal sex at one point in their lifetimes. The study conducted was a survey type of research including more than 10,000 straight women. One third of the number of women surveyed admitted to having experienced anal sex previously. Most of them were women in their 20’s who were married or living in with their partners.

From these numbers, you could say that a lot of women are now open to a sexual act that was once frowned upon.

10. The Smell of Pumpkin can Increase Blood Flow to the Penis

If you ever find yourself rocking a solid erection while preparing for Thanksgiving or carving a pumpkin into a scary jack-o-lantern, you might fancy telling your partner that you’re the innocent party, and the pumpkin is to blame. There’s something about pumpkin that stimulates a man’s senses that leads to arousal and increased blood flow to the penis.

The next time you’re planning for a romp in the bedroom, tell her to ditch the perfume and bring pumpkin pie instead. If you are watching your weight, you have lots of other options, too. There is no need for pumpkin pies, because male enhancement supplements like Extenze are specially formulated to improve your sexual health gradually, but safely and naturally.

Even so, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor if it is safe for you to take such a supplement, especially if you are already taking something or have an existing medical condition. These pills can help you avoid asking the question on how to satisfy a woman sexually.

11. Men Tend to Have Less Sex When they Do More Feminine Housework

repairing cars

Gone are the days when men only do masculine jobs and women do feminine chores. Everybody’s pushing for equality nowadays and that’s a good thing; however, men doing most of the feminine chores like washing plates, doing the laundry and dusting the furniture are less likely to have sex.

Women appreciate their partners who help in household chores when it benefits the relationship or marriage, but most women tend to be more sexually attracted to men who perform gender-specific tasks, such as DIY carpentry, plumbing and repairing cars. This could be because they appreciate it when a man does something that a woman may not know how to do, like fix the furnace or change her car’s oil.

Did these fascinating facts about sex made you interested to learn more about sex? Read on.

12. Gay Men have Bigger Penises than Straight Men

According to a large study focused on the sexual orientation and behavior of men, homosexuals have a third of an inch longer penis size than straight men. One of the co-authors said in an interview that hormones during pregnancy may be a factor in the penis size and the sexual orientation of males.

The researchers gathered the measurements of the penis through self-reports. Most probably, the homosexual men lied about their penis size but the same co-author said that based on a study, heterosexuals are more likely to lie than homosexuals. So, are you going to tell the ladies this and later prove them wrong?

13. Thirty-Six Percent of People Under The Age of 35 Go Straight Into Their Social Media Account After Sex

It seems many people could not live without tinkering on their mobile phones every now and then. Whatever people do, they just can’t let go of their mobile phones for long. Even after having sex, the first thing some people would grab is their mobile phone.

Social MediaIf your partner does this most of the time then she’s one of the 36 in a hundred people under the age 35 to go straight on Facebook or twitter after sex. What about post sex cuddles? They say post coital cuddles strengthen intimate bonds.

Other form of using social media when it comes to sex is sexting and a lot of people do it. Teens and adults do it. Learn more on fun facts about sexting here at http://www.mid-day.com/articles/relationships-researchers-uncover-top-6-facts-about-sexual-selfies/17467173.

14. Prehistoric Human Penises Used to Have Spines

Yes, you read it right. Prehistoric males have spines on their penises. Is this interesting fun fact funny or just plain weird?

The study which compared the genes of modern humans, Neanderthals and chimps found that human males used to have spines on their penis but it’s one of the many deleted genes in males today. Don’t believe this story? Find out here at The National Geographic magazine.

These spines aren’t sharp but tiny hard tissues. According to the scientists’ theory, the evolution in male species penises maybe brought by the changing forms of sexual relationships in humans. In modern animals, spines on the penises function as a plug to prevent other male’s sperm from fertilizing the egg. In humans, they don’t need the spines for sperm competition during fertilization because they now engage in monogamous sexual relationships.

This is a theory that still remains vague at this time.

15. Male Testosterone Levels and Sperm Counts are Only Aa Quarter of What They Were a Century Ago


It seems that modern men are becoming less fertile than what their forefathers used to be. According to a study, healthy men as young as 18 to 25 have irregular sperm counts. Even the sperms they produce are not of good quality based on the standard by WHO. Compared to other male animals, such as bulls, sperm counts in men plummeted which surprised many experts in reproductive biology.

Moreover, researchers noticed that cases of reproductive problems due to congenital defects have also increased. Are men going extinct after a few generations more? Only time will tell.

16. Shaving Your Pubes Makes You More Likely To Spread A Sexually Transmitted Infection

Some like it with all the hairy mound while others want it hairless. If you and your partner frequently shaves your genitals, this may fact may make you think twice next time. Going bald down there makes you more likely to contact sexually transmitted infections. Pubic hair protects your skin around the genitals from bacteria and viruses. Plus, cuts from shaving make it easier for harmful microorganisms to penetrate your skin.

Next time, go for a little trim to make it look neat.

17. Some Animals Perform Oral Sex, Too

If you love oral sex, so do bats, bears and wolves. These animals also participate in the practice quite often. How, you ask? Maybe you can find a video on YouTube to prove it, but that may not be a good idea.

18. Vibrators Were Not Actually Designed As A Sex Toy

It’s hard to believe vibrators weren’t really sex toys when you believed all along that it is. But, it’s really not. During the 19th century, people use vibrators to reduce hysteria.  Is it the vibration or the size that calms down a person?

19. Women are Friskier Than They’d Like to Admit

pornStraight women say they are only attracted to men; however, a study in Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario found that most women are easily aroused by sexual stimulus consisting of photos of naked male and female bodies, gay sex, straight sex and animal sex. To be fair though, a survey showed that some men searched and watched gay sex videos in porn sites.

20. Women can Make Their Voice Sound “Sexier” While Men Can’t

If you haven’t noticed, women can manipulate their voices to attract men. When a woman starts making her voice sound low and breathy, she is sending you a signal that she’s attracted to you. If your partner is playing this voice manipulation on you, you know what comes next.

21. Women Tend to Cheat During Their Fertile Period of the Month

If your partner suddenly throws aggressive sexual advances towards you then it must be the time of the month.  During their most fertile period, women want sex the most maybe because hormones are playing their part in ensuring that the egg gets fertilized.

Did you also know that at this time, women tend to prefer sex with more masculine men, such as soldiers? Uh oh… If she comes at you, try not to refuse or a soldier will do the job for you.

22. Men and Women Tend Not to Notice Disgusting Things When Sexually Aroused

Sexually ArousedSex is a messy stuff with all the sweat and bodily fluids spreading all over. Do you often wonder why people don’t get grossed out? That’s because sexual arousal overwhelms your brain’s response to disgusting things.

One study showed that women who watched an erotic video easily performed a disgusting act than those who watched a neutral video. Other past research showed that sexual arousal has the same effect on men, too.

23. Sex may Cause Rashes

As sexual arousal starts, blood starts to rush in all over your body. Blood flow will return to normal once sex is over and breathing becomes steady.

Increased blood flow and body temperature may cause sex flush or red rashes to appear anywhere in the body. It will eventually go away once your body normalizes.

24. Love And Obsession Affects The Same Part Of The Brain

According to a study, when a woman fall in love, blood rushes to a certain part of the brain that is responsible for pleasure. The same part of the brain that is responsible for obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Falling in love with a new person also lowers serotonin levels which is also common in people with obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

No wonder why people spend more time obsessing with a new partner and are blind to their faults during the early stage of the relationship. No wonder why when you recall the early stages of your relationship you would be left in awe as to why you stayed. Obsession played a part.

Sex is a wonderful thingSex is a wonderful thing, but it has it quirks too, which makes it even more exciting and interesting. Sex is also full of surprises. It gives you pleasure and it helps you make babies. What you don’t know is that inside the body, a series of changes take place during arousal, sex and orgasm you may not notice. Hopefully, these amazing fun facts about sex makes you interested to learn more.

23 Amazing Tips on How to Have Long Lasting Sex with Your Woman

No matter how good a man is in bed, long lasting sex is always his first priority. It’s not a secret that it takes women longer to achieve orgasm than it does men. That’s why men make it their goal to extend the sexual intercourse.

While you might last longer in bed now than you did when you were younger, the perfection knows no limits. You can get more pleasure from sex after you do your research and learn all the tips to last longer in bed. Here are 23 amazing tips to help you have better, longer lasting sex with your lady.

1. First, Forget About the Porn


Porn is one of the worst enemies you will face on your way to achieving a long lasting sexual pleasure. Porn is addictive. It might seem like a fun way to spend time when your partner is not available. In reality, by watching too much porn, you are ruining your sex life. Men who watch porn on a regular basis, have problems getting aroused with the same partner.

With time, some men fail to climax while having sex with their partners unless they imagine their favorite porn clip. The mundane sex life becomes bland and unpleasing. If being married to adult videos is not what you are looking for, quit watching them and your sex will soon become more exciting.

2. Use the Stop-Start Technique

Men have been trying to last longer in bed for ages and some of them came up with useful penis exercises that can become life-savers if done on a regular basis. One of them is the stop-start technique.

Stop-Start TechniqueStart masturbating with a dry hand. While doing it, try quench all the sexy images that come to your head. Instead, focus on your sensation. When you feel as if you are getting close to the point of no return, stop. Wait for the arousal to subside and start again. Repeat this technique for 15 minutes.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do this from the first try. No many men can. However, once the technique is mastered, you won’t need to wait almost any time between the sessions. This means you’ll be able to last 15 minutes in bed. Go on to trying the same technique with lubrication.

3. Masturbate Before Sex

One of the simple ways to learn how to last longer in bed without exercises is masturbation. To last longer in bed, you need to masturbate about an hour or two before the intercourse. The period can be shorter or longer depending on your recovery time. Try doing this at home first to check out how much time you need to get aroused again.

If you have a regular partner, you can even ask her to do the masturbation for you. It’s a fun and erotic way to get this out of the way. This technique also works great for men who are going out on the first date. They can enjoy the interaction without having to deal with the distraction their body can cause.

4. Do Those Kegel Exercises

exercisesIf you thought that Kegel exercises are something that only women do, you were wrong. The Kegel exercises are a great way to learn how to last longer in bed naturally. Kegel exercises for men involve flexing muscles that will help you control your ejaculation.

To understand where these muscles are, just imagine as if you need to stop peeing midstream. Now that you’ve located the muscle, start flexing it. The exercises will only be effective if you do them on a regular basis. Squeeze the muscle and hold it for 4 seconds, then release it for 2 seconds and hold again. Repeat this up to 10 times a day.

5. Buy Special Condoms

The regular condoms reduce the sensation for men during sex. There are also special desensitizing condoms that do the job even better. The less sensitive your penis is, the more chance you have to last longer in bed. Look for condoms labeled “extra strong” or “extra safe.”

These little helpers are thicker than regular condoms, that’s why the sensation is reduced. There are also condoms that have a numbing lubricant. They act as a local anesthetic and numb your penis. These condoms can make you last three times longer than regular ones. However, the pleasure you get from sex is reduced as well.

6. Why It’s Time to Check Out a Penis Spray

sprayA last longer in bed spray works the same way the numbing lubricant in condoms does. It contains lidocaine that’s often used in medicine as an anesthetic. The spray manufacturers claim that their product doesn’t numb the penis, it just desensitizes it.

The only FDA-approved penis spray available on the market right now is Promescent. There are many reviews available online. You can check them out before trying out the new product. It doesn’t work for everyone but many men are satisfied with the result.

7. Don’t Skip the Foreplay, Even if You’re Tired

Many men who suffer from premature ejaculation are afraid of foreplay. Meanwhile, it could be your savior. Use foreplay as a way to get your partner as excited as possible but try to avoid stimulating your own erogenous zones.

Oral and manual stimulations are a perfect way to get your girl revved up and ready to climax any minute. This will take the pressure off you since you won’t need to last too long for her to reach and orgasm. If your partner is insisting on caressing you, tell her that touching her body is arousing enough for you.

8. Learn How to Last in Bed Naturally with Slow Sex

sensual and romanticWhen you are aroused and ready to get pumping, your first instinct is to go fast and reach climax as soon as possible. That’s exactly the reason you must have slow sex. If you are not sure you can control yourself, go for the positions where a woman is in control. Ask your partner for slow and careful thrusts.

Slow sex is more sensual and romantic and most girls love it. It will help you last much longer without any special techniques. To make the slow sex even better, you can try the lubricants. There are some designed to help you last longer and make the experience more pleasurable for her, such as ExtenZe or K-Y Jelly.

9. Fight Your Insecurities and Make Friends with Fun

If you feel as if you are not muscular enough, your belly is too large or your penis is too short, you can’t relax in the bedroom. The lack of confidence causes you to feel uncomfortable during the sexual intercourse and makes you subconsciously want it to end faster. Meanwhile, you are hoping to last as long as possible.

If you are fighting with your subconscious and getting unfortunate results, learn how to love yourself and your body. Women don’t pay as much attention to male bodies as you might think. They are interested in other personal qualities, such as kindness, attentiveness, and confidence. If you’ve got all these qualities, your penis, muscle and belly size doesn’t matter.

10. Communication is Key: Talk to Your Partner

Talk to Your PartnerMany men are so afraid of their premature ejaculation problems that they even try to avoid sex altogether. If you are in a relationship, the easiest thing you can do to help you last long in bed is talk to your partner. Let’s face it. Eventually, you’ll end up in bed and if premature ejaculation is a problem, your girl will find out about it anyway.

Why not tell her beforehand? Women are usually understanding. You will not turn her away by making a confession but will get a strong ally who will help you deal with the problem. For some guys talking is enough. Once the word is out, they relax completely and the problem goes away on its own.

11. Try to Drink Less Alcohol

This advice is older than life itself. There is nothing good about alcohol except for the short feeling of euphoria some people get after the first few drinks. Meanwhile, the side effects are unfortunate. Men who drink alcohol on a regular basis experience libido problem. The reason is the decrease in testosterone. Alcohol is this hormone’s worst enemy.

While drinking a glass of red wine might be beneficial for your health, going further can ruin your body. If you want to last longer in bed without pills, you need to control yourself when it comes to alcohol.

By the way, giving a drink to your partner is not a good idea either. Many women have problems climaxing after drinking alcohol. Your inability to last long coupled with her orgasm problems will lead to a complete failure in bed.

12. Flex Your Brain

BrainWhile some women believe that during sex men think with their penises, it’s not true. Your brain is involved in the process too. And your mind is a powerful tool you can use to help you last in bed longer. Premature ejaculation is often not a physical but mental problem. It comes as a result of anxiety. What you need to do is let your brain relax.

When you are having sex, focus on just one thing such as her lips, her breathing, or even her breasts. Wouldn’t that make you climax faster? Surprisingly enough, it will do just the opposite., You will concentrate your attention and your brain will relax.

13. Achieve Long Lasting Sex by Taking Breaks

Taking a sudden break during sex might seem like something impossible but it’s a sure way to last longer. You need to warn your partner by saying something smooth like “You are so hot that I can’t go on like this too long”. Then make an effort and pull out. Continue to stimulate your partner orally and manually until the intense feelings subside.

It’s important to be honest with your partner. She will be understanding about it if you make sure to keep her satisfied. Even if she climaxes before you are ready to continue, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to help her get multiple orgasms.

14. Edging – One of The Best Tips to Last Longer in Bed

MasturbateIf you are wondering how to last longer in bed for men without pills, edging is a perfect exercise that can help boost your endurance. Edging is like the stop-start technique. However, the main trick here is that you can’t allow yourself to climax in the end.

  • Masturbate until you feel you are about to climax.
  • Stop before climaxing and wait until you are completely calm.
  • Start masturbating again.
  • Repeat this several times.
  • Then put your pants on and go about your business.

If you practice edging once a day, in about two weeks you will be able to reap the benefits. Be ready for failure in the beginning. Missing the point of no return is easy. Practice will make perfect.

15. Try the Squeeze and Release Technique

The squeeze technique is a simple way to postpone the ejaculation. The hardest part about it is to get it right the first time. Once you get a hard erection, put your thumb on the frenulum. The first and the second fingers should be placed on the opposite side. Squeeze the penis with your fingers hard and hold it for 15 seconds. The erection will immediately subside.

Repeat the process three of four times. Practice this on a regular basis and you will learn how to control your ejaculation better. Make a fun game out of it and involve your partner. It can become a great part of your foreplay.

16. Choose the Right Positions and Be Creative

Right PositionsYou can’t last long in bed if you are straining your muscles. That’s why you should only choose the positions where you can relax as much as possible. For example, a missionary position is a bad choice since you need to balance on your hands in order not to push down on your partner. Meanwhile, a girl on top position is perfect since you are lying down on your back and relaxing.

You can also consider the lotus position when the woman sits on your lap and reap great benefits from a reversed cowgirl position when a woman sits on your lap facing away from you. Browse through some new positions to make the sex longer and more enjoyable for both of you.

17. Learn How to Breathe Right to Last the Night

Breathing is often the key to controlling what the body does. Knowing how to breathe right can save you from a lot of embarrassing moments in bed. The smart breathing techniques can help you increase your stamina and control your erection.

Start with focusing just on your breathing. Concentrate on the way you inhale and exhale. The focusing itself will make you breathe slower and deeper. Take three deep breaths. Visualize the way the air fills your stomach, lungs, heart, and throat. Then exhale normally. Practice this several times and then use it whenever you feel you are about to climax.

18. Real Reasons to Consider Circumcision

increase your staminaWhile Jewish and Muslim boys get circumcised for religious reasons, there are plenty of men who go through this procedure in adulthood. Mostly, they do it for medical reasons. However, some choose to do it to help last longer in bed.

Circumcised men lose some penis sensitivity. It doesn’t interfere with their sexual life. Just the opposite, it makes them last longer in bed. By going through circumcision, you can kill two birds with one stone. Avoid foreskin infections and increase your stamina.

19. It’s Okay to Take a Second Chance

If for some reason none of the techniques worked, don’t stop. Even if you had an orgasm, continue thrusting while your penis is still erect. Once you lose the erection, pull out and continue to stimulate your partner manually and orally until she reaches orgasm. Then go for a second round.

You’ll always last longer the second time you have sex. Meanwhile, it can be a great opportunity for your partner to experience multiple orgasms. Different men have different recovery periods. Some might need 10 minutes to get back into the game while others require a few hours.

20. Make It Easy for Her: Use a Lubricant

While you might think that a wet and slippery vagina is a sure way to a premature ejaculation, it’s just the opposite. Instead of trying to last longer buying pills over the counter, spend your money on a lubricant. The more lubricated your woman is, the less pressure is applied to your penis and the longer you can last.

21. Try Yoga and Pilates for Flexibility

Yoga Yoga and Pilates are the exercises that increase your flexibility and physical stamina. They will teach you how to focus your attention on something important. Both yoga and Pilates are designed to help you learn how to control your breathing and decrease stress. They can help you deal with anxiety which is often the cause of premature ejaculation.

These exercises can increase libido in both men and women. Reduced libido can be the cause of your problems in the bedroom, especially, when coupled with stress, smoking, alcohol, and unhealthy diet. Regular exercising can help you regain your stamina and avoid premature ejaculation.

22. Watch What You Eat

While eating healthy is an obvious advice, you probably didn’t know that there are some foods that can increase your stamina. The next time you go to the store, put the following products on your “to buy” list:

  • They contain vitamin B and potassium that do wonders for stimulating your sex hormones.
  • Oysters contain zinc that acts as a natural testosterone level booster. When your body is producing enough testosterone, you can see the obvious benefits in bed.
  • Goji berries. Besides helping your metabolism, these Asian berries can increase the testosterone levels just as well as oysters can.
  • OystersPumpkin seeds. One study showed that the smell of pumpkin pie acts as a natural aphrodisiac for many men. Meanwhile, pumpkin seeds are also a source of zinc that stimulates testosterone production.
  • Avocados. The Aztecs called an avocado a “testicle tree”. It enhances sexual performance and improves cardiovascular health.

Meanwhile, try to avoid eating unhealthy. Improper diet might not have immediate effects on your libido but with time you’ll start experiencing erection problems that are much harder to fix than to prevent.

23. Find Out About Sex Therapy

When men have problems in the bedroom, the last thing they want to do is talk about it. However, talking can be the way to deal with the problem without resorting to medication. Exploring the psychological side of sex might turn out to be fun. You can find out things you never thought about before.

The therapist’s office is not much different from a doctor’s. If you have a problem that you can’t fix on your own, there is nothing strange about asking for help. You can even ask your partner to come with you if you need some extra support. Admitting to a problem and trying to find ways to deal with it is a manly thing to do as opposed to trying to avoid the obvious solutions.

So instead of looking for how to last longer in bed in Hindu, Chinese, or Russian, perhaps you need to start searching for more serious approach to solving a problem

Achieving long lasting sex can bring you and your partner the satisfaction you never thought possible. Knowing how to control your ejaculation is a skill any man can master if he is ready to spend his time on it. Your best bet is not to look for quick fixes but to approach the problem seriously. Only then you can get the best results in the bedroom.

The No-Bull Science on How Women Fall in Love – Just for Men

It’s only normal that you don’t get women, at least not right away. Just like you guys, women can also be hard to understand, especially when it comes to how women fall in love.

Romance has always been quite a mystery, as far as both sexes are concerned. Admit it, it’s not always easy to tell what she’s thinking. More importantly, it is even harder to tell from a distance if she is interested enough in you to get to know you better or pursue a relationship with you. Keep reading this article, so you’ll have a better understanding of women and how they fall in love.

Stages of How Women Fall in Love: What You Should Watch Out For

Typically, it takes some time for a woman to deeply fall in love with a man she has been seeing. When it comes to developing a serious relationship with a man, women don’t like to rush into things. They take their time to make sure that everything feels just right and that they are not simply rushing themselves into being committed to a single man for the rest of her life.

What you should understand is how women fall in love is usually in stages. Here are a number of the stages that show how a woman falls in love with a man and the signs that you should watch out for:

her eye1. She wants to see you almost all the time. Because of this, she might just scheme ways, so that she can bump into you in a seemingly random fashion. You know you have caught her eye if you are suddenly seeing her around more often than you used to.

How women fall in love for men begins with wanting to see you more and more. If she knows you tend to frequent a certain cafe for lunch, she will probably eat in the same spot just to catch a glimpse of you, too.

In the office, you might notice that she goes in the office break room around the same time you are also taking your break. She may or may not talk you, but there’s a good chance she’ll give you a brief smile before she heads back to her desk.

If you go to the same gym, you’ll probably notice that she is now working out around the same hours as you. No, she doesn’t watch you like a hawk from one corner of the room. Instead, she casually looks your way before going about what she’s doing. She just like to see you because it makes her feel good.

2. She tries stalk you a bit online. Any woman who is starting to develop an interest for a certain man will try to find out what she can during the early stages of attraction. After all, she wants to know a little bit more about you without asking your friends or anyone else. She wants to be as discreet as possible so she’ll check on you herself.

There’s a good chance she will go ahead and browse whatever you’ve got going on your social media. Chances are, she wants to get a better picture of your current social circle. She wants to see photos of you with your friends and even your family.

TwitterAt the same time, she’ll also take the opportunity to get a better idea of what you do for a living. Depending on how often you update your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages too, she would like to find out what you enjoy doing to also see if there are things you two like in common.

Using everything she’s learned from you, she will make a decision as to whether she still likes the idea of meeting you, getting to know you and going out with you or if she would rather keep her distance. In a way, this is part of how women test men they are starting to get quite interested in.

3. She can’t get you out of her head. Even more, she starts thinking about the image she is projecting towards you to see if she’s doing a good job at winning you over. As expected, she also becomes quite self-conscious every time she’s around you.

If you managed to pass her social media test, she will definitely allow herself to think about you more and more. It’s almost like you are client she wants to win over. She’ll be quite conscious around, enough to feel the need to look extra nice and extra impressive. Her objective is to win you over and to hold your attention for her and her alone.

At this stage, you will almost never see her just wearing sweats. If say, she works out in the same place you do, she’ll only use her best workout gear around you. After all, she wants to make sure she accentuates her body in all the right places.

4. She tries to impress you. If the of you work in the same office, you will notice her stepping up to get recognized by her peers, especially you. In the gym, she’ll turn the intensity all the way up in her work out and show off her skills and stamina when she knows you’re watching.

make your move5. She starts to grow anxious while he waits for you to ask her out. After all the effort that she’s put into getting your attention the past few days or weeks, she’s just waiting for you to make your move, so go ahead. Do it soon or she might lose interest.

6. After you have started going out, she starts grinning like crazy every time you send her a text message or call her up. This is the part when she starts to fall for you a bit more, so much so that messages or calls from you just lights her up. She loves the feeling too.

7. She feels the desire to bring up your name in just about every conversation she’s got with family and friends. She’ll get teased about it, but she doesn’t mind. She’ll still mention you name a number of times when she’s having a talk with her pals or even her relatives.

8. She feels the need to tell you just about everything. She has this newfound intimacy with you and she finds it comforting so she would most likely share with you just about everything about her life. If you feel comfortable, reciprocate by opening up a bit more.

9. She can feel the spark. This is the part when she is starting to seriously fall for you. She isn’t sure if she loves you yet, but she knows that she does not want for your relationship to come to a stop. She loves that you are in her life, it makes her feel incredible.

10. She decides to introduce you to her family. Around this time, she is also ready to become intimate with you and possibly, have sex for the first time. She may also already tell you that she loves you.

her familyAs the months past, she becomes assured in your relationship enough to finally introduce you to her family, especially her parents. This is how you know she is already serious about you.

Around this time, you will finally hear her say that she loves you. She would also have a desire to become more intimate in your relationship and she’ll let you know that she’s ready to turn the heat up with you in bed.

11. When some of her initial worries have faded a bit, she would gradually reveal her true self to you. At this point, she’s also producing more of two particular hormones, oxytocin and vasopressin.

Both hormones encourage the formation of stronger social bonds in a relationship. Oxytocin is also what helps induce trust in a person, while vasopressin brings out a bit more aggression in men, which you woman might just appreciate in bed.

12. She enters a sort of power struggle stage and they begin to focus on how different the two of you are from each other along with your flaws. An argument may also break out anytime.

At this stage in your relationship, not everything is pleasant as arguments now begin to plague your relationship. What’s important to remember is talk issues through with each other. You both have to choose to make up or break up.

13. The moment the two of you get past the power struggle stage, your relationship becomes stable as you two have finally worked out a compromise with each other. There is now more acceptance between the two of you and you both have less of a desire to change each other. Around this time, your relationship has truly evolved.

in a relationship14. At this point, she is ready to take your relationship together further. She now feels more satisfied about being in a relationship with you. She sees this as something that will last a long time.

15. She is ready for commitment. If you ask her, she would most likely say yes to moving in with or becoming engaged to you. It’s also time to think about where the two of you want to be in the future.

How to Romance Your Woman Perfectly

You feeling you are having the best time of your life. You are finally in a relationship with a woman that you are completely in love with. You are not sure exactly about how men fall in love, but you sure became smitten by her anyway. You are also just glad that she feels the same way and it all worked out.

At this stage in your relationship, it’s only normal for you to start wondering about how to make love last. Here are a number of ideas you can easily try out with your dream woman:

1. Cook her a nice meal. There is nothing more romantic to a woman than a meal that was prepared by her lover. It doesn’t have be to be something as fancy as plate she can get from a Michelin star restaurant. The key here is to make something that you are confident about cooking so that you can make it easily and impress her.

For a simple yet fabulous dinner, you can easily whip up even on a busy night, you can get a couple of nice steak cuts, season them with some salt and pepper and thrown on the grill. As a side dish, you can just bake some potatoes or even prepare a simple green salad with her favorite dressing. Serve this with an excellent glass of wine and she will be thrilled.

ice creamAs for dessert, forget about baking if you have never attempted it before. If the two of you simply want to stay in, you just keep some good quality ice cream in your freezer. When you’re ready, pull it out, scoop some up for her in a bowl and top with melted chocolate and fresh berries.

On the other hand, if she’s in the mood to go out for dessert, your best bet is to take her to her favorite cafe or pastry shop and let her indulge in whatever she wants. After all, there is nothing sexier than the sight of a beautiful woman enjoying her food with absolute delight.

2. Take a trip together. Especially when you have been a relationship in a long time, it’s only natural for the two of you to want to go away together. What she would appreciate even more though is if you plan the trip for the of you on your own and simply surprise her when everything is set.

For a woman, nothing can make her more excited than finding out that you have already made a reservation at her favorite bed and breakfast and that the two of you will be staying there together for the weekend. Another idea is to spend a few days by the beach or by the slopes.

The whole idea is to keep things spontaneous while also keeping in mind the things she likes to do and the places she enjoys going to. When deciding where to take her, remember to go for what she likes as opposed to something that only you would most likely appreciate.

To make her even happier, surprise her once you get to your destination with a pre-arranged spa treatment or even a romantic meal. You may also want to arrange to have a bottle of champagne already chilling in your room when you arrive if you two are celebrating something special like your anniversary.

visit3. Give her a surprise visit. If your woman is someone who has to work constantly because her job is demanding, it’s possible that you won’t be seeing her again until her schedule frees up a little or when the weekend comes. You can show her you’re not willing to wait that long to see her again though, by paying her a surprise visit.

Get a bouquet of her favorite flowers and get dressed up extra nice. Make your way to her office and perhaps, ask her to go to lunch with you. You can also pack a picnic basket and ask her to have a picnic with you at a nearby park.

If she’s quite busy at work though, another idea is for you to bring lunch to her instead. You can order some food from her favorite restaurant and eat it with her in her office. Another idea is to make a nice packed lunch for the two of you to enjoy together. It can be a simple pasta dish and salad plus a nice baked fruit with freshly whipped cream.

It doesn’t have to be too fancy. Whatever you prepare, she’ll appreciate it, knowing you worked hard to make it for her.

4. Keep having date nights. You may have been together for more than a year now. Just the same, this is no reason to turn off the romance and start acting like a typical old, married couple. To keep romance alive, a certain form of courtship is still necessary and nothing says romance like date nights.

camping togetherThe key to having great date nights is to keep them exciting. Sure, a candlelit dinner is always classy and fun, but you also have to spice things up a bit more. You can catch a late-night movie or watch the opera together before grabbing a meal.

You can also go camping together and even do some stargazing throughout the nice. Another great thing you can do is to recreate your first date once in a while. She will also appreciate the fact that you have not forgotten about this yet.

5. Let her know you’re thinking about her even when you’re not together. For a woman, it’s quite romantic of a man to let her know he’s thinking about her when he’s away from her. Luckily for you, technology today makes it a lot easier for you to do this.

In the middle of a work day, go ahead and send her a text message. It doesn’t have to be a long touching poem or a quote from a movie. It can just be a simply hi or you can just ask her to see how’s she’s doing. You can also send her an email or chat message on social media with a link to photo or video that is guaranteed to make her smile.

This way, she knows you care a lot about making sure her day goes well, and she will truly appreciate you for it. Something else you can do is to grab a copy of her favorite movie or tape her favorite show so that she can enjoy it with you when she’s no longer so busy at work.

6. Clean up for her. Generally, men are known to be a lot messier than women so your willingness to tidy up her place is something that would both surprise her and touch her especially when she has been too busy to clean up herself all week.

treating her like a queenIf you have been staying at her place or if you already share a place together, be the one to make the bed in the morning. At night when you two have dinner at home, volunteer to take care of the dishes so that she can already lie down or enjoy a nice bubble bath. She will appreciate the fact that you are treating her like a queen.

7. Give her a massage. Just like you, there’s a good chance her muscles will feel quite sore at the end of a stressful workday. Help her relieve her body a little by giving her an incredible back rub.

To help take the stress off her day, you can also give her a massage by mixing some calming essential oils into your massage oil such as tangerine, ylang ylang, lavender, spearmint, coriander, peppermint, bergamot and geranium.

On the other hand, if you know you could use a massage treatment too, you can also surprise her with a spa reservation for the two of you that you can enjoy together in a romantic couple’s treatment room. This way, you can both get de-stressed and pampered together.

8. Make things more exciting in bed. Turn the heat up in the bedroom by making sex more exciting. You can try new positions that are sure to touch her g-spot. You can also try a number of sex toys that you know she will enjoy.

On the other hand, you can also make sex more enjoyable for your woman by taking an all-natural male enhancement supplement, such as Extenze. This supplement has been formulated with a special blend of herbs that naturally increase the blood flow to your penis so that your erection will become stronger and last longer. Surely, you will have her moaning pleasure all night long.

flirtHow women fall in love may usually be complicated to figure out. Luckily, you need to master how women fall in love psychology in order to find out if a woman you have been interested in is also falling in love with you. Be more observant about how women flirt and perhaps, you’ll be able to approach her at just the right moment.

16 Body Language Flirting Behaviors You Don’t Know You’re Doing

You may not have been paying attention to it, but your body has been busy conducting some flirty moves for you all this time. Every time you step out and meet with up with people, you may be indulging in the art of body language flirting.

It’s basically non-verbal communication flirting; something you do without even knowing it. You send a vibe out there, and then someone picks up on it. If you like each other, you flirt some more, consciously this time. From here, things can get even more interesting.

Body Language Flirting 101: Gestures Men Do to Get the Girl

The body language of flirting for men is not exactly a mystery. There are certain things to do when a woman you absolutely like is around. Here are some you may just find yourself doing the next time you see her:

don't just look at her1. When you’re truly interested in a woman, you don’t just look at her. You let her catch you doing it. It may be a bit of a risky move, but even your subconscious knows it can pay off.

A man who is seriously considering going out with a woman wants to drop hints about his interest before he even decides to make an approach. That is why you are making quite an effort to meet eyes with her from across the room. That is why you want her to know that you have been looking her way.

When you do this, you send a clear signal to a woman that you are into her and that you’re interested to get to know her. It’s okay to go ahead and show her that you’ve been watching her a little bit. A nice and rather flirty smile won’t hurt either.

2. Your pupils dilate when you’re interested in the person you’re talking to. This is one of the classic body language signs of attraction. It’s been said by many relationships experts over the years that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. When you’re trying to be a good flirt; however, your pupils can serve as the reflection of your secret desires for a woman.

pupilsYou may find it hard to believe, but people typically have zero control over how their pupils move. They can dilate or increase in size on its own. In contrast, they can also contract or decrease in size independently.

According to a research done by Eckhard Hess back in 1975, a person’s pupils will dilate every time they are interested in a subject they are talking about, or a person they are talking to.

get closer

3. You unconsciously put your hand on her knee. This is another example of typical body language flirting for men. When you do this, you’re letting her know that you are drawn into her and that you want to get closer, physically, emotionally and sexually.

Typically, you don’t just go around touching the knees of every woman you meet. This is a gesture that you reserve for someone you are attracted to, someone who you’d like to pay attention to you, too.

One thing that you must take note of is that if a woman touches your knee while you are having an intimate conversation, it may be her way of letting you know she would like for you to do the same. At the same time, she may also be trying to tell you that she wants to get in bed with you tonight.

4. You like to stare into her eyes and almost get lost in them. When you’re attracted to a person, you tend to like looking deep into their eyes even without meaning to. It’s almost like you’ve been hypnotized by them and all you want to do all day long is to stare into her eyes.

Especially when you’re starting to develop strong feelings for a person, you tend to notice every little thing about them. Her eyes are definitely no exception. It’s almost as if you’re having a separate dialogue with them. They fascinate you deeply and she appreciates that.

alpha male stance5. You take on an alpha male stance. For the alpha male stance, you may put other guys down when she’s around and you unconsciously puff out your chest. You’ve probably got a pronounced strut or swagger when you’re walking her way. You like her and you want her to know what a tough and strong man you can be.

The other thing that you should always remember is that women tend to be more attracted to strong men. When they scan across the room for someone to get interested in, they are typically looking for someone who is standing straight with his chest out, someone who looks like they’ve got a whole lot of confidence.

On the other hand, your subconscious may also be aware that women find confidence is sexy, which is why your body suddenly takes on a strong stance the moment a woman you’re interested in is within view.

You may also have noticed that your walk tends to change a bit when you’re around a woman who you’re really interested in. That’s a good thing since the last thing a woman wants is to date a man who walks with his head down and his back slumped.

Remember to always carry yourself with confidence around her. If you can, try to glance her way from time to time when you’re walking by. If you seem to be a bit too shy to do that; however, just look around or turn to your buddy if you’re walking together. Whatever you do, don’t just stare down at the floor. It’s a real sign of lack of confidence in your part and she absolutely would not appreciate that.

talking to her6. You use only a special voice whenever you’re talking to her. Admit it, you have caught yourself suddenly doing this at one time or another while you were engaged in a conversation with a woman you wanted to go out with.

When you come face to face with a woman you are absolutely attracted to, your voice tends to become quite low-pitched, according a psychologist Dr.Scott Bea from the Cleveland Clinic.

To further support this observation, several researchers from the University of Liverpool in England who did a study involving more than 200 participants with the help of both audio and video recordings.

According to their findings, men who are attracted to a woman tend to first use a sing-song voice when they are talking. It is believed that men subconsciously do this in order to help put a woman at ease with them. Eventually, the voice changes to a more masculine lower pitch.

You try your best to stand out in the crowd7. You try your best to stand out in the crowd just to catch her attention. Let’s face it. There is not a whole lot that can happen between you and that woman you have been attracted to if she doesn’t even know that you’re around.

So, what do you do? You go ahead and try to get her attention, naturally.

First, you will try to get noticed without doing anything that can attract everyone’s attention. You want to make yourself more attractive than ever before. You’re going to start dressing yourself up a bit better and you are going to pay attention to every single article of clothing you wear.

You want to look so that you can make a good impression to her and even her friends. You may even consider putting a nice cologne so she can hopefully be captivated by your scent.

If that doesn’t work, you might end up finding yourself pulling off certain stunts just to get her attention. You can try greet a mutual friend who happens to be seated at the same table as she is. You may also try to show off certain talents you have such as in art and music.

Basically, you will do whatever it takes just to get her to look at you and become attracted too. This is especially true when there are other guys around the both of you who are also vying for her attention.

You tilt your head back8. You tilt your head back just a bit. You don’t why, but it just happens. Your head tends to become tilted back slightly just when the two of you are engaged in a conversation. It doesn’t matter if you are just discussing a casual topic. The tilt happens without you having to send any conscious signals to your head.

According to Dr. Danielle Sulikowski and Dr. Darren Burke, you tilt your head towards a woman you’re attracted to as a way to make yourself appear more appealing to the woman. This is your subconscious’ attempt to make just a bit more attractive in front of the woman you have had your eye on for some time now.

9. You get quite fidgety when she’s around. You’re attracted her. In fact, you like her a lot. Gradually, you will begin to notice that you are getting a little fidgety. That’s simply because you’re developing a case of the nerves.

You’re probably thinking it’s the absolute worse time to become nervous. That’s true but nonetheless, it happens. When she’s around you, you start to play with your fingers without even meaning to. You also start shifting your position without a need to.

a man with confidenceYou then start to run your fingers through your hair unnecessarily. Basically, you have just made yourself look like a complete fool around a woman you like.

It may be your subconscious causing you to lose all the confidence you have tried to muster around this one woman, but you have to try your best to retake control of your impulsive actions. A woman, more than anything, likes to see a man with confidence. They can even be turned on by it.

The next time you feel like you’re having the case of the nerves, take a deep breath and steady yourself. Once you feel a bit more composed, take on a more confident stance and flash her your most winning smile. She will find that sexy, no doubt.

10. You tend to be more protective of her. You and this woman have been good friends for quite some time now. Then all of a sudden, you realize you more than just find her nice. In fact, you find her really attractive and now, you’ve been wondering if the two you can go out and see where it goes.

To keep your regular company, you probably still tried to keep the mood casual and light between the two of you. You’re still a bit undecided if you want to take thing further with her anyway. This is especially true since you are truly worried about losing the friendship you two share in case a more intimate relationship between the two of you does not work out.

So what do you do next? Nothing, absolutely nothing. You don’t make a move, but you just make it a point to go ahead and spend more time with her. She will probably not notice it too much but, you have become a bit more protective of her.

walking herYou now typically insist on walking her to her place just so you are incredibly sure that she is safe and secure for the evening. You’re also the first one to take off your jacket or suit the moment she feels cold. You also don’t like the idea of other men having their eyes on her so choose a secluded part of the restaurant and cafe you’re in.

While some women may take a hint with everything you’ve been doing, a good number of them won’t. Sure, it’s nice to be sweet and protective of her. Nonetheless, you still have to talk to her and let her know how you honestly feel. Tell her you want to be more than just friends with her and see how she reacts.

11. You spread your legs apart around her. Whether you had meant to or not, you are trying to mark your territory with regard to a certain woman every time you spread your legs apart while you’re spreading some time with her. This is your way of bragging about your masculinity to other men. It’s almost like you’re trying to tell other men to focus their attention on anyone else but the woman you’re interested in.

On the other hand, when you’re already engaged to the woman, you change your stance by putting one leg over the other.

You tend to touch your face12. You tend to touch your face often when you’re around her.  It’s uncontrollable and you tend to just keep doing it. You rub your ear a little or put a hand on your chin using the back of your finger. This is another sign of nervous attraction that you tend to show a woman without meaning to. The good news is, some women may just find it cute.

13. You like to lick your lips. Whenever you do this quite often around a girl you are quite attracted to, you are subconsciously showing some of the nervous sexually charged tension that has built up inside you. It may sound rather primitive, but it still tends to happen. Don’t worry though, women tend to find this sexy.

14. Your feet are pointing in her direction when you’re standing. Your knees do the same when you’re sitting with her. This is classic flirting body language of men. One thing you should always remember is that the parts of our body located farthest from our brain are typically the ones we have relatively less control of. This the case when it comes to female attraction and your knees.

Whenever you’re sitting near someone you are truly attracted to, your knees tend to point towards the object of your attraction. Meanwhile, when you’re standing next to her, your feet also tend to point towards her direction.

be closer to her15. You usually find every single opportunity to be closer to her. You like her a lot and all you want to do is be near her as much as possible. It’s your attraction for her that has taken over your entire being, even the way you think.

Every time you know she’s around, your only objective is to inch closer to her so you try to make that happen as much as possible. You try to sit at the chair or table next to her. You want to stand next to her in line. You even make it a point to grab coffees together. For you, being near her is essential and your subconscious is doing all it can just to make that happen every single day.

16. You always find a way to touch her gently. At some point, body language flirting will require some sort of touch, something gentle and not at all creepy or you will risk losing the woman you want completely.

This is something you can do a bit more consciously. The key is to get the timing right and to keep things casual. Fix her hair a little bit or help her adjust her scarf. Try to help her take a jacket off or put it back on. Whatever you do, just be a gentleman about it. This way, she’ll fall for you more.

Reading Body Language Flirting: How to Tell If She Likes You Back

Since you already know a bit more about your flirting ways a little bit better, it also helps to know a little bit more about what she is trying to tell you. Here are some body language signs you should watch out for the next time you take her out:

  • You know she likes you a lot when she leans into you while she’s talking or listening. The same can be said when it comes to flirting body language of men. You should know about this since you tend to do this yourself.

When she’s leaning closer to listen to whatever you’re trying to say, she’s trying to let you know that you’ve got her full attention and she contented with just focusing on you instead of anyone else in your company. This is quite a good sign that your relationship with the woman is going somewhere.

  • lips
  • She chews on her lips every time she’s listening or thinking; it’s almost like she’s drawing your attention to her lips. Admit it, you like it when women do that to you. In fact, it’s one of those mannerisms that drive you crazy.

Every time a woman chews on her lips while she’s near you, it means she’s subconsciously sending you a signal that she is quite attracted to you. In fact, it might even mean that she’s already trying to imagine what it would be like to take your relationship a step further.

  • She would raise her eyebrows ever so slightly while she’s smiling and nodding to whatever you’re saying. She also does the same right after she’s made eye contact with you; clearly, she likes what she sees. This is the ultimate sign of approval that you want to be able to get from a woman you are incredibly attracted to.

Whenever she looks at you with eyebrows slightly raised, it means she enjoys looking at you and would like to keep looking at you if you don’t mind. If you see her doing this and you like her back, don’t hesitate to make a move. She will certainly welcome it.

  • eyelashesIf she’s batting her eyelashes at you, that’s definitely female body language flirting. You can call it her way of making herself look even more attractive around you. Aside from this, she may flip her hair and even look at you with a smile. When you see her doing these things, it means you can certainly ask her out.
  • When a woman often caresses her lips, neck and collarbones around you, she’s sending you a signal that she absolutely wants you. This is a common body language sign of attraction. It can also mean that she is thinking about you in more sexual way. If you see her sending you this kind of signals, you might want to get your game on too. Go ahead and ask her out. There is a good chance that she will say yes.

If you decide to take things further with her and you are determined to give her the night of her life, you may want to try taking a male libido supplement such as Extenze. It’s gives you harder and bigger erections she will definitely appreciate.

The next time you’re out with your friends. Pay special attention to your own body queues. The right amount of body language flirting can just help you hook up with that woman you’ve been interested in for some time now. Use your own male body language flirting moves to your advantage. After all, it works.

20 Hot Tips for Sex – Have Her Begging You for More

No matter how proficient you think you are, once in a while, you might be in need of a boost in the form of tips for sex to help you improve your sexual life. Every man wants to please his partner to a point they cannot get enough of him. While they can handle the basics on their own without any extra knowledge, it is important to acknowledge that women have feelings, interests and preferences when it comes to bedroom matters. As much as you would like to learn how to control yourself for longer, more satisfying sex, there are a number of things you need to learn about women.

Get to Know Each Other Before Getting Busy

Get to Know Each OtherSex is a special activity that should be enjoyed by two people who want to create a stronger, more intimate connection. This is why there should be a mutual understanding of each other’s sexual preferences. The fact there are two people means, in order for the sexual experience to be great, each one of them has to bring something to the table, or to the bedroom, for that matter.

You don’t need to have a special occasion to enjoy an evening of satisfying sex. All you need is to set the right mood and use the right tips for sex. Men need to learn these tips, too, because this is the best way to satisfy their partners for a longer period of time.

The following are hot sex tips you may want to keep in mind for a better sexual experience.

1. Let’s Talk About Sex

TalkAs time goes in relationship, it becomes easy to go straight to the actual sex activity without expressing what you want. Sex therapists say that it is the best time to break this cycle. While most people will not find the need to talk about anything, the truth is that you are killing the mood in the bedroom. It is important to communicate because this is what lets your partner know what you look forward to in bed.

In addition to having everything laid down clearly, knowing what your partner expects and letting them know what you would want will build up the mood and you will enjoy sex better. It is difficult to be in rhythm when you do not know what she wants and she does not know what you want, so keep the lines of communication wide open.

2. Eat Healthy for a Better Sexual Health

Eat HealthyWhile this might not exactly sound like the sex tip you were looking forward to hearing, it actually is quite important. Treating your body well, including consuming healthy foods, will help it function properly, and this includes your libido.When you eat healthy foods that have no cholesterol, your circulation will be greatly improved especially in your southern hemisphere.

You might have learned from your sex education class that blood plays a major role in maintaining an erection. When you eat all the right foods, your circulation will be better,and this means that more blood will be smoothly pumped into the penile tissue.  A longer lasting hard erection is exactly what your partner needs in bed for better satisfaction and pleasure.

Healthy foods for a better sexual experience include:

  • Lean meat
  • Seafood
  • Papaya
  • Chilies and other peppers
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Dark chocolate
  • Green vegetables

3. Tips For Sex – Exercise Helps with a Lot More Than Just Weight Loss

ExerciseThere are only a few things that will get a man ready to satisfy a woman better that getting into a routine of regular exercise.Experts say that even as little as 15 minutes of exercise in a day will help you improve your self-esteem, image and libido. Exercise has the ability to make the physical part of sex more enjoyable.Additionally, making exercise a regular activity will help in improving your cardiovascular health. This is quite important in maintaining an erection and normal erectile function.

As you exercise, it is important that you exercise just enough and avoid overdoing it. When you exercise too much, you will get the exact opposite of the above results. When you get that over-attaining attitude and dive into exercise more than required, you will develop fatigue and be in low energy levels always. When this is combined with disrupted sleep patterns and mood changes, it will be the worst approach to a romantic life and woo a partner will be harder than it usually is.

A good idea is to work out together. If exercising is a good idea, then a better approach is to exercise with your partner. When you work out together with her, it is possible that both your endorphins and libidos will go up together. Since you will all be sweaty, you can take things to the next level with some sensual stretching, if you know what it means.

4. Make Your Heart Grow Stronger: The Surprising Effects of Abstaining

Make Your Heart Grow StrongerAbstinence is not what you would expect in the list of tips for sex. There is a good explanation behind this tip. Abstaining for a little while is a sure way to ensure that the sexual activity you encounter next with your partner will be better and more intense.You can practice abstinence for a weekend or a week. When you are not getting some, your heart will grow fonder and this will drive your lust for the forbidden fruit up in the sky.

When you finally get to have sex with your partner after the short period of sexual drought, you will love every moment. It is highly possible that she will also get great satisfaction and this will strengthen your relationship. You just have to make sure that you do not abstain for too long, and be disciplined about it.

5. Setting Time Aside: A Master Plan for Sex

A Master PlanWhile planning might not seem romantic because you might think about surprises and unplanned sex, sometimes it is a great idea. Experts say that planning for sex is an effective way of satisfying a woman and generally improving your sex life. All you need is to construct a plan to have sex.We live in a busy world and as much as what we do outside of our homes is important, setting time aside for sex is important, too. Most couples with careers and children tend to let sex dwindle.

Having kids and a job is not a good reason to forget to engage in sexual activities. Just like you schedule other important activities in your life, sex should be among the priority items. Your relationship with your wife or girlfriend is greatly determined by sex, and this means it should get time in your lives.

6. Gaining Sexual Energy: Watch Porn Together

Watch Porn TogetherSurprisingly, it is not only men who love porn. Watching porn builds up your sexual energy and this works well in giving you a better satisfying sexual experience. Instead of hiding and watching porn alone, it might be a great idea to watch porn together.

In addition to lifting your desires, you will end up learning one or two things that you probably did not know.It is actually a fun thing to watch porn together but do not get too carried away and addicted to it. Just do it for the positions and the excitement it creates. You will love choosing porn videos together and this will bring you closer together and give you a better sexual life.

7. Taking Your Time: Why Foreplay is Important

ForeplayRegardless of what gets you there, experts recommend that you do not skip or go through the foreplay fast. It does not matter how long you have been together, foreplay still plays an important role in making your sex better. Of all the tips for sex you read, this is the most crucial one that you should not forget.

If you are looking for stronger orgasms and improved sexual experience, it is important to pay attention to foreplay.Foreplay gears up your autonomic nervous system and this, in turn, increases orgasm strength, excitement and sensitivity. When you are patient and put efforts into this activity, you will see the dividends within a short while.

8. Pay Attention to Her and to Her Breasts

Pay Attention to Her and to Her Breasts

A tip that most men tend to ignore is paying attention to her breasts. Most women have confessed that when a man pays attention to their boobs, it drives them insane. This should not be just about grabbing them; it is also about licking and kissing until her nipples are hard enough to get small bites. By the time her nipples get hard, she will be up there and just a little effort will make her orgasm.

If you give boobs the attention they deserve while your hand goes down south, you might just give her the orgasm of her life. Of course, there are women who do not like their boobs touched this way and this is where we go back to the communication part.  If you know what she does not like, you will be better off and pleasing her will be an easier affair.

9. She May Like It if You Touch Yourself

This will sound quit estrange for most men but women love to watch their men get themselves off. You can just get into foreplay when you get hard, just get your hand down there and touch yourself. Your partner will love just watching you do that and this will probably increase her lust levels and you will not know when she will grab you and get what she wants.

When sexual excitement is that high, chances are that she will love what you will do to her next and though she will get satisfied, she will want you to give her more.

10. How to Talk Dirty to Her

Talk Dirty to HerYou do not have to say all the dirty naughty things in the bedroom only. If you are out on a fancy dinner, you can start telling your girl how badly you want her. If you are at a bar, you can touch her and tell her all the naughty things you will do to her when you get back home.

In addition to building both your excitement, this will give your lady the courage and confidence she needs to fulfill all your fantasies. Additionally, this will make sure that she is mentally prepared and this results in better,longer and satisfying sex.When you talk about all the naughty things you will do behind closed doors in a public place, your lust will go higher and she will be looking forward to that special moment in bed with you.

11. Open Your Soul to Her: Reasons to Make Eye Contact During Sex

Make Eye ContactThey say eyes are the windows to the soul and the truth is not far from this statement. When you make eye contact with anyone, there is always that connection. When you look into your partner’s eyes, you feel a special connection, and this is something women appreciate. When you are making love to her, look her into her eyes to get that connection. You will be surprised how much better your sex will be.

The reason eye contact is important when having sex is because it is an indication that you are interested in her and what you are doing. Looking away seems like you are not interested and might come out as disrespectful. When you look directly into her eyes, you create an exciting drama that will make the event even better. Women will say that they know a man loves them because they can see it in their eyes. Let her know you love her and you love pleasing her in the bedroom.

12. Let Her Take Charge Once in a While

Let Her Take ChargeHave you ever thought that a woman would want to feel the excitement of being in charge, well, they do.It is not all about you being the leader in the bedroom; it is an experience you should share. That is why; giving her an opportunity to lead will make things steamy and more interesting.

You do not have to be on top all the time, let her get on top of you and have a ride of her life. This will not only make her feel better, it will be a change that you will both love. Sex does not have to be the same routine all the time because you will get bored quite fast. Changing the lead role can greatly spice your sex life and is among the best sexual advice pieces you will get.

13. Discover the G-Spot

two of your fingersSome people still think that the G-spot is a myth. It is important that you know that this spot is real and finding it will open new doors in your sexual world.You just need to warm your partner up and then insert two of your fingers inside her. You should then make a “come here” motion with the fingers such that the tips are pressing hard on the front wall about two inches up her vagina.

While you do this, you should use the thumb to stimulate her clitoris. You should be prepared for her reaction because in most cases, this will drive her crazy and she will always be looking forward to having sex with you.

14. A Little Help: Try Male Enhancement Products and Tips for Sex

As much as you can learn all the tips for sex you can get your hands on, it is important to get extra help from male enhancement products. One of the best products you can use is ExtenZe. This is a doctor-approved product with a unique formula that is not in other supplements.Using ExtenZe might give you results in a quite short time which is why it is one of the best products in the market today.

Using this product may give you many benefits. Users have reported massive and intense orgasms. Another important benefit that you might gain from using this product is increased endurance for longer lasting sex. You may also experience bigger, harder and more frequent erections. You might also get to enjoy easier and more reliable response that will make you feel young again.

supplementsThe reason this product is effective is because of its blend of natural ingredients. Each of the ingredients added could help increase blood flow to the penis and this might fortify and strengthen your erection and its staying power. There are no artificial or narcotic components and it is purely made of natural components that reduce the risks of side effects.

When you take ExtenZe, more blood flows to your penis, and since it will be higher in volume, you might have a bigger and harder erection.At this time,there is a bonus if you buy this product, as you will also get a lubricant for free; however, this may not last long. The most important thing here is that you will be a better lover and your partner will not get enough of you in the bedroom.

15. Take Things Slow and Easy

Most men think that as soon as a woman is wet, the sex should begin.Well, taking things slow is a good idea. Women need more time. Whatever time you think she needs to be ready, double it. Women do not care when they get an orgasm, the important thing is that they get one.

The longer things last and the slower they are, the more likely it is that your partner will get an orgasm. Giving your woman an intense orgasm will be one of the main reasons she will be thinking about the sex you had, and looking forward to you taking her there again and again.

16. Kiss Your Way into Her Erogenous Zone

KissNever underestimate the power of well-placed kisses in some of the most neglected places.Some women love it when men kiss them on the neck, nibble on their ear lobes and kiss them down their back. They have confessed to feeling a tingling all the way down to their clitoris.

If you take your time doing all these little sensual things, you will have her begging you to make love to her.Making this something you do will have her looking forward to being with you in bed. Always remember that pleasing a woman is all about paying attention to the minor details that most people tend to ignore.

17. How to Make Her Feel Sexy

There is nothing as important in sex as confidence and self-esteem. When you are making love, you should make sure that your partner feels sexy. While they might know they are sexy, it is quite good to have you say it. You can use words that will make her feel sexy before, while having or after sex. Building her confidence will make the sexual experience better and this will be satisfying for her especially when she knows you think she is sexy.

18. Keep Things Fresh: Always Work on New Things

NewSometimes the same old same old positions and routines will take the romance out of your sexual activities. An important piece of sexual advice is to add a few new things to spice up your sex.

Check out some new positions and have sex in different places other than your bedroom. If it is just the two of you in the house, introduce some sex styles and use the living room, bathroom and any other room where you are comfortable. Just make sure whatever idea you come up with is comfortable for her and she loves it.

19. New Tools: Use Technology to Get Her Ready

Technology is a blessing and you can communicate with your partner in different means, such as messages on your phone. Text her sexy messages all through the day and prepare yourself to please her to the maximum. While sex might seem like it is all about physical activities, a large part of enjoying it is mental. When you start preparing her all through the day, it is highly likely that she will enjoy the sex more.

20. Eat Healthy Foods to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Healthy FoodsTestosterone makes you manlier and can contribute to your sexual performance and enjoyment. Healthy foods and wise lifestyle habits will go a long way in helping you in increasing this hormone in your body and this will, in turn, improve your performance.

Sex is all about pleasure and as a man; you have the responsibility of making sure you play your part in pleasing your partner. The above tips for sex will help you move to the next level of sexually satisfying your partner and making her beg you for more.

It’s a Win-Win: The 16 Health Benefits of Frequent Sex

For many people, it won’t probably take much effort to convince you to have more sex. But, for people who have brushed off their sex lives off into the backseat, you are missing a lot of many other things than just pleasure. Having sex offers numerous health benefits from reducing stress, fighting diseases to adding more to your years.

Here’s a full list of the health benefits of sex:

1. Sex Burns Calories.

Sex Burns CaloriesIf you aren’t a gym buddy and just too tired to get up and exercise, there is one exercise you will surely enjoy doing while burning calories. Yes, you got it right. Sex, depending on how long it lasts and how much pumping action is involved can help you burn calories.

On average, a lovemaking session from foreplay to orgasm lasts up to 20 minutes. At this rate, you will burn about 150 calories. The number may seem low, but it is better than just sitting or lying around all day.

2. Sex Takes You to a Deep Slumber.

Do you often find it difficult to sleep? The answer to your sleeping problem could be the person next to you. The next time you feel like falling into slumber is going to be difficult, have some healthy sex with your partner.

The director of the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas, Cindy M. Meston, Ph.D., said that during your sex your body releases endorphins or hormones that induce a positive and relaxed feeling, which prepare your body and mind for slumber.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that wild sex at night will likely keep you up because it will make you feel energized. It is best to opt for a slow and passionate sex if you want to doze off after.

3. Sex Helps Relieve Stress.


You know how it goes. There is stress at work, not to mention the stress at home. Stress is inevitable because there are stressors everywhere. Avoid feeling all worked up. Relieve stress by having sex. As mentioned, during sex your body releases endorphins or the feel good hormones.

In a research study conducted by the University of the West of Scotland, 46 adult men and women were deliberately placed in a stressful situation, such as public speaking and solving math problems. The researchers asked the participants to keep track of their sexual activities two weeks before the actual test. The result showed that those who had sexual intercourse were less stressed and their blood pressure quickly returned to normal after speaking in front of an audience compared to those who masturbated or did not have sex at all.

But, wait. Stress and sex have a complex relationship. Sex relieves stress but stress can make you avoid sex altogether because it takes you out of the mood. So how do you work your way into this complex relationship? Simple. Have sex regularly even when you aren’t stressed or problematic about something.

If what causes you stress is fear of under performance, no more worries because you can now quickly achieve a more solid and longer lasting erection by taking male enhancing supplements, such as ExtenZe. It is all natural and has no side-effects. Still, check with your doctor before taking any male enhancing supplement.

4. Sex Boosts Your Immunity.

Colds viruses can easily spread and affect you. How do you prevent yourself from getting sick? Have sex because it helps boost your immunity.

Psychologists Carl J. Charnetski, Ph.D., and Francis X. Brennan Jr., Ph.D. conducted a study, which was later on cited in their book, Feeling Good is Good for You: How Pleasure Can Boost Your Immune System and Lengthen Your Life. In this study, the researchers took saliva samples from 111 college students, and they later questioned the students about the frequency of their sexual intercourse in over the past month.

sex Analysis of the saliva samples showed that those who had sex more than once a week had 30 percent higher antigen immunoglobulin A compared that those who less frequent sex. According to Dr. Charnetski, antigen immunoglobulin A is our body’s defense against cold and flu viruses. It is an antibody that detects and neutralizes pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.

Did you know that combating common illness, such as colds is one of the health benefits of ginger, too? And if you find you’re not in the mood for sex, leverage the immunity-building health benefits of garlic, which also contains allicin to help boost your libido.

5. Sex Makes You Look Younger.

Now you can quit looking for the fountain of youth because you have already found the answer to your aging worries. Having sex can help to keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

A 10-year study by Dr. David Weeks of royal Edinburgh Hospital found out that sex may help people look younger than their age. Dr. Weeks interviewed 3,500 adults living in the United States and in England about their sex lives to determine the benefits of a healthy sex life. He found out that those who looked younger for their age are those who had 50 percent more sex than the other adult participants.

The reason behind the anti-aging effect of having frequent sex could be due to the release of human growth hormone or HGH during an intercourse. Human growth hormones play a role in keeping the skin firm and elastic.

6. Frequent Ejaculation Reduces The Risk of Prostate Cancer.

prostate cancer


Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY-SA

Many men suffer from prostate cancer. Though it is a curable disease, studies suggest that frequent ejaculation may help prevent prostate cancer.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute analyzed the data from 29,000 men with age ranging from 46 to 81 from a U.S. study. They found out that the men who had 21 or more orgasms in a month were less likely to suffer from prostate cancer compared to the men with seven or less ejaculation in a month.

The researchers hypothesized that the frequent ejaculation clears the prostate of secretions and reaching orgasm helps relieve stress that could contribute to the development of cancer.

7. Sex Makes The Heart Healthy.

A healthy lifestyle can help keep your heart healthy but did you know having frequent sex may save your heart, too?

aerobic In a  study by the New England Research Institutes, researchers monitored 1,165 men for 16 years and they found out that men who only had sex once a month or did not have sex at all were 50 percent more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases than men participants who engage in sex more than once in a week.

Additionally, according to Dr. Nukta, a cardiologist, sex is a great aerobic exercise and aerobic exercises are good for the heart. This is because aerobic exercises can help lower high blood pressure and reduce stress. High blood pressure can make the heart work harder and damage blood vessels while stress triggers the release of hormones that constrict blood vessels.

Dr. Nukta also adds that frequent sex is healthy for your heart and keeping your heart healthy is necessary if you want to keep having frequent sex. So, what are you waiting for?

Speaking of heart health, did you know that one of health benefits of bananas is aiding normal heart function? Perhaps, you should eat two bananas in a day.

8. Sex Adds More to Your Years.

Who would have thought that having frequent sex could help extend your years?

Researchers in an Irish study monitored the mortality of 1,000 middle-aged men for over 10 years and they were able to establish that sexual activity contributes to good health. Taking their age and health into consideration, the researchers observed that men with the highest number of orgasms had a 50 percent lower death rate than the men who had less frequent ejaculations.

This health benefit of sex will surely get you going if having sex means more years to your life.

9. Sex Makes You Feel Happier.

Sex Makes You Feel HappierThere is no doubt that sex contributes to a person’s happiness, consensual sex that is. Researchers from an Australian study surveyed 5,000 people and results showed that 52 percent of married women and 135 percent of married are happier than the single women and men.

So what has sex got to do with their happiness in the survey? Another study conducted by researchers from the University of Chicago showed that married couples have 25 to 300 percent greater sexual activity than couples not living together, depending on their age.

10. Sex is a Natural Pain-Reliever.

Before reaching out for a pain reliever medication, you might want to consider a more natural remedy in easing your headache: sex.

A study done at the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University found that women who suffer from migraines reported experiencing relief after reaching orgasm. According to one of the researchers, your body releases endorphins during an orgasm. It is a hormone similar to morphine, which is effective for pain relief.

For the women out there refusing sex with your partner because of a headache, that is a huge mistake. To add, an orgasm that helps relieve a headache is not necessarily from a penile-vaginal intercourse, orgasm from masturbation will do.

11. Sex will ease Menstrual Cramps.



Photo by Felipe Spina / CC BY

Having sex during a monthly period may seem like an uncomfortable idea but it has its good side. It can help relieve menstrual cramps because of the endorphins released during orgasm. It can also help end your period faster because the contractions of the uterus during orgasm help shed blood at a faster rate.

If you suffer from menstrual cramps, check out the health benefits of ginger.

12. Sex Helps Prevent Incontinence.

Sexercise is not only good in stretching your limbs it can also help improve bladder control particularly women.

Your pelvic floor muscles contract increasingly during orgasm. The contractions help strengthen the muscles and therefore will help improve your bladder control and could possibly lower your risk of incontinence in the future.

To further enhance this benefit, you can perform Kegel’s exercise during sex. If you are unfamiliar with the Kegel’s, you do it by tightening your lower pelvic muscles as if you are trying to stop urine flow.

13. Sex Makes Your Skin Glow.

Sex Makes Your Skin GlowIs your skin looking dull and lifeless? Have sex frequently to bring back the glow. Having sex increases blood circulation all over the body and when there is more blood there is more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. A post-coital can give your skin a temporary glowing complexion and it has long-lasting benefits on the skin too.

As mentioned before, orgasm encourages the release of endorphins and human growth hormones that can help combat the damaging effects of excessive sun exposure, smoking, and stress.

Ditch the expensive creams and spend more time with your partner in the bedroom and your skin will be grateful that you did.

14. Sex Accelerates Healing of Wounds.

Having sex may help heal wounds even those slow-healing wounds suffered by people with diabetes. During sex, your body releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes wound healing and reduces inflammation by inhibiting certain types of cytokines.

15. Sex Curbs Depression.

The relationship between sex and depression is quite complicated. Depression can affect your sexual health and send your sex drive down the drain. On the other hand, sex can help improve your mood and counteract the effects of depression.

depressionOne interesting study suggests that exposure to semen, not just sperm, may help combat depression because the semen provides hormones and compounds that boost mood.

The reason of the initiation of the study on college-age women was the curiosity of the researchers over the link between sex and depression. They found out that the women who had sexual intercourse without using condoms were less likely to be depressed than those who used condoms. Moreover, the women who did not use condoms but had less frequent sex were more likely to be depressed. A study in men showed similar results, those who had less frequent sex tend to be depressed.

However, for people with more one sex partners and for couples who aren’t planning to start a family, unprotected sex may lead to problems, such as sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, which could possibly lead to depression.

16. Sex Makes Childbirth and Recovery Faster.

A lot of couples avoid having sex during pregnancy due to fear of hurting the baby, when in fact, it could even be beneficial.

First things first, experts say it is completely safe to have sex when you are pregnant or your partner is pregnant as long as there are no complications and your doctor already gave you a go signal. Again, sex will not hurt the baby and the mother.

Second, sex during pregnancy is actually beneficial in several ways. It promotes sleep, which is important for pregnant women. It boosts immunity. It is a form of exercise. It improves mood. Most importantly, the contractions during orgasm prepare the pelvic muscles for labor and it promotes a speedy postpartum discovery.

Do not miss out on these numerous healthy benefits of sex. As experts say the more you have sex the more you’ll want to sex, the more benefits you’ll reap.

Health Benefits of Kissing

Not in the mood for sex? Do not underestimate the power of locking lips and tongue with your partner. Here are the health benefits of kissing:

  • kissing
  • Lowers High Blood Pressure: Kissing arouses your body and it triggers the release of substances that dilates blood vessels, which in turn may help regulate blood pressure.
  • Boosts Your Mood: When you kiss, your body releases feel-good hormones, such as dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. What’s more, these hormones can induce the feeling of wanting to be more intimate with your partner.
  • Burns Calories: It may not burn as many calories as exercise and sexual intercourse but kissing can still burn calories better than sitting in front of the TV doing nothing.
  • Fights Cavities: Kissing stimulates the production of saliva, which helps melt cavities to prevent them from accumulating on the teeth. The thing is, kissing is one way to transmit bacteria that cause cavities especially if your kissing partner has poor oral hygiene.
  • Keeps Your Facial Muscles Firm: You already know that exercising can tone your muscles. Well, experts say you use about 30 muscles when you kiss so keep working these muscles to keep them firm and tight.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner for a long and passionate kiss to reap the benefits of kissing.

Benefits of Masturbation

If you’re single and not dating at the moment and definitely not planning to get laid soon, self-help has it benefits as well. These are:

  • Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer: Ejaculation through sex or masturbation helps clear secretions that can build up in your prostate. These secretions may contain carcinogenic substances that contribute to cancer.
  • Keeps the Penis Firm: Just like any other muscles in your body, your penis needs exercise to keep it well-developed and firm. Masturbation is a way of exercising the muscles around your penis so it won’t lose its form.
  • MasturbationMakes You Last Longer: Masturbation is a natural way to remedy early ejaculation. Exploring your sexual response through masturbation enables you to determine when to stop to delay ejaculation and what makes you ejaculate too early.
  • Makes Your Feel Better: No doubt, releasing your bursting energy will surely make you feel relaxed after. But, there is an explanation of why you feel better after masturbating. Orgasm triggers the release of dopamine and oxytocin or mood-enhancing hormones that activate the pleasure and reward system of the brain.

The health benefits of sex, masturbation and kissing are reasons why you should maintain a healthy sex life.

A Doctor’s Guide to Attaining Sexual Wellness and Happiness

You might think that sex is a simple physical act. That’s true. Still, your sex life is not just dependent on the different positions you can do, or how long you will last in bed, or your ability to make a woman orgasm. Believe it or not, sex is something deeper and highly dependent on your sexual wellness.

Yes, there is a thing called sexual wellness and it could make or break your sex life. The challenge now is how to boost your sexual wellness and make sure your sex life is in tiptop shape.

Here are 16 tips on how to increase your sexual wellness:

1. Getting Up Close and Personal with Sexual Wellness

sexBefore you know the many ways on how to boost your sexual wellness, you need to understand what this concept is all about.

Sexual wellness definition states that it is a state of mind and body that allows you to explore and enjoy sex in your own time and own terms. It is about being comfortable with yourself, your partner, and the decisions you will make inside the bedroom.

Aside from being comfortable with the deed itself, sexual wellness is also about your active participation in the process to help you improve your sexual health. It is a combination of physical, emotional, social, psychological and interpersonal elements all working together to make sure that you are sexually healthy.

Here’s the challenge: finding the right techniques that will promote your sexual well being. Don’t worry. You will learn more about this in the succeeding sections.

2. The Importance of Getting to Know Yourself a Little Bit Better

How much do you know about yourself? If you want to give your overall sex life a boost, you need to understand yourself deeper to the core.

self-stimulationThere are many tricks and sexual wellness products that could help improve your sex life and sexual health. Before you try these products, it is important that you know, understand, and accept yourself and your body. This will make it easier for you to understand your needs and wants inside the bedroom. At the same time, you will be able to explore your fantasies with comfort because you are at ease with yourself.

Start by exploring your body through self-stimulation. Fantasize how you want to be touched and the strokes you prefer. Learn to explore your fantasies and write a checklist of what you want to do. The more you know yourself, the better your sex life will be.

3. Learn to Expand Your Views of Sexuality to Better Understand Your Sexual Well being

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has defined sexuality as the sexual habits, expressions and desires of a person. More often than not, you have your own set of preferences and requirements inside the bedroom for a more fulfilling sex life.

Here’s the thing: if you want to boost your overall sex life, you need to start thinking out of the box and explore your options.

Below are tricks on how to expand your views of sexuality:

  • communicationMasturbate slowly to allow yourself to savor the pleasure.
  • Fantasize while you masturbate.
  • Touch your body and pay attention to how it will react. Don’t forget to take note what feels good or not.
  • Say yes or no when you want to.
  • Consider having a sexual experience with your partner sans penetration. This means exploring each other’s bodies and finding out what works.
  • Breathe consciously during sex.
  • Keep communication lines open with your partner by discussing about sex, fantasies, and anything that could boost your sex life.

4. Don’t Underestimate Your Self-Confidence and Take Care of Your Body


Between men and women, women are most likely to care about how they look inside out. Adopt that attitude and start paying attention to our look and take care of your body.

The formula is simple: exercise regularly, watch what you eat, get enough sleep, and beat stress. Try new things, visit new places, laugh more, go out with friends, and enjoy alone time every now and then. Play sports, try new hobbies, rediscover old passion, make new friends, and rekindle old friendships.

Once you start looking good, it often translates to feeling good, which could boost your confidence and self-esteem. As a result, this could improve your sexual satisfaction.

5. Nobody’s Perfect: Acknowledge and Address Any Sexual Issues

At one point in your life, you experienced difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection, getting an orgasm, or zero libido. That’s fine. After all, there are approximately 18 million men in the United States who are affected by erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, you refused to talk about it or address the issue out of shame or embarrassment.

Sexual issuesHere is something you should remember: you are not alone. Sexual issues are common and help in available.

The American Sexual Health Association reported that 64 percent of people believe that their sex life and sexual health are correlated with their overall satisfaction in life. This means if you want to bring sexual wellness back in your life, you need to start acknowledging, accepting, and addressing any sexual health issues you are experiencing. This will avoid further complications in the future, as well.

6. Know Your Vitamins to Give Your Sexual Health a Boost

There are two kinds of food: good food and bad food. Between the two, you know which one is the right supply for your body. Good food not only keeps you healthy and makes sure that your weight is right for your body but also supplies the essential vitamins to make sure that your health and body are in their best state.

The question now is what type of vitamins you should take to make sure that your body is in tiptop shape.

Here’s what your body needs in terms of vitamins:

  • oranges
  • Vitamin C – This immune booster also helps increase blood flow by opening up the arteries to make it easier for you to achieve erection. Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, strawberries, potatoes, and peppers are good choices of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin B12 – When it comes to taking care of nerves and blood cells, this vitamin deserves the spotlight. It also boosts sperm production and eventually, male fertility. You can get this from liver, lamb, sardines, beef, and clams.
  • Vitamin B3 – Also called niacin, this vitamin helps in making sex hormones and improving your blood circulation, which is helpful during sex. Boost your niacin by drinking milk, eating beets, and adding red meat occasionally in your diet.
  • Vitamin B9 – You might recognize this as folate or folic acid, which is important in reducing abnormal sperm. Get your dose of folate from peas, avocado, asparagus, papaya, bananas and cantaloupe.

These are just few of the many things you can do to attain sexual wellness and happiness. Keep reading to find out how else you can boost your overall sex life.

7. Meet the Doctor: Another Tip You Shouldn’t Miss to Boost Sexual Wellness

Admit it. Every time you experience something unusual down south, you tend to check Google, type in your symptoms, and look for a condition that hits the bull’s eye. You scroll down for treatment and tend to treat yourself based on what you read. This is probably because you don’t want to go to the doctor for various reasons.

doctorHere’s the thing: you might be wrong. There is also a possibility that you might be providing the wrong treatment, which could only make things worse.

This is why it is important to have a doctor who could help you every step of the way. Choose someone you are comfortable with, so you can discuss every aspect of your health. It is crucial that you disclose everything, so your doctor can make a proper diagnosis and find a solution that could address any condition.

Don’t be afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed. A doctor is there to help, so make sure you schedule that trip as soon as possible.

8. Don’t be Ashamed: About Seeking Help from a Sexual Wellness Center

Sometimes, your diminishing sex drive is not just a physical or vascular issue. Believe it or not, your mental pr psychological state could also be a factor as to why you are not in the mood.

therapy session

This is where sexual wellness center comes in.

Sexual wellness centers are facilities that provide individuals or couples sex therapy to address sexual disorders as a result of physical or emotional reasons, or even both. It is a series of sessions that focuses on addressing specific sexual concerns in order to help you get your groove and rhythm back in the bedroom.

Every sex therapist has different approach on how to carry out the sex therapy session. Nonetheless, it is important to choose wisely and find someone you are comfortable with in discussing your issues. This will make it easier for you to open up and eventually find favorable solutions to your issues inside the bedroom.

9. Sexual Nutrition: An Important Factor in Boosting Your Sexual Health and Wellness

You know that nutrition is crucial not just in boosting your sexual health but also your overall body condition. Consequently, your diet affects your testosterone levels, which means the healthier you eat, the healthier your T will be.

What’s the point? Eat healthy and add variety of healthy foods in your diet. This includes:

  • broccoliOmega-3, which you can get from fatty fishes like salmon, trout, mackerel, and tuna.
  • Yogurt, which provides probiotics and protein, too.
  • Zinc from crabs, lobsters, oysters and raw milk.
  • Leafy greens like spinach, kale, lettuce and broccoli.
  • Grass-fed lean meats for amino acids and protein.
  • Healthy oils from olives, coconuts and avocados.

Add these foods in your daily diet and you are on the road for the healthier you. Apparently, sexual nutrition cannot do it alone. Read the succeeding sections to find out its best friends towards attaining sexual wellness.

10. Get Fit and Healthy to Improve Your Sexual Wellness and Virility

Aside from getting ample nutrition, how active you are – outside the bedroom, that is – can also help in improving your sexual wellness.

What does this mean?

Physical activities play a crucial role in your overall sexual health. By physical activity, this means engaging in cardiovascular and strength training exercises.

squatsStrength training helps you build muscles and at the same time, effective in boosting your testosterone levels. On the other hand, cardiovascular exercises such as aerobic routines raise your heart rate, get rid of blockages in your nerve and arteries that hinder proper blood flow, and keep your heart and blood vessels in shape. This could lead to better and stronger erections and at the same time, helps you last longer in bed.

Jogging or running is a good place to start. If you are into sports, go ahead and play again. Strength training exercises like squats, pushups, lunges and lifting weights must also be included in your routine.

It doesn’t matter what sexual fitness exercise you choose, as long as you enjoy doing it and it gets your heart pumping and your body working, which leads you to the next tip.

11. Lose the Flab and Get Your Groove Back in Bed

A recent study confirmed that men with bigger bellies are better lovers. This is because they last longer in bed, a characteristic most women are happy about. Does this mean you should eat a lot and worry less about your weight?

Excess weightNot necessarily, especially if you are thinking long term.

Excess weight could negatively affect the quality of your testosterone levels. This could also take a toll in your sex drive and erection capabilities. If you want to keep your man down south up and running, then make sure to keep your weight in a desirable level, which is proportionate to your height.

Don’t forget to take note of the tips above to maintain your sexual wellness.

12. Say Goodbye to Stress to Bring Back Sexual Wellness

There are many ways to define stress, but one thing is for sure: it is your bodily response to environmental demands and pressures. Unfortunately, stress could lead to many negative things including hormonal imbalances, exhaustion, and even lack of sex drive. Aside from this, stress reduces the hormone ginadotropin-inhibiting hormones, which could lead reduced testosterone levels.

stressStill, this doesn’t mean you should let stress take over your system. There are many ways on how to address stress and prevent it from messing up with your sex drive and life. The first step is identifying your stressors and finding out what causes your stress.

Once you identified your stressors, here are some things you can do to kick stress out of your system:

  • Reduce repetitive and stressful situations in your life.
  • Learn to say no, especially when there is too much going on already.
  • Adopt meditating techniques to help you relax and de-stress.
  • Take a break, whether it’s for 10 minutes or a month. This will help you recharge and more able to stress the challenges awaiting you.
  • It will always be the best medicine.

Once you are able to manage stress and suppress cortisol from taking over your body, slowly, your libido and improved sexual wellness will follow.

13. Understanding the Connection Between Sexual Wellness and Sleep

Do you get at least six to eight hours of sleep every night? If yes, then you are in the right track. Otherwise, you need to catch up with sleep since your sexual health is most likely to suffer.

You might ask how.

sleepYour testosterone level is at its peak during your sleep. At the same time, your body goes through repair and maintenance for all cells and tissues, including what’s down there. This is the reason why you experience erection during the rapid eye movement or REM phase, although you won’t notice it.

Once you reach the REM phase, your blood vessels also widen, thereby increasing the blood flow and oxygen down south. This could be crucial in boosting your penile health.

The bottom line is to get enough sleep. Check out these tips to help you sleep better:

  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, including weekends.
  • Avoid big meals at least three hours before your scheduled sleep.
  • Avoid any forms of distraction inside the bedroom such as pets, work and television.
  • Establish a sleeping routine like reading a book, listening to music, taking a warm bath, or even drinking warm milk.

A week of good sleep will surely get your sexual mood up and running.

14. Keep Your Mental Health in Check to Ensure Sexual Wellness


You might think that depression, fatigue, or anxiety is only for women. Believe it or not, even men, including you could experience mental issues too. You may not notice it, but these mental health issues could take a toll in your sexual wellness.

Here’s the truth: Your mental health is crucial in boosting your sexual well being. In fact, issues such as depression and anxiety could affect your mood and even libido inside the bedroom.

What should you do? Don’t underestimate mental health issues and dismiss them as a woman thing. Seek professional help and get treatment as soon as possible to avoid further complications. Don’t wait for your mental issues to get worse since the earlier you get treatment, the easier it is for you to get your sexual wellness back.

15. Use It or Lose It: The Importance of Having Sex Regularly

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Use it or lose it?” It may sound cliché, but this could be true.

This is because having sex regularly can help improve your virility. The reason is that sex comes with tons of health benefits, such as relieving pain and helping you lose a few pounds. That’s not all. The more you have sex, the more you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • immunoglobulinA boost in your fertility.
  • Lowering of your blood pressure.
  • Reducing your risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Making you look younger than your age.
  • Prolonging your life span.
  • Increasing the supply of immunoglobulin, a type of antibody that protects yourself against flu and common colds.

What’s the point? Have sex regularly. There is no exact number that will define how many times you should do it, but the more often you have sex, the better your chances of improving your sexual well being and wellness.

16. Your Partner Matters: A Better Relationship Equates to a Better Sex Life

Sex is a give and take relationship. This means you give and receive something to make the experience more meaningful and more pleasurable. To make sure this happens, it is important that you establish a good relationship with your partner.

How will you do this?

good relationshipKeep the lines of communication wide open. Find out what she likes, the things that turn her on, her pleasure points, fantasies and needs inside the bedroom, and everything that keeps her happy, even if it entails buying adult toys and products from sexual wellness in India. At the same time, ask her about things that could tick her off and make sure to take note of it.

Make sure to share yours too, so you could have a better relationship in and out of the bedroom. The more you establish good communication, the better your relationship will be, which will surely boost sexual wellness.

Above all these tips, here is something you should remember: feel good about your sexuality. When you feel good about yourself and coupled with the tips mentioned above, sexual wellness comes after.

Health and Fitness Tips and Tricks for Today’s Busy Businessman

You have done it. You have finally managed to earn that six figure salary and bought that classy beach bungalow to house your happy family. If you haven’t, we bet you are getting there with all the hard work and dedication you have put in as a busy businessman. Things may be going well for you, but stop and ponder: What about your health, fitness and wellness?

Do you find yourself hiding your head in shame when you are in public? If you do, fret not. Later in this article, we are going to reveal to you some of the world’s best hidden health and fitness tips,which helped numerous big shot businessmen to get rid of all their unhealthy fat and stay in shape, in spite of their busy schedule.

Without further ado, let’s delve straight into the health and fitness tips you should start using starting today.

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

kids are still sleepingIf you are a single parent who is also a working corporate professional, you must have often thought of squeezing in a workout in the wee hours of the morning when your kids are still sleeping. Even with those good intentions, your wish forever remains a fantasy as you keep on pressing the snooze button. By the time you manage to get up, your perpetually hungry kids are in some desperate need of breakfast.

Just like that, another week passes by, and you eventually learn to cultivate a love-hate relationship with your love handles. Here’s how can you get past this:

  • To save time,prepare breakfast in advance and store it in containers, like scrambled eggs, for example. This way, you don’t have to spend much time worrying about what to cook in the morning.
  • Go to sleep early and wake up in time to exercise for at least half an hour before you head out. This will help you feel more energized and revitalized the entire day.

2. Be Gentle on Yourself: Know Thy Likes and Dislikes

magazinesThose health and fitness magazines you have stacked up in your office lobby might have instilled in you the fact that health, fitness and wellness is synonymous with doing things you absolutely hate. Allow us to break all the myths you think are true?

Yes, it is essential to have self-discipline skills to gain the maximum out of your busy day, but it is also vital to recognize that it just takes a few days of dedication to set up a fitness routine for yourself. Here is what you can do.

  • Begin by making it clear to yourself that you will follow your exercise routine sincerely.
  • There are many options to explore; thus find the one that seamlessly fits into your busy day.
  • You can join a gym and practice an intense workout routine or you can remain healthy by doing less demanding workouts,such as dancing, meditation or yoga.
  • Experiment with all forms of exercises which appeal to you, based on your taste and personality, until you find the one you will love to stick with for the rest of your life.

3. Health and Fitness the Transportation Way

jogging or walkingRemember that we promised to tell you about people who used to be unhealthy in every sense of the word, unless they started making one minor alteration to their busy schedule? Curious to know what was that change?

They simply started jogging or walking to work from home, ditching their fancy car as a commute option. Are you one of those people who find the idea of running in your corporate attire to be ridiculous? If you answered yes, check out some of these tips which would help you make the most of your new transportation routine:

  • Make sure you wake up a bit early and put all your essentials into a suitcase, your backpack or simply a fanny pack.
  • Don’t forget to have your playlist ready, so that you can hum while you enjoy the roadside scenes on the way to work.
  • Do you have to arrive to work early and still want to be fit? Do you live too far away from the office to consider walking or running the whole distance? Park your car a few blocks away from your office, or get off your train or bus a few stops before your work place and then start walking until you reach your destination.

Are you still looking for encouragement in spite of the promise of a fit future awaiting you? Just think of how tremendously you can help the environment by doing your bit to minimize the pollution.

4. Get in Some Sports Activity: The Value of Healthy Competition

Sports ActivityYour professors at business school might have taught you to cooperate if you wish to be successful at business. But, they probably forgot to give you the disclaimer that the collaboration policy won’t work where your fitness is concerned.

Motivating yourself to work out on a daily basis is not easy, and you need some competitive drive which would keep you going. What better way to do that than to engage in sports activities which you used to love as a kid?

It is quite natural that your skill in a particular sport might still be at the beginner level, but that is no reason to quit at the outset. Your sports trainer will ensure that you are able to learn a sport with as much flexibility of time and effort as you desire.

The best part about engaging in sports to further your fitness pursuits is that you will be able to set an achievable goal and the odds would help you push your body to the limits. Don’t worry if you don’t emerge to be the victor at the end of the day. Just put forth the effort, and you’ll see results in no time.

5. Embrace the Caffeinated Life Now

caffeineThere are a number of health and fitness articles,which have claimed that caffeine is not good for your health, but there are also many that show it has specific benefits. You must be wondering what’s the bottom line to all this conflicting data. The bottom line is that it depends on the individual.

Some people with certain health conditions should avoid coffee, but for most people it can bring some benefits. Here are some of coffee facts that prove that a cup of coffee is the building block of health and fitness for the majority of people:

  • Helps in Quick Fat Loss: Unlike glycogen which makes you fat, coffee provides you with a storehouse of energy while increasing your metabolism rate, so that you can lose weight quickly and effectively. Another little known secret is that caffeine is an appetite suppressant and if you wish to cut down on the food you consume, coffee could be your best buddy.
  • Gets Rid of Muscle Pain: If you are into intense weight training sessions or wish to run the distance on your way to work, coffee will help you soothe your muscle pains. You will be practically invincible at the fitness game.
  • Increases Your Attention Span: According to scientists, black coffee increases attention span in those professionals who are used to working long hours so that they can be productive even when they are tired.
  • Makes You Disease Proof: Studies conducted on the rate of diseases experienced by caffeine consumers found out that coffee significantly lowers your chances of suffering from some kinds of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Acts as an Ergogenic Aid: Remember how we encouraged you to try out sports for your health and fitness? Coffee can help you cross the initial hurdles by increasing your ability to train harder and giving you an edge over the other athletes.

6. Nourish Your Body: Shake That Smoothie


As a businessman, one of the primary struggles you face when it comes to your health is the lack of nutritious diet. But, who has the time to go through the health and fitness blogs in order to assemble recipes which would make turn you into the healthiest eater. Don’t get depressed yet. Here’s how smoothies can come to your rescue:

  • Smoothies allow your body to consume nutritious food, without putting in the effort to prepare a three course meal in your kitchen. Just slice pieces of fruits and green vegetables on a chopping block and stash them away in plastic containers or bags to use later. Five minutes before you step out to go to work, just add all of the ingredients into the blender and sip your fresh smoothie on it on the way to work.
  • When your smoothie routine eventually becomes boring, start experimenting with other fruits and vegetables and come up with new flavors you never imagined could exist.

Smoothies are not only healthy for you, but they are healthy for your children, too. Give smoothies to your children, and you will help give your child the nutrition they need for the proper health and fitness.

7. Feast your Eyes and Move Your Body

treadmillWe know you are a hardworking corporate professional and it can be challenging for you to follow the strict fitness routine. There are times when you slip into your old habits. It can be anything from jamming to the songs of your favorite rock band; sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream, or a bowl of cheese popcorn while watching your favorite series.

Most people are not aware of the large number of calories they are consuming. Here is a list of tips you can use to make sure your fun time becomes physically productive, too:

  • Bring that treadmill out of the attic and start using it while you listen to songs.
  • Make the most of those commercial breaks by engaging in short exercises using body weight, dumbbells or bands.

Be a little creative and experiment a little. Soon you will find that rather than leaving you full, bloated and drowsy, TV time would make you energized, alert and healthy.

8. Say No to Snacking and Yes to Meals

oily snacksWhen you don’t carry your healthy lunch to work in the mornings, you may end up eating too many unhealthy and oily snacks throughout the day at your office. As a result you end up consuming a higher rate of calories than if you would have just sat down for a proper, timely meal.

All this might not seem much when you are young with a natural reserve of energy, but with growing age unhealthy eating habits catch up with you sooner or later. In such instances, it is best to have meals to eat on the go, in order to help you cultivate healthy eating habits.

Keep reading to find out the quick and tasty meals you can try.

Quinoa Fruit Salad

You might have grown up on your mom’s special fruit salads, but you have surely missed something if you haven’t tasted quinoa fruit salad. Just sprinkle a spoonful of quinoa to your fruit salad and use basil, honey and lime as dressing.

Avocado and Egg Toast

This nutritious, yet effective meal is easy to make by following these quick steps:

  • Start with toasting two slices of fresh whole wheat bread.
  • Layer each toasted slice with mashed avocado, salt, pepper and an egg cooked sunny side up.
  • Put two layered slices on top of one another to make a sandwich.
  • Stack it in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid for a healthy, yet hearty lunch.

Leftover Magic

You can use last night’s leftovers to make a fast lunchtime meal by following these steps:

  • Gather all the leftovers of last night dinner into a microwave proof container.
  • Crack open an egg on top of all the leftovers.
  • Grate some cheese of your choice on top of the meal.
  • Microwave it until the egg is cooked thoroughly and the cheese has melted.

OatmealOatmeal with Egg

Are you bored with your usual breakfast of ham and eggs? Try out something new instead.

  • Prepare a bowl of oatmeal.
  • Sprinkle it with salt and pepper, and serve with a poached egg on top.
  • If you are feeling fancy, you can always add some fragrant herbs and grate some cheese on top for a bit of indulgence.

Waffle Sandwich

Waffles are the easiest thing in the world to make or you can buy them in the frozen foods aisle of your local grocery store. Here’s how to make a sandwich from them:

  • Layer each side of the waffle with some peanut butter and strawberry or grape jam or jelly.
  • This is optional, but you could shake some powdered sugar and or pour chocolate sauce on top and carry it to your office for dessert after your lunch meal.

9. Never Compromise on Your Water Intake

drink ample waterThis advice may sound like your mom, but it turns out that she wasn’t entirely wrong to force you to drink ample water throughout the day. Carry your water bottle with you when you go to work. Keep track of the number of times you fill up your water bottle and consume at least eight glasses of water a day.

Stay motivated to drink sufficient quantities of water regularly with these health benefits of water we are going to reveal to you:

  • Substitute your high calorie beverages with water and be amazed with how quickly you lose the excess weight.
  • Water lubricates your gastrointestinal tract and ensures that you never suffer from constipation.
  • Dehydration stimulates the hunger pangs in your mind. Drink water and curb your appetite.
  • Water prevents muscle fatigue and energizes you.
  • Water aids your kidneys to clear your body of toxins.
  • While dehydration makes your skin appear wrinkled and dry, water consumption lock in the moisture into your skin.
  • When you drink water in large quantities, the balance of your bodily fluids helps in transportation and absorption of nutrients, circulation, digestion and maintenance of body temperature.

Remember: Make sure you don’t drink water half an hour before your meals, as it hinders the process of digestion. Also, refrain from drinking chilled water as it contracts your gastrointestinal tract and slows down the digestion of food. Moderation is the key here.

10. Beat Your Weekend Blues with Effective Supplements

SupplementsAfter the stress and hard work of the weekdays, your body might give up on the weekends. Some men are so tired that they hardly want to have sex with their partner. If you are one of those, you may want to try a product like Extenzeall natural male enhancement pills to enjoy your sex life to the utmost.

These supplements are made of natural and safe ingredients, so you need not to worry of any nasty side effects. Don’t make your weekends boring. Make sure you utilize each and every moment for a healthy and fit life.

Remember to check with your doctor before trying any new supplement, especially if you already take medications or supplements or have an existing medical condition, like high blood pressure or heart disease.

11. Think Less and Act More

Act MoreYou might have researched most of the health and fitness articles available on the internet and have even vowed to chart out a schedule to practice all your fitness plans and dreams. But, do you know the reason why you never get around to really doing it? The answer is quite simple. At this point of your life, you want to grow and build a business empire, and your health and fitness is probably the last thing on your mind.

Although you want to compete and become successful in your life, it is imperative that you take care of your health, as well. If you are too busy to find an effective fitness routine for yourself, ask someone close to you for your help. They can be your partner, your mother or your best friend.

If you require a specialized help, just hire a health and fitness specialist. Follow the routine that they lay down for you. This is how you will be able to squeeze some time out from your hectic schedule for your fitness regime.

12. The Boozing Life is Not for You


Many corporate professionals and businessmen turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism, to try and find some relief from their excessively stressful and demanding lifestyles.

It is important to know that studies have discovered those who consume alcohol on a daily basis tend to suffer from forgetfulness, brain fog and lethargy, especially during the mornings.

Do you really want to start your day on such a drowsy note? Even though, it is tough to ditch a drinking habit in a day, you can find ways to minimize your consumption. Wait until later in the evening to have your first drink.

Make sure to drink slowly and have a glass of water or soda in-between drinks to slow you down. Get up and dance or go talk to someone instead of focusing on the booze. Seek help if you can’t control your drinking habits. There are lots of places to get help out there for problem drinkers nowadays.

13. Kick Your Tech Addiction to the Curb

cell phoneWhen you are addicted to your gadgets, you compromise on some of those treasured minutes of sleep. You spend your precious time browsing through your social media profiles on your cell phone or responding to the urgent emails at night. Your gadgets would definitely make you popular in your social circle, but they would never help you achieve that overall state of wellness and healthy living.

Make it a point to switch off all your gadgets once you go to bed at night. Have dinner with your family and go to sleep at a reasonable time.

14. Turn Fitness into a Profession

If you are a true businessman and a fitness lover, you can take your passion to the next level. There are many working professionals who give yoga lessons or fitness classes on weekend. This setup not only keeps them fit, but keep their wallet full.

Nowadays, a health and fitness specialist salary is attractive, so rest assured that you are investing your time wisely. If you want to become a fitness guru yourself, start browsing through the health and fitness jobs.

15. Its Vacation Time

vacation with your familyYour body and mind have a breaking point, too. You are brave to go to work every day to bring your ambitions and dreams to reality, but learning to balance your health and work is a quality you should master sooner or later.

Know when to take a well-deserved leave from work for a vacation with your family. After your vacation you are bound to come back to work with a renewed zeal and a healthy, spirited mind. Can you not afford to miss a month of work? A three day hiatus would do just fine.

We hope that you will follow these tips for the sake of your health, fitness and wellness. Don’t keep these tips to yourself. Share this article with your colleagues too, and help them start their fitness journey.

24 Hot Tips On How to Please a Woman – She Will Never Forget You

Making a good impression on women can be challenging, but it is not entirely impossible. For the guys out there who want to be unforgettable, here are 25 tips on how to please a woman that will not allow her to forget you anytime soon.

1. Fight the Urge to Stare at Any Woman Other Than Your Girl

stare at any woman



Men seem to have a natural urge to stare at women who they think are attractive, even if their significant other is around. Science can back up this urge too, as men are more attracted to unfamiliar faces according to a 2013 study on sexual behavior.

While you may place the blame on human nature, your girl would not buy that explanation, at least, not completely. When you constantly forget your present company because your eyes are straining to see other attractive females, you will always invite conflict into your relationship.

You may not control this habit overnight, but you can start working on it. Next time, if your eyes do wander, remind yourself of how your girl must feel.

2. Go Out of Your Way To Show Her She’s Special

What men often forget is that, no matter how secure a woman feels in a relationship, she appreciates a partner who makes her feel special. There are tons of ways on how to pleasure women, but you will make a better impression if you treat her like a valued gem.

Women tend to notice small things and gestures. Start by telling her how much she means to you.

When you are out in public, don’t be ashamed to hold her hand and show that you are together. Most importantly, treat her with respect. Never forget that she’s not just your girl, she is also an equal.

3. Don’t Just Say “I Love You”, Show Her With Your Actions

Women are more attuned to emotions than men are. To satisfy a woman, you can’t just say you love her. You also need to make her feel it.

Making her feel loved

Females may seem to be more confusing than a labyrinth, but when it comes to love, they just want to be a part of your life. If you love a woman, you should be prepared to have her in your life. Your girl wants to know your dreams, your secrets and things about you that you never share with anyone else. A woman will always want to know what’s on your mind. So, you should learn not to shut them out all the time.

Making her feel loved also means being open to seeing her at her worst and still loving her. In the same way, she wants to see you when you are weak. Even if you are not ready to spill everything, allow her to be there with you, even as a bystander.

4. Learn to Empathize With Her

Most women tend to be vocal about their feelings. Although this should make it easier for their partners, it doesn’t work that way at least most of the time. The secret to mastering how to please a woman emotionally requires giving her your full, undivided attention.

Based on a study by the American Psychological Association, women are happier in relationships when their partners understand when they are upset or in pain. This requires you to listen to what your girl is saying and to empathize.

Women just want someone to listen as they analyze problems that way. If you are always offering solutions, she might think you’re not listening. Although it takes practice, she would appreciate you more if you just listen to her.

5. Never Make Her Feel Like You Are Taking Her for Granted

relationshipWhen you are in a committed relationship, it’s easy to feel complacent. Unfortunately, this also means that you might be ignoring your own rules on how to make a woman happy because you already have her.

All relationships require effort. If you are slacking in your duties as a partner, you may be taking her for granted. Always remember that you have to pull your own weight in the relationship and in every aspect that concerns you and your partner.

6. Initiate Conversations That Matter

You may be having fun with how conversations between you and your girl, but she would be more impressed if you are not afraid to discuss serious topics. Talking about things like the future and finances is vital if you want to pursue a long-term relationship. Knowing that you are ready for these discussions, add a sense of security to your partnership.

Depending on the kind of relationship you have with your partner, you should talk about chores, childhood and eventually, marriage, especially if you have been together for more than a year. Although you may not be too comfortable about these topics, you need to talk about them. These discussions are necessary to know where you stand in the relationship and where it’s going.

7. Don’t Just Be Her Man, Be Her Partner in Life

partner in lifeWomen may have equally the same opportunities as men, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate it if you support them. The art on how to satisfy a woman involves being her partner in every way. Based on research, couples with compatible interests and pursuits tend to last longer.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be her shadow. While your participation may be required, it is sufficient to show you support her passions. The mere fact that you are willing to indulge cheer her on makes her feel how much you value her not just as a person and trust her as a partner.

8. Take Responsibility For Your Actions and Act Like An Adult

There are many obligations that you have to meet as an adult. Whether you were the baby in the family or you were born with a silver spoon, acting immature will not impress a lady. In fact, women are turned off by men who think and act like little boys.

This means that you have to be responsible. While paying your share of the bills or rent is a big part of it, it’s not just about money. If you have kids, you also have to think about their needs.

If you have commitments whether it’s business or personal, you should make good on your promises. A man who is in control of his life is highly attractive to women.

9. Stay Loyal No Matter How Tempting It is to Stray

stay loyalThe issue of trust is such a big deal when you are in a relationship. Once you break a woman’s trust, it wouldn’t matter how much effort you put in learning how to please a woman sexually in bed, you would still be bound for a rough time. While some couples succeed in making their relationship work, it takes a lot of effort.

Loyalty is one quality that women are looking for in their partner. Being honest is always the golden rule in a relationship. While people do stray, you should put yourself out of any situation which will constantly challenge your fortitude.

If you ever slip up, change for the better and show her that. They always say that reformed rakes make the best husbands, so and if you act and stay true to the relationship, you might regain your woman’s trust and love.

10. Pay Attention to What She is Hinting About

As much as women love to talk, they don’t want to spell everything out for you. In fact, some women prefer their partners figure things out for themselves. There may be no hard and fast rules to figure her out, but women often leave useful clues. If you master how to please a woman by understanding these hints, you will grow closer together.

For one, women want their man to notice the things that they don’t talk about. It may be new lingerie, a different haircut, a smaller waistline, a new dress or a bikini wax. Irrespective of what the new thing about her is, she wants you to pay attention to it and say something.

Believe it or not, women love it when you appreciate the things they do to get your attention or please you. The mere fact that you noticed something different is enough to make them know you are paying attention to her.

11. Schedule Quality Time With Her

quality time with herJust like any other activity on your to-do list, spending time requires scheduling especially if both of you are busy with work. If you constantly need to reschedule dates or bail out on your girlfriend at the last minute, then you should start reconsidering. Make plans together and unless there’s an emergency that requires your presence, stick to it.

Spending time is not just about being together in person. Women understand that you can’t be there all the time, but they don’t like to beg for your attention. Learn to make time just to be with her and to enjoy each other’s company.

12. Allow Her to Get to Know Your Real Self

When you want to impress someone, it’s tempting to be someone you are not. Both men and women do this; however, when you are involved with someone, that person would want to know the real you.

Women feel more connected to a person they know more about. If you want to make that connection deeper, allow her to know your dreams and aspirations. Talk to her about your experiences and what you want out of life.

Doing this is not just good for keeping the relationship, it would also let you know more about her and see if you guys could work as a couple.

13. Throw Her a Surprise

bring a bunch of flowersWho doesn’t like surprises? Except for a handful of people, almost everyone does, especially if their special someone does it for them.

If you have been with a girl for some time, you probably know what she likes. If you are a good cook, you can make her a meal. If that’s not like you, you can just show up at her door and bring a bunch of flowers for no reason. These little surprises would make her feel how much you value her.

14. Make Her Feel Safe at All Times

Men have long been considered as the stronger sex since they are physically stronger. If you want to make a woman satisfied in a relationship she needs to feel secure.

Men often interpret this as defending their lady’s honor, especially from other men. However, protection should not be limited to that. Real men should keep their women from emotional and social harm. Scandals are out of the question.

More importantly, men protect the hearts of the women they love.

15. Practice Your Skills in Being an Affectionate Partner

Although people show emotions in different ways, females need to know your feelings. Some affirmation of what you feel is a must when you are in a relationship.

Subtle things like holding hands and sending texts that are different from those businesslike SMS you send would be a good start. While at it, a little bit of flirting is also a great idea.

16. Prove to Her That Chivalry is Not Dead

keeping promises


Photo by Christian Ditaputratama / CC BY-SA

These days, females everywhere mourn the death of chivalry. If you want to be the guy who knows how to please women, you can take a hint from men who lived centuries back. Women may fight for equal rights but they appreciate the preferential treatment that men extend to them as a courtesy.

You can show chivalry by treating her with respect at all times. Opening the door for her and pulling out a chair are just the basics of acting like a gentleman. When you see her carrying something and your hands are free, offer help.

Chivalry also extends to keeping promises. This means showing up on time and calling when you said you would. Women have a soft spot for gentlemen. If you act like one, you will make a lasting impression.

17. Practice How to Pleasure a Woman by Learning to Say How You Really Feel

Verbal affirmation is vital in any relationship. You may have a lot of excuses why it’s hard for you to say what you feel but if you want the relationship to work, you need to overcome those inhibitions.

No matter how hard you work to make a woman feel you love her, it would not be enough if you can’t say you love her. You need to consider if she is a keeper. If she is, learn how to express how you feel.

18. Boost Her Confidence by Paying Her Sincere Compliments

Giving complimentsGiving compliments is an art not because you have to learn a lot of flowery words but because you need to admire people with sincerity.

While saying she’s beautiful could cut it, you can even go further. Try to admire something less superficial such as her charming ways, or the way she walks. Needless to say, always be as honest as possible when you pay compliments as women can detect when you’re lying.

19. Make Her Feel Good With a Kiss and Some Cuddling

Skin to skin contact has a lot of health benefits. Kissing and cuddling are just two things that you can do to make her feel good.

Women love to cuddle and it is beneficial on so many levels. For one, the body contact releases oxytocin. This feel-good hormone is a mood booster. Aside from that, this chemical can also decrease stress levels.

Aside from the health benefits, these loving acts will show your partner how you feel, and she will appreciate you more for that.

20. Be Romantic Once in a While

love letterWomen value security in a relationship, but a bit of romance goes a long way. Your partner may not say it, but she would certainly look forward to your company if you make her heart flutter.

You don’t even have to do anything fancy. You can learn how to pleasure a woman by giving her a love letter or popping into her place to help her with chores. Even calling her out of the blue just to tell her that you miss her and you love her would certainly make her smile.

21. Understand How to Please a Woman in Bed by Focusing on Your Bedroom Skills

The things that happen in the bedroom affects a relationship just as much as everything else. Knowing the secrets on how to please a woman sexually is a must. After all, if you want to pleasure a woman, you need to hone your skills in bed. If you need a little help, there are many ways to improve your performance, including natural male enhancement capsules such as ExtenZe.

While on the topic of bedroom matters, men should always focus more on pleasure not on performance. The secret on how to please a woman in bed is in arresting all of her five senses. You should learn how to please a woman with your hands and your mouth to give her the sexual experience she’s not bound to forget anytime soon.

22. Be the Person Who Pushes Her to Have Fun

have funLife is stressful enough to be in a relationship that’s too serious. Try to help her de-stress by inviting her to try new things.

Whether it’s a trip to the amusement park or skydiving, it’s nice to be with a partner who is fun and interesting. You are probably going to be her favorite persons if you bring out her fun side, especially if she’s someone who tends to be too serious.

23. Encourage Her to Do Things She Wants to Do

In any healthy relationship, it’s always important to support your partner. Women are happier in a relationship when they are with someone who brings out their best self.

Give her enough space to achieve her goals and support in the endeavors she wants to pursue. Make her know and feel that you have her back. This will not only make her more satisfied, it is also one quality that makes relationships last longer.

24. Give Her Gifts

give her gifts


Photo by asenat29 / CC BY

Women may like fancy stuff, but they are not hard to please. You won’t even have to spend a fortune. She would appreciate simple gifts such as chocolates, a massage, flowers, or even something you handcrafted just for her.

Women may appear to be complicated creatures, but the simple emotional attachment they crave makes them more lovable; hopefully, you have gained more insights on how to please a woman in and out of bed.