7 Best Shower Sex Positions You Must Try… It’s Really Good!

Some of the best things in life are free – and that includes seeing your girl naked and wet. Admit it, guys, you have all fantasized about shower sex and imagined how exciting it would be. Plus, it can something you can do anytime, as long as there is a shower around. If you are looking for tips on how to have sex in the shower, then you have come to the right place.

How To Have Sex In The Shower?

couplesYou see, unfortunately, shower sex is a tricky and difficult act to master. Slippery surfaces can be a nightmare, not to mention a safety and health hazard that can put anyone in danger.

In fact, there have been a lot of horror stories surrounding shower sex gone wrong that brought couples to the ER. Don’t let that be you.

However, if you and your girl get it right, the results can be amazing, so much so, it will surely make you beg for more. It breaks up the routine of a normal sex and the feeling of hot water running down in your bodies can make this three-letter word even more exciting. Are you ready? Here are our 7 best sex positions you must try in the shower.

1. The Doggy Variations

This is the easiest and most common position you can do inside the shower. All you need to do is to ask your girl to bend over as you enter her back door and that’s it. However, you can add some variations into this well-loved position to make shower sex even more pleasurable.

How can you do this? Your girl should put one foot up on the edge as she supports herself on the wall. Or, you can hold her leg and hips so it will be easier for you to pull her for deeper penetration. This allows you both to sort out any differences in height. Plus, this position assures you to have a good time inside while giving you an opportunity to do some spanking. Or, be creative and let your imagination run wild. After all, there are different ways you can do the doggy-style.

2. Let’s Go Frontal

showerDo you want to give her clit some royal treatment? Then this position has got you covered. Let your girl stand back against the shower wall with one leg bent up to her side.

If there is a shower seat available, then let her feet rest on it. While facing each other, bend your legs slightly as you enter her from underneath and your chest and area down south rubbing against one another. Aside from increased intimacy, the body-to-body pressure targets her clit while giving you some room for deeper penetration.

At the same time, you can also maximize your hands by roaming all over her body. Being face-to-face also creates more opportunity for kissing, which can add up to the sensation. Plus, don’t you just love seeing her boobs rubbing against your chest? Go ahead and try it. Your girl will surely love this, too.

3. Into The Tub

Into The TubFor article purposes, let’s assume you have a tub in your home. Did you know that there are tons of positions you can do while you’re in it?

And if you really want to spice up your sex life, then you better take advantage of the tub – and you don’t have to worry about falling on your butt, as in the shower.

Missionary position in the tub is usual and, well, boring. To maximize your tub, sit face-to-face with your partner and just allow the water run into your bodies. Place your girl’s legs over your shoulders and slide inside her. Make sure her hands are behind her back to give herself some support. Then pull her by her hips in order to create the rhythm.

This position is recommended especially when you want some kinkiness in your sex life. If you really want to spice things up, you can use blindfold to heighten the sensation brought by the tub, hot water and connection to each other. Or if she can, tie her hands behind her back to get that light bondage feel.

4. Use a Chair, Take A Seat

Fine, shower sex can be a challenging and dangerous one to do, especially when you are preoccupied and not being careful. If you want to minimize any risk inside this slippery environment, then this position will work best for you.

passionate kissGrab a chair you can sit on or sit on the tub with your legs either stretched or slightly bent. Place your girl on top of you and let her ride you as you both go to town. Plus, you can even use your hands to caress her body, lick her boobs and even give her a deep, passionate kiss.

You might say this is nothing different with the girl on top, except that you’re both in the shower. True. Unlike doing this position in bed, the girl on top with the water hitting your girl’s back lightly can add that extra oomph to seal the deal. And yes, women like a little bit of roughness too, and the water can help with that.

5. The Wraparound

strong arms

Do you want to prove to your girl how strong your arms and legs are? Then this position is the best way to do it. After all, women like men with strong arms and this position can prove her that. Keep your feet firmly planted on the bathroom floor. Then lift your girl up and make sure she wraps her legs around your waist.

If she can hold on to something while you are carrying her, then better. Then thrust her and just let the water run over your bodies.

This position can be risky and requires strong arms and legs. Keep in mind that you need to support both your weight and hers while in this position. Hence, if you can lift weights or strengthen your legs before actually doing this, then go ahead and spend some time in the gym. Just imagine if you just drop her because your knees are wobbling already. That would be embarrassing, don’t you think?

6. Let’s Get Some Spanking

Who says you can only spank her while in bed? The best thing about slapping her butt is that it is erotic enough and something you can do anytime, anywhere. Yes guys, you can even do this while in the shower too – and it can make shower sex sexier than before.

warm water

Photo by Saad Faruque / CC BY-SA 2.0

You don’t have to spank her while you are doing it doggy style. To add a bit of surprise, massage every inch of her body with soap as you allow warm water to go down on your bodies.

However, make sure not to touch her private parts for added suspense and excitement. Once she is turned on already, spank her in the most unconventional and surprising manner possible.

Believe it or not, the combination of a wet booty, warm water and the sound of your slap will both get you turned on. If you happen to have a tub in your home, lie down facing each other while she is on top. Let her bum pop out of the bubble bath, caress it and slap it. She will surely love it. Oh, and once she says stop, please do so. Women have boundaries and limitations, too, so don’t push it too much.

7. Light Bondage In The Shower.

shower sexSurprised? Well, don’t be. There are so many possibilities you can do to have a pleasurable shower sex and yes, bondage is one of them.

Aside from a stool, one of the items you can put into good use is shower handcuffs. It doesn’t have to be real cuffs made of metals since the simple Velcro ones will do. It can be sturdy and something you can rely on. Then strap your lady’s hands and use the shower for support – so make sure your shower is well built.

Then do the wraparound position and enter her. You can go on with this position for as long as you hold her up against the wall. The best thing about having cuffs is the idea of getting wet with a bit of light bondage will surely put a twist in your usual sexual routine. Plus, don’t you just love tying her around and being in control?

Hmm, that’s hot.

Before anything else, let her put on a show and allow her to tease you. Let her step into the shower first and watch her as she lathers herself and enjoys the water going down across her body. Make sure the water is running over her boobs to get your man, both you and what’s down there, in the mood. If you can’t hold it any longer, then join her in the shower to finish the job.

Use your hands to get her further in the mood. Then simply go with the flow by doing any or all of these seven positions. A piece of advice: make sure you have rubber matting on the bathroom floor to prevent slips. The last thing you need is a trip to the emergency room and to make up stories as to why you lost your front teeth. Oh, and don’t forget shower sex tools, too such as a chair or a tiny stepstool. This can make shower sex even more comfortable for both of you.

Have fun in the shower.

6 Sizzling Strategies for Stranger Sex

You’re out on a Friday night with your frat boys. You decide to hit a club, hoping you’ll meet some women who are up for some Friday night fun, aka sex. It’s easy after all, right? Porn movies even show traffic officers being able to get into a woman’s pants and have sex on the car’s hood. It’s not going to be that bad – or is it?

According to various experiments, most men are more likely to agree to have sex with a total stranger compared to most women. Well, there is no surprise in that. But, when a gorgeous woman walking down the street approaches a man, the majority are willing to go to her place for a drink, while 83 percent are ready to get it on, no questions asked.

However, stranger sex is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as your safety, your security, and even the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease. When the situation calls for it, here are some things you need to remember.

1. Set Your Intentions

building a relationship

This is the first and oftentimes neglected tip by most people when it comes to stranger sex. Fine, you can have sex all you want, but you need to set your intentions first.

Are you looking for a long-term relationship? Or do you simply want to get laid with no strings attached? When it comes to stranger sex, you always have to go with the second one. There is physical pleasure, but emotional baggage goes right out of the window.

Keep in mind that building a relationship requires time and getting to know the person first. When you started ripping each other’s clothes off in a public restroom while other people are banging at the door because they want to pee, then of course, it’s going to be difficult to establish a relationship. If you are looking for casual sex, then just stick to that and nothing else. After all, stranger sex and a long-term relationship are two areas that don’t go well together.

2. Consider Your Location

The easiest way to get stranger sex is to go somewhere public, make friends with a girl you want and do it in the backseat of your car, or in a public restroom if you two can’t wait. However, not everyone is game for that. Hence, find out what you are most comfortable with in terms of meeting strangers and having casual sex.

coffee shopThe truth is, there are many ways to do this. If you’re not into clubs, coffee shops or hitting someone right on the spot, you can always go to the World Wide Web for resources.

There are tons of dating and sex websites available, which you can sign up for free. Once you set your profile, you can start your fishing expedition.

The good thing about dating websites is that there is a higher probability of meeting like-minded individuals, so you won’t have trouble looking for someone who is willing to do it. Once you meet the right one, at least for casual sex, decide on a neutral place, such as a hotel. Never, ever do it in your or her place, especially if it’s the first time you’ll do it – for security and safety reasons, of course.

You never know this person and what she is capable of doing and the last thing you need to do is end up having to file charges against her. Oh, and always bring your mobile phone with you. If you can also tell someone where you are going, then that’s even better.

3. Know Your Boundaries

random girlMen are supposed to love and worship sex. However, this doesn’t mean you can have sex with any random girl just because everyone else is doing it. Come on. You’re old enough to know what you can and cannot do.

In this case, always respect your boundaries. If your conscience is telling you not to hook up with a stranger and it makes you feel bad just at the thought of doing it, then don’t do it. No one is forcing you to do it. You are in control of your sexuality and your own body, so listen to your gut.

On the other hand, if you feel you can handle sex with no feelings of regret the following morning, then sure, go ahead. However, you still need to set some boundaries for yourself. Keep in mind that stranger sex, although fun and enjoyable, has risks, too. Since you are not in a monogamous relationship, chances are the girl you are sleeping with has done it with several men, putting you more at risk of STDs, or even HIV.

Plus, there is a possibility of getting her pregnant, which is something you definitely don’t want. Or else, you’ll end up raising a child with a stranger or worse, terminating the pregnancy to make your lives easier. Therefore, make sure to wear protection at all times, even if the girl says she is on pills. This is part of setting your boundaries. Plus, it’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think?

4. Pick Your Standards


One of the benefits of stranger sex is that you get laid and fulfill some of your sexual fantasies, sans the drama and stress of being in a relationship. It makes you feel in control and allows you to express what you want with no one around to judge you. In other words, it is a no strings attached kind of set-up where both parties agree to it.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can just pick up anyone from the crowd, small talk her for a few minutes and bring her at the back door for some 20-minute action. Then repeat cycle 10 times but with 10 different girls – all in one night. The succeeding nights are a different story and location.

Therefore, pick your standards. Just because you agreed to this type of sex, you can’t just go for any girl you see on the streets. Remember the boundaries rule? Do that. There is no need to lower your standards just to get laid. Otherwise, where is the respect in that?

It won’t hurt if you make a choice on whom to bang, in case you want to be that blunt. It won’t hurt, too, if you talk to the lady first and see how things will go and where it will lead you. By having a little chitchat, you will be able to assess the situation and determine if you are both on the same page. If you feel that she’s not that into it, then it’s not too late for you to get out of there.

Does this mean you have to make your checklist? Not necessarily. When you find someone good-looking, smart enough to talk to and game for some action, then you’re probably good to go.

5. Don’t Obsess Over Stranger Sex

falling in love with the girl

This is the hardest part when engaging yourself in stranger sex. As much as you want to keep it casual and stick to the no strings attached rule, there are instances where you find yourself getting caught up in the situation and actually falling in love with the girl.

Well, that’s not supposed to happen. Just because you had a good time with someone and connected well in bed, that does not mean you could turn this thing into a relationship. Don’t forget your intentions, which is the first tip you need to follow in stranger sex.

You might agree that some one night stands can also lead to a relationship. In fact, you have some friends who fell in love with their fuck buddies, too. Well, sure, it can happen, but don’t bank on it. There is a higher chance that she’ll break your heart, so keep your expectations low, which leads you to the last tip.

6. Have fun

This is the ultimate goal in stranger sex – to have fun. Again, the best thing about engaging in stranger sex is that you can do whatever you want and be able to fulfill your fantasies without anyone judging you. You’re having sex with a stranger, after all. You might not see them after that night so go ahead and bring out your best cards on the table.

Joy of Sex bookOf course, keep your expectations low. Having sex with a stranger does not equate to having sex with a porn star. If you are lucky, you might find someone who is willing to do everything in the Joy of Sex book, but that’s rare.

The point is, enjoy the moment. Do things you didn’t normally do with your past girlfriends. Be adventurous and don’t be afraid to experiment. Savor the moment while it lasts. Just have fun.

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to stranger sex. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal choice. If you feel this can boost your ego, then go ahead and be the man of the house. Just make sure to play it safe, keep it casual and enjoy the moment. You can only do this when you have the right mindset.

7 Ways to Sex Up Your Boring Bedroom

Do you have to pass through piles of laundry, scattered toys and numerous other hurdles to even get close to your bed? Is your bed covered with dull-colored bed sheets and mismatched cushions? Well, it’s the common sight of many bedrooms, especially for those in relationships where both partners are busy at work and with child care.

In an effort to organize each and every nook and corner of other parts of the home, most women ignore the importance of their bedroom. The result? Their bedroom remains disorganized, messy and unsexy. And, it’s definitely not good for their sexual life.

partnersA bedroom should not just be a room for relaxing; it should also be a comfortable love-space for partners. After a long hectic day of work, only a sexy bedroom can help to put partners in the right mood.

If you are daunted just by the thought of making your bedroom sexy, let’s tell you it is not as difficult and expensive as you might think. So, ladies get ready – it’s time to give your bedroom a sexy makeover using the following effective tips:

1. Revive Your Sex Life Aesthetically

Beautiful colors, the right arrangement of furniture, and attractive interiors are equally important for augmenting the overall look of the bedroom. You should avoid placing bulky furniture if your bedroom is small in size. Most importantly, unclutter your bedroom and keep it clean.

bedroom ambienceSoothing colors are essential. Blends of blue colors lulls the bedroom ambience; thus shades of blue and purple are specifically recommended. You can also visit your nearest paint store and ask for suggestions.

When looking to add wall hangings and pictures, choose those that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Picking a beautiful picture of you with your partner to add to your bedroom wall is a good idea, too.

However, refrain from showcasing pictures of all the family members on your bedroom wall. You would not like your parents or kids staring at you in the night when you both are in the middle of any dirty business.

Another effective way to add sexual appeal to your bedroom is by adding flowers. Beautiful glass vases with your choice of flowers will seriously take away the melancholy atmosphere of your bedroom. If you are unable to take care of the flowers and change them daily, then skip the fresh ones and rather add artificial flowers. Dead flowers are depressing and are not good for your relationship.

2. Create a Sexy and Sensuous Smell

To feel and look sexy, you should be relaxed. Smell is one of the most powerful of all the senses that keep you mentally and physically calm. And, when you create a seductive smell in your bedroom, chances are that your sex life enhances magnificently.

couplesFor some couples, a freshly showered partner wearing a sensuous perfume is enough to set the stage for intimacy.

However, if you want your entire bedroom to smell sexy, don’t forget to add rejuvenating aromas to your personal space to stimulate sensuality.

Try some scented candles, fresh flowers, incense or natural perfumes to turn on the mood and keep your bedroom smelling as sexy as it looks. Sprinkle a few drops of aromatic essential oils such as lavender, musk, pumpkin or sandalwood on your bed, pillowcases, on your body and spray it around the bedroom to enhance that intense energy.

You may try a diffuser to infuse your bedroom. Among all the scents available, lavender and pumpkin are two commonly used potent perfumes, as they work as aphrodisiacs for men. Undoubtedly, perfumes are a quick and easy way to keep sheets smelling fresh and your stressed loved one tranquil. They can sweeten your time together and do wonders to your sex life.

3. Turn Off the Television and Switch on the Music

The bedroom should only be a place for relaxing, sleeping and having sex. Avoid installing a television in your bedroom. If you have one, throw it out of your bedroom. Instead, put a small stereo and play calm and soothing music for enhancing the mood.

soft and soothing musicThe latest rock music is great for nightclubs, but a bad choice to play in your bedroom. Certainly, the sound of soft and soothing music in the bedroom is a great stimulator for sensuous and erotic emotions.

Choose a type of music that soothes both you and your significant other. It can be collection of classical or soft rock. Also, don’t forget to play songs that convey special meanings, and provides memories for you both. Play your favorite tunes every time you hit the bed to create a warm mood.

You may also like to invest in tinkling chimes and trickling water fountains, as the sound of flowing water and chime bells triggers relaxation, love and serenity. If you want to avoid being overheard, consider hanging thick and flowing curtains, since fabric absorbs sound.

4. Your Bedroom Should Taste Sexy, Too

Yes, that’s right. Your bedroom should look, smell, and taste sexy as well. Well, taste is not always connected to eating. We are talking about flavored lubricants that can enhance a yummy angle to your love making.

What if you really want to feel full and hydrated during your sack session? Ensure to keep a jug of clean and cool water on the table next to your bed. You might need to have a few sips of cold water after that exhausting sexercise.

dark chocolateKeeping a sexy bowl of aphrodisiac foods, such as dark chocolates, apricots, apples and avocados nearby could turn out to be a healthy snack that you both can share together.

These foods are known to heighten sexual arousal and intensify desire. If you are worried about the calories, just relax – all those activities that you will do under the wraps will definitely burn those in no time.

If you don’t want chocolates or apples to interfere during your intimacy, then ditch them. Instead, try foods that appeal to both of you. Sometimes it’s not what you eat but how you eat, and feeding each other can be sexy and erotic.

If you want to take your lovemaking to another level, try this: bring your favorite sauces, honey or melted chocolate, in your bedroom. And, how to eat them? Just trickle a few drops of honey on your honey’s tummy and lick it all over.

So, you like to kiss your honeybunch just before getting out of your bed. But, what about your dragon breath? Keep some mints handy in the nearest drawer of your bedside table and grab them before you grab her in your arms.

5. Keep It Soft to the Touch

We have not considered another most important element that can help to create a soft stage for a rock hard intimate session.Yes, we are talking about softness of touch. Invest in good-quality soft bedding and warm rugs.

Soft sexy beddingsSoft sexy beddings and a fur throw will definitely make you hug your loved one more closely.

The other things that you must ensure to invest in are plush throws that are specifically designed to absorb your love juices or other leftovers of sexual intimacy.

Just toss these soft, velvety and fluffy plush throws on your bed sheets, sofas or any other spot of your bedroom where you are likely to make love. So, no more messes and worry now. These blankets are super soft and absorb everything that you’ll throw at them.

6. Dim the Lights

Lighting is the essential element in creating an erotic effect in your bedroom. It is quite dull to rustle inside the sheets when you can’t even see your partner. However, being able to see the curves and creases of your partner in subtle lights escalates that erotic passion you have always desired.

In order to enhance the lighting effect, chuck out bright lights since there is nothing sensual about them. Bright lights are truly unsexy and unflattering. Even Angelina Jolie wouldn’t look sensuous in bright lighting.

Transform your personal space to have a sumptuous glow with attractive table lamps, shadows, highlights and chandeliers. To intensify the lighting effects, use pink light bulbs, instead of white ones. If you are on a budget, you can use pink or red nail varnish to paint your white bulb. This will cast your room in a sexy, warm glow.

Dimming the lights will undoubtedly turn you on. Candles can also do the trick. Nothing can create an exotic ambience like candles. So, it’s great to invest in decorative, colored and fragrant candles and burn them often. They offer the warmest, softest and sexiest glow all over the room. Everything looks great in candlelight.

7. Offer Another Room to Your Gadgets

Your bedroom is exclusively meant for just both of you. The furniture, artwork, pictures, colors, and items displayed in your bedroom should be a reflection of your favorites. An attractive bedroom with loads of gadgets is not at all sexy.

Remove all electric stuff, computers and office files out of your bedroom. Such gadgets kill the sex and increase boredom. If you work from home and are short of space, ensure to stack your belongings in the other room before you hit the bed.

GadgetsMake your bedroom a gadget-free space, so that you can concentrate on your partner, rather than on your electronic tools.

It has been found that too many gadgets can divert couples to such an extent that either they don’t have sex, or when they do, it’s just not as exciting as it should have been.

It’s just not possible to pull a night full of sex after a hectic day. Time constraints, messy bedrooms, work pressures, gadgets and various other turn offs can take a toll on your sexual life. If you are really keen to amp up your latent sex sessions, ensure to follow the above-mentioned tips to renovate your bedroom to a sex haven and your nights into inciting sexual meet-ups.

To further intensify your love-making sessions, guys can try all-natural male enhancement supplements from buyextenze.com. These natural supplements promise rock hard, bigger and more frequent erections. They also work to increase your endurance for longer lasting sex. Erotic bedroom, dim lights, soothing music and a perfect lover – what else can make you feel ready for a lovemaking session?

Dicktate: 9 Ways to Control Premature Ejaculation

They call you a one-minute man. That’s too bad. If you have been a walking joke among men in the bedroom department, don’t worry. The truth is, there many guys like you, even below 40, who also jerk off too early in sex, too early that the woman didn’t even notice that you were already inside her. And worse, you probably can’t even get it up anymore.

So there are a million and one ways to feel ashamed of yourself. Don’t worry. That’s normal. The truth is premature ejaculation – yes, the medical term that refers to you being a one-minute man, can be addressed and controlled. It’s only a matter of leveraging the most effective techniques from your erection tool kit and making new friends with men who also suffer the same fate as yours.

Before you curse your parents for giving you such a biological composition, take a look at this list on how to effectively control premature ejaculation.

1. The Deep Breathing Approach.

Deep BreathingSo, you earned your crown as a one-minute man. Maybe, just maybe, you might be forgetting one important thing that you always overlook: your breathing.

Here’s the truth. Deep breathing is a form of meditation that when done correctly, can help control arousal and tension that may lead to early ejaculation.

This doesn’t mean you have to enroll yourself in meditation classes to develop breathing techniques and master this skill. Instead of going for the short, shallow breathing, which can speed up your heartbeat, try deep breathing for five seconds, hold it for three counts then exhale for five seconds. If you are able to hold this rhythm for five minutes, then that’s good news. Try using it during sexy play time, and you might be surprised how much difference deep breathing can make.

2. The Stop And Start Method.

sex bookThis technique has been in the sex books since time immemorial – and there’s a reason why. The stop and start method is one of the best tools when it comes to helping you control premature ejaculation.

To do this, masturbate alone and bring yourself closer to orgasm. Once you felt that you are about to go, stop and relax. Do this several times until you can’t hold it any longer.

Make sure that there are no distractions to help you learn where your point of no return is. Once you’ve mastered this technique, apply it during your sexual activity. If you feel you are about to go, stop and wait until the feeling has subsided. Your girl will surely love you for lasting longer in bed.

3. The Squeeze Technique.

Just like the stop and start method, the squeeze technique is also one of the time-tested ways on how to control early ejaculation. Here’s how you should do it. Play with your thing first, or masturbate, if you want to be that frank. Once you are at the brink of orgasm, squeeze the base of your penis to delay the release of your juices naturally. This will force the blood from the penis, thereby helping you to suppress the big O for a while.

girlPractice makes perfect, so make sure you do this first with yourself before using it in sexual combat.

Once you have mastered the technique, ask your girl for some sexy time with you and apply this new skill. Just like the stop and start method, she will surely love you for being able to hold off your love juices for a bit longer.

4. The Focus Shift.

Here’s the problem with you guys. Sure, you can easily get a boner once you start to unhook her bra and caress her breasts. Then you’ll touch her down there, and if she’s wet enough, you’ll take off your pants and go inside her. Well, that doesn’t work for most women. And if you want to be dethroned from being a one-minute man, you need to shift your focus to her needs too – and much longer.

Longer foreplay can increase pleasure and satisfaction for your partner. At the same time, it can delay your ejaculation, thereby reducing dissatisfaction and performance-related anxiety. Hence, put your mouth and hands into good use, aside from kissing her and touching her most sensitive areas. Explore her body and find out what turns her on, based on her responses.

Keep in mind that the more pressured you are in sex, the more likely you are to suffer from early ejaculation. Thankfully, foreplay can ease that pressure and tension so go ahead, practice those tips you’ve been reading.

5. The Kegels Exercise.

ExerciseHere’s another fact you should know: Kegels are not only for women. And believe it or not, working out with your PC muscles can strengthen your pelvic region and create strong muscles down there to help control ejaculation.

So how exactly do you this type of exercise?It’s simple. Have you always had the urge to pee, but you just can’t because the bathroom is just too far from where you are? If yes, then you will notice that there is a certain muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine. That is the PC muscle.

To do this, simply clench and release the PC muscles repeatedly for ten seconds. Do this in three sets with ten-second break in between sets. This can be useful when you are close to orgasm, but don’t want to go yet, because you don’t want your girl to get mad at you for finishing off too soon.

6. The Climax-control Condom Plan.

CondomWait, is there such thing? Of course! Experts and manufacturers are clever enough to think of ways that can address every man’s needs, including those who have PE. If you are one of them, then there’s good news.

You all know how important a condom is, right? However, there is another type of condom that will surely lessen your sensation and eventually help you with PE.

Introducing, condoms with benzocaine. Benzocaine is a mild anesthetic ingredient that can have a slight numbing effect to help decrease sexual sensation and bring down your sexual response to a more manageable level. Condoms with benzocaine at the tip can delay your climax for as long as five minutes.

Don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy sex even when wearing this type of condoms. To test its effectiveness, try masturbating with a condom on. This way, you’ll be able to gauge how much time you can prolong and control your excitement.

7. The Distraction Angle.

This is another age-old technique from many sex experts. Instead of focusing on your pleasure, try to think of something different when you are about to come.

Something distracting, boring or anything annoying that can ruin your mood even for a few seconds. It might sound cliché, but thinking of things not related to sex can lengthen your time and delay orgasm.

A piece of advice: make sure to keep your thoughts to yourself. Remember that Glee episode when Sam was making out with Quinn and he suddenly blurted out, “Beast” when he’s about to give it a go? You don’t want to tick off your girl just like that, so please, take it easy on your thoughts. At the same time, practicing with yourself can do the trick, so do this with yourself first before you go to bed with someone else.

8. The Tantric Technique.

PC musclesOohh, sounds like a big word? Don’t worry, tantric techniques are easy and useful in establishing intimate connections with your partner. Just like any other techniques, this method is aimed at making you last longer in bed.

When you are about to reach that O point, pull it out, gently please, contract your PC muscles and lower your chin to your chest to prevent energy from rising too high and make you feel ungrounded.

Breathe in, breathe out and feel the sexual energy rise upward in your body. Once you feel the sensation dying down, go back to humping.

9. The Medical Method.

Some say that premature ejaculation is all in the mind. If you release the pressure and tension inside you, you’ll be able to last longer in bed. Maybe, maybe not. Hence, consulting a doctor isn’t a bad idea after all. This way, you’ll be able to determine what’s going wrong and what can you do about it so you can pass the one-minute man throne to someone else.

Don’t worry, premature ejaculation is a very treatable condition. Go on, book that appointment. The doctor won’t hurt. Premature ejaculation is not so bad, after all. Yes, it will take a few shameful walks before you’re able to get past this, but the time will come when you can last longer than a minute. If it helps, Extenze male enhancement pills can also be your best friend in bed. They are a doctor-approved supplement that can give you the manhood you’ve always wanted, minus the side effects. Plus, you get free gifts for instant arousal when you order a package for two months or higher.

10 Ways to Make Your Lovemaking Last a Lot Longer

How embarrassing. You know, the issue of premature ejaculation that many men suffer from these days. When a guy discharges his load early during intimacy, he is unable to satisfy his gal in bed. This in turn leaves both partners frustrated and chagrined. In addition to premature ejaculation, there are a few other reasons why sex may be brought to a startling halt.

If you are a man with a beautiful partner and looking for ways to last longer in bed, then you are at the right place. Read on to learn how you can control your sexual stamina and pin down your women in bed for as long as they like:

1.Exercise for Better Sex

ExerciseMost men just shrug off this technique to last longer in bed, but this is probably the best sex secret in the entire world. We are here referring to exercising your kegels.

Kegel or PC muscles are a set of muscles that you squeeze when you are trying to stop peeing in the middle of attending your nature’s call.

They are the muscles that stretch from the anus to the urinary sphincter. Some people will find it extremely uncomfortable to stop peeing mid-stream, because they never practice flexing kegel muscles. In order to learn how to contract your kegel muscles, try stopping your urine midstream, and then start and stop it repeatedly. Consider doing at least three sets of 15 reps per day and you will probably know the trick.

Once you have mastered the procedure, practice your kegels anywhere: at your office, during shopping, and even when you are driving. Squeezing kegels helps to trigger the flow of blood towards the penis, which also works to enhance mental confidence.

Experts believe that if you can build-up control of these muscles, you can easily overcome issues of premature ejaculation and can also blast large amounts of semen out of your system. This is definitely crazy. Well, kegel exercising is just not beneficial for men; it is simply great for women, too. It can help tighten their vaginas and make them perform better in bed. Well, it’s good news for men – after all, who wouldn’t prefer a tight kitty.

2. It’s All in Your Head

anxietyMental stamina is essential. Whatever is your reason for wrapping up your love-making in a jiffy, it’s important to be mentally ready for sexual intercourse.

You may not believe it, but having high amounts of self-confidence and concentration are more important than anything else for helping you last longer in the bedroom.

Most men lose half of the battle even before hitting the bed because of their performance anxiety. This uncertainty kills their chances of sustaining a stiffer and controlled erection. A disturbed and worried attitude is what shuts most guys down. Now, you must be wondering – How do I get over this anxiety? Well, there are various approaches. First, you need to learn sex skills in order to please your women.

Also, when you begin to feel anxious, then take a small break and a deep breath, and then focus on your feelings. Also, it is important that guys learn to recognize their feelings at all times during sex. By understanding this, they can easily control their ejaculation. Usually, a lot of guys get caught up deep in lovemaking, and before they realize it they’ve already ejaculate earlier than expected.

3. She Loves Foreplay, So Increase The Dosage


Photo by Aimee Plesa / CC BY 2.0

It is not wrong to say that the most momentous part of sex usually starts before the actual act. We are talking here about foreplay. We all know that women like to be treated with love, tenderness and care.

They prefer a slow, relaxed, unhurried sensual buildup over quick, penetrative sexual intercourse. This is entirely opposite for men who normally want to shoot straight for intercourse without needing to get aroused.

Although the time duration may differ from person to person, usually men reach climax in just two minutes, while women need at least ten to fifteen minutes of foreplay before getting ready for sex. If you are really bothered about your woman’s ignorant behavior towards your sexual needs, learn to concentrate more on her needs before you shoot your love juices.

Work on various ways to arouse her before the final intercourse. Make use of your fingers and tongue to touch on her invigorating places. Just forget about your love-arm for a while and concentrate on searching for those sexy spots, including her clitoris and breasts that can put your gal on fire.

You can see her moaning in delight, if you become more active with your tongue on her hot spots, such as lower back, neck, inner thighs, shoulders, and even toes. These places are highly subtle for women. You can easily give her a big O by stimulating these spots alone. If she is aroused, your arousal won’t magnify quickly and you will not shoot early. This in turn will help you play with your woman a little longer in bed than your usual sack session.

4. Slow and Steady Wins the Hotter Sex Race

partnersEven though it is not very difficult to follow, most men forget about it as soon as the lights go out. This is for you, guys: have patience. You are making love to your woman and not competing for a sexual race.

Most women prefer sensual, rhythmic lovemaking. So, keep calm and take your time to please your woman and you will see the effect. Slow sex can become intense for both the partners.

When you are in a hurry, your partner remains discontented. And so, the next time she finds ways to refrain away from sexual encounters with you. To increase the intensity of your sexual pleasure, try taking deep and slow breaths as you feel yourself getting more and more stirred up. By slowing your breathing action and your sexual movements, you will automatically delay hitting your climax and build the pleasurable sexual tension, which is good for both partners.

5. Let Her Lead the Sexual Game

lasting long in bedHere’s the secret tip for lasting long in bed: let your woman hold your reins. When your woman is allowed to take the lead, you can enjoy sex more thoroughly without getting petrified regarding your sexual performance.

This will also allow you to relax more and the chances are that you can effectively control your ejaculation for a longer time.

The most effective position for a woman to control the sexual gallop is the riding cowgirl sexual posture. When a woman is on the top of the penis, she can move her booty in a circular motion in order to touch the right spots in the right rhythm. She can also control the thrusting rhythm which gives her man the ultimate pleasure.

She can engage in some rejuvenating clitoral stimulation by grinding her pelvis together. When a guy has limited range of motion, women can delight in their sexual escapade for a longer time.

womanIt is commonly known that a woman takes longer to reach an orgasm as compared to men. When she is given the lead, she enjoys herself fully and participates actively with you, too.

You can try various other sexual postures as well, such as both of you in a sitting position and the reverse cowgirl.

6. Don’t Thrust All at Once

Keep her waiting and excited for a while by just touching the end of your penis against the head of her clitoris. This will definitely bring her very near to orgasmic pleasure and also help you to last longer, too. You can also make this technique a part of your foreplay. She will love your jockey to play with her clitoris head.

Let your penis rest at her vagina for a while and gently brush your penis on the entrance of her vagina. She will definitely moan with pleasure, because the vaginal entrance carries maximum sensitive nerve endings. And, finally when you do shove into her, perform small movements first that penetrate only a first few inches of her vagina before making a final plunge. This technique will not only help you last longer, but also let you experience heightened pleasure when you finally reach the orgasm.

7. Exsqueeze Your Little Man For A While

thumb and forefingerThis is a simple, yet effective tip to make her feel great. So, the next time you are inside a woman, and feel to throw away your love-juice, pull out your penis and squeeze the head for a few seconds with your thumb and forefinger.

Hold it until the sensation has gone. Once done, get down getting dirty again. Guys can also let their women do this for them. This will further make the game more amusing and sensuous.

This tip works to significantly minimize the flow of blood, which is the main reason for over-stimulation. Nonetheless, the penis head is the most sensitive part and densely packed with nerves; thus, this technique works great to stop the urge to ejaculate.

8. Is Something Serious Going on Inside Your Body?

doctorIn a few cases, it becomes extremely necessary to see a doctor. There may be an unidentified underlying health disorder that is causing premature ejaculation and poor sexual performance.

Treating physical conditions may help guys get over their sexual issues. Prostrate diseases, diabetes, thyroid disorders and high blood pressure are some of the health disorders that may be the reason for a pause in your sexual life.

If you are physically sound, then psychological or counseling treatments can help to deal with any mental disorders. Unresolved emotional problems, sexual performance anxiety, problems caused due to sexual trauma, and chronic depression are a few of the mental issues that should be addressed early in order to enhance sexual health.

9. Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

Sustaining firm erections for a long duration is the key to last longer in bed. This can be easily achieved by living a healthy life.Active lifestyle and healthy living ensure effective blood flow towards the penis and ensure your circulation flowing. So, get going. Hit the gym, stay away from excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. Eat healthy foods, and don’t overdo masturbation, as it can affect your performance.

10. If Nothing Works, Go Natural

Millions of men around the world are using natural treatments to obtain rock hard and long lasting erection. There are many other chemical-loaded medicines to achieve the same effect, but such medications usually put undue pressure on internal organs, like heart, kidneys and the liver.

natural male enhancement supplementIt is possible that such chemical-loaded supplements may bestow you with a huge boner for a while, but you may end up facing lots of serious side-effects later.

Thus, it is best to opt for a natural male enhancement supplement such as those from buyextenze.com that promises to increase penis size, improve libido and help guys shoot farther.

It’s no surprise that almost every man wants to last longer in bed and indulge in passionate sex with their partner without feeling embarrassed or humiliated. Apply a few of these effective ways to your sexual life, and we are sure your woman will definitely ask for more.

10 Ways to Be the Sex Master of Your Bedroom

Are you great in bed? No, really – think about it for a second. Do you command authority, cause her to orgasm, or have him begging for more sex with you? Sexual intimacy can make or break a relationship. Regardless of how long you have been dating or married; if the sex isn’t continuously amazing, then you may have something to worry about.

relationshipAll too often, we find ourselves in a rut in a relationship. The typically humdrum of our everyday lives just tends to get in the way. Or, perhaps you feel like you have never really that good in bed.

It’s okay to admit it, and chances are if you are looking up this article, you are admitting that there’s room for improvement. How much room, exactly, is up to you.

Improving your performance in the bedroom can only do wonders for your relationship. While some of these tips may work for that one night stand, your sexual connection with your partner tends to be stronger and more mature when you are with someone you have grown to love and care for.

Every woman has the fantasy of having her man take control in the bedroom. Likewise, every man would like a break from being the dominant one in the bedroom. Whether you are typically the controlled or the controller, we have a few tips for you.

Here are the ten ways to be the sex master of your bedroom:

1. Stop Overthinking It

OverthinkingChances are that if you are analyzing your bedroom performance, then you are putting a lot of thought into this pursuit. While this is very admirable, you need to make sure you are not overanalyzing your sexual performance.

You never want to overthink things in the bedroom, because once your ego, or lack thereof, gets in the way, then other things can fail to perform, if you catch our drift.

Before you do anything, take a deep breath and relax. Genuinely enjoy any sex with your partner. Once you relax, you are on your way to beginning the journey towards becoming amazing in bed.

2. Stimulate Her Brain Before Her Vagina

This one caters mostly to anyone trying to master sex with a woman in the bedroom. Did you know that the number one most important fact is that your work doesn’t start in the bedroom, necessarily? You can start to master sex with your partner anywhere, anytime. Here’s how.

The brain is one of the most important sex organs. Yes, you read that correctly – the brain is an important sex organ. Instead of rushing to take it to a physical level with your partner, start by stimulating her brain, instead.

Women become turned on based off of their emotions, whereas men can be easily turned on by a visual. When you jump right into physical activity, you neglect one essential action that can help her be more turned on.

bedroomOn the surface, stimulating your lady’s brain will help her imagination run wild and she will feel wanted – these are both things that you want to happen in order for you to gain ultimate power in the bedroom.

You can easily activate her brain by sending naughty texts, role-playing and dirty talk. While some of this might seem unnecessary to you, it will definitely help heat her up before she even reaches the bedroom. But how about some tips for once you start heading to the bedroom?

3. Understanding the Main Difference Between Men and Women in the Bedroom

womenIf it’s ultimate mastery in the bedroom that you are after, there is one important concept that you must understand: men and women get turned on differently.

Stereotypically, men complain that women never want to have sex. But, did you know that this is because their male cohorts are not turning these women on properly? It may sound odd, but when it comes to sex, men are like microwaves, whereas women are like ovens.

Why exactly are we creating an analogy comparing genitalia to appliances? Well, it actually makes perfect sense. Men, similarly to a microwave, can be easily turned on and off in order to work effectively. You want to heat up your chicken, then you pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and boom. There is your chicken.

But let’s say you need the oven to bake your chicken. Now you need to preheat the oven before you can even place the chicken inside to cook. This is exactly like what females experience when men pounce on them for sex.

Guys remember this tip – the next time you are horny, try to analyze whether or not she is in the mood. If you sense that she is not, then this sex session won’t be enjoyable for either of you. So, instead, invest time into turning her on through sensual foreplay. Remember our first tip. Dirty talk, sending naughty texts and making her feel hot and sexy long before getting physical.

4. Timing is Everything

master in the bedroomThe master in the bedroom delicately balances the fine line between going too slow and moving too quickly. It’s a timeless problem.

The guy is ready to go, so he flings himself on his lady, who isn’t exactly feeling very sexy. Nothing comes of this, as the guy is automatically shut down for coming on too strong.

Then there’s the guy who is unconfident, and therefore moves entirely too slow. The female might be left wondering why he isn’t making a move, and the window of opportunity slowly closes shut.

In order to become the master of the bedroom, then you must understand this balance. Pay close attention to her body language, and keep your pace in mind. This doesn’t exactly apply to only men, however. Women can take notes from this tip, too.

Men don’t always want to be in control; ladies are responsible for timing, as well. Why should the guy always have to make the first move? If a woman times it correctly and finds this balance, then she is sure to please her partner with a welcomed surprise. There are, however, a few important times to take it slow. Do you know when those times are? Keep reading to find out.

5. Exactly When to Slow Down

sex organWhile it is important to monitor your pace and make sure you are not moving too slowly, there are a few instances where you should move like molasses. So, exactly when is this?

Well, we have mentioned that her brain is one of her major sex organs, so it should make sense that building anticipation will help her get to thinking about what you are going to do before you do it.

Building up suspense is sure to drive her wild. This works on guys, too. While they’re all ramped up, slowing down the action will tease them into wanting you even more. Way to go, ultimate sex master!

So, when are the best times to build up this anticipation? If you are heading down south, you know, for one reason or another, then slowly kiss your way down instead of just rushing. Suck on your partner’s nipples. Yes, guys like their nipples kissed, too. Lick a line going down their stomach, and grab their butt – all while you work your way down.

6. But, When Should I Speed Up?

confidentRemember, balance is the key. Once you have slowly worked your way around your partner’s body to build suspense, go in for the kill and establish your dominance. But, how exactly does one do that?

At the root of it all, women want to surrender to their feminine wiles. She may be the most independent woman in the world, but she will love you confidently pinning her down, just hard enough to comfortably keep her in place.

There is, however, a fine line here – it is possible to be in control and confident without being a complete jerk. Remember: she must always be comfortable and feel safe with you. This is a delicate balance here between confident gentlemen and horrible abuser. We think you know the difference between the two.

So, always make sure that you are being confident and in control in a gentlemanly manner. Take her hand and put it where you want it. Lead her to the bedroom, pin her down gently and then tell her what you want her to do to you. All of these things are great ideas.

7. There Has to Be an Emotional Connection

partnersPassionate partners will often claim that there is a “connection” between them, and this connection is just another secret to become the sex master of your bedroom.

Allowing yourself to open up emotionally to your partner is a key when looking to lead your partner to the ultimate sexual experiences, time and time again.

How exactly can you make yourself emotionally available? Discuss your sex lives together, make your partner feel comfortable, and you, also, should feel comfortable. In order to make all of this happen, there has to be genuine care between both partners. It will be difficult for you to emotionally connect with someone you don’t care about, and vice versa.

Having such a connection in your relationship is important for a variety of different reasons.

8. Laugh it Off – Humor is a Must

When all else fails, you need to understand the age-old adage that says Rome wasn’t built in a day. You are trying to improve your sexual performance, and some of it may be trial and error. If you and your partner have a genuine connection, then you won’t be afraid of failure, because your partner would never think less of you for trying so hard to please them.

9. Put Her Orgasms Before Yours

partner’s orgasm

Photo by KariHak / CC BY 2.0

It sounds cliché, but the ultimate sex master is selfless. The ultimate sex master has their partner naked before them, viciously seeking to turn them on and make them feel sensuous.

Put your partner’s orgasm before you. Ladies should orgasm before intercourse even begins, according to the sex master. The ultimate sex master genuinely puts themselves before their partner.

They could not care less if they orgasm Instead, their partner’s orgasm is more important than their own.  Sound too good to be true Yes, this concept is difficult and extremely selfless. But, this is what separates those who are “good” in bed from those who are unforgettable.

10. Educate Yourself

It is always essential for you to accept that there is always room for improvement. Even if you feel like you are the supreme master of your bedroom, there is always something new that you can try to make your partner have an even stronger, more passionate orgasm.

Humility is a great quality to have when on the journey to become spectacular in the sack. Your partner will love these genuine, quality characteristics that you portray. Still, don’t feel like you are going to stack up in the bedroom? If you are a guy interested in enhancing your performance, or if you are a lady shopping around for your guy, then check out www.BuyExtenze.store. You are sure to find all natural yet effective products to help achieve bigger, stronger, and more potent erections.

10 Tantalizing Ways to Turn Her on With Just a Text

In this day and age, we have to utilize technology wisely. While sending a dirty picture is quite risqué, a sexy text is always just as good, if not better. Since we have our phones on us at all times, it is a great idea to say the right thing to your special lady, especially if you are looking to score.

Thanks to modern technology, you can turn your woman on with just the push of a few buttons. Here are our ten tantalizing ways to turn her on with just a text:

1. A Little Flattery Never Hurt Anyone

If you are looking to put your lady in the mood well before she comes home, then send her a text saying how great she looks. This is where attention to detail comes in, fellas: did you watch her leave this morning? Do you know what she is wearing? If you can’t see her, then are you sure what she looks like at this moment?

wearing heelsConsidering a scenario where you know her ensemble, you could play up an article of clothing she is wearing; for example, you could tell her how amazing her ass looks in those yoga pants.

Or perhaps you know she is wearing heels, so tell her how tantalizing her toned legs look in those heels.

Helping make your woman feel sexy will in turn want her to be sexy for you – see how this works? If you are looking to make her hot, then you first have to make her feel hot.

2. Get Cutesy, Pumpkin

Nothing shows that you have stooped to ultimate partnership more than giving your significant other a pet name. Whether she is your long-time girlfriend or one-night stand, we are sure you can come up with something creative.

Be sure to stay away from the cheesy names – instead, opt for something that is special for only the two of you. Perhaps if she is just your hook-up every now and then you could have a sexy, raunchy name for her as she probably doesn’t want something serious if she hasn’t settled down with you just yet.

3. Make Sure She Feels It

womanIt may sound corny, but the more descriptive you are then, naturally, the sexier you sound for your lady. Not sold? We guarantee that you vividly describing how great your woman tastes will set her wild.

Not only will she be shocked that you are being descriptive, but she will now have the thought of oral sex on her mind. Do you know what happens once your girl has the thought of oral sex on her mind?

Just visualize a cat ready to pounce. Only that cat will be her, and she will be pouncing on you and your junk. Besides, what girl would be turned on by the old, stale blasé texting lingo? No sexy-time for you.

4. Spontaneity is Key

Nothing compares to the sound of that text alert on your phone. We have all felt it – immediately your mind races as you wonder who it is that just texted you. Where do you think her mind will race after she realizes it’s you?

coffeeYou want to make sure that regardless of your message, you never fall into a habit or routine.

Your sexy texts will gradually decline in power if you habitually text her saying how great she looks at 10 a.m. every morning when she knows you are on coffee break.

Instead, genuinely text her when you are thinking of her. And, if you aren’t thinking about her, then maybe you should fake it if you are looking to get her hot and horny.

5. Ask Questions to Gauge Her Mood

When looking to text your girl something that is sure to get her hot and ready for action, you can always revert to the age old question: “What are you wearing?” This text is a great idea for a few different reasons. First and foremost, you can tell right away if she is in the mood.

Chances are, if the response you get is, “Khakis and a blouse” that she is just not that into you at the current moment. So, not only do you have a great read on her mojo, but you have not wasted any time.


If, however, her response is a little more sexy and creative, then you now have an open door to more sexy texts. You can always add one of the texts we have already discussed.

For example, remember the tip about complimenting her body? What better way to respond to what she is wearing than with a compliment?

“Oh, you are wearing a slutty short dress? I bet your ass looks amazing; I can’t wait to smack it later.” We are assuring that this text will give you the green light into a sexy conversation that is sure to lead to something great later on in the day.

And, if she responds with something less than steamy, do not become discouraged. You can always rev up her engines with some of the other texts.

6. Build Up Her Anticipation


Photo by Alton / CC BY 3.0

One of the great things about sexting is that it has the potential to build anticipation between you and your significant other.

We have all been there – sitting chewing our nails, tapping our toes, anxiously wondering how the recipient of your most recent sex will respond.

Think about what runs through your mind while it races in anticipation – now think about how you can accomplish so much if her mind wanders in the right place. We are not saying to play hard to get, but it is a great idea to not rush your responses.

If you are nervous that you won’t remember or that you won’t wait long enough, you can always set a timer for five minutes or so. Or, if you are in the middle of something at work, simply don’t respond until you are done with a particular task. We bet your boss will appreciate this productivity too.

7. Embody Thankfulness and Gratuity

girlfriendWhether she is your booty call or long-time girlfriend, you should always be thankful for whatever your significant other is providing for you.

Did you have amazing sex last night? Did she give you the best blowjob you have ever had? Okay, even if it wasn’t the best, perhaps a white lie wouldn’t hurt in this case.

Sexting her anything to let her know that you are glad the interaction took place will leave her longing for more; however, be more creative than, “Thanks so much for the fantastic sex last night.” Ladies are going to want you to be more creative than that – remember the descriptive lesson earlier?

Perhaps you could tell her something like, “I can’t wait to see you again. I love waking up to your sexy body in my bed.” Or, “Your smell is still lingering in my bed – I can’t wait for you to be back in it.” These coy lines are sure to liven her up a little and get her wanting you, all through a simple, yet sexy, text.

8. Always Be Playful

Believe it or not, everyone is going to be a little self-conscious when sexting – it’s natural. After all, sexting can be quite fun, but also very risky for a few different reasons. What if you say something that embarrasses you? Or even worse, what if she shows your sexts to all of her friends?

embarrassedOne of the best ways to ensure that neither of these awful mishaps occurs is to always remain playful. Just like you have these two things on your mind, so does she – we promise. Just like you, she doesn’t want to be embarrassed or exposed, either.

So, anytime she says something that might be a little ridiculous, just simply reply with a smiley. The smiley will be a cute, coy way of responding instead of putting her failed attempt at a sext on blast.

9. Pictures Are Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Whoever is said to have claimed the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” clearly never sent a dirty text. Most of us are not exactly turned on by words, but a visual puts it all into perspective. It is completely up to you what you take a picture of, and remember that this picture can always be showed to someone else; so, stay safe.

Try to take a picture that doesn’t include your face, unless you are comfortable with the recipient of this dirty pic. Perhaps you could combine the playfulness with the picture and take a picture of a body part she wasn’t exactly expecting – that’s right, think outside of the box.

10. Pour Some Emotion Into It

special partnerWhile you can sext with anyone, the most effective sexting is that which occurs between you and a special partner.

Sure, you can send some raunchy texts to your one night stand, but chances are that unless you are emotionally involved, then the sexts may not have the effect that you would hope. Sexting is going to be nerve-wracking, so you are less likely to be completely open with someone you do not know very well.

Texting sexual messages can only have the sexually gratifying effect you desire if you are completely open and take risks, so keep this in mind the next time you want to get your lady hot and horny through a text. Is your relationship ready for it?

So, naturally once you practice some of these sext messages, your lady is going to arrive to your house ready to go. If you are concerned that the measurement of your penis is going to affect things once you get your girl in your arms, then why not look into a natural male enhancement product? BuyExtenze.com offers natural yet effective means for you to achieve an even bigger, harder, and more satisfying erection.

9 Ways Your Small Boat Can Whip Up the Motion in the Ocean

Men and sex – seems like these two concepts always go together. And for most men, having a bigger size down there means having bragging rights. After all, a bigger penis means better in bed, right? Or is it?

menWhat if you are not well-endowed down there? What if you are among those men who constantly shave their pubes to make their size look bigger and longer?

What if you are among those who secretly wear bulge-enhancing underwear to make you look bigger every time you wear those skinny jeans, but worry about when you have to take it off, since she might find out your biggest secret?

Don’t worry. You can stop cursing God for not blessing you with a bigger manhood. The truth is you don’t have to be ten inches long – in flaccid state, that is – just to give your girl the best sex of her life. In fact, here are some things you can do in bed that will make her scream for more, and she wouldn’t even notice you’re “handicapped” down there.

1. It Takes A Stroke – And Then More.

Dear guys, regardless of your size, sex is not just about moving your hips back and forth. If you really want to up your game, especially when you are not gifted down there, then you better learn the art of sensual stroke.

moneyAnd no, it’s not just brushing your hands up and down her body. If it means taking Kundalini strengthening classes or whatever classes that enhances your stroke, then so be it.

Or if money is an issue, then just pay attention to her responses every time you caress her body.

You don’t expect her to have a porn star reaction when you hump her, do you? Unless you did your part, of course. And once you’ve mastered “the stroke,” add some of your killer moves such as gently touching her clitoris or kissing her neck, or even sucking her toes. Once you did this, she won’t even make your size an issue.

2. Spot The G-spot.

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to a woman’s G-spot. Some scientists claim that G-spot does not exist, while there are others who say it’s hidden somewhere – you just have to learn how to find it. If you’re the type of guy who believes in such crap – that G-spot does not exist – then that’s too bad for you. Better stop reading this, since most of the advice for your small guy will focus on your girl’s g-spot.

On the other hand, if you believe that such thing exists, then go on. The truth is the clit does exist and if you’re not big enough down there, finding this spot is definitely worth the shot. So, come on, be patient and take your time to locate it. You might even make her squirt once you hit it, so congratulations in advance.

3. Go In Circles.

womenNo, this does not mean you should turn around until you’re dizzy enough to fall down. Women are not very fond of thrusting in and out, back and forth.

That will bore her out. And if you have a smaller size, this move does not emphasize your guy since it’s not “long enough” to hit the right spots.

So, instead of hammering straight inside her, why don’t you try going in circular moves instead? Once you’ve placed your penis inside her, try to go as deep as possible then grind your hips in a spiral way, just like a screw. This move allows you to hit the hidden parts of her clit, which accounts to 90 percent of her sensation. Hitting the clit is only a tip of the iceberg.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and “screw” her.

4. Do Something Shallow.

Not the kind of “let’s go to bed, I want to hump you” type of shallow.  Doing something shallow is more of shallow thrusting. Now you ask why. First, you’re not blessed enough down there, so going for deep thrusting may not work for you.


Second, did you know that the outer third of the vagina is the most receptive part of her canal? Hence, anything beyond that, she just feels pressure, and she wouldn’t want that. Therefore, shallow thrusting can tickle her and give her pleasure in the most exquisite ways.

Also, this move can provide you with extra sensation since shallow thrusting is also focused on the sensitive portions of your manhood – the hood and the corona, not the beer please.

But if you really insist on deep thrusting, then just combine both. Start from nine shallow thrusts then one hard thrust, then eight shallow, two hard, then you get the picture.

5. Vary The Missionary.

If you are not well-endowed down there, then missionary might not be the best position for you. Plus, it can be boring for her and tiring for you since you’re the one doing the moves, which can’t make you last longer in bed. To put a twist in your sexual life, try the CAT position the next time you do it with her.

cock ringCAT, or Coital Alignment Technique is a variation of the missionary style. Instead of wrapping her legs around you, she squeezes her legs together after you enter her, making your knees on either side of her thighs.

For enough traction, you can either hook your feet under her or push off the headboard, so you can ride high and give her clit some exercise.

If you really want to take it the next level, you can even use a vibrating cock ring for more pleasure and clitoral orgasm.

6. Never Underestimate The Power Of Foreplay.

For most of your kind, foreplay is just a preparation to sex. Once you got her wet enough, then it’s time to get some action. Apparently, that doesn’t work that way. And believe it or not, women prefer lesbians over you, because they are able to give them the best oral sex in their entire life.

You’re already working at a disadvantage here because of the lack of size. If that’s the case, foreplay should be your best friend.  Take some time and take it easy. Don’t worry about too much touching, kissing and licking – she’s going to love it anyway.


Photo by Aimee Plesa / CC BY 2.0

Let your fingers do their magic, caressing her, giving her a sensual massage, touching her down there, the works.

If you can include some kinky games, then better. The point is, take plenty of time for foreplay – and lots of it.

Don’t just limit yourself with touching her boobs and removing her underwear once she’s wet enough. If you’re able to rock her world during foreplay alone, she’ll surely love you and beg for more, regardless of your size down there.

7. Give Your Pubes A Good Cut.

It may seem to be that important, but how you groom the area down there can still make a difference in making your guy look bigger and longer. Aside from that, nothing will make a woman fall on her knees than knowing that a guy has a great personal hygiene, right?

Hence, take some time to trim your pubes and shaving your balls. It’s neat, clean and definitely hygienic. This can also work for you, especially when you are a bit insecure with your size. And the best part? She wouldn’t even notice you’re not big enough down there.

8. Master The Right Sex Positions.

Kama Sutra

If you really want to rock her world in bed, then better grab a copy of the Kama Sutra now. Aside from foreplay and trimming your hair down there, experimenting with different positions and knowing which will allow deep penetration and clit stimulation will surely drive her crazy in bed.

Don’t just limit yourself with shallow thrusting and doggy style with her legs closed. There are just so many positions invented for you and your small boat, which you can take advantage of. Go ahead, order that sex bible you’ve been itching to order and try those kinky positions with your girl.

9. Be Confident.

None of this will be possible if you are not confident enough to believe that you can still make her come. So what if you have a size of a ten year old? Don’t be insecure about it, because most women won’t care anyway, as long as you follow these tips, of course. Confidence is sexy and you can still satisfy a woman through foreplay, oral sex and manual stimulation. In fact, you can even make her orgasm even before you put it in.

Here’s the truth: only seven percent of sexually satisfied women say that penis size matters, while the remaining 93 percent say they can be satisfied in other ways. In other words, passion defeats size and how you do in bed and the ability to make her scream matters more than just the size down there.

ExtenzeIn this case, Extenze can be of great help. Sure, you’re not big enough, but your girl will hate you more if you can’t even last for ten minutes.

So before you do it, make sure to pop in some Extenze and you’re good to go. This all-natural male enhancement pill can give you bigger and harder erections, increased endurance in bed, and faster sexual responses that will surely meet her needs.

9 Ways to Be the Master of Your Masturbation Domain

So, you feel the need to channel your sexual energy. The problem is you don’t have your girl with you, or perhaps you simply don’t have that special someone you can do it with, which means you need to go out and please someone just so you can get laid. But, do you really have to go through that hassle and the possibility of getting turned down, when you know very well you can jerk off on your own Don’t worry.

Contrary to religious beliefs, masturbation is not a mortal sin. It is merely your way of addressing your needs when the urge strikes, since you don’t really want yourself getting some sort of STD. Of course, nothing beats spending time with a real, live girl, but is she isn’t always around to address your needs.

It is important to be equipped with the right tools when you plan on going solo. The truth is, masturbation is more than just using your hand. You can try a lot of techniques to give you the ultimate experience.

 1. Don’t Forget The Other Hand.

watching pornSo, you learned that masturbating is about watching porn, gripping your thing firmly with your strong hand then moving your hand up and down at a fast speed until you jerk off.

That’s fine. In fact, every boy learns how to touch themselves through this, thanks to your equally inexperienced friends.

You should know better now that you’re older. And when it comes to masturbating, you should also know that your other hand can be your friends with benefits, too. You can use both hands on your shaft and do the up and down thing at a lightning speed, or you place your member between both palms pressed together.

Or you can use your stronger hand to play with the head of your penis while the other one moves up and down. The point is, work it out with your two hands. They are there for a reason.

2. Please Don’t Leave Those Balls Hanging.

No, your odd-looking balls are not there to just support your thing and become a storage facility. Believe it or not, your balls are an erogenous zone that when stimulated properly, can heighten your orgasm.

You may say that all guys are different and you don’t feel the slightest sensation down there. Not to burst your bubble here, but maybe, just maybe, you weren’t informed on how to do it properly.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Using your other handPull your balls slightly downward while you masturbate.
  • Caress, stroke or tickle them. You’ll surely feel a different sensation down there, so experiment.
  • Using your other hand – see, it really has lots of uses – hold your balls in a light, but firm grip while the other hand gets in motion.

3. Yes, You Have A G-spot Too.

Yes guys, you definitely read that right, unless you’ve consumed ten bottles of beer before reading this, so better read it again once you’re sober. For many, a male g-spot is like the long lost Atlantis, it might have been there, but evidence suggests otherwise.

The truth is, there are certain areas down there, including your anus, that responds well to self-stimulation. So, if you are one of those guys who are more open-minded, then read on. For those who aren’t, well sorry guys but you’re really missing out on a lot of pleasure.

If you really want to find your g-spot, try rubbing around the outside of your butthole. Make sure your nails are short and well lubricated to avoid pain. Then gently insert your finger, yes one finger will do, as far as possible and comfortable for you. Move it gently, in and out, and your G-spot is that little ball that is over an inch in diameter, just outside your prostrate. Once you found it, rub it softly and you’ll find it pleasurable.

4. Try Out Different Positions.

Who says you can only do different positions when having actual sex? Did you know that even when playing with yourself, you can also work out with certain positions to make masturbation more pleasurable for you?

sitting on a chair

The truth is simply sitting on a chair or lying down won’t bring you anywhere. If you really want to increase your satisfaction level, you better learn how to do it with yourself in different positions.

Try changing positions from time to time. You can try doing it while kneeling, standing, sitting or anything else you can think of to add variety. Then find out which position works best for you.

You can also try kneeling or standing, then thrusting into your hand. Just make sure to keep your hand still and use your body to move for more pleasure. In other words, be creative. If you can think of positions when doing it with a real girl, you can surely think of ways to add variety when doing it alone.

5. The Hand Screw Technique.

Looking for an unconventional masturbation technique? Then worry no more. If you’re up for adventure, then better try out the hand screw technique. First things first, make sure your comfortable hand is well lubricated. While standing up, twist your lubed up hand in such a way that your thumb is against your belly button.

Wrap your hand around your penis and move your pelvis to pump in and out of your hand, as if you’re doing it with a woman’s vagina but in reality, you’re not. Try it out and just play pretend. Make sure to lock your door or your little brother or even your mom might think you are crazy, humping with the air against you.

6. Never Say No To Sex Toys.

partnerYou might say that going inside a real vagina is the best feeling. True. However, this might be a problem, especially when you’re single and not so ready to mingle, or you have a partner who doesn’t want to have sex with you.

This leaves you with sex toys. If dildos and vibrators are for women, then a realistic vagina is for your kind. Aside from preparing yourself for the real deal, a realistic vagina will definitely bring masturbation to the next level.

But don’t just limit yourself with this. Run to the nearest sex store in your place and you’ll find tons of sex toys you can use when you play with yourself. Cock rings, the vibrating ones please, can add extra pleasure and allow you to test your control. Realistic anus or mouth sleeve are also available and if you’re up for a challenge, blow up dolls are still available. You just have to know where to find them.

7. Kegels Are Not Just For Women.

When you hear the word “Kegel,” the first thing that pops into your mind, assuming that you know this term, is for pregnant women.

exerciseKegel exercises are one of the simplest ways to bring back a woman’s uterus into its original shape. Did you know working out these muscles through Kegel exercises can do a lot for your area down there?

The truth is Kegels are your last line of defense to stop yourself from jerking off too quickly. And through masturbation, you’ll be able to work on this to strengthen the muscles that stop yourself from releasing your juices. And that’s not all. Kegels are proven to help you get stronger erections and orgasms because they help improve the blood flow down there for increased sexual pleasure.

8. Stock Up On Lots Of Lube.

Just like the actual sex itself, lube is very important even during your own playtime. If you have calloused hands or dry palms, then don’t expect a pleasurable experience, since you’ll end up hurting yourself during the motion. Just imagine the friction created when you move your hands up and down. Yikes.

Hence, having a lubricant within reach can help a lot and make it easier for you to stimulate yourself down there. You can even use it to explore your anus and hit that g-spot if you wish. And of course, it can also be a good addition to your self-pleasure techniques so go ahead, grab that lube you’ve been itching to buy.

9. Don’t Forget The Side Dish: Breathe And Relax.

Breathe And Relax

Above all these tips, it is important to breathe slowly and deeply, relax and just enjoy the experience. It may not be that much these two techniques are definitely useful in order to give you a pleasurable orgasmic experience.

And these skills can be useful not just during your alone time but also during the actual sex. Again, no girl wants a one-minute man, so if you’re one of them, then better print this and bring it with you everywhere you go for reference.

Masturbation is a skill. It is a combination of different techniques and your willingness to experiment in order to get that pleasurable experience, even without actually going inside a woman’s vagina.

Once you’ve mastered this, don’t forget to take Extenze male enhancement supplements, too. They are a doctor-approved, natural formula that gives you bigger and harder erections and longer endurance in bed. Masturbation techniques and Extenze pills? Sounds like the perfect pairing.

8 Scintillating Sex Sites Besides Your Boring Old Bedroom

Taking your bedroom activities to another level by trying new sex tips and innovative postures is always a nice change. But, if you are daring enough to try new positions, why not discover new places for sizzling sex, too?

It’s not an exaggeration, but having sex in the confines of your bedroom each time gets to be a really boring and dull after a while. If you have not thought about it earlier, let’s tell you that new locations can be great for enjoying intense sex.

coupleExperts believe that a change in scenery is good for couples, since newness helps to secrete hormones, which in turn gives you and your partner stronger and longer orgasms. So, it’s time to get out of bed and find some new and novel locations.

Don’t worry; we are not challenging you to get bare naked in public places, or in your office, which could expose of you in the possibility of indecent behavior charges.

The fact is, you could spend your private sexual moments just about anywhere. It all depends on you. But, we expect you to be sensible. After all, most couples don’t want to risk public humiliation, just to add some wild adventure into their sex lives.

The sizzling places mentioned in this article are perfectly safe for both of you; where you can freely spend the most sensuous moments of your life. We ensure that the next time you get home, she won’t be thinking of what to cook, but the time when you will carry her to that exclusive lovemaking nest of yours. Here are seven of our hot sizzling locations, other than the bedroom, to have sex:

1. Get Wet When You Are Wet

This location is a just a few steps away from a bedroom, but effective enough to ignite a spark to your sex life. Having sex in a bathroom is a perfect and safe place to fondle in private. You may let your woman stand up on a shower bench, or do the act in a tub to experience creative and newness in sex.

showerYou may play with the soapy lather and tease each other. Indulge in ample amounts of foreplay before the act.

Also, don’t forget to keep two towels handy to keep yourself warm after sex. And, if you are creative enough, bring one huge towel that you can wrap yourselves in.

Having sex under the shower with your body covered in soap is also a safe and great idea to enjoy sensuous moments. If you have large mirrors in the bathroom, you may soak in the erotic view and get wetter. Well, here is one tip to play safe: install some anti-slip stickers on the bathroom floor to avoid slipping accidents.

If you have a pool at home, you can make your sex session more peppery. Even though sex in the pool is highly erotic, your senses should be in control because any form of sex under the water can be risky. We suggest having sex on the pool stairs or at the pool edges when you both are wet and dripping.

2. Make Your Penis a Living Vibrator

Now, this is definitely something out of the box. Having sex on the washing machine is something unique and exclusive that you must have not tried or even thought of. Let your lady sit on the washer. Move her butt to the edge of the lid of washing machine, and you should stand up.

When you are ready, start the spin cycle and let your man enter her vagina. We bet the vibratory mode of your washing machine will definitely put her into wild sexual mode. Vibration from a washing machine tremendously increases sex a lot. The sight of your woman shaking with pleasure on a washing machine will definitely make you go crazy, too.

3. The Garage Is Not Just for Cars

GarageThe garage is yet another different location to indulge in dirty business. Think about it: You both are at a friend’s party enjoying yourselves and find that you have an urge to release.

Just make a simple excuse and sneak into the garage for more fun. Everyone else will be busy in the party and will never realize that both of you have been away for twenty minutes or so. If you hear somebody coming, you can easily hide behind the car.

Garages are usually cool, so you and your woman can raise the heat by getting busy. Since there are not many comfortable positions to sit down or lie down in a garage, you can opt for standing postures to get wet. Or, if you both really want to lie down; you may prefer having sex in the backseat of your car. If your garage door is closed, you may leave the car door open and enjoy your hot moments.

4. What About the Staircase?

stairsHaving sex on the stairs is interesting and fun. Stairs are the best way to have sex, since the man can easily rub the G spot of the woman during intercourse. It always provides deeper penetration.

Make your woman sit on the stair and then spread her legs. You can allow her to lean back on the stair to get support.

If she wants to feel comfortable, let her use a pillow. However, it is important to be careful, since exerting too much pressure can cause hurt to you or your partner.

5. Let Your Canoe Get Shaking

The excitement of having sex in the middle of water is one that you should not miss. You both are on your own. There’s nobody for miles to be seen, which makes the entire ambience so hot. When trying to indulge in sex on a boat, you will just need an exciting partner, a lot of creativity, a blanket, and of course, a boat.

There are many different options for acquiring a boat. You could rent a small boat or even purchase your own at an affordable price. Since the boat is not very steady, you will find yourself cuddling very close to your partner.

Sex on a boat doubles the sexual enjoyment because it adds the motion of the ocean, too.

When having sex on a boat, close your eyes and feel the waves. Each wave will enhance your sensuous motion and make the experience more interesting.

When you desire to have sex on a boat, you should know how to do it safely. It is also important to note that sex on boat is not for people who are afraid of water and become easily nauseated. It’s good to attempt various locations while experimenting; however, ensure to take your safety into consideration.

You may not like the idea of having your life jackets on while making love, but safety must be your primary concern. Try bringing the boat a bit closer to the shallow part of the water, or, do foreplay in the boat, then move it indoors to close the deal.

6. Singing – And Moaning In The Rain

Have you ever thought of having sex during a rainstorm? If not, let us tell you that it is the most exciting and awesome form of outdoor sex. Rain can put you in the most romantic mood ever.

rainingMake your partner wet while it’s raining – Isn’t it hot? If you prefer, then you can go to your roof while it is raining.

This type of sex makes things a bit exciting as you are outside, probably where anyone can catch you. This experience will make you feel like teenagers trying to spend some exciting and sensuous moments.

Although having sex in the rain is sexy, there are things that you should do to be safe. Don’t try this during a thunderstorm. Go for rain sex when it’s warm, too. Also, your whole experiment may end up in disaster if you are on top of your woman, because raindrops may get in her eyes. So, indulge in sexual postures where you are both sitting. Also, women should use waterproof cosmetics if they don’t their makeup to get ruined.

7. Cooking Up Spicier Sex

Experiencing sensuous moments in the kitchen can make sex really spicy and hot as you have many ingredients in the kitchen that you can make use of while having sex.

honeyHoney, chocolate sauce and strawberries can make your sexual night more exciting. If you want to play with ice cubes, then you don’t have to think twice before grabbing them.

The best is that you can try any type of sexual position on the countertop or the kitchen floor.

You can either plan sex in the kitchen beforehand, or you can just surprise your woman by being naughty while she is busy cleaning up. Sneak into the kitchen slowly and hug her from behind. Kiss her neck and play with her hair.

Your gradually coming close to her and wrapping her in your arms will probably excite her instantly. You can continue holding her in your arms and place her on the kitchen counter and start playing with her breasts and lips. She will certainly love your caressing and stroking.

Applying your favorite sauces on each other and then licking each other will definitely make things hotter. However to enjoy the most of the situation, just forget about the mess you are creating in the kitchen. After the act is done, wash each other – you will definitely love it. We are sure your women will remember these moments every time she is alone in the kitchen.

8. Have Fun In Your Backyard

Another way to experience exciting moments with your partner is to spend sexual moments in your backyard. But, unless your home is in a very isolated location, chances are that your neighbors may also witness the fun.

So, if you really want to have sex in your backyard, pitch a tent and wait until your kids are asleep. Indulging in sex in the middle of night when the fresh air is blowing is no less than a wild adventure.

male enhancement supplements You can make love wherever you are comfortable and relaxed. It’s great to experience something unique every time you are spending special moments with your partner.

Guys may also consider using male enhancement supplements from buyextenze.com to blow up their sex-capabilities and surprise their partner in amazement.

Although out of the box locations are certainly great to put both of you on fire, you should ensure that you are not hurt, caught or embarrassed. There are various incidents where couples had to face drastic results for being just a little too adventurous. So, be careful.