10 Slanted Notions We Have About Sex

The topic of sex comes with many mysteries, taboos and preconceived notions. Many cower at the very thought of talking about sex, and it’s this fear that drives these misconceptions. Well, we are here to squash some of these preconceived notions that we all have about sex by dispelling the top ten slanted sex taboos and notions.

If you’ve ever wondered if men really think about that pimple on your face, or if women think you’re weird because you masturbate, then you’ve come to the right place to have these answers finally resolved.Read below to know about 10 completely skewed notions we have about sex. They may surprise you.

 1. Men Can’t Control Their Penises.

partnerIf you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where your partner could not become anatomically excited, then chances are you took it personally.

I mean, who wouldn’t? Here you are trying to have a sexy encounter with your lover, and he can’t even be attracted to you anymore?

So, you scour the Internet to try and find the answer as to why your man can’t get an erection anymore, and you stumble upon this common answer: It’s all in his head. And it’s true. Often times, the inability to achieve erection is psychological. Perhaps your partner is experiencing a bout with depression or anxiety.

Stress and tiredness have been linked to the inability to achieve an erection, so the best thing to do next time you find yourself in this situation is to calmly and patiently assure your partner that you’ll wait and not judge.

Chances are that if your partner is comfortable, they will relax and stop thinking so much, and then they will be able to provide you with everything you’re looking for. And hey, if not there’s always tomorrow – or medical science. If it continues or increases, doctors are there to diagnose and treat the problem. Be proactive.

2. Pleasing Yourself Is Gross.

embarrassmentMasturbation seems to have this little cloud of negative connotation following it around, right? We hear that someone masturbated and the first response is something along the lines of, “Ewwww.”

Admittedly, the person doing the masturbating has no problem with it during the act, but this sense of shame or embarrassment lingers in the air afterwards.

Of course there is a time and place for masturbation, I mean public indecency is a thing that lands people in jail. But, there is nothing to be ashamed of, so long as the act is in the privacy of your own home.

Masturbation actually has positive side effects when done sparingly. Men can experience more stamina during sex if they masturbate. Women can learn more about what really helps them achieve an orgasm, if they try and find out for themselves. So what’s to lose? Absolutely nothing. There is a stigma attached to masturbation and there definitely shouldn’t be.

 3. Sex During Her Period Is Disgusting.

womanWomen often feel embarrassed to explain to their partner that it is “that time of the month.” Menses is seen as “dirty,” as well, after all, blood is everywhere – need we say more?

Women should not be embarrassed by their periods; instead, they should embrace that menses actually is a great time to have sex.

That’s right, during the week of her period, some woman are extremely horny. So, take advantage of that. Period blood is often associated with any kind of blood, and therefore pain and suffering. However, menses blood isn’t dirty at all and it actually can act as a lubricant if you, you know, find a towel to clean up and everything.

4. Blowjobs Are Revolting.

So, the counterpart to the “periods are gross” taboo is the thought that blowjobs are disgusting.

Many women feel as though it is simply repulsive that men ejaculate and pee from the same area. Therefore, they of course want this body part no where near their mouths.

Here’s the deal: Did you know that there’s a part of the male genitalia, called the Cowper’s gland, which actually cleans the urethra, so you don’t have to encounter any pee? Well, if you are really against giving your man oral sex, then you are just going to have to find another excuse other than this one.

5. All sexual Relationships Are Created Equal.

We as humans naturally compare ourselves to others. Maybe we are nosy, insecure or competitive, but regardless of the reason, we are constantly seeking comparison.

coupleThe bedroom is no exception. Couples find themselves talking about their sex lives, asking questions like, “Well, how often do you do it?” and “Is it always really brief?”.

But the truth is that we as humans also naturally lie.That’s right, we lie. Shocking? We didn’t think so.Chances are that the “normal” couple you are comparing yourselves to is lying about how often or how they have sex.

Many people like to say that two to three times a week is the average, but truthfully, who can be certain with these lies running rampant through the rumor mill? Never compare your sex life to anyone else’s; cherish it for its individuality, and improve on any areas that you and your partner see fit.

 6. Everyone Has The Same Sexual Desires.


As much as we like to think that our soul mate is interested in the same things as ourselves, sexually speaking, in everything that we are, there is little to no truth to this statement.

Especially in a longer relationship, you will find that you and your partner have different needs and desires. You may not want to have sex but he does, or maybe you want to cuddle sensually and he doesn’t.

Men are naturally more excited by visuals, whereas women are proven to be excited by feeling secure in their appearance. Why not combine the two? Ladies, give your man a striptease; men, compliment your lady. There, problem solved.

 7. Either You Are Good In Bed Or You Aren’t.

The idea that someone is either “good” or “bad” in the sack exists. Your girlfriend may gush about their previous night with a guy who was great in bed, but this all can be chalked up to experience. The thought of being labeled as a sex deviant or dud is simply untrue – sex takes practice and maturity.

bedroomDo you remember your first time? Would you want someone to label you based on that single unexperienced encounter? Chances are many of us wouldn’t like that very much, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Sex should be appreciated as, well, really an art form, if you will. You practice and finesse your abilities, and you will find that you mature along the way.

Just like someone goes to the gym to build up stamina and physique, you should consider your sexcapades as practice that are only helping you gain confidence and ability in the bedroom.

8. Night Time Is The Right Time.


Photo by Sherri Christian / CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you ever had the urge to have sex with your partner, only to be told, “Let’s just wait until later”? Well, either they areblowing you off, or your partner believes in the preconceived notion that sex belongs only to the night. To keep things light, let’s opt for the latter here.

Many cultures believe that night time indicates intimacy and privacy for a couple, but is there really anything wrong with a little afternoon delight?

No. In fact, mixing up the timing of your sexual encounters may spice things up for you and your partner. Stop watching the clock, and get your groove on this afternoon – or even tomorrow morning.

9. Anal Sex Is Only For Women.

Naturally, anal sex in and of itself is still the butt of many taboo related topics – see what we did there? But, why is it that when we think about anal sex, we always imagine the female receiving it?

It seems quite bizarre and backwards to imagine the female initiating anal sex with her male counterpart as the recipient, but there is actually more positive effects of this than you may think. The male G spot, coincidentally, is located just inside the anus. So, really there’s only one way to access it.

researchSome men may never admit to wanting this area to be explored, because they feel it will detract from their masculinity or sexuality, but in actuality it would be to everyone’s benefit.

Research proves that G spot stimulation can lead to the ultimate orgasm, so why be bashful of this part of your body?

10. Homosexuality Is A Choice.

Most people who oppose homosexuality argue that it is a choice, and therefore anyone choosing that path is morally incorrect – but science has proven otherwise. Although some homosexual people claim that they did make a conscious choice, others have proven to be influenced by genetics.

While there are still no definitive answers, scientists feel that homosexuality, at least in males, can sometimes be attributed to fraternal birth order. The studies continue, so it won’t be long before even more myths on homosexuality emerge in the future.

doctorAnother slanted notion we have about sex is that consulting the aid of any kind of product or supplement is a no-no.

But the truth is that natural enhancements, such as those from BuyExtenze.store, can only help enhance your sexual experiences -and naturally, at that.

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to help boost your sex drive, then we highly recommend talking to your doctor regarding some of today’s natural supplements.

10 Sexy Drinking Games That Will Help You Get Lucky

Parties are fun for all, but if you’re looking to heat things up then you’ve got to get resourceful. It’s important to note that while drinking can be fun and help us all loosen up and rid ourselves of any inhibitions, there is a fine line between fun-loving tipsy and an overabundance of alcohol.


Please note that excessive alcohol use can lead to alcohol poisoning and dire consequences, so while we highly encourage you to give these sexy drinking games a go, we also want you to be careful in the process. Besides, if you’re too drunk, then you won’t remember your sexy encounter – and what’s the fun in that?Here is a list of ten sexy drinking games that is sure to help you get lucky.

 1. Group Sex: Never Have I Ever

game involves a group

Photo by Nambassa Trust and Peter Terry / CC BY 2.5

This drinking game involves a group of people, approximately 5 to 10 adults, sitting in a circle.

One person starts by saying something they have never done, for example, “Never have I ever dated a guy with tattoos”.

Anyone who has ever done this deed must have a drink. Then, the next person in the circle continues with something they have never done. Gameplay can continue for as long as your group can stand it, and the things you have never done can range from school girl prudish, all the way to xxx things you’d like to know about the other players, such as whether or not they’ve had a three-way or enjoyed some same sex antics.

Not only will you learn quite a bit about your party animal pals, but the naughtiest of the bunch will be drinking the most – now, we wonder who reaps the sexy benefits of that, hmmmm?

2. Swinging Sex: Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle

Photo by Kevin Qiu / CC BY 2.0

Ah, the age-old classic game of spin the bottle. In case you never played this game in the basement of your best friend’s house around freshmen year of high school.

Then here’s how you play: simply get a bottle and have a large group of people, approximately six or more, sit in a circle alternating by sex.

The first player starts by spinning the bottle, and they must kiss the person whom the bottle is pointing towards. There are various rules that you can create before the start of the game-for example, if players do not want to kiss other players of the same sex, then it can be the person to the right of them. Or, if you want the action to be a little naughtier than just kissing, then go for it.

3. A Pinch Of Sizzling Spices: At The Movies

We all know those movies that have the most horrible clichés, right? The stereotypical blonde girl dies first in the horror film, valley-girl can’t like, stop saying “like,” like every second.

porn flickSo, why not capitalize on these predictable moments in a movie and make a fun drinking game out of it?You can cater this game to your liking however you please, but the basic instructions are as follows:

pick a show to watch, any television show, movie or even a porn flick, and decide a term, phrase, or action that you feel will be seen quite a bit in the movie.

Then, whenever that term, phrase, or action is noticed in the film, everyone must take a sip.An example of this could be watching a movie like The Bachelor and then requiring everyone to take a shot whenever anyone cries.

Or, for a sexier version of this drinking game, you could watch a porn flick and whenever you see male genitalia, you could take a shot. Remember that you can completely arrange this game to your liking, so have some spicy, sexy fun with it.

4.Tantalizing And Titillating: Truth Or Dare

 group of people

Photo by Richard foster / CC BY-SA 2.0

One player starts by choosing another player and asking them whether they would like to tell a bit of truth or have a chance at a dare.

If the second player chooses to tell a bit of truth, then the first player asks them a question that they must answer honestly.

If, however, the second player chooses a chance at a dare, the first player can have the second player perform any task they wish.

See how this could get a little risqué? Of course, if you’re looking for a sexy drinking game, this one can be upped a notch by having sexy truth and dares, like “I dare you to kiss him there,” or “ I dare you to try a threesome? Although any player can choose to pass on the dare, truly there are no holds barred in this sexy drinking game.

Do note that you have to set limits to how far a dare can go. You don’t want to do anything friendship-ending, life-threatening or even illegal. If someone really doesn’t want to do a dare, everyone in the game can choose a different dare of their own. The player can then pick from one of the new dares. Players need to pick carefully when deciding to go to an alternate dares, though, because it could be far worse.

 5.Truth Or Dare Without The Truth Part

Truth or Dare

Photo by Kimvermeulen / CC BY-SA 3.0

Okay, we’ll be the ones to say it – no one likes whenever anyone chooses the “truth” option anyway, right? No fun.

We want crazy, sexy dares and if that’s what you’re looking for, then why not simply put a bunch of dares in a hat?

This game allows anonymity to the dares, which may be preferable, and there is no unfairly singling out, as opposed to the aforementioned Truth or Dare game.

In order to play, everyone should write down one or two dares on a slip of paper. Feel free to make them as naughty as you’d like. Then, one by one everyone will have to select a dare to perform in front of the group. Let your imagination run wild with this one, but do give players the option to pass or choose an alternative dare within their comfort zone.

6. The Ultimate Sexy Drinking Game: Strip Poker

Strip PokerThis game will more than likely be preferable if you’re a group that enjoys card games.

If poker isn’t’ exactly your thing, then you can play any card, as long as there is something that you occasionally lose in the game, like how you lose chips in poker.

The “strip” aspect of this game comes in when you lose your chips, so, for example, I go all in on my “Four of a Kind,” thinking no one can beat me, but don’t you know if the guy across the table has a “Royal Flush,” so off go my clothes. You can also choose to remove just one article of clothing with each card, point or chip loss. Have fun being creative.

7. Hands Free Fun: Suck and Blow


Photo by Sergio Fabara Muñoz / CC BY-SA 2.0

Don’t worry; this one sounds much sexier than it actually is. Well, unless you’d like to take it there, but hey, that’s your business – moving on.

In order to play this game, the group should form a circle alternating by sex. One player starts with a card being held flat to their lips.

In order to keep the card flat to the lips, this player must suck in air. Now, this player must pass the card to the person on their right, and of course this is where the blowing comes in.

Player one will have to lightly blow on the card, while player two now sucks air in. If any pairing fails to keep the card between their mouths without using their hands, then they must take a sip or a shot.

8. Touchy Feely Flirtation: Blindfolded Body Parts

This game has the potential to get very sexy,very quickly. Any amount of people can play, so long as there are more than four people.

One person starts by being blindfolded and sitting in a chair. The players of the opposite sex now line up in front of the blindfolded player.

Each lined up player must present a body part to the blindfolded player, and if the blindfolded player guesses the person correctly based off of their body part, then they are spared a shot.

If they fail to guess the person simply by their anatomy, then they have to drink up. Some variations of this game includehaving the blindfolded player recognize their partner out of a slew of various same body parts, or having the players who are not lined up get to pick the body parts chosen. Of course, some body parts can be sexier than others so have fun with it.

9. Third Time’s The Charm: Flip, Sip, Or Strip

flipping the coin

All you need to play this game is a group of people and a coin. Well, and alcohol, of course. One player plays at a time by flipping the coin and calling heads or tails in the air. If the player calls correctly, then nothing happens and the coin is passed to another player.

If the player answers incorrectly the first time, then they must take a drink. If the player answers incorrectly a second time in a row, then they must lose an article of clothing.

If, luckily, someone guesses correctly three times in a row then they can take someone’s article of clothing. Here’s hoping you’re the lucky one.

10. Strip Quarters

The game “quarters” has been around for ages. Maybe because all you really need are a few quarters, some glasses, and people to play with.  The game works best with approximately five to eight people, and you must be sitting at a table to play. Everyone has a drink, and an extra drink is placed at the center of the table.

One by one, each player must bounce a quarter into the drink of the table. If they miraculously make the quarter into the drink, then they may designate a victim to drink the entire drink. If they do not make it, then someone else takes a turn.

Variations can include having to strip a piece of, or all of your clothing in addition to drinking, having multiple people go at once, or giving players the opportunity to bounce a quarter into someone’s personal drink. You can also make this much safer for all by having losers take a sip instead of a whole drink.

sexy drinking gamesSo, you are now the master of a variety of sexy drinking games that you can initiate the next time you are out with friends. Since you’re almost guaranteed to get lucky, what happens now?

If you want to ensure you are the life of the sexy afterparty, then we recommend you limit your alcohol and live a healthy lifestyle.

Get plenty of rest, exercise and healthy foods. You can also try a natural male enhancement product like those available at Buyextenze.com, which offers different male enhancement products that are sure to make you popular with the ladies at any party you go to.

8 Ways to Make Your Shy Sex Partner Go Crazy

Do you find yourself asking the following questions: Why does she take so much time to get turned on? How can I make her feel more relaxed? How can I make her feel more confident in bed? Most guys who want to have more hot and passionate moments with their lovely ladies are often looking for answers to such questions.

sharing sexual jiffiesGenerally, sex is something that doesn’t always come naturally to women. Some women are inherently shy when it comes to sharing sexual jiffies with their partner.

They try to inhibit their feelings and play the sophisticated gals in bed when their guys want to explore their wildest sides.

Some bad boys are experts in bringing out the sexual and adventurous side of any woman with ease. But guys who are in a long-term relationship with a shy woman, or those dating a very classy woman who always halts a wild sexual movement with their partner probably wonder how can I get her to let loose?

Well, don’t feel guilty if you are unable to bring out the rough and sexy side in her. There’s no need to turn yourself into a vicious and perverse guy who is only seeking wildness from his girl in bed. But, you should know, there are some effectively passionate ways that can stimulate an intense sexual reaction within your woman.

1. Set Music For A Sexy Mood.

Before you become intimate with her sexually, get her into a pleasant and cheerful mood. You should do this well before you enter the bedroom, since shy girls tend to take a long time to get into a sexual mood.

relaxing musicYou can also plan a night out with your friends and their partners at a spot where you can freely get into the mood by dancing to relaxing music while enjoying your drinks.

Dancing is a great way to feel light, sexy, free and happy. The beats of some sensual music will let your girl shed her guard and excite her to get daring with you.

While you reach home with your partner, ensure to keep that party ambience going with her by playing music or talking dirty, and you will be surprised to see her new sexual attitude in bed.

 2. Sizzle Up Some Hot Sex.

 What, your partner is not a party animal? Well, relax, because most reserved women hate losing themselves amidst the loud music, lots of people and liquor. If you are stuck with such a girl, you can try other, more comfortable means of seduction. What about preparing a sumptuous meal for her? Most women really get hot while watching their man cooking.

glass of winePrepare and serve her a meal of her choice and also offer her a glass of wine. As the evening advances, you will find your girl getting more relaxed and cozy with you.

It’s at this point that your woman will desire to get sexually intimate with you. Hold her gently and plant kisses on her cheek and neck. You will see her melting in your arms. Now, it’s time to carry her in bed and enjoy some intimate, loving moments with her.

So, you can’t cook? Most guys who can’t cook must be waiting for an alternative to this tip. If you are afraid of getting an opposite reaction from your girl after eating your horrible meal, you can take her out for dinner at her favorite eating place. Plan a beautiful dinner date with her.

Gift her some perfume, a sexy outfit or piece of jewelry that she can wear when she accompanies you to dinner. Girls tend to feel sexier and beautiful when they wear something nice. There is no need to force her to wear something she is not comfortable with. Just a sexy, lacy dress or gold necklace will do. She will feel sexy, and you will feel satisfied, for sure.

 3.  Touch Her There With Tattoos

tattoosWhat about playing some games that will allow you to touch her body in a sensuous way?

To lighten things up and make her comfortable, get a few body paints, artistic crayons or rub on tattoos that you can use on her body.

Offer to make or place a tattoo on her navel, back or neck. Just like birds preen before mating, this is a primal act that will drive her wild. If you see things going in the right direction, you can also ask her for a tattoo, too.

The benefit of this game is that she will shed some clothes and you will get to touch her body on your favorite parts of her. It is a beautiful activity that allows her to drop her shyness and get cozy in bed.

 4. From Shower To Sex – Yesssss.

If you think sketching a tattoo is not something you are good at, try joining her in the shower. Gently knock on the bathroom door while she is taking her clothes off and offer to lather her body.

showerAt first, she may be a bit hesitant to grant your wish. Once you get a yes,walk in slowly and begin to lather her lovely curves. While you are moving your hands on her curves, she will definitely feel your sensuous touch.

The relaxing warm water and steam provides the perfect setting for hot sex. Once the shower is over, massage her body with her favorite lotion.

You can see her relax and moaning while you are touching every nook and corner of her body by moving your hands into sensual caress. Believe me; you will see her asking for more after so much pampering.

 5.Watch, Play And Get Laid.

One of the most common and easiest ways to pull out her sexuality is by watching porn together or reading a stimulating erotic story. If she is not inclined towards watching much porn, prepare to watch only one or two intense ones.

Ensure they are not too lengthy. If watching porn is a big “no” for her, nothing comes handier than flipping through the pages of a sexy magazine. Also, you can find stimulating fiction all over the Internet.

Playing sexual gamesPlaying sexual games is another effective way to help your shy girl get started before getting intimate in bed. You can buy games of this kind from novelty and adult stores, either locally, or on the Internet.

Such games are created solely for adults to add some zeal to their love making sessions. These games will also provide you both with novel ideas to make things hotter in bedroom. It’s your move.

 6.Dim The Lights For Her.

Some women don’t like the idea of being exposed in the light while making love with their partners. We believe girls prefer dim lights because they are self-conscious of their body flaws, such as a big tummy, stretch marksor small breasts.

woman is embarrassed

Photo by Michael / CC BY 2.0

If you think your woman is embarrassed by her appearance, don’t force her to have sex in the light. If dimming the lights and going under the covers makes her more comfortable, accept it.

Your main purpose is to make her relax and calm in your company. Once she will reach her desired level of relaxation, she will no longer need the cover and dim lights.

 7.Make Her Feel Like Your One And Only Sex Goddess.

 You may not know, but a woman who is confident with her looks is also great in bed. So, praise your woman with sincerity. Maybe a lack of self-confidence is stopping her from enjoying passionate moments with you. Do let her know again and again that you find her sexy and gorgeous. Give her reasons why your find her irresistible and stunning.

You can say anything to make her beautiful, but dare not compare her against any woman, let alone her best friend. If you know about her insecurities, avoid picking that topic. Don’t talk about how hot you find that Hollywood actress – or her boss.

lipsDon’t do this, or else you will find yourself spending many lonely nights on the sofa.If she is not happy with her buttocks, you should not point her imperfections by advising that she should start going to the gym.

Just tell her that you love everything about her, and point out her best features, whether they are her eyes, lips or hips.

It is normal for any girl to want hear good things from her lover about her appearance. This will undoubtedly boost her confidence and she will feel better about letting loose in bed with you. When she is least bothered about her body, chances are she will be able to focus and reach orgasm easily and get you turned on, as well.

 8.  Take Her The Way She Wants It.

 Women tend to get aroused sexually when they are mentally and physically relaxed. In simple words, if you are not at ease about your body and are insecure about your ability to make love to your woman, then she will feel the same way, too. Your sluggish body language will consequently make her lethargic and squash her own sexual longings.

She may even be ashamed of her own sexual yearnings and will just wait for sexual intimacy to be over with. If you are confident in bed and know how to create a sizzling hot chemistry with your girl, she will respond accordingly. She will be more comfortable and this will help her reveal her own sexual side.

partnerThe suppressed sexual fantasies she has in her mind will suddenly get aroused. Talk to her and find out what she likes – and what she doesn’t. You will both reap the rewards.

Usually all women want to have a satisfying sexual life with their partner. But, if her shyness is becoming an obstacle in your sex life, apply these ways to set free her introversion and to pull her sexual side up. More often, lack of sexual desires originate from inhibited fear and self-consciousness.

Make your woman believe that she is sexually beautiful and your dream girl. Explore her more and share your sexual fantasies as well, and your sexual life will definitely take off.

If you are insecure in bed because of your poor sexual stamina and small penis size, consider making some healthy lifestyle changes. You can also try taking some natural male enhancement supplements, like those from Buyextenze.store. The herbal blend of unique ingredients makes this supplement safe, effective and potent to use.

8 Sex Problems That Will Poison Your Love Life

Sex is important in a relationship. It strengthens the bond between partners, deepens their trust, helps them enjoy the blissful rewards of being human, and it also leads to offspring. Crossing out sex from your life would mean trouble mentally, emotionally and physically.

There are some sex problems that could lead to the pure destruction of your love life. Here are the following conditions that you need to avoid or at least, be aware of to keep your love life humming:

1. Sexsomnia: More Than Sleeping Around

More commonly and medically known as sexsomnia, this activity can be related to sleep walking. The difference between the two is that, instead of walking to the kitchen to drink a glass of milk while asleep, you pull down your pants and have sex with whomever person is lying down beside you.

sleepOne of its advantages is that you can get more than seven hours of sleep, but still satisfy your partner with your unique ability.

On the other side, sexsomnia can be considered a problem as it has a very strong potential to ruin your love life, as well as your whole life. Apart from being completely unaware of the sex that you did while sleeping, you get not power to choose your sexual partner.

With this condition, you might end up having sex with your best buddy. Your homosexual best friend might forgive you because he liked it too, but what if you slept in a party beside someone that you do not know? The accusation will always be rape.

 2. Hypersexuality: Horniness To The Max

Others describe hypersexuality as being a nympho. With this condition, libido cranks up over 9,000 and stays there for life. Guys have fantasized dating a nympho, but what they did not know is that, having a nymphomaniac girlfriend signals a bigger problem.

horny young menThe advantage to horny young men would be, of course having a hardcore sex with a girl who they think has the hots for them.

Unfortunately, this is only compulsions working, as a nymphomaniac would want to have hardcore sex to random men whenever they feel like it.

If you have a nympho wife, you might end up rushing home from work after getting a call that she is itching to rape the young high school boy across the street.

 3.Erectile Dysfunction: Heartbreak City

Impotence wherein you don’t get an erection to have sex can definitely ruin your relationship. Since sex is one of the important tools to keep your relationship intact, erectile dysfunction would be one of the biggest hindrances, unless you have found ways to compensate while treating the condition.

heart diseaseFor you to have an erection, you need a continuous flow of blood in the penile area. If you have problems with that, it lodges a sign of heart disease and diabetes.

To overcome this condition, you must seek first for the underlying cause. Some of those are extremely high cholesterol, smoking, drugs, obesity, stress and psychosocial problems. You may undergo different kinds of treatment depending on the root cause.

 4. Peyronie’s Disease: Making a Painful Point

Peyronie’s disease is more than having a curved penis. If the condition is severe enough, it would prevent you from enjoying, or even engaging to sex because of the pain. The penis will look deformed and of course, you and your partner can’t have sex for as long as the condition exists. The pain may exist for two years or more, but the curvature remains. Surgery is the most effective way to deal with Peyronie’s disease.

 5. Premature Ejaculation: Slow Down, Pal

Premature ejaculation is under the wing of another sex problem, which is ejaculatory dysfunction. Due to intense excitement and loss of control, a man may reach orgasm within two to three minutes of sexual stimulation. This is common to men below the age of forty.

partnersThis condition results in unsatisfied female partners. Since it takes a longer time of stimulation for women to attain pleasure and orgasm, it would be frustrating to see their partner coming very soon.

If women can go for hours after consecutive orgasms, men can only have one and they need some time to rest before they can head on for another round of sexual intercourse.

Different treatments can be served to men who have this kind of sex problem. Antidepressants and topical anesthetics are some of options that men with premature ejaculation problems can go for with the help of their doctors.

 6. Monster Cock: Too Much of a Good Thing

Having an attention-seeker wiener is a huge problem. Not only is that it very hard to hide your big thing in the eyes of many, but it also a huge threat for acquiring erectile dysfunction in the future. This condition is called Priapism. No matter if you just reached orgasm, it won’t be enough to bring your soldier down.

invasive surgeryFor cases of having rock-hard and erected penis in a long time period, it is recommended by doctors for patients undergo an invasive surgery.

This would be very painful and that is why it is better not to wish for something that is too much of a good thing.

7. Loss of Libido: Lovemaking Blues

Lack of libido can be experienced by both men and women. However, women are more prone to suffer from this condition. Due to a variety of reasons, your sexual appetite may decline and your ability to reach orgasm would be near impossible.

This could ruin your whole sex life or relationship if you won’t give an appropriate kind of action. Aging, hormonal problems, the menopausal stage and psychosocial problems are some of the reasons for losing your sexual drive. Knowing what exactly causes the problem with your libido will help you figure out the right fix. Consult a doctor for help and advice regarding this matter.

8. Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome: Orgasms Anytime, Anyplace

Permanent sexual arousal syndrome may leave a positive first impression. It may be nice for forever alone people who have the sexual fantasies of having sex or orgasm while in a public or a crowded place.

But for people who have this condition to the extremity, it is safe to assume that they are pretty tired of it. This particular syndrome literally turns you on all the time. You don’t need stimulation as orgasm occurs whenever orgasm wanted to. You just saw your crush? Orgasm.

consult an expertHeard the school bells ring? Orgasm. The toilet smells awful? Oh no, the orgasm’s going to come.

Wherever you go, whether you want it or not, for as long as you have PSA, you have no escape from an unwelcomed orgasm. Someone who has PSA must consult an expert for appropriate treatment.

Now that you are aware of the potential home wreckers, it will be easier for you to come up with possible solutions. These sex problems should be taken and dealt with seriously, as leaving them rampant could lead to something that is even more dangerous and destructive to your life.

8 Hot Commercials for Completely Unsexy Stuff

In order to give the sales chart an erection, why not incorporate sex to your marketing campaigns? Sounds like a good idea? It really does as the below brands made use of sex in their ads and they became a whole lot more famous.

 1. Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr.

Photo by BrokenSphere / CC BY-SA 3.0

Paris Hilton did a great job of taking a bite on this huge meat treat. But before you realize that the commercial is about a burger, you may get the impression that Paris is endorsing a brand new car, a car wash service or a car insurance company.

Apart from the controversial reality show star, Carl’s Jr. has used other hot and expensive chicks.

Such as “Top Chef” host, Padma Lakshmi, sex scandal star Kim Kardashian, swim wear model Nina Agdal and “The Hills” star, Audrina Patridge to promote their fattening burgers.

 2. Linder Coffins

Poland’s leading manufacturer of coffins has changed the way people look and talk about caskets. With their erotic commercial about the last bed that you will ever sleep in, you will definitely forget about the creeps and feel a dose of excitement instead.


Photo by Vmenkov / CC BY-SA 3.0

The short commercial will make you beg for more slide shows of coffins, but only with an almost naked, busty, sexy and pouting female model lying in the casket or standing beside it.

Apart from the TV commercial, Linder is also famous for distributing the most erotic and nose-bleeding Polish calendars. They made use of topless female models posing on the caskets.

If you ever wondered about why they are doing this for a completely unsexy stuff, their answer is somehow convincing.

According to Linder Coffins, when people die, they come back to nature and their ads express the perfect harmony between their coffins and natural wood, green fields, deep blue sea, red flowers and beauty of the female body.

 3. Go Daddy

Go Daddy is a famous web hosting company and they are popular for their baffling Super Bowl ads. Some of those included a female cop and a busty chick almost getting undressed while testifying in front of the U.S. Congress.

Another disturbing commercial they aired has a “Smart Meets Sexy” theme wherein a superhot model messily makes out with the geek.

This may provoke the worst nightmares to many, but it gives a spark of hope for forever alone homies. With that, is Go Daddy encouraging many people to host porn on their servers?

4. Parrots Fertilizer


Photo by Sten / CC BY-SA 3.0

This commercial from a Thai company may be wise, but may not be safe for work at the same time. Despite the NSFW borderline, comparing the arousal with land’s fertility can be very effective.

The video begins with a peasant who was busy working in his fields. When he looked around, he saw women dancing for him. They continued to dance until one of the farm crops had an erection.

The dancers disappeared and turned into a sack of land enhancer in a snap. But since fertilizers are literal poop, does it emphasize that the land has some sort of coprophilia?

 5. Sheba Cat Food

Eva Longoria

Photo by Web Summit / CC BY 2.0

 The smokin’ hot Eva Longoria was paid to dance with her pussy. In this “Follow Your Passion” TV commercial, the Desperate Housewives actress sexed up the unsexy cans of cat food.

She seductively danced and stripped upon arriving home. She continued to dance in the tune of a very enticing music before feeding her cat.

She then spoke the words, “My passion. My cat. My choice.” The video ended with Eva chugging milk from the bottle. Hot stuff.

 6. Beats Pill Speakers

The commercial of Beats Pill Speakers may give you an idea that this phallic speaker can be used as a vibrator. That is what you get from comparing your iPod speakers to the male wiener. With tons of girls holding a penis-shaped speaker that looked like a sex toy, the whole video is really sexy. The only downside of this pill is that it could lead some girls to incorrect usage of the product.

7. Perrier

PerrierSparkling water can be very sexy. It depends on whose bosom you are going to splash it on. This commercial of Perrier started off with a pair of dice being rolled.

When both showed the name of the brand, the sexy Dita von Teese started to strip showing off her lingerie.

She then grabbed the bottle of water and poured it over her heaving bosom. This will make you thirsty for more.

8. Liquid-Plumr

Say R-rrrrr to the sexy boys of Liquid-Plumr. They are here to completely fire up the day of a bored housewife. Imagine opening the door for a handsome young stud who will say, “I’m here to flush your pipes.” I bet that is enough to burst someone’s ovaries.

If you enjoyed one of their hot commercials about the sexual fantasies of a MILF, rejoice as this is not a one-off. There are lots of sexual ads out there about completely boring and unsexy stuff. However, it is all thanks to sex that those seemingly common, boring products are being noticed by hot and horny viewers.

Extenze Pills for Sale: What You Really Need to Know

Is your once steaming-hot sexual chemistry getting rather dull these days? You may think that you are doing everything just right to get cozy with your partner, but did you know that there are certain habits that are destroying your sex life? While it is not very difficult to fix them, identifying the culprit is what’s really important here.

Sex used to be pretty simple and straightforward, but the advancement of technology and exposure to a variety of explicit materials has made things much more complicated. To make things a bit more clear, we’ve compiled the top seven things that could be ruining your sex life. So, sit down and figure out which one of you is doing things that are coming between you and the sex life you both so deserve.

1.  Masturbation Misery.

partnerIt’s not uncommon for people to please themselves by masturbating. Guys, as well as gals are involved in masturbation to satisfy their sexual urges that arise during odd times.

Sex therapists are of the opinion that although harmless when done responsibly, it can definitely cause chaos in a relationship, especially if your partner is whacking themselves more than getting sexually close with you.

Experts believe that, in some cases, it is not the frequency of masturbation that damages the relationship, but rather the object the partner is masturbating to. This drastically disturbs the mental peace of the other partner.

Many times, when guys masturbate, they resort to dirty magazines and porn for visual stimulation. Eventually, their arousal point is set to the level that becomes horrifyingly difficult to attain with their real partner.

They try to find the ultimate satisfaction when masturbating while watching highly erotic porn clips. So, in the end it is the reel porn that wins over the real partner.Sex therapist advise men who like masturbating to avoid watching porn and rather look at dirty magazines. This will definitely help maintain their sexual expectations and they will be able to enjoy real sexual satisfaction with their lover.

2.  Erotica Is Never Enough.

men’s sexual lives

We have already discussed the dire effects that porn have on the sexual expectations of men in the masturbation section, above. Let’s explore the subject of pornography in more detail.

Recent findings on the link between excessive exposure to porn movies and men’s sexual lives have revealed that porn is making men lose their sexual urges.

It is also raising the bar by enhancing their expectations of enjoying sexually eccentric behavior in bed. Many guys have admitted losing the charm of viewing a passionate kiss on the screen. They are no longer aroused seeing a deep smooch that earlier used to make their heart race and body shiver.

Watching high-grade porn on the Internet has muted their feelings towards simple sexual acts. They end up yearning for more and more explicit and sexier material to satisfy their desires. This is a double-edged sword, because they find it harder and harder to get sexual satisfaction.
Indulging in porn is also a real time-waster. To satisfy their high sexual expectations, some guys will spend too much time looking for that special sexual clip to get them off. This is a fact: the Internet can be dangerous at times.

With so much variety available, many men can’t stop watching one erotic clip after another.  And, as they are combing the Internet, they are constantly masturbating. Well, when they eventually find their desired porn; their sexual excitement has already gone off.

Porn watchingPorn watching can be even scarier than this. Guys are no longer aroused by seeing their spouses, girlfriends, or sexual partners in bed, though they still consider them very attractive.

Yes, this is bad relationship-destroying news. But, there is good news too. Experts suggest that this action is reversible by cutting back on porn, which can definitely bring back those loving feelings towards your partner.

So, guys if you feel inadequate and unfulfilled, don’t blame your partner, blame porn. It is much more addictive than alcohol or marijuana. Although it looks like an instant, harmless fix for your sexual needs, porn can ruin your relationships – forever.

3.Say No To Booze, Hello To Sex.

 If you enjoy having sex after drinking alcohol, there is something that you may not like. Alcohol and erectile dysfunction are closely related. Experts have revealed that most fellows are affected with erectile dysfunction because of overindulgence in drinking.


While alcohol is a great medium to get over your inhibitions, its excessive consumption can disrupt the complex process of sexual stimulation in men. When your central nervous system is suppressed, the blood vessels are unable to supply the adequate amounts of blood towards the penis.

What else should you know? Over abuse of alcohol over time can cause nerve damage to the penis. This damage is often irreversible. It can make you impotent for the rest of your life.

If that’s not enough to make you push that glass away, what is?And, alcohol consumption reduces the level of testosterone and increases female hormone estradiol, which eventually steals your sexual drive. What more do you need to hear, man?

So, if you are determined to not let alcohol become a major hurdle in your sexual life, then it is best to reduce your alcohol intake. You can begin by planning romantic nights that don’t involve alcohol, but if it is quite too much for you, keep the amount you consume within a safer range. Your penis will thank you for that.

4.   Don’t Pass Me That Joint, My Friend.

People who call marijuana a sex-buster state that they experience amplified sexual desire, enjoyment of erotic touch, and a heightened feel to get closer to their partner. But, does marijuana really heightens sex life and improve sexual pleasure? Here’s the real answer.

Supporters of marijuana sell the idea that pot is an aphrodisiac. But, science has proven the total opposite. Men who are addicted to pot can experience infertility and impotence in the long run.

SmokingStudies have shown that pot smoking reduces the levels of male hormone, testosterone, by up to fifty percent.

Because testosterone is one of the major hormones for increasing sex drive in men, they experience loss of libido by misusing this wacky weed.

Moreover, many studies have found a connection between marijuana consumption and testicular cancer in men. And, how one can forget to mention that marijuana is bad for your breath. Well, in our opinion, marijuana is certainly not sexy.

5. Too Much Around Your Middle, Man.

 Abdominal fat is not just an obstacle for looking slim and active; it is also linked to numerous other health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and low libido. That’s right, feeling fat is not only harmful for your health, but also destructive for your sex life.

Fat can severely damage your blood vessels and clogged arteries, which can reduce blood flow to your heart and to other organs, such as genitals. Without the proper circulation of blood towards the genitals, men may experience difficulties in attaining full erection needed for fulfilling sexual intercourse.

The hormone that keeps sexual urges intact in men is a male hormone called testosterone. With aging, the levels of testosterone fall, and so does sexual libido in men. But, it is not just growing old that decreases the amount of testosterone; excessive fat deposit is also the culprit.

It is a vicious cycle: Abdominal fat works to decrease the secretion of testosterone and in turn, this lower amount of testosterone levels produce even more abdominal fat. The key is to reverse the cycle by losing abdominal fat, which increases testosterone and gets you back on sexual track.

Abdominal fat

Photo by Paravis / CC BY-SA 3.0

Abdominal fat deposit decreases the male hormone, testosterone, as well as increases the female hormone, estradiol, in men. This increased amount of female hormones makes men feel less masculine, which, in turn drastically reduces their sexual drive.

Experts advise men with excessive abdominal fat to modify their eating and drinking patterns. In simpler words, cut back on sugar consumption, as well as refined carbohydrates and processed foods. Include a rainbow of vegetables and fruits, along with protein will help to keep your weight in check.

Drink plenty of water, reduceyour consumption of liquor and exercise daily, are a few other important tips to follow for attaining a flatter belly and enhanced sexual life. And guess what – your overall health and life expectancy will improve, too. It’s a win-win.

 6. Text Dirty To Me.

It’s pretty easy to send an elicit text message, or “sext,” these days. With the introduction of smart phones, you can text a long message within a few seconds that could have taken ages to type a few years back. On top of that, most smartphones have voice texting now, which brings “dirty talk,” to a whole new level. Sexting is one of the major means of communication of sexting these days. But, the appalling revelation is that regular sexting can destroy your actual sex life. Wondering how? The answer will surprise you.


First, it is easy to boast of your sexual stamina while texting. But, in reality,busy men are unable to deliver what they have sexted when they get into bed.

It might seem pretty sexy to send hot and steaming messages to your woman to tell her how you can rock her world tonight, but after a hectic day, you could end up planting a kiss on her cheek and then going to sleep.

This would have been absolutely fine if you had not promised sexier things earlier. Now, your lady is lying in bed wondering what she did to turn you off. This will create “the great divide” in any relationship, so if you say you’re going to make her night, you’d better follow through.

Sexting is great for a couple who is in a long-distance relationship, but if you see your partner daily it can ruin your connection as a couple. Sexting can, in fact, create a fabricated sense of intimacy and takes away that personal touch of making someone feel erotic. Anyone can type sex, whether they mean those words or not, but actions always speak louder than words.

It’s not that sexting can’t add a fun element to your sex life, and it can be extremely sexy to send a few erotic and naughty lines to your lover ever every now and then. However, indulging in deep sexting and then being unable to create the same sizzle in bed can undoubtedly ruin your sex life – and your relationship, too.

 7. Playing With Your Penis – Not.

The worst thing that you can do to ruin your sexual life is using penis stretching devices and other risky means to increase your penis size. Although the use of penis weights dates back to ancient civilized tribes that had very long penises, it’s not a safer alternative. When used appropriately and for a long duration, penis weights and stretching devices can cause permanent damage to your penis.

 natural male enhancement pills.If you are self-conscious of your penis size and feel that your smaller size is ruining your sexual life, there are much safer alternatives such as penis exercises and natural male enhancement pills.

Male enhancement pills from buyextenze.com are composed of natural ingredients that are used as aphrodisiacs for thousands of years and can boost your sexual stamina.

Stop panicking if your sexual life is suffering because of any of these issues. It’s normal for couples to experience the various ups and downs in their sex lives. Once you have identified that you are guilty of committing a few of these sexual sins, you have enough time to repent. By recognizing your faults, you can be more prepared and proactive to tackle them.

However, if any of these concerns is seriously affecting your relationship in a negative manner and you can’t seem to find the answer on your own, consider professional help. Experts can work with you closely to improve your bedroom hurdles, as well as the health of your relationship.

Now, that you are more informed on how you are ruining your sex life, it is best to take responsible and appropriate actions. Get ready to ignite that fire once again in your bedroom. You are only human, after all, but now that you have some insight, it’s time to get your groove back.

7 Seemingly Benign Drugs That Can Do Bizarre Things To You

Doctors warn people as to how drugs can negatively impact their health. Some drugs that exist nowadays are handled with care or are being avoided because of their strong side effects. Apart from these, there are other medications that look harmless and gentle.

HeadachesSome individuals tend to abuse or regularly take them without worries, as they are presuming they are safe for their health. What they do not know is that, a few seemingly benign drugs have weird and dangerous downsides they should watch out for.

Headaches, rashes, diarrhea, palpitation and allergic reactions are some of the side effects of many modern drugs.

These are nothing compared to the downsides that you can get from some different seemingly safe and gentle medications out there.

Turning you into a psycho, giving you bigger internal organ problems and sexual dysfunction are only a few of those strange, but alarming side effects that you don’t want to encounter. Here are seven seemingly benign drugs which deliver some bizarre effects:

1. The Anti-Malarial Drug That Can Crack You Up

Who would have thought that cases of depression, suicide and murder could be prevented by simply stopping from consuming anti-malarial medication?

Lariam, which is being taken by thousands of people a day is claimed to be the cause of some scary side effects. Scary as it could turn you to a killing psychopath or at worst, a suicidal bomber.


Photo by maxwellgs / CC BY 2.0

Some incidents of self-injury and homicide from different parts of the globe are being linked to the psychiatric side effects of Lariam.

As time passes by, more and more people are campaigning to stop the distribution and recommendation of the drug.

Other downsides of this medication include dramatic mood changes, paranoia attack, fatigue, anxiety, vertigo and confusion.

The numbers of patients noted for negative changes in behavior due to Lariam are gradually increasing. It would be a better cure for malaria victims to consider taking alternatives or other medications, rather than risking their lives or the lives of others, to a more uncontrollable and damaging medication.

 2. Lose the Pain and Fever With the Great Pretender

When it comes to medications, the master of pretending is the ever-approachable Tylenol. This drug is also known as acetaminophen or paracetamol. Both can provide relief from pain and fever.

Since this is an over-the-counter medicine, you can easily grab a Tylenol anytime you need it. This medicine may look harmless, but what you don’t know is that, the drug can give more side effects that you can ever think of.

kidneyTylenol causes liver and kidney diseases. The more you take it, the more you’re making yourself prone to such devastating ailments.

Apart from your liver and kidneys, the drug may also damage the intestines and other vital organs of your body.

Parents must seek for an alternative, as kids may be badly affected from paracetamol that you are giving them every time they are sick.

Replace Tylenol with cold compresses for fever. If you are generally healthy, you just have to let the sickness take its course. For pain, herbs such as turmeric and ginger will let you have a natural kind of treatment. Massages and rubs are good alternatives, as well.

 3. From a Parkinson’s Patient to a Gambling Junkie, Sex Addict or Both

Parkinson’s disease

Photo by Bruce Blaus / CC BY 3.0

Parkinson’s disease really sucks. It can make you choose to push a self-destruct button rather than acquiring it.

This could be the reason as to why some people chose to feast on Mirapex and be a porn addict. Ditching Parkinson’s disease for the price of living a gambler or sex maniac’s life? Not bad, eh?

Aside from Parkinson’s, Mirapex can blow away bipolar disorder, restless leg syndrome, headaches and other diseases.If you have Parkinson’s and the abovementioned health conditions, do you think it is worth it to become a pathetic gambler or a horny junkie?

Some Mirapex victims sued the manufacturers for turning them into tequila addicts and casino lurkers. Lawsuits were also brought by people who suffered from addiction to pornography, cybersex and binge eating. It looks like everyone is not happy with the downsides of the drug. Does it imply that they are choosing to have their Parkinson’s back?

4. Paracetamol’s Friend is Not Your Friend


A reason why it is not advisable to take in ibuprofen as an alternative for paracetamol and acetaminophen is that, it offers a different set of side effects. Though it may not damage your liver and kidneys, it targets another vital part of your body, which is your gut.

Ibuprofen may be effective in relieving muscle pains, but what most people don’t know is that it causes gut problems and autoimmune issues. Like the previous advice, it is best to look for natural remedies for pain and fever.

Children should not be exposed to this medication because of its harsh effects. Apart from herbs, nutritional therapy, massage and acupuncture would be great alternatives.

 5. The Medication That Can Turn Your Acne Into a Brain Tumor

Accutane may wipe out the acne away from your face, leaving healthy and smooth looking skin, but the price to pay is a brain tumor, which can be excruciating and uncomfortable. It’s true that the medication is effective, especially if a huge wave of pimples is trying to conquer every part of your face. The downside, on the other hand, may not be worth it.

Brain tumor

Photo by Marvin_101 / CC BY-SA 2.0 DE

Brain tumor is the worst thing that you can get with the use of Accutane. If you are a bit lucky, you will only experience its symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and unidentified whooshing noises.

Like other medicines with bizarre effects, the manufacturers of Accutane are being accused of ruining the lives of many. A brain tumor surely is both frightening and devastating.

As an alternative, anti-acne creams or anti-bacterial washes are still the best ways to deal with acne problems. Considering facial treatments may also keep you safe from the downsides of the said drug.

 6. Calming Antidepressants That Also Cool Down Your Sex Life

talk to your doctor

Photo by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / CC BY 2.0

Apart from depression, antidepressants are also prescribed to patients with eating disorders, anxiety disorders, chronic pain and hormone-mediated problems. This medication may sound nice and harmless, but it has downsides that will change your impression upon hearing it.

Antidepressants can negatively impact the different aspects of sexual function. They block the serotonin, norepinephrine and acetylcholine, which are three brain agents responsible for transporting signals.

This causes ejaculation failure, impotence and decreased libido. Sexual side effects have to do with dosage.

You can talk to your doctor and ask him to lower the dose to avoid the downsides of antidepressants. Ask if there are alternate cures for depression apart from drugs.

 7. Antipsychotics For a While

Antipsychotic medications are prescribed to patients who are suffering from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other serious psychiatric conditions. It is also given to people with depression and agitation. They sound friendly and effective at first, but what you might not know is that, the negative effects can make you a lot crazier – by robbing you of your sexual function.

All antipsychotics block the dopamine that is responsible to control emotional responses. Levels of the hormone prolactin are also being increased, which can result in reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and difficulties in reaching the orgasmic stage. Acetylcholine is also blocked, and this leads to overall sexual side effects.

drugsDosage can impact your sexual function. You can discuss with your doctor and ask him for alternate cures or if you can take in smaller dosage of antipsychotics.

Were you shocked by the above list of seemingly benign drugs and their nasty side effects? If you don’t want to experience the downsides of the above medications, you need to keep this list in mind and always look for an alternative. I

f in case you were left with no choice but to take one of the above medicines, consult with your doctor if they can lessen the dosage of the drug for smaller chances of acquiring some serious side effects.

5 Bizarre And Frustrating Sexual Fetishes

In this day and age, you may believe that you know everything there is to know about sex. With the help of the Internet and magazine vendors, porn and erotic magazines are easily accessible for virtually anyone. The easy availability of explicit material has left no clue unanswered for people who are curious about sex.

But wait – there’s more than just knowing about “normal” plain-jane sex. You may be surprised to learn that there are some little-known weird sex fantasies many people harbor. In fact, there are some bizarre sexual things that you may not be aware of that will probably put you in a state of shock for a day or two.

Sexual Fetishes: What Should You Know?

Often times, people use the term, “sexual fetishes,” as a tag for any sexual interest that swerves from the norm. But, how many of you are aware of what it really means?The word, “fetish,” comes from a Portuguese word, “feitico,” which stands for “obsessive fascination.”

high-heeled stilettosFetishism, in general, is the act of fetishistic arousal that vary wildly from those of the majority of population.

Unlike normal people who are turned on by specific bodily areas, fetishistic behavior happens when a person can’t achieve sexual arousal without the presence of a specific fetish object, like a pair of high-heeled stilettos, for example.

In such cases, psychologists consider fetishistic arousal a problem for a patient when it interferes with their normal social or sexual functioning, and where they don’t have any sexual arousal without the help of a particular fetish object.

The Internet has provided an easy platform for people to share their unique sexual urges without having the fear of being recognized. Nowadays, a variety of sexual fetishists can flock onto related forums, sites and blogs to freely share their thoughts regarding sex. They can overlook the social norms, and other rights and wrongs their culture has forced upon them. After all, each one of us has the right to freedom of thought – right?

Experts have revealed numerous strange fetishes predominant in humans all over the globe. Such individuals are easily turned on by objects and thoughts that would never, ever stimulate the average population. Below is a list of some bizarre and frustrating sexual fetishes, shall we say, strange types of fetishes that really exist.

1. Step On It, Baby.

foot fetishismPodophilia, or foot fetishism, is also referred to as foot fetishism or foot worship. Foot fetishism is an enhanced sexual urge towards feet, toes, feet odor and acts such as licking or smelling feet.

Simply glancing at a woman wearing high heels can send a number of men into a sexual erotic zone.

Quite a few foot devotees love sucking toes, while others prefer to make love with women wearing just heels. There are some who just take pleasure in the excitement of being stepped on.

You might have heard about the stereotype of foot worshippers, but in a few cases the reality is far more absurd. There are all types of foot aficionados. Some such maniacs like clean and well-manicured feet, but for others, dirty soles or footprints are the ones that turn them on. Then, there are those who like to watch women’s toes wiggle in sand or food. Yes, feet covered with food.

Now, after learning about so many weird foot lovers, it is not appalling that there is a foot devotee who wants his women to be topless, clomp on yogurt and bananas, and walk on the floor to leave fruity footprints. He will then lick those footprints passionately and then reach the foot of his lady to lick the left over bananas and yogurt.

brainResearchers have tried to find the reason for people to have an intense love for feet. Surprisingly, they found that the sensations in the feet and genitals both transmit to the same area of the brain.

Well, if your partner has a foot fetish and you love them dearly, try incorporating his fetish into foreplay.

Let your partner give you a pedicure and foot massage. Take it easy if you are feeling awkward while he is licking your foot. After all, how many women get the chance to bring their partners to their feet?

 2. The Wonders Of Undies.

No, underwear fetishism does not mean stocking up on lots of attractive panties and undergarments, which many women are fond of doing. It is actually another weird sort of sexual fetish that involves a man’s passion towards panties.

Well, if your man only likes to watch you putting and taking off your underwear, then relax as this is a harmless fetishism going on. But, if it goes beyond watching to smelling and licking, it is definitely bizarre.

women’s panties

Photo by Pschemp / CC BY-SA 3.0

At first it might be incredible, but the smell of women’s panties can work as an aphrodisiac for some men.

Normal ones are those who chase what is concealed inside the panty, but a small majority of men are fanatical towards smelly panties.

When inquired, such sexual fetishists answered that a panty hugs that certain part of a woman that drives men crazy.

One of the craziest fanatics even admitted that he paid for the panties of porn stars to snuffle on that erotic odor.Most women are oblivious as to what prompts men to sniff used panties. Likely, science has the answer. The vagina secretes a substance, termed as “copulance,” which is the female version of semen. Understandably, it a great sexual effect on men.

On smelling it, most men lose their ability to distinguish between an attractive and an unattractive woman, because they experience immediate sexual arousal and urge to do the sexual act. It is important to note that copulance is produced in abundance in women who are ovulating and fertile.

So, ladies, next time you catch your man smelling your underwear, don’t start hating him. Think from his point of sexual view; he’s getting a whiff of your intimate odor on your panties. Also, there is a strange traditional view on this. If your man sniffs your panties, he will remain hooked on you forever. Hmm, if you really want your lover to be with you and only you, let him whiff your panties, if that excites him the most.

3. To Pop Or Not To Pop?

balloonsThere must be many like me who absolutely hate the sound of the rubbing and popping of balloons. The rubbing of a balloon is particularly a horrible sound that completely turns me off.

But, fetishism is all about being unusual and weird. Some crazy men and women get turned on by rubbing and then popping balloons on themselves.

People like these who are sexually inclined towards balloons are also termed as “looners.”As looney as this may sound, you may find a number of looner’s websites on the Internet. The obsession with balloons for such looners goes beyond shapes and colors. Looners are sexually attached to balloons.

They take pleasure in blowing up balloons and sitting and lying on them. The mere sight of blowing up a balloon makes their heart flutter and instantly arouses them, as well. Looners are sexually stimulated and love having sex with balloons popularly by riding or humping on them.

They love kissing and hugging balloons as one will do with their partner. There is a large majority of balloon fetishists around the world; they are divided majorly into two groups: poppers and non-poppers.

Poppers love bursting the balloon to experience a sexual high, while non-poppers become extremely anxious at the very thought of popping balloons. For poppers, blowing up a balloon is considered a sexual act. These Individuals get sexually turned on watching the color and sensing the touch of the balloon. Blowing up a balloon sends them into arousal and they are sexually released when the balloon pops.

researchersResearchers reveal that balloons are flexible and supple, and they replicate the texture of human skin. The ability of balloons to expand is signified as the swelling or sexual organs during arousal by looners.

However, looners who are non-poppers often harbor feelings of anxiety and fear as they try everything to keep balloon from popping.

Sometimes such strange revelations have negative effects on normal people. So, be careful when blowing up a balloon for your kid’s birthday party next time. You may be reminded of this inflating fetish.

4. Love Those luscious locks.

Those that are sexually ignited by human hair are termed as hair fetishists or trichophiles. The most common object of arousal for them is hair on the head, but in some cases may also include hair on other parts of the body, such as the chest, armpits, legs and private parts. The sexual excitation can arise from texture, color, hairstyle and hair length.

HairHair fetishism is seen in both men and women. Men might simply love the touch of soft, silky, lustrous hair on their body while women might like the feel of a man’s beard or mustache.

Such people typically love watching hairdos. Another sexual arousal is exploded when watching hair being washed. Yes, it sounds weird.

Some hair fetishists love stocking up on DVD’s of ladies with different hair styles, hair rollers or with their hair setting under hooded hair dryers. They also like collecting hair magazines that feature women with beautiful locks.

Studies indicate that some people are sexually aroused by hair because they secrete endorphins while watching beautiful hair. This provides them with a feeling similar to that of a caress, laughter, pleasure or a head massage.

Do you think being a trichophiliac is harmful? Well, if not, it is definitely an absurd fetish. And, if you are one of those with a partner who is turned on by your hair, relax. Now, there is no need to get worried by that zit on your face. Just wave your hair during those special moments and enjoy the sexual high you give your partner.

5. Oh, You Beautiful Doll.

Doll fetishism

Photo by Wandadollgirl / CC BY-SA 3.0

Doll fetishism is another peculiar sexual fetish where a guy is sexually inclined towards dolls and doll-like figurines.

The fascination for dolls may include actual sexual intercourse with a doll, a sexual contact with a living doll, or the desire of being transformed into a doll.

Some guys fantasize for their women to transform into a doll with their unique physical appearance minimized. Doll fetishism is common in both men and women.

Some individuals convert their body to look like a doll. To acquire the appearance of a doll, they lose their weight to have a slim waist, put on wigs and a revealing outfit, and even change their breast form, too. A few extreme cases even go beyond other expectations and undergo the knife to sculpt their body to look like a doll.

Most common doll fetishism includes having sex with dolls. There are countless websites on the Internet that offer animated pictures and videos of people achieving orgasms by sexually touching a doll.Surprisingly, there are many people out there who become excited by the thought of a sexual encounter with a doll.

Although such guys find real women attractive, years of embracing such disturbing and unique thoughts make them socially inept and a bit uncomfortable in the presence of women. Astoundingly, they feel safer and calm when they are with their dolls.

Experts believe that people who are often turned down by women and are afraid of getting cheated on in a relationship are attracted towards dolls. They are sure that a doll will never argue, betray or leave them.

dollGirls, watch your guys. If you found your fella spending sexual time with a doll, you should not waste a single minute and get the heck away from him.

This obsession may leave you frustrated, incomplete and jealous of that other “lady” in his life. Yes, we are talking about a doll here. Even so, he has an emotional and sexual attachment to it – and that’s cheating, right?

These are just a few bizarre fetishes, but there are thousands more, which may leave a normal person wondering if they really are “normal.” On a serious note, experts have found that men who are not confident with their sexual skills run away from having real sex with a real person. Instead, they seek unusual, yet safe ways to satisfy their urges.

If you are one of those guys who is embarrassed to be assertive in bed with your partner, there are a variety of means to get back your sexual urges. Buyextenze offers unique, natural male enhancement supplement products that contain a blend of herbs, which are known to increase your penis size and overall sexual stamina. So, now there is no need to buy a balloon or a doll to satisfy your sexual needs. Just pop this natural herbal supplement and enjoy the sexual high you have never enjoyed.

Penis Weights: The 7 Incredible Benefits They Deliver

The use of penis weights to increase the size and girth of the penis is not something new. Even dating back to ancient times, men were using penis hanging techniques to enhance the size of their penises.

Men from some tribes in Uganda in Africa and Indus Sadhus hang rocks and similar items on their penises in order to increase their size. These techniques gave them amazing results. The ancient peoples passed them on to future generations, right to modern times.

painThere is no doubt that you may be afraid of the pain one associates with hanging weights from the penis.

The truth is that hanging weights from the penis is very effective and gives more benefits than you can imagine.

The benefits outweigh the fears and side effects associated with them; and thus it is worth giving a trial.

Penis enlargement weights create traction on the penis, causing it to increase in length and girth. So, if you do it the right way, you will obtain remarkable results. Below are some important facts about penis enlargement via weights.

How Does A Penis Weight Work?

penis tissuesPenis weights help men increase the length and width of their penis in the same manner weights help bodybuilders to build muscles and well-toned physique.

When you hang weight on your penis, you are creating some tension. The tension will cause some tears in the penis tissues.

Through the action of proteins and hormones in the body, these tears will heal and grow. The repair of these tears will lead to the growth of penis cells, which will culminate in the emergence of large penis size. The penis will not only increase in length, but also in girth.

This is because the penis becomes long as you stretch it, just like most bodily tissues become longer when stretched. The cellular growth that occurs as result of repairing the tears due to the tension as the penis stretches will increase it in girth, as well.

Although there are different types of weights for penis enlargement, they all achieve penis increment using this principle. However, the models do not offer the same level of comfort and they are not of the same quality. Some designs are more comfortable to use. They also differ in their ease of operation. Some designs are easier to use than others.

Penis Weights, Stretchers And Extenders

increase penis size

There is the tendency for some people to confuse stretchers and extenders with penis weights. They are not the same, even though they increase penis size and girth using the same principle.

Apart from the physical appearance, you should only use weight hanging for penis enlargement for a short time. This is because with penis weights, you have to hang a large amount of weight on the penis to obtain quicker results in a short period.

Extenders and stretchers are for long-term use. The tension on the penis that stretchers and extenders deliver is much less than the tension penis weights makes. This explains why men can use stretchers and extenders for a longer time before effective results occur.

What Are The 7 Benefits Of Penis Weights?

Weight hanging for penis enlargement gives some benefits to the users. They also have some edge over other methods. Here are some benefits of hangers and weights for penis enlargement:

  • As Much Length As You Want: The weight hanging technique makes it possible for users to achieve as much length as you want.You can hang any amount of weight you like.
    If you are consistent with weight hanging, with time, you can achieve as much length as you desire.It all depends on the number of weights you hang.
  • Control For Better Results: You have control in this technique, because you determine the weight or tension you create at a particular time. This means that as you progress with the technique, you can decide to hang more weights to obtain better results.
  • Enlargement In Length And SizeNo Hands Operation: Penis weights allow some freedom to the hands. Once you hang the weights, your hands are free and you can go about your business doing other things.
  • Enlargement In Length And Size: Penis weights promote growth, not just only length, but also in girth because of the cellular growth that occurs during the repair of tissues of the penis.
  • Unlimited Angles And Fulcrum: You can overcome any plateau you may encounter during the penis enlargement process, thanks to the availability of unlimited angles and fulcrums.
  • Minimal Time: Another advantage of penis weights over other techniques is that you only need a few minutes a day to perform the exercise.
  • Safe Use: Weights for penis growth cause little or no side effects if you use them properly. As you do the penis exercises with the weights, you can monitor yourself to avoid injury.

Penis Weights: Understanding The Disadvantages

As you know, anything that has advantages also has disadvantages. The important thing is to be aware of what they are, so you can avoid them. Here are some disadvantages of weight hanging:

  • They can cause injury when you don’t properly use them.
  • They tend to be more suitable for advanced exercisers.
  • They don’t permit free movement. You are required to stay in a place when you hang the weights to avoid injury.
  • Consistency is required in order to obtain a remarkable result.
  • The starting process may be slow. This is the initial period when you have to adjust the attachment point and stretch the skin.

Penis Weights: The Most Popular Types

There are various types of penis enlargement weights circulating in the internet today. Here are some of the most popular types of weights for penis enlargement.

  • LG hangers
  • Bib hangers
  • PEWeights

penis enlargement supplementsPenis weights give remarkable increase in penis length and girth when you use them properly. However, they have some drawbacks that can result from improper use.

If you find it uncomfortable hanging weights, you should consider using other methods, such as the penis enlargement supplements you can find at buyextenze.store.

Supplements contain natural ingredients; however, be sure to double check with your doctor to make sure they are safe for you to take. This is especially important if you take other medications, vitamins or minerals. Shop around for effective and quality penis supplements.

Penis Traction Devices: 5 Essentials for Penis Enhancing

When it comes to natural penis enlargement, penis traction is included at the top of the list of effective methods. Though pills, surgeries and herbal alternatives do exist, nothing beats the safest ways to boost the size of your manhood. Penis traction devices may also have a few issues, but most of the side effects recorded were due to blatant misuse of the product.

Male talk includes different ways for penis enlargement. It may not be comfortable for some to disclose the size of their penis, especially if they have size issues, but there is a chance that penis traction may be the topic of discussion. Its effectiveness, the downsides, ways to use it, the best devices and ways to get rid of side effects are a few questions of those who are considering the use of penis traction tools.

Penis traction may work, but the success rate will vary, depending on the health condition of the penis, and your overall health, too. In order for a man to experience that boost, he needs to know more about penis traction.

1. How Does Penis Traction Work?

muscle buildingPenis traction works on the same rule as muscle building. When the tissues inside your penis receive a right amount of stretching or force, micro-tears form.

This process will be responsible for facilitating new cell growth in order to repair those tears. The same goes with building muscles in other parts of your body.

With time, dedication and effort, a man can achieve his target size if there are no other issues with his penis. Just think of it like going to the gym to build muscles. Regular work out ensures you a better shape while incorporating huge lay off time within gym sessions does nothing to your body. The key here is consistency. By sticking to your routine, you’ll see results.

2. Other Reasons For Using A Traction Device

Increases Sexual StaminaIt is widely known that penis enlargement is the number one reason for penis traction.

But aside from that, there are still a few benefits that a man can get from regularly using such tool

  • Increases Sexual Stamina – After you enhance your penis, it will result in larger blood-storing cells, which in the penile tissues.
    This also results in a boost in sexual stamina making you stay longer while lovemaking.
  • Safety – The use of penis traction devices are one of the safest ways to enhance your manhood. Pills and surgeries impose threatening and life-costing risks than devices. Manufacturers of devices such as penis extenders or pumps make use of safe and tested materials.
  • Effectiveness – Studies have shown that penis traction is a safe, natural yet one of the most effective penis enlargement processes.
  • Correctional Device – Traction devices may also correct a curved or deformed penis. Some conditions, such as Peyronie’s disease are curable using the muscle building principle.
  • partnersBetter Sexual Performance – In addition to higher stamina, men with bigger penis can give more stimulation to their partners.
  • This leads to a more intense orgasm and a satisfying sexual intercourse. In terms of going on solo, longer or bigger penis gives more pleasure.

3. The Quest For The Best: Penis Traction Devices

Many doctors from different countries all over the world recommend penis traction devices. This only proves that the method is safe and is committed to give out good results. You may wonder which of these traction devices are to be the best for you to use.

The best traction devices on the market, according to some consumers and experts are the Pro Extenders and X4Labs traction devices. At around $300, you can get the safest and the most effective penis extenders. Both brands make use of the finest materials, making them producers of the most reliable penis traction tools.

There are cheaper products, which could be of the same build and function. The price is often lower due to the cheaper and second-class materials used. With this, it is still best not to take the risks, since you cannot trade your damaged penis for a new one. Wrong choice of a device will wreck your sex life forever.

4. Side Effects

painUsers may encounter some minor side effects with traction devices.

These downsides may not be that common, but it is still important for users and those who consider buying a device to be aware of them. They are as follows:

  • Pain – Depending on the sensitivity, condition and the build of the penis, the pain that will happen may vary. There are times when it could be minimal and there are times when it could be excruciatingly painful. The hurting may occur at the start, but experiencing pain after taking it off is not the normality.
  • Skin Irritation – Irritation can be another problem with the use of penis traction devices. This may be a result of using cheap traction devices on the market. Another reason for its occurrence is the way it is being utilized. Not following the manual and not selecting the best product may lead to this condition. It sometimes takes in a form of rashes, itchiness, soreness and redness of the penis.
  • Damage To The Blood Vessels – You can damage the blood vessels in and around the penis if you misuse a penis extender. If you use it longer than you should, or in a way you shouldn’t, you could end up with reduced blood flow, erection problems and varicose veins.
  • Traumatic DamageTraumatic Damage – Misuse can result in severe damage to your penis. Although you may be anxious to see results, always follow the instructions carefully.
  • Apart from this, a forceful traction of the penis can ruin the overall health of your manhood.
    Overly bent penis, extreme pain and impotence are the most likely conditions that may occur.

5. Safe Penis Traction: Eliminating The Side Effects

There are many ways to avoid unwanted side effects of using traction to enhance your penis. By making sure that you check the following items, you can make sure that you get a bigger penis without any of its downsides:

  • Make Good Use Of The Straps And Loops. Penis traction devices may have straps, loops and other features that support the penis while the traction process takes place. Read the manual and know the right use of them to protect your penis from any harm.
  • Identify The Capacity Of Your Penis. The penis is one of the most sensitive parts of a male body. With that, it can be very vulnerable to pain and other sensations. Know whether your penis can take the force and the pressure you apply using a traction device. If not, you may need to seek other penis enhancement alternatives.
  • ManualFollow The Manual. Always read, check and follow the instructions of the manual. If something is not clear to you, call the customer service hotline.
  •  Most of the side effects are being experience by men who did not follow the instruction.
  •  Keep in mind that even the best penis traction devices may cause problems if not properly used.
  • Consider Buying Trusted Brands. Is your penis worth $50? If not, why buy cheaper devices that put your penis and your sex life at risk? Buy from trusted companies or brands, which make use of appropriate and top class materials. By doing so, you can avoid skin irritation and other downsides as long as you follow the instructions listed on the manual.
  • Consult A Doctor. Always seek for a specialist’s advice whenever you are trying to change something in your body. Let your doctor evaluate your situation or needs and come up with a good and reliable recommendation. Remember that not all kinds of penis are compatible with this enlargement process.

When it comes to penis enlargement, penis traction is one of the safest methods that a man can go for today. Aside from this, it can also cure a few conditions and help your sex life. By knowing how they work, as well as the downsides and ways to avoid them, you will achieve the boost you want without any problems.