Top Penis Sleeve Pointers for Safe and Satisfying Sex

If you wish no further changes with the size of your penis, but you want to feel bigger while having sex, then penis sleeve is the best way to go for. Penis sleeves are best for guys who are happy and contented with the appearance of their penis. This is mainly for partners to provide a different level of stimulation and sex experience.

Cock sleeves are one of the most common sex toys. Like any other special paraphernalia, when it comes to sex, a cock sleeve provides additional pleasure and excitement. It also serves as an extender. It works either solo or with a partner. The penis sleeve is a dick-shaped device, which fits different sizes of cocks.

 What Materials Make Up Penis Sleeves?

What Materials Make Up Penis Sleeves?

In modern days, a penis sleeve can be made of plastic, silicone or rubber. This is quite far from the ancient tools, such as a sheep’s bladder.

The shape of the penis sleeve is generally cylindrical, taking a form of a cock. Sleeves constructed with stretchable materials will easily match the various sizes of the penis.

The end of the penis extender sleeve has an opening. This is where the penis goes in, and then you just pull it up to cover the glans and the shaft. A penis sleeve may come in a variety of designs.

Some have holes, while some have additional flexible spikes for increased stimulation. Apart from these soft and flexible spikes, a penis sleeve can include bumps and lumps. This makes the sex experience more intense and pleasurable between partners.

Benefits Of A Penis Sleeve

There are a number of benefits when it comes to using a penis sleeve. As one of the most common sex toys, it is able to give an extended and higher level of joy when it comes to sex. Here are some benefits of penis extension sleeves:

  • The bumps, lumps, spikes and other added features add up to the pleasure and sexual stimulation for women. Penis sleeves are also useful for partners who are willing to further explore and seek for the best surprises that sex has to offer.
  • condomLike wearing condoms, a penis extension sleeve can also provide extra stimulation to the wearer.The tight penis sleeve rubbing against a hard cock may double the fun.
  • The use of a penis sleeve may give a psychological boost to the man.This solves some anxiety problems and other problems when it comes to male arousal or erection.

A Few Disadvantages To Consider

There can be some drawbacks with a penis sleeve. Though they may not be that serious and numerous, it is still important for men to be aware of these. Here are some of the penis sleeve downsides:

penis sleeve

  • Photo by Jesster79 / CC BY-SA 3.0
  • It may be hard for some men to find a sleeve that fits properly. If a penis sleeve fits too tightly, it can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, a loose one may fall off in the middle of sex.
  • Though it may provide additional stimulation or pleasure on both parties, there can be a point during the intercourse when the use of penis sleeve makes the sex more difficult.
  • Penile irritation may exist after the usage of a penis sleeve.Some materials that made up the sleeve may cause rashes, soreness and redness of the penis.

Penis Enhancement: It’s A Good Thing

Another known usage of a penis sleeve is to enhance the effects of penetration. It has no direct effect when it comes to penis enlargement, apart from the boost that it gives when it comes to the sexual intercourse.

Know How To Use It, Not Lose It

Wearing a penis sleeve can be as easy as a condom. The tip of the erect penis goes into the opening provided. Then you just slip it on until the glans reached the end. Once it is in place, the head and the shaft will extend, depending on the penis size of the user.

This will make the penis feel thicker, longer and wider. A penis sleeve makes sexual intercourse more exciting, stimulating and satisfying. With additional features in the form of bumps, lumps and soft spikes, it guarantees additional pleasure in every push and pull. Apart from being a safer alternative when it comes to penis enhancement, a penis sleeve is easy to use.

6 Sexy Apps to Help You Get Your Groove On

What kind of a sex slave are you? Are you in for a different kind of foreplay? Or maybe, you want to make use of a virtual tool to make sex even more exciting. If you ran out of ideas when it comes to fun in bed, you may want to try something that is a bit more innovative. Maybe something that can really entice and get your groove on without you having to exert a lot of effort.

Are you the freakish type? Do you stuff yourself with a lot of appetizers before getting to the main attraction? No matter what kind of bedroom persona you have, there is always the right kind of app for that.

 1. Discover New Sexual Positions

It sucks to read books while having sex. Take those thick manuals and change to a virtual tool that lets you to learn more about the Kamasutra in just a few short swipes of your hand.

iKamasutra app

Photo by HostingCoupons / CC BY-SA 2.0

The iKamasutra app offers step-by-step instructions with illustrations that will help you to perform even the most complicated sexual positions.

With iKamasutra app, you can track your level of expertise from a novice to Kama Sutra Grand Master.

To see new positions that you can try, shake the phone and choose from the given options. Share the new positions that you can find and learn with your partner. You can even send the object of your affection an email directly from the app itself.

 2. Keep Your Black Book with You

This may sound weird and a bit risky for your privacy or secrets, but it really exists. You are being introduced about an app that can let you record the details all your steamy sexual escapades.It includes the name, picture, contact information and more useful data that can help you track and remember sweet things.

Another cool thing about the app is that it lets you rate the level of your satisfaction from your encounters. With this, it will help you to recall the best sex that you have had – just in case you forget.

girlfriendOther relevant information about the experience may include whether you used a condom or not, whether you had orgasm and the positions you have used.

Just don’t mess up and let your girlfriend see that your little black book records are increasing everyday, even if you only had sex with her once.

 3. Turn Your Phone Into a Vibrator

If regularly sterilizing your phone is not a problem for you, the Sexy Vibes app is just the right app for you. Single or not, it is still best to keep this app in your phone, so that you can pull off something during desperate times of sexual drought. Like the title of the app would imply, this lets you to turn your phone into a vibrator.

smart phoneSexy Vibes makes use of vibration patterns. You can send it to your partner’s phone or be in company with a stranger via the “smart matching service” of this app.

Feel the good vibes rushing in. Your partner may like it too, so better keep it ready on your smart phone.

 4. Play the Exciting Game of Sexual Consequence

Get more audacious and adventurous with the Spicy Sex Wheel app.

partner If you can’t decide of what kind of sex you are going to have with your partner or if you can’t come up with any good sex moves, let the app do the talking.

To make it work, you just have to spin the wheel and perform the sexual act that comes out of the screen.

The selections on the wheel can be customized. You can add up more sexual acts that you can come up with. Want a chance for an hour session of fellatio or cunnilingus? Are you ready for anal sex? If you can’t ask for it, give that task to the amazing Spicy Sex Wheel app.

 5. The Sex Position of the Day

Cosmopolitan offers a detailed guide about new and exciting positions that you can try. There are lots of easy, average and tricky sexual positions that you can go for. Apart from illustrations, you will also be given and detailed instruction as to how you can do it. Let the administration know about your feed back through the “carnal challenge” rating system.

 6. Refresh Your Sex Memory

Refresh Your Sex MemoryDid you wish to experience certain kind of sex position but you and you’re partner were not able to do it because you forgot how? This app will remind you about it.

Listing down your desired scenarios and positions do suck, but it is indeed easier with the app.

Spicing up your love life is important. When it comes to this part, you may think that sex alone will always be the answer. But aside from sex, there are still some things that you can do to keep the spark on check. Everything can be done easily, especially if you made use of the above apps to help you out.

Penis Pump Safety: 7 Things Every Man Needs to Know

A penis pump is for increasing the penis size and improving erections for sexual intercourse. It is one of the most commonly used ways by men to enhance their sexual performance. It has been found that many men also use a penis enhancement pump for masturbation.

Different Types Of Penis Enlarger Pumps

There are numerous types of penis pumps that you can purchase from the market. The most frequently used penis enlargement pump is the squeeze ball and the plunger. The hand grip is another commonly used pump since it provides more control to the user by regulating pressure.

The hands-free penis enlarger pump runs on electricity and people who want fast results frequently use them. Electric penis enlarger pumps have various settings that help to regulate the pressure of the suction.

lubricantVibrating penis pumps provide vibration during pumping and work effectively for attaining a full penis erection.

Typically, a penis pump is composed of two parts, a pump and a cylinder. Along with a penis vacuum pump, you will also need a lubricant and a constriction band, as well. These things usually come along with your kit.

Penis Pumps: 7 Safety Tips You Need To Know

You should use male enhancement pumps carefully to avoid any harm to your penis. For the best results, read the following steps thoroughly before attempting to use a penis pump:

  • First, lubricate your penis properly. Insert your penis into the cylindrical tube, which is attached to a penis enlarger pump.
  • Start to pump slowly. Do not over pump as it may cause serious damage to your penis. You will feel a slight pressure on your male organ as the air is drawn from the tube.
  • Continue pumping until your penis is erect.
  • penis ringDo not continue to pump for more than twenty minutes in one stretch to avoid any harm to your penis.
  • Once you feel satisfied by the erection you have attained, slip in a penis ring at the base of the penis.
  • Release the vacuum. The penis ring traps the blood in the penis and helps you to maintain erection.
  • Avoid wearing a penis ring for more than thirty minutes.

The Real Lowdown: Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Men suffering from impotence and erectile dysfunction experience poor erections that are not enough for successful sexual intercourse. Poor erection is usually caused by insufficient blood flow into the penis. The penis pump works by creating a vacuum around the penis to increase the blood flow and cause an erection.

The cylinder is attached to a pump that you can either manually use, or you can plug in to an outlet for an electrically driven one. The male enhancement pump produces a vacuum around the penis that helps to force blood into the penis. This in turns engorges the penis and assists in causing erection.

penis tissuesIt is important to be cautious when using a penis enlarger pump excessively at this stage since this can damage delicate penis tissues.

The erection attained at this stage can be maintained for a longer duration by wearing a penis ring on the base of the erect penis before removing the penis vacuum pump.

This ring works to prevent the blood flow in order to sustain the erection long enough for successful intercourse. However, the erection is temporary. Your penis will eventually return to its original size after some time. For longer lasting results, try attaching the vacuum to the penis to stretch the penile tissue. This will gradually increase the tissue of the penis permanently and increase the penis size.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using A Penis Pump

  • If you are using a manually operated penis enlargement pump, be sure to use a gentle pumping action.
  • Take a break at frequent intervals in order to avoid any harm to your penis.
  • It is important to bear in mind that manufacturers specifically design penis enlargement pumps to help men attain an erection necessary for successful intercourse. The effect is temporary.
  • There is not enough evidence to suggest that regular use of penis pump can increase the penis size permanently.
  • scientific reviewsThese claims need more justification and scientific reviews in order for them to appear true.
  • Be careful when pumping your penis. Avoid aggressive pumping for a longer duration.
    This may result in blisters, as the blood vessels may swell and burst.
  • Abuse of penis vacuum pumps may also cause injury or testicular pain.
  • The rim of the cylinder that touches your penis may damage the surrounding ligaments. Thus, it is important for you to use a penis pump only after going through the attached instructions carefully.
  • Lastly, be patient. Over-enthusiastic use of penis pump can prove to be dangerous rather than beneficial for your sexual life.

A Penis Pump: Know The 7 Dangers Of Inappropriate Use

Here are the most common risks of using a penis pump for attaining erection:

  • Some men who use a penis pumper during sex are at a higher risk of getting hurt because a pump may be uncomfortable to use.
  • Men may also overuse their penis pump due to carelessness in the heat of the moment. Careless use could cause harm to the penis.
  • If you use a penis pump inappropriately, your penis may become misshapen, discolored and cold to the touch. You may experience feeling of numbness, too.
  • penis enlarger pump

    Photo by Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation / CC BY-SA 4.0

    The penis ring you wear after using a penis enhancement pump may pose a lot of discomfort during ejaculation.

  • The regular usage of a penis pumping can thin out the penis and make it weak. Men may gradually experience erection for a short duration only.
  • Men may become temporarily impotent, because the penis ring traps the blood into the penis and may damage penis tissues. It may even deform your penis if your wear your penis ring for a long time.
  • Men may become dependent on using a penis enlarger pump for sex and can never get erection without using this aid.

Penis Pumps: Safer Alternatives And Options

If you want a bigger penis, avoid using a penis pump. Although it is a common gadget to temporarily help you achieve an erection, you can have severe side effects. With so many risks and minimum benefits, men should definitely think of other routes to get a larger member and improved erections.

male enlargement supplementsIf you are also one of those men looking for safe and alternative ways to increase your penis size and improve your erection, consider using natural male enlargement supplements, like those from

Buyextenze supplements contain natural ingredients clinically proven to increase penis size, They can also improve your sexual potency drastically.

The best thing about using supplements is that they are comparatively affordable compared to other male enlargement techniques. You can use supplements safely for a long time. They are also non-invasive and cause no harm to your penis or your overall well-being. If you have a medical condition or take medications and supplements, be sure to ask your doctor first. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Penis Massage: 9 Benefits Beyond the Obvious

A penis massage will always sound nice to a man. These kinds of services, which some massage technicians provide, can give you can certain benefits. Each stroke may provide sexual pleasure, but the joy does not end there. Men can get specific benefits by doing such an activity.

A penis massage comes in different kinds. The manhood massage therapy, which originated in China, promises multiple health benefits. Ancient Chinese healers believed that sexual energy plays an important role with the overall mental and physical health of a human being.

The Pros: What Can Penis Massage Do?

What Can Penis Massage DoYou can achieve many health goals with an effective penis massage. Here are the following benefits that you can get from it:

The Nine Benefits:

  • It helps stretch the tissues of the penis, which contributes to penis enlargement.
  • Penis massage can also increase the blood flow to the penis, which also promotes length gain.
  • Provides relief from stress and over fatigue
  • Prevents penis from shortening
  • Keeps the penis in good shape and health
  • It enhances blood flow to the male sexual part and other areas of the body.
  • Manhood massage therapy has more intensive and specific benefits to different parts of the body aside from the sex organ.
  • It can also improves your sexual stamina, sexual drive and performance.

How To Give A Massage To The Penis

For those who would like to give a penis massage to their partner, here are the steps to follow.

  • Do the foreplay. Massage the area that surrounds the male sex organ.
    With both hands, slowly massage thighs, hips, the lower abdomen then the entire groin area in a circular motion.
    Once you were able to set the mood, move to the penis.
  • Using both hands again, place them at the base of the penis. Place equal pressure on different sides of the shaft.
  • both hands
    Photo by Evan-Amos / CC BY-SA 3.0

    With the same amount of pressure, slowly move upward until you reached the glans.

  • After you reached the glans, move both of your hands in clockwise direction. After a rotation, stroke it in a counter clockwise motion.
  • Move back to the base of the shaft, then repeat steps one to four.

Your Own Penis Massage

The penis massage with a partner may be fun, but doing it alone does not mean that you won’t enjoy it. There can be times you can it on your own. Like the way you get pleasure while playing with your own thing, you can get the benefits of massage alone.

  • Use two of your fingers in adding pressure to the perineum. This spot is between your testicles and anus.
  • With an upside-down thumbs-up grip, reach the base of your penis.
  • With the same grip, slowly move up to the shaft, but don’t move up to the head of your penis.
  • nine timesWhile your grip is just below the glans, stretch your penis nine times. Make sure that it is a straight stretch.
  • Stretch with the penis pointing to the left for nine times.
  • Stretch with the penis pointing down for nine times.
  • Lastly, stretch with the penis pointing to the right for nine times.

Massage Techniques Of Manhood Massage Therapy

The thighs, the area below the navel and below the scrotum are targets of this particular massage. You may experience some discomfort, but relief and comfort will follow afterwards. Never massage to the point of extreme pain. The art of healing massage involves stroking your penis with fingers like a massage technician. The purpose of massaging the penis targets the kidneys, lungs, heart, pancreas and other important organs of the body.

Penis massage can provide major benefits with your overall manhood health. Apart from improving the blood circulation in your penile area, the massage can also extend the benefits to other areas of the body. It is important for you to learn on how you can give yourself a penis massage if you want to maintain a healthy sex organ. You may also want your partner to learn about for additional stimulation and enjoyment.

Penis Health Care: 8 Serious Symptoms You Need to Know

The penis is one of the most sensitive and important body parts of the male structure. Due to its importance, it requires a different height of care and respect.  When it comes to penis health, men should no more than just how to use condom. There are many ways to keep your penis in good condition to ensure a healthy sex life.

sex organ

Photo by Baresh25 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Apart from protection, you must know the proper maintenance of your penis. It is also necessary for all men to be aware of the many different penis problems and ways to counter it.

With enough education and safe practice, you can keep your manhood secured and functioning. Take good care of your sex organ to make sure that it happily rises with you every morning.

Penis Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Here are some facts about the penis that you may not have heard of yet. Being aware of these may also come in handy for you:

  • According to studiesThe Benefits Of Circumcision To Penis Health – Most men around the world do not have circumcisions. According to studies, some of the reasons behind uncircumcised guys are religion, culture and preference. This makes them and their sex partners prone to some health conditions. Uncut penises are more likely to pass sexually transmitted diseases to their partners because men don’t clean them properly. Aside from this, circumcision also reduces the risk of having HIV and penile cancer.
  • It Is Not What It Really Looks Like – If you think that you have seen every part of your penis, you are mistaken. The fact is, half of the length of your penis is inside your body, while the other half is the one that you can see and hold. The real shape of an erect penis, including the inside part looks like a boomerang.
  • Sensitivity Fades with Age – Studies show that the sensitivity of penis declines as a man ages. Apart from this, difficulties in erection and ejaculation may surface. Living a healthy lifestyle can prevent or lessen this, however.
  • neck Know Your Pleasure Zones – The underside of the glans or head of the penis is the most sensitive part of the penis when it comes to sexual pleasure.
    The nipples, some areas in the anus, scrotum and neck are other sensitive parts of the male structure.
  • Use It Or Lose It – When it comes to penis size and health, it is a matter of using it or you might lose it. According to studies, erection helps in keeping the penis in good condition. The muscles of the penis need oxygen through blood flow to make it erect and keep it in shape.

If you don’t experience erection within a day, it is not a problem, as long as you are having an erection during sleep. While at the REM stage, impulses from brain makes the penis hard no matter what dreams you are having. Some men may not experience erection even at sleep due to penile damage caused by some health conditions, such as diabetes.

What Is Harmful For Penis Health?

Many factors may lead to bad penis health. Some can be minor, while some are conditions that are more serious. They are as follows:

  • male sex organUnprotected Sex – Sexually transmitted diseases can damage the male sex organ. Apart from this, the condition may affect the wellness of the whole body.
  • Heart Diseases And Diabetes
    Problems with the circulatory and cardiovascular systems can cause problems with erection. Due to poor distribution of oxygen brought by this condition, the penis get the best nourishment with the right amount of blood that it needs to be in good shape. Diabetes on the other hand may damage the veins of the penis. If this happens, it would be hard for a man to get an erection or be sexually stimulated.
  • Hormonal ImbalancesHormonal imbalances can greatly affect the penis health. Apart from this, depleted testosterone count may lead to decreased sexual drive.
  • Injury – Forced or acrobatic sex and intense masturbation are possible causes of penis fracture. This trauma can deal a great damage in the appearance and function of the penis.
  • pubic hair

    Photo by Aezram / CC BY 3.0

    Poor Hygiene – The risk of having a bacterial infection is extremely high with men who have poor hygiene. The pubic hair may carry tons of viruses that could be harmful if not removed by frequent washing and disinfecting of the genitals. If you don’t want to shave or wax your pubic hair, it is advisable to wash your male sex organ regularly to avoid infections and other conditions.

How To Keep The Penis Healthy

Regular maintenance of penis is required to keep it in shape. Other methods and health advisories are also available to guide every man when it comes to penis health care.

  • Groom – There are many ways that you can groom your penis. Shaving and waxing are some of the common options. Aside from being clean, a shaved and waxed penis can be more appealing to some women.
  • Proper Hygiene – Regularly washing and cleaning of the penis saves your manhood from unwanted bacteria. With good hygiene, you can prevent itchiness and other kinds of penile infections. Include the use of an antibacterial soap and clean water when it comes to washing.
  • Wear condomsBe Safe – Be sexually responsible by practicing safe sex. Wear condoms or be faithful to your partner. Test yourself if you are in doubt of your previous sexual encounters
  • Opt For Vaccines – Vaccines to control the human papillomavirus or HPV are available. This can be availed by men who are 26 years or younger.
  • Be Physically Active – Exercise and keep your body in shape. Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and may improve your sexual performance.
  • Stay On Top Of Your Mental Health – Your mental status affects your erection and overall sexual performance. Stress, anxiety and depression are some good examples that can affect your penis health. If you think that you are physically healthy, but you feel emotionally or psychologically disturbed, visit a specialist.
  • alcohol Stop Smoking And Lessen Alcohol Intake – Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may affect your erection.
    With long-term use, it could make your penis shorter and smaller in size. These bad habits can also cause a total wreck on your sexual performance.

Know The Facts: Common Penis Problems

Here are the most common conditions that can affect the health of your penis:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections – Genital warts, chlamydia, genital herpes and syphilis are some common examples of STDs. These sexually transmitted diseases can affect the penis health.
  • Foreskin Problems – Phimosis occurs on an uncircumcised penis where the foreskin is unable to retract from the head of the penis.
    Paraphimosis on the other hand is a condition where in the foreskin won’t go back to its original position after being retracted.
  • Erection And Ejaculation Issues – Erectile dysfunction, premature, painful and elongated ejaculation are some inclusions. These can be usually painful and uncomfortable for the person affected.

8 Symptoms Of Bad Penis Conditions


Men should watch out for signs that may affect their penis health. Here are some of the symptoms that they should raise to a doctor when encountered.

  • Changes in Ejaculation Process
  • Blood in Urine or Semen
  • Painful Urination
  • Warts, Bumps, Rashes and Cuts
  • Severely Bent with Pain
  • Discharge
  • Severe Pain
  • Constant Itchiness

Your penis health relies on your ability to maintain a healthy way of life. Together with proper and regular maintenance, you can make sure that your penis is always in good working condition.

It is also important to know about dangers and their prevention, so you can avoid experiencing a bad penis condition. Remember, if you suffer from any troubling symptoms; don’t feel too embarrassed to see your doctor. They can help you feel healthy again quickly.

Penis Extension Methods for Easily Enhancing Your Member

No matter what other people say, men still has the final decision when it comes to the size of their own penis. If they are not satisfied with it, they will continue to feel inferior whatever their partners would say. This is where penis extension might enter the relationship. Though their partners may not require or oppose the use of penis extensions, men will still do everything to suffice their masculinity.

relationship Men with small penis who are in a relationship may aspire for a bigger tool to satisfy their partners in bed. They always have the thought that the bigger the manhood’s size, the better.

But what is the real say of women when it comes to penis extensions? Do they agree to their partners to make use of extenders in order to gain a boost?

Larger Or Smaller Penis

Which is better, a larger or a smaller penis?  Does size really matter? This is one of the main questions that lurk in the minds of many people.

For many girls, they prefer to have bigger penises as it adds to the stimulation. Smaller penises, on the other hand may require the male partner to perform harder in order to hit the sexually sensitive spots of the female sex organ.



Photo by Manu / CC BY

Though smaller penis can still satisfy a woman, a bigger manhood still has a different impact for them. Some females are generally interested to see and feel a huge penis. It adds up to their attraction and it can do a lot when it comes to foreplay.

Some women may say that the size does not matter to them. This statement can be true, but majority of females would prefer men with larger penis when it comes to sex. The answer here is very simple. Bigger penis gives a greater amount of sexual pleasure.

Keeping It A Secret

Once a man has made a decision and bought a penis extender, the nature is that they would initially think of keeping it to anyone else. This can be very difficult when it comes to men who are in a relationship. Keeping it from their partners can lead to mistrust, since this secret will be uncovered eventually.

Most partners would be very understanding when it comes to this matter. One problem is that men may feel embarrassed about bringing it up.  But for the relationship’s sake, men should still gather their courage and speak up about it to avoid trust issues. The best time to talk about this is while both parties are relaxed and alone with each other.

A Woman’s Perception About Penis Extension

partnerWomen can be pleased with the thought that their partner is trying their best to sexually satisfy them. They may also be open when it comes to the use of penis extension, but what concerns them more is the safety.

They will be more worried about the downsides that their significant other would go through with the use of such products. Bad media reports and the existence of rogue brands may have reached the attention of female partners.

This makes them more concerned for their other half. Because of this, the only thing that might help them agree with your decision to make use of penis extensions is if you bought the most reliable product in the market.

The Downsides

Here are the downsides that scare not only men users, but also their female partners.

  • Damaged Blood Vessels – The number one affected part with the misuse of penis extensions is the blood vessel. Due to tightness, lack of oxygen supply and trauma, the pathways of blood may be impacted. Varicose veins may occur and this could lead to a bad appearance of the penis.
  • painPain – You may experience some degree of pain while trying to wear the device. But this is normal, because of the pull applied by it.
    If the pain persists after you remove the device, you may need to see a doctor. There could be some damages to the penile tissues, which might result to the pain.
  • Irritation – For men who used cheaper, poorly constructed devices, irritation might occur and cause discomfort. This could be in the form of rashes, soreness, blisters and itchiness.

Penis extension may help solve the problem of a small penis. Before a you try one, it is still important to consider your partner’s feeling about this. If you have made the decision to go with penis extension, talk about it with your partner at the right time to avoid conflicts in the relationship.

By ensuring that you will use one carefully, your partner will feel better about your use of such a device. You will also be safer if you are careful and follow the instructions carefully.

Penis Extender: 4 Steps for Optimal Penis Enhancement

A natural way for penis enhancement without the need for painful surgery is making use of penis extender. If you want to avoid the harmful side effects of pills, you may also want to try a penis stretcher. When it comes to enhancement of manhood, many studies have proven penile expanders effective.


Men are fascinated when it comes to different kinds of penile extenders. Penis enlargement using different methods is one of the most discussed topics whenever men form a circle.

Some of the concerns that may arise about penile extenders are effectiveness and side effects. Many men also wonder how to use them and how they work.

The effectiveness of the penis extender may vary depending on how you use it and what type it is. Even so, this is a proven way to enhance the appearance, size and shape of your manhood. In case that you may want to know more about penis stretchers, read on.

How Penis Extenders Work

A penis extender is a traction device. It applies pressure or force to the penis in order for its tissues to adapt, gain muscles and look bigger in time. This device enables you to stretch the penis for a desired time.

A round ring attaches to the base of the shaft. The penis then goes through this round ring, while you extend the two rods. The head of the cock stretches away from the base. Tilting the screw will maintain the pull. This screw connects to the base of the ring surrounding the shaft. It will serve as a lock, so that the pulled body of the penis will not retract back.

This method of continuous traction contributes to boosting the penis size. Penile extender results often shows increase in size and length. These devices cannot also serve as penile girth extenders, as they also improve the girth.

Types Of Penis Extenders

When it comes to design, penis extenders used to fall into two basic types. One is the noose and the other one the strap.

Since the some incorporate the use of a cradle, the types have now expanded into four. The names of these types suggest both the appearance and how they work:

  • Removable Cradle Strap Design
  • Strap Design Only
  • Removable Cradle Noose Harness
  • Noose Harness Only

How To Use A Penis Extender

For better penile extender results, it is important to check on your frenulum. The frenulum or frenulum preputii penis, is an elastic strap of tissue located under the penis that goes from the foreskin to the vernal mucosa, which helps to contract the prepuce over the glans.

This part can be sensitive for some men. It is advisable to wear gauze or a piece cloth to protect this part before using a penis extender.

4 simple steps on how to use penis extender:

  • handFasten the strap to the cradle of the extender. This ensures that the strap will remain in place.
  • One of the most preferred methods is to leave the strap unattached from the side where your frequently used hand is. For example, if your dominant hand is on the right, you must leave the right strap unattached.
  • With your other hand, take your penis and pull the glans to the cradle of the penis extender.
    While keeping the glans on hold, fasten the strap up and over the penis and feel where it is the most comfortable. Depending on how you feel, and the comfort of your frenulum, you may want to leave an extra slack of skin to be above the grip point.
  • Secure the strap tightly after putting it through the opening on the corresponding side of the cradle. Do the same with the other side.
  • Be sure that there is enough tension on the penis. This will guarantee that the glans won’t slip out of the strap.
  • Lastly, tighten the strap two to three more times. Be careful and try not to shock your penis with a sudden pull. This step could be uncomfortable from the start. You must endure it until the penis adjusts with the force. If it hurts too much, loosen the tension.

Once you did the above steps, all you need to do is to wait. You can do whatever you want while sitting or lying down. Watch TV, do your computer work, make some calls or any activity which does not require too much movement of the whole body.

How Effective Are Cock Extenders?

The one question lurking in the minds of some men is, “Do penis extenders really work?” According to many studies, a penis extender is an effective device to improve the size, girth and appearance of a man’s cock.

weightliftingWith the use of traction, it makes the penis adapt to the force and eventually grow a new muscle tissue, just like weightlifting.

It works the same as some bodybuilding activities, wherein the steady application of force or pressure can naturally trigger the tissues to come up with a coping mechanism.

Side Effects Of A Penis Girth Extender

The use of a penis extender causes pain, irritation and some bruising, especially if you don’t use it properly. Out of all test subjects, only one of them quit, because he couldn’t handle the pain being produced by the traction. This device will surely work if you use it properly and given that your penis is already in a healthy condition.

  • Pain – This side effect can happen by the nature of penis or the way you use the penis extender. It is painful to use the device at the start, but it is not normal to experience it afterwards. Since every penis is different, the level of pain may range from almost harmless to excruciating.
  • Skin Irritation – The irritation may occur depending on the skin’s reaction to the material used to manufacture the penis extender.
  • penis enlargement device

    Photo by Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation / CC BY-SA 4.0

    This particular side effect also emphasizes the importance of following the manual.

  • With improper usage of the penis enlargement device, even the best brands may cause irritation.
  • Blood Vessel Damage – Defective devices or cheap devices that make use of unreliable materials can cause blood vessel damage. It occurs if you constrict the blood flow to the penis for a long time. This side effect can be awful to see. You may want to avoid buying a cheap penile stretcher if you don’t want this to happen.
  • Peyronie’s Disease – Commonly known as bent penis, Peyronie’s disease is one of the most serious side effects that could potentially happen. If the tension of a penis extender is too severe, it may forcefully bend the penis, leading to a traumatic damage. Rupture produced by a sudden or hard pull requires the immediate attention of a specialist.
  • Blood vessels

    Photo by Kelvinsong / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Weak Erections Or Impotence – The sudden pull may cause damage to your blood vessels and tissue in your penis.

  • This is a long-term effect of further misuse or inappropriateness of the device that can lead to difficulties with erections.
  • Tissue Loss – This is the rarest side effect with the usage of a penis extender.
    There may be cases where in the tissues will be depleted instead of increasing after a long-term use.
  • This happens due to misuse of the device.
    A very sensitive penis is also not appropriate to use of devices that can potentially damage its tissues instead of growing it.

Avoiding Side Effects Of A Penis Extender

There are many ways to avoid the side effects of penis extender. It is important for every man to keep these safety measures in mind before considering buying or using the device:

  • Consult a doctorKnow Your Penis. If you believe that your penis can’t resist pain or is sensitive to different kinds of applied force.
  • Doubt that you can get through the pain brought by the penis extender. Consult a doctor to learn more about your manhood.
  • Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions. Most of the side effects happen due to misuse. Remember that even the best brands of penis extender can damage your male sex organ if you failed to follow the manual
  • Feel Your Penis. If you sensed that it can’t take anymore of the pain, give it a rest or stop. Penis traction devices may not be compatible with other kinds of penis. With that, you can look for other alternatives for penis enlargement.
  • Use Only Trusted Brands. Cheap devices may potentially cause more side effects than the most reliable ones. If your penis is very important to you, go for the quality ones. The use of penis extender is a good way to enhance the appearance and size of your penis. With proper usage and enough knowledge about the product, you can make sure of a safe and effective enlargement process.

Create a Homemade Penis Extender in 10 Simple Steps

Penis extenders can be an expensive purchase for some people. However, there is another option that men can do to have their own penis enlargement tool without spending too much. You can save money by making your own homemade penis extender. This may sound a bit difficult, but if you make and use it properly, the effects could pay off big time.

medical experts

There is some doubt as to how penis extenders work, but many studies prove how effective they are for many men. In fact, medical experts are now recommending penis extender devices in at least 29 countries.

When it comes to a homemade penis extender, side effects may take place depending on how you construct it. Everything may come with a price, but this one is much less expensive than buying a penis extender in the marketplace.

Make sure to work with complete materials and remind yourself that there are still some safety concerns you should know about first. If you believe that you have good hands when it comes to creating things like this, then this task can be good for you.

Getting Started: Things That You Need

You may need to spend a few bucks to complete everything you need. Just make sure that you prepare everything for a smooth and continuous process. Here are the things that you need in order to create a homemade penis stretcher:

  • A long theraband, which is a long strip of rubber for strengthening various parts of your body. Many physical therapists use them.
  • A belt
  • Piece of cloth for wrapping the theraband
  • A thin, long thread
  • Adhesive tape

10 Steps For Making A Homemade Penis Enlarger

Follow these steps to make your homemade penis extender:

Remove your clothes

  1. Remove your clothes and make sure that you are not wearing anything.
  2. Wrap the belt around your waist.
  3. For men with foreskin, grab the head without pulling the foreskin back. If you are circumcised, carefully grab your penis beneath its head.
  4. Wrap the theraband around the penis twice. Use the thin cloth or thread to keep it in place.
  5. Place the cloth on the underside of your manhood and make a fold while wrapping the theraband.
  6. Make use of an adhesive tape to make the fold and the wrap more secure.
  7. Grab the thread or cloth and pull it towards the direction of your feet.Underwear
  8. Pull it gently again between your butt cheeks and pull it up to the height of the belt.
  9. Make a knot, which will help you to easily open and unwrap it later.
  10. Wear your underwear to conceal the penis extender.

There are more ways to create a homemade penis extender, but those may require the help of mechanical devices and huge machines. If you are not comfortable to use this homemade penis extender that you just made, consider buying the most reliable extender in the market.

Disadvantages Of Homemade Penis Extenders

A typical penis extender manufactured by heavy equipment in a factory has many advantages. This only means that a homemade penis extender may possess more risk to the penile health. It is important for you to be aware of these disadvantages before you make and use a homemade penis extender:

  • Homemade Penis Extenders Aren’t As Durable As Store Bought Ones. Since it didn’t undergo a keen quality check, it is most likely that the homemade penis extender may have more flaws. One of it is the possibility that it will malfunction or fail while being used.
  • Homemade Penis Extenders May Not Fit Properly. It is also possible for you to have troubles on fitting that penis extender that you just made. Since you only have insufficient tools, limited time and less experience, you may not be able to come up with the size that is just right for you.
  • homemade penis extenderThe Threat Of More Cuts And Bruises Is Possible. Damage to the penis may also occur when you use a homemade penis extender or it fails.
  • Since it didn’t go through a strict quality check, your personally made penis extender may be likely to cause more mishaps.
  • Excruciating Pain And Discomfort. If you use it wrong, the homemade penis extender may cause an excruciating pain. It is normal to feel a sensation of discomfort while trying to use any kind of penis extender, but having it after it has been taken off is a different case. For matters such as this, it is important for the user to see a doctor for immediate medical attention.
  • Blood vessels

    Photo by Kelvinsong / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Nerve, Tissue And Blood Vessel Damage. You could damage the nerves, tissues and blood vessels that reach the penis if the homemade extender is not used properly or suddenly becomes defective.

  • These mishaps could lead to erectile dysfunction, lesser sexual drive and numbness of the penis.
  • Inflammation And Irritation. You could experience soreness and itchiness if the you don’t use the device properly or it doesn’t fit right. Apart from this, redness may also occur, making it scary as the penis may not look like its usual self after the process. To prevent this, a user must take the right steps in creating the homemade penis extender. The use of the best materials may also play a factor.
  • tissue of your penis Deformed And Bent Penis. Due to sudden force you apply while putting on the homemade penis extender, your penis may become deformed or bent.
  • Depending on the impact, the tissue of your penis may be traumatized, which could result in a bent penis. There are times when a patient may find it hard to have an erection or sexual drive after recovering from such an incident.

Homemade penis extenders could be as wonderful as your typical penis extender that you can find in the marketplace. These can be much less costly than buying a manufacturer’s device, which may be effective after a few months of use. But, since untrained people create them, homemade extenders could cause problems, especially if you aren’t careful. If you want to be safe, not sorry, consider purchasing one instead.

Penis Injections: 11 Most-Asked Questions Answered

Many men receive penis injections to achieve stronger and powerful erections. Usually, most of these men are active and want to maintain their sexual potency for a long time. Also, men who are scared of going under the knife find penis injection therapy a less invasive and safer alternative. This is the reason penis injections are becoming so popular.

If you are one of those men looking to have firmer erections, you must be curious to learn more about penis injection therapy. This article is put together with frequently asked questions related to penile injection therapy administered for attaining erections. Read below to find the answers you are searching for.

1. How Did They Discover Penile Injection Therapy?


In 1977, a surgeon performing bypass surgery accidently injected a certain drug in the area near the patient’s penis.

The surgeon later noticed that the penis of his patient, who was actually impotent, became rigid and erect. After this discovery, doctors found a cure for erectile dysfunction through administering penis injections to impotent patients.

Although popular, this method of treatment to cure erectile dysfunction comes with lots of controversy. There are 10 most important queries that are still unanswered in relation to the long-term safety and effectiveness of penis injections.

2. Who Is A Good Candidate For Penis Injection Therapy?

Generally, men who are suffering from a severe form of erectile dysfunction and who respond positively to test injections are candidates for penis injection therapy. However, nowadays most men who want to improve the quality of their erections are also getting penis injections.

3. How Do The Medications In Penis Injections Work?

The medicines used in penis injections are not dependent on nerve stimulation. They help achieve an erection by relaxing the smooth muscles and widening the blood vessels of the penis.

4. Is Penis Injection Therapy Painful?


The needle used in penile injection therapy is ultra-fine. The majority of patients who receive penis injections can feel the needle, but experience no pain.

Furthermore, the hole caused by the injection is very minute and develops little bleeding and bruising.

Few patients feel transient pain at the base of the penis, which is generally tolerant and does not interfere with activities, such as sexual intercourse.

Patients who take drugs such as Coumadin, persantine or aspirin can safely undergo penis injection therapy.

5. How Often Can You Get Penis Injections?

Patients should not have more than ten penis injections per month. Moreover, the dates for receiving the injections should be spaced evenly apart. The site of the injection should be changed from the left to the right side of the penis when receiving the next penis injection.

6. How Long Does It Take For Penis Injections To Work?

doctorThe patient may experience an erection within 10 to 20 minutes of receiving a penis injection. Doctors recommend holding the site for a few minutes after the injection.

Firmer erections can be achieved by indulging in foreplay before sexual intercourse. Generally, the time needed for an erection to occur following a penis injection usually depends on the extent of arterial blockage.

7. How Long Will The Erections Last?

Following a penis injection, patients may enjoy the feeling of having a fuller erection for at least 20 minutes to an hour. It also depends on the patient’s anatomy.

8. Is The Treatment Of Arterial Blockage Possible With Penis Injections?

high blood pressurePenis injections are not a permanent treatment for problems with achieving erections. They do not permanently cure or reverse the arterial blockages.

Moreover, penis injections may not work as effectively after some time, especially for patients who are suffering from conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Also after receiving the treatment for a couple of months, heavy smokers may not experience the same effect of the penis injections that they did at the start.

9. What Happens If The Doctor Injects It In The Wrong Place?

An erection will only occur if the drug is injected into the penis body. If the drug is injected into the veins, bruising may occur. If a patient receives the injection into the urethra, there will be no erection. It is possible that injecting in the urethra or any other incorrect place can cause other issues. If the injection is made underneath the skin, swelling may occur for some time. The patient will also not experience an erection.

10. What Are The Side Effects Of Penis Injections?

Undoubtedly, no invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction is safe. Penis injections also pose numerous risks, including:

  • At the site of the injection, the skin may develop a small bruise or hematoma. A small lump or nodule may also develop if the same site is injected multiple times. Although rare, fibrosis or scarring can occur on the penis. A hardened area called plaque can also occur at the site of the injection.
  • drugsSide effects may also occur because of the nature of the drugs used for injecting. Painful, prolonged erections, a condition known as priapism, may occur.
  •  This condition usually develops due to the administration of the wrong dose of medicine.

The patient may experience an erection for three hours straight after the injection. Priapism is established when an erection lasts for more than four hours. If this happens, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

  • A few of the rare side effects of penis injections are dizziness and headache. Even rarer is a condition where there is an increase in liver enzymes. A patient may also develop dull pain in the penis after injection therapy.
  • One of the risky side effects of the drugs used in penis injections is a fluctuating and skipping heartbeat. This usually occurs due to an overdose of the medicine. Other risks include low blood pressure, diarrhoea and abdominal discomfort.

11. Is Penis Injection Therapy Effective?

Doctors administer penis injections to patients who are clinically diagnosed as impotent. Men who are usually active and want to increase their sexual health should consider using other natural male enhancement techniques, such as penis exercises and supplements.

Penis exercises are an effective method of curing sexual issues, as well for increasing penis size. When coupled with natural male enlargement supplements from, the results are remarkable.

Penis Enlargement Oil: The 3 E’s of Erectile Enhancement

One of the most talked about issues among men is male enhancement. Many men are constantly searching for ways to make their penis size bigger and increase their sexual potency. Therefore, many manufacturers have come up with lots of male enhancement techniques.

Penis enlargement oil is one of those affordable and popular choices that serve as an easy way to increase penis size. But, do such oils really work wonders? Let’s have a quick read to learn about male enlargement oils in detail and see if they live up to the tall claims made by their advertisers. So, read on and learn the truth.

What Is Penis Enlargement Oil?

herbsPenis enlargement oil can increase penis size. It often contains a blend of ingredients proven to enlarge the penis and enable effective erections during sexual intimacy.

Most popular oils contain a fusion of aphrodisiac herbs, spices and essential oils that increase blood circulation.

Although popular among men, it is not possible to make out the exact ingredients contained in most of the penis enlargement oils available on the market. This is because the FDA has not regulated these products.

So, there is a significant possibility that manufacturers can avoid including all the ingredients listed on the packaging. However, it is also true that the efficacy of male enhancement oil generally depends on the brand and reputation of the manufacturers.

How Is Penis Enhancement Oil Beneficial?

Penis Enhancement Oil

Most manufacturers claim that they test their oil to make sure it is safe and proven to increase blood circulation through topical application. Some of the beneficial effects of penis oils are:

  • They can cause permanent penis enlargement, up to three inches in a just a few weeks of regular application.
  • They can also increase the girth of your penis. It can help you achieve more powerful, stronger and firmer erections.
  • They can solve other sexual issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

How to Use Penis Oils For Effective Results

There are many ways to use male enhancement oils. It depends on the results you are aiming for. Read below and find out the best way to use them in order to attain effective results:

  • For Penis Enlargement: Take a damp warm cloth and wrap it around your penis. Unwrap the cloth after a few minutes, and then apply five to ten drops of oil onto the penis and massage gently using the jelqing exercise. Do this twice a day for early results.
  • drops of oil

    Photo by Oceanflynn / CC BY-SA 4.0

    For Stronger Erections: Apply a few drops of oil onto the penis twice a day. Most manufacturers recommend you massage the oil in an outward motion for some time, so that it is effectively absorbed into the skin.

  • For Premature Ejaculation: You may need to apply penis oil for more than a month to treat premature ejaculation. Massage your penis with the oil in an outward direction twice a day for favourable results.

How Does Penis Enlargement Oil Work?

Penis enlargement oils go topically on the penis. They act as vasodilators and work by stimulating blood flow to the male sexual organ. The effects may vary in accordance with each product. Some penis enlargement oils cause general stimulation and increase the blood flow, while others may just numb the penis and help to prevent premature ejaculation.

Are There Any Side Effects?


Always use penis enlargement oil with caution, since some of the ingredients can cause allergic reactions. So, be sure to check the ingredients before using oil on your penis.

Massage slowly and carefully while you are using penis oil, since vigorous massage can damage the delicate blood vessels.

Men with serious health ailments, such as hypertension and diabetes should consult their physician before using penis oil. Penis oils are only for topical use.

Ingestion may result in severe side effects, including nausea and headache. It is important that you read the product guidelines thoroughly before using any penis oil.

Do The Benefits of Penis Enlargement Oil Last?

Many advertisers claim that their penis enhancement oil is effective enough to increase the penis size forever. However, most men have reported that these oils actually work only temporarily.

Penis enlargement oils do work to stimulate blood flow, but the effect is only brief. After some time, the penis returns to its original size. It is also worth noting that using large amounts of penis enlargement oil will not bring permanent and long-lasting results.

male enhancement exercises

Photo by ShinyFan / CC BY-SA 2.5

Many manufacturers cleverly state in their advertising that penis enlargement oil can help increase penis size when used along with male enhancement exercises, such as jelqing.

This actually means that the penis oil will only work as a lubricant to help you with the exercises, and the real growth of your penis will occur when you do the exercises regularly.

The cumulative effect of your persistence and regular penis exercises work together to help. However, this does not mean that penis enlargement oil is useless.

There are definitely some benefits of using topical oil. These oils assist in your exercise program, but considering them a magical remedy to increase penis size is just a myth.

The oil alone will not achieve drastic results for your overall sexual health and penis size. You will need to pair this technique with other methods, such as natural male enlargement supplements and penis exercises in order to see noticeable results.

Proceed with Caution

positive feedbackMany manufacturers of penis enlargement oil make false claims about their products, but they have little evidence to back up their effectiveness.

However, this does not mean there are no proven methods of male enhancement. Some methods out there are getting lots of praise and positive feedback.

One such product is the natural male enhancement supplement from It is composed of safe and natural ingredients that effectively increase the sexual potency, as well as the size of the penis. Try it along with your regular penis exercises and a healthy diet. You will definitely see noticeable results in just a few weeks.