Penis Enlargement Device: 4 Benefits for Your Growing Problem

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are looking for a way to enlarge the size of your penis for better sexual performance. Indeed, having a small manhood can be very embarrassing. Some men with a small penis abstain from sex, simply because it is too shameful to stand naked before a lady with a finger-size something between the legs.

If you have a small penis, you are not alone, so there is no cause for alarm. You can enlarge the size of your penis with a penis enlargement device. Many men have tried it and have achieved good results. Try it and it will work for you. Learn as much as you can about them, so you can find the best penis enlargement tool for you.

What Is A Penis Enlargement Device?

Penis enlargement devices, including penis stretchers, are tools developed to increase the size of the penis. There are other methods of achieving penis enlargement, but the use of a penis enlargement device is proven more effective.

penis enlargementThis explains why it is growing in popularity. If you are searching for a good means of adding inches to your manhood, you should consider using a penis enlargement system.

People using a penis enlargement machine achieve better and remarkable results within the shortest time. A good aspect of a penis enlargement machine is that it is convenient to use. You can even use some before, during and after sex.

Penis enlargement devices are available in a number of types. Each type has its own mechanism and works in a different way. However, they all achieve the same result, namely, enlargement of the penis for mature enjoyment of sex. These penis enlargement tools can give other benefits in the process.

Men with erectile dysfunction can use them in order to improve this condition. They are also helpful in the treatment of premature ejaculation. However, as normal in life, some types of penis enlargement systems are more effective and cause little or no side effects compared to others. Below are some types of penis enlargement tools.

Types of Penis Enlargement Devices

Penis enlargement devices have become popular as they have some benefits. They are grouped according to the way they work. Here are some common types that have received positive online reviews.

  • stretching the penisStretchers And Extenders – These types of penis enlargement tools work on the premise that stretching the penis helps to increase its size. Here are the types:
  • PE Weight: This refers to a lightweight hung on the penis using a sleeve or a wrap. It is a type of penis stretching machine.
  • Penis Master: This penis enlargement tool extends the penis when it is wrapped around it. A strap used to fasten the device around the penis is included.
  • Vac Extender: This product keeps the penis extended by encircling the head of the penis using a comfortable silicone sleeve.
  • Clamping Devices This group of penis enlargement devices works like a cock ring. There are various types of clamping penis enlargement machines, including air clamp and cable clamps.
  • Jelq Penis Enhancement Devices As the name suggests, this group of penis enhancement devices replicate the effects of a jelq. However, it is more effective than a jelq. These devices can be utilised to obtain a better grip while stretching. It comes with two padded cylinders meant to hold the penis during stretching, allowing the hands some freedom.
  • Penis Enlargement Hangers  Hangers are similar to stretching machines to a certain degree, but they are more effective.
    One end of this type of penis enlargement device to hang a weight, while the other end is attached to some part of the shaft of the penis, but not to its head.
    It is available in a number of types. Some available types are BibHanger, Max-Vac which hangs and pumps blood as well, and Redi-Stretcher.
  • Penis Enlargement Pumps

    Photo by Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Penis Enlargement Pumps Pumps help men with erectile dysfunction to get and maintain erections. It pumps blood to the penis in order to keep it erect.

  • A special rubber band goes around the base during an erection; then the plastic cylinder that serves as the pump is removed.

Why Use A Penis Enlargement Device?

There are other methods of achieving a bigger penis size. Yet, many people prefer using penis enhancement devices. Why do they prefer penis enlargement devices rather than other methods or surgery? The answer is obvious.

This is because a penis enlargement system gives them numerous benefits that other methods may not. Here are the 4 factors why many men with a small penis make use of a penis enlargement system:

The 4 Benefits:

  • partnerIt Offers Other Advantages – As mentioned above, penis enlargement devices provide sexual benefits other than just increasing the size of the penis. If you enjoy masturbation, you will derive sexual satisfaction as you use the machine.  It will help to stimulate you sexually. Secondly, some of the machines help you to have and sustain erections, making it possible for you to satisfy your partner in bed and satisfy yourself.
  • Easy And Comfortable Penis enhancement devices are very easy and comfortable to use. They do not cause any pain, as no incision is involved. If you are afraid to undergo penis enlargement surgical procedures, you should consider using machines meant for enlargement of the penis.
  • It Is More Affordable Penis enlargement surgery can be very expensive. Only a few people can pay for such operations.So, if you want to spend less and still add extra inches to your manhood, then you should consider buying this product.You can buy it online from The site sells quality penis enlargement devices at affordable prices. You can be sure of buying quality products from this site.
  • embarrassmentIt Has Little Or No Side Effects The use of a penis enlargement device has little or no side effects, unlike surgical procedures that can make you permanently erect, causing you embarrassment in public.

Penis Enlargement Creams: 4 Factors for Finding the Best

One of the causes of breakups in relationships is a lack of sexual satisfaction. If a man is not able to satisfy a woman sexually, he may have problems in his relationships. Penis size and girth help in giving better sexual satisfaction to women. However, some men have a small penis, which causes them some sexual problems.

Such men sometimes feel ashamed and embarrassed to have sex because of the size of their penis, even if they are able to last longer in bed. Men with a small penis can take advantage of penis enlargement creams advertised on the internet nowadays.

What Is Penis Enlargement Cream?

What Is Penis Enlargement Cream?

Penis enlargement cream is any cream prepared with various ingredients such as vitamins, hormones, herbs, minerals and others which can enlarge the size of the penis.

Penis enlargement creams are available in a number of varieties.

Each of the types is applied topically. But the major difference between various penis enlargement creams is the ingredients used in preparing them. Some include natural and organic ingredients.

You will also find male enhancement creams made with chemicals. Those made with chemicals may give quicker results, but they may also cause terrible side effects.

If you want to use a penis enlargement cream to gain extra penis size, you may want to consider buying a product made with natural ingredients. Here are some of the natural ingredients used in preparing some penis enlargement creams:

  • Aloe VeraAloe Vera: This is a popular plant known for its medicinal effects. It is used in preparing penis enhancement creams and other herbal products.
  • The plant contains substances that soothe the skin when it is applied. It is capable of penetrating the skin quickly.
  • Mango Butter: This is another ingredient you can find in most penis enlargement creams. The ingredients in this substance help to increase libido.
  • Algae Extract: This ingredient helps the penis to absorb other ingredients contained in penis enlargement creams by making the epidermis of the penis smooth.
  • L-Arginine: This is an amino acid that helps to increase the flow of blood to the penis. It does this by increasing the quantity of nitric oxide in the body, which widens the blood vessels and causes increased blood flow to the penis.
  • BearberryBearberry extract: This has been used for ages in traditional medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and low libido.
  • It helps men to achieve and maintain stronger erections during sexual intercourse.

As there are different products, you may find a penis enlargement cream that contains more than these ingredients, or even different types of ingredients.

But, it is important that you know the ingredients used in preparing any male enhancement cream you want to try. It is not advisable to use a cream for enlarging the penis that contains any ingredients that you are allergic to, for example.

How To Use Penis Enhancement Cream

Blood vessels

Photo by Kelvinsong / CC BY-SA 3.0

As mentioned above, penis enhancement creams are topical formulations.

This means that they are basically meant to be applied on the skin. So, you should not swallow them.

Apply some to your penis and then smoothly, then rub and massage it on your manhood for quicker absorption.

The ingredients in the cream will widen the blood vessels for improved blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow to the penis will help you to obtain stronger erections. It will also help to increase the size of your penis. However, it is important that you read the user instructions or manufacturer guidelines on how to use the product.You have to use some creams for minutes and some for hours before sexual intercourse.

How Does Penis Enlargement Cream Work?

As the name suggests, penis enlargement cream is meant to add some inches to the penis by expanding its chambers. The cream also contains a heating substance which enhances the growth of the veins and vessels in the penis.

corpora cavernosaWhen the blood vessels become dilated, there will be an increase in the flow of blood to the chamber of the penis known as the corpora cavernosa.

This part of the penis holds the blood for stronger and firmer erections during sexual intercourse.

Penis enhancement creams also contain herbs and vitamins that increase libido and enhance blood flow in the penis. The action of these vitamins and herbs also helps to enhance penis girth and widen the blood vessels for improved circulation of blood to the penis. There are also some products that contain ingredients that are capable of straightening a penis curvature.

How Effective Are Penis Enlargement Creams?

penis enlargement creamThere is ongoing research to scientifically prove the effectiveness of penis enlargement cream. No conclusive evidence has been found.

But many men have tried them and obtained better and quicker results. There is optimism that in the near future scientific evidence will emerge on the effectiveness of these penis enlargement creams and lotions.

However, if you are disappointed in the size of your penis, you may consider using these creams for enhanced sexual performance. Others have used them and left positive feedback. Hopefully, you will have a positive experience if you use them, too.

Precautions To Take When Buying Penis Enhancement Topical Products

The availability of numerous advertisements for penis enhancement products, including creams, each claiming to be the best product, makes it difficult for consumers to make the right choice. When shopping for penis enhancement topical products and creams.

Here are 4 important tips that you should apply in order to get an effective and quality product:

  • product reviewsTake time to research the product you want to buy in order to determine its quality and effectiveness.
    Read the product reviews to learn what other users have to say about the product.
  • Take a look at the ingredients used in preparing the cream to know if you are allergic to them.
  • Buy creams made with natural and organic ingredients.
  • Buy from a reliable store or site like Read reviews of the site to find out the experience of previous buyers.

With the above tips, you will be able to buy a quality penis enlargement cream. Remember to consider any skin allergies before applying a penis enhancement cream or lotion. Affordable and easy to use, these products may be the answer to your prayers.

Natural Penis Enlargement: 4 Perks That May Surprise You

If you are not happy with the size of your penis, you will probably have considered many penis enlargement options, including natural penis enlargement, penis enlargement surgery, penis enlargement creams and penis enlargement devices.

Each method of enlarging the size of the penis is good, but natural penis growth is a better option for men looking for a means of adding some inches to their manhood without spending a dime.

Here, you will find useful information about all natural penis enlargement techniques. Before looking at these natural penis enlargement methods, you should know what natural male enhancement is all about.

What Is Natural Penis Enlargement?

As the name already tells you, natural penis enlargement refers to the method of achieving penis enlargement naturally. It is the utilisation of natural methods, such as exercise and herbs to enlarge the size of the penis.

creamAs mentioned above, there are many penis enlargement methods advertised on the internet nowadays.

Do not confuse the use of natural male enlargement techniques with these other means, such as the use of weights, pumps, pills, creams and extenders.

With natural penis enhancement, all size gains are achievable via the use of penis enlargement herbs, exercise, massage and other natural methods. The penis grows naturally when these methods are utilised and thus, they do not cause any side effects.

Besides, the size gains obtained quickly are without the use of any chemical-laden medications. Here are the 4 most amazing natural penis enlargement techniques that you should know about:

Penis Enlargement Herbs

One of the ways to enlarge your penis naturally is by using herbal penis enlargement products. These products help men with a small penis to increase its size naturally. There is a tendency for some people to confuse these products with pills, creams and other chemical laden medications used for increasing the size of the penis.

male enhancement productsThere is a big difference between these medications and natural male enhancement herbs. Herbal male enhancement products are prepared with only natural ingredients and organic materials.

They do not contain any chemicals. They work in a natural way without altering any natural biological processes.

Given this, male enhancement herbs are effective as natural penis enlargement methods. There are different herbs for penis enlargement provided by different companies. Manufacturers market a lot of them on the internet.

However, you should be very careful when buying these products, because some of them are fakes. If you are looking for quality and unadulterated herbal male enhancement products, is one site you should trust.

The site sells only quality herbs for penis enlargement and other penis enlargement products. Besides, they provide these products at affordable prices. So, save money and buy original natural penis enlarger products from the site for quicker results.

Natural Penis Enlargement: Massagers

size of the penis

A massager is a penis enlargement device that massages the penis and naturally stimulates it in order to ensure that blood flows into it. Though a machine is utilised here, the increase in the size of the penis happens naturally.

One good thing about this technique is that it you can combine it with other natural penis enlargement techniques to obtain quicker results. Secondly, it does not give rise to any troubling side effects.

Kegel Exercises are Not Just for Women

Kegel exercises are a natural male enhancement technique meant to help men with premature ejaculation to control ejaculation, satisfy their partners and obtain better sexual satisfaction themselves.

The exercise helps to strengthen the PC muscle, which controls the flow of blood, urine and sperm to the penis. To do this exercise, start by identifying your PC muscles, which is not a difficult task. Just hold back your urine after urinating for some time. The muscles used in holding the urine are your PC muscles.

PC musclesTake a deep breath while holding your PC muscles. Keep breathing and then relax after a count of 10. You may find it difficult to hold them for the full count, however, with time; you will be able to do this.

Keep doing the exercise as often as you can. If you get it right, you will experience some stimulating feelings in your penis.

The benefit of this method is that you can do it at any time without the person sitting next to you noticing what you are doing. The increase in the flow of blood to the penis will help to enlarge it.

Ballooning Method

partnerThis is another effective natural penis enlargement method and it is similar to Kegel exercise. However, the major difference is that you will require a partner in order to perform the exercise.

If you are having intercourse and you are getting the feeling that you want to ejaculate, stop thrusting and hold back for a while.

Once the feeling subsides, you can continue thrusting. Keep holding back until you are no longer able to do so. This method helps to increase blood flow to the penis. The PC muscles get stronger, too. In this way, the penis will gradually gain size.

Other penis enlargement exercises are:

  • Jelquing
  • Horizontal Exercise
  • Basic Stretching

4 Benefits of Using Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

enlarging the size of the penisNatural penis enlargement methods have many benefits that give them an edge over other methods of enlarging the size of the penis. Here are some of the benefits you will obtain by enlarging your penis in a natural way.

  • Affordable: Natural penis enhancement is highly affordable. Besides herbal products and massagers, the rest of the techniques will not cost you anything but time.
  • No Side Effects: Natural penis enhancement methods increase the size of the penis naturally. So, they do not cause any side effects. No incisions are involved, thus you will not have any pain.
  • Easy: The exercises are not complicated or strenuous. Anyone who wants to add some inches to their penis can do them.
  • Quicker Results: If you perform the techniques effectively, you will obtain remarkable penis enlargement over time. Further, you can combine multiple natural penis enlargement techniques for quicker results.

Natural Male Enhancement Pills: 4 Ways They Really Help

Sexual intimacy is an important part of the relationship between partners, since it strengthens their physical, as well as emotional bond. However, some men are unable to satisfy their women in bed because of many sexual health issues, such as weak erections, small penis size and inability to achieve orgasm.

There are many reasons for these sexual dysfunctions including stress, trauma and even certain medications.One popular and widely used means of male enhancement is herbal male enhancement pills.

They are all-natural and provide amazing results.In order to overcome these sexual problems, male enlargement products provide men with a safe and effective alternative. However, many men are still sceptical about using these supplements. The question which many men want an answer to is can natural male enhancement pills help to improve their sexual health? If you are also one of those men, read on to learn how natural penis enlargement pills can help you in your quest to achieve a longer, thicker and firmer penis.

What Should You Know About Natural Male Enhancement Pills?

Men are always on the lookout for various ways to increase their sexual stamina, penis size and overall sexual performance in bed.

With the advent of natural male enhancement pills, more and more men are trying them to attain the size they have always desired and to know the truth regarding their efficacy.

The efficacy of natural male enhancement pills is dependent on the type of supplements you are using to improve your sexual performance. Thus, be sure to buy branded and clinically proven products to enjoy all the sexual benefits.

Why Use Natural Male Enhancement Pills?

vitamins for menNatural male enlargement products are available in many forms. The most popular ones are in pill form.

These male enhancement pills are small, dense and filled with nutrition, minerals and vitamins for men of all ages.

These pills can help you attain the sex life you have always wanted. With just a few male enlargement pills per day, you can expect to see an increased penis size and improved erections. Here are many reasons why male enhancement pills are popular among men:

  • Effective Ingredients: Natural male enlargement pills contain ingredients, such as zinc, vitamin B, minerals and other herbs that are effective and result-oriented. These ingredients increase overall energy and stamina while making you sexually fit and healthy. 
  • headacheSafe To Use: Natural male enhancement supplements are safer to use than other invasive treatments such as pulleys, pumps, extenders and surgery.
  • There are practically no side effects that can occur from taking an effective and natural male enhancement supplement. The risk of an allergic reaction, headache, stomach upset and other problems that can occur with synthetic male enhancement pills is low.

Natural male enhancement pills are free of chemicals; thus, they are safe to use over the long term. However, take care that you do not overdose on such supplements. Consumption of more than the recommended amounts of vitamins or minerals can be harmful to your body. Although it takes a lot to overdose, it is always good to be informed. 

  • doctor’s prescriptionAffordable: Natural male enhancement pills are affordable and widely available. You can easily order them online without a doctor’s prescription.
  • A single pack of natural male enlargement pills will help you immensely.
  •  Compared to other ways of boosting your sexual health, natural male enhancement pills are economically priced. You will be amazed to experience increased overall energy and sexual stamina without costing you a fortune.

4 ways the Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Work?

Natural male enhancement supplements work effectively to boost your sexual health. They help to:

  • Increase The Secretion Of Nitric Oxide: In order to achieve a great erection, it is important to have effective secretion of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide works to relax your blood vessels in order to increase the flow of blood into the penis. This in turn increases the size and duration of your erection.
  • Natural male enhancement pills contain herbs that are known to increase the formation of nitric oxide and also prevent the formation of the chemical PDE5.
  • A few of these effective herbs are ginseng, cnidium and horny goat weed. These herbs increase the blood flow all over your body so that adequate amounts of blood can flow towards the genitals.
  • Increase Production Of Testosterone: Testosterone is an important sex hormone that controls the libido. These herbs are effective enough to naturally improve testosterone secretion in men.
  • male enhancement pillsIncrease Libido: There are effective natural herbs in natural male enhancement pills that work to increase the sexual drive in males.
  • They reduce stress and increase energy levels in men to increase their ability to perform well in bed.
  • Increase Overall Sexual Health: Natural male enhancement pills make your life sexually healthy and fulfilling. Most men use pills to boost their stamina and the size of their penis. These pills also improve the quality of your sperm and semen, as well as help you to have control over your ejaculation.

The Best Natural Male Enhancement Pill

There are many varieties and brands of all natural male enhancement pills available on the market, but not all are effective. The efficacy of supplements is dependent on the type and quality of the ingredients used. The brand of the products also determines if the natural male enhancement pill you are using is worth your efforts.

You are what you eat. This is simple yet true. Thus, whatever you consume is reflected by your body. If you are consuming substances proven to increase your sexual stamina and penis size, then undoubtedly you will see amazing benefits.

Natural male enhancement pillsNatural male enhancement pills from Extenze are clinically endorsed and recommended by doctors to be effective and safe to use for treating sexual health issues such as smaller penis size, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low sexual performance.

The regular usage of these natural male enhancement pills will not only improve your sexual performance, but also your overall confidence. Over time, you will gain a bigger penis and firmer erections that will last longer.

12 Natural Male Enhancement Foods for a Bigger Manhood

Invasive methods of male enlargement such as pulleys, pumps and surgeries can just be too scary and expensive for men who want to increase penis size and strengthen sexual potency.

Most men follow these male enlargement techniques for quick and easy results, but they fail to understand that these methods can have severe side effects. There are other simple, yet powerful ways to get back your lost sexual vigour.

Men who want to enhance their sexual health by using safe techniques can follow a natural male enhancement diet. Also known as aphrodisiacs, they work by generating sexual arousal and excitement after you consume them. There is no need to search for such foods in special grocery stores, or order them online, since most of these natural male enhancement foods are easily available in your local grocery store.

The Top 12 Natural Male Enhancement Foods

Many men may not believe it, but adding healthy and natural male enhancement foods to their diet can work wonders in their efforts to increase their sexual stamina and overall sexual health. Some of the effective foods for male enhancement size are listed below:


1.  Onions: The vitamins, phytochemicals and antioxidants present in onions make it one of the sought-after natural male enhancement foods. Eating small chopped onions as a salad or using them when cooking can help you achieve great erections.

2.  Chocolate: Chocolate is one of the popular and effective natural male enhancement foods.


No wonder they are also considered to be a precious gift to your partner and therefore are popular on those special days. Chocolate contains the chemical serotonin, which affects the brain and promotes the secretion of feel-good hormones.

These good hormones make the person more inclined towards sexually pleasing their partner. Phenylethylamine is another remarkable ingredient in chocolate, which works to stimulate sexual activities in individuals.

Salmon3.  Salmon: Being a rich source of omega fatty acids, salmon is a great food for increasing the blood flow into the body and the penis.Salmon also contains good fats that are essential for the formation of the sex hormone known as testosterone.

It has been found that people who follow a low-fat diet are often deficient in the sex hormones, which are important for maintaining sexual health.


4.  Bananas: Bananas are rich in minerals and vitamins such as potassium and B6, which are important for regulating optimum functioning of your body.

Potassium works to increase stamina and energy and clears your body of excessive amounts of sodium while allowing you to perform well in bed.

Bananas help to enhance sexual potency since they contain the precursor to dopamine, which has been shown to affect sexual desire. Dopamine also works to help enhance the erection quality of the penis. It contains the enzyme bromelain, which can reverse and prevent impotence and enhance sexual desire.Watermelon

5.    Watermelon: Since watermelons are rich in vitamin C, they help to increase the body’s immune system.

Citrulline, a chemical that is found in abundance in watermelon, relaxes the blood vessels and increases blood flow throughout the body in the same way that male enlargement supplements do.

chili pepper

6. Chili Peppers: Hot chili peppers are composed of effective ingredients, such as magnesium, potassium and iron. You may have felt your face flushing after consuming them.

This happens because they dilate the blood vessels. There are certain chemicals in chili peppers that increase the flow of blood into the various parts of the body, including your penis, to help achieve a stronger erection.

Garlic7.   Garlic: Garlic is yet another one of the popular natural male enhancement foods. It contains allicin, which increases blood flow to the genitals.

It allows men to have a stronger and rock hard erection for a longer duration. The only downside of using garlic is its smell. Your breath can have a pungent garlic smell after eating it.

If you to want to avoid its strong smell, you can consider taking garlic capsules that are easily available in many local pharmacies. Or you can eat mints or other flavoured chewable tablets to counter the strong smell of garlic.

celery8.    Celery: Surprisingly, celery is one of the beneficial natural male enhancement foods.

It contains the hormone androsterone, which is released into the atmosphere through evaporating sweat. When inhaled by your partner, these hormones can take your lovemaking to another passionate level.

Wine: You may have heard that alcohol can diminish your potency for performing in bed. However, research indicates that consuming a moderate amount of wine with your dinner is a great way to boost your sexual health.

Wine is a rich source of antioxidants and phytochemicals, which support stronger erections as well as heart health. Rasveratrol is one of the effective phytochemicals contained in wine that can increase testosterone levels considerably.

10.  Whole Grains: Whole grains are natural male enhancement foods that are a rich source of thiamine, which stimulates the nervous system.

It is important to note that your brain and nervous system play an integral role in exaggerating your sexual feelings. If your brain is able to interpret sexual signals, you can have heightened sexual pleasure.

Many men have benefitted from consuming whole grains and they enjoy sexual intimacy with their partner as never before. So, it’s time that you exclude junk and processed foods from your diet and include whole grains for experiencing heightened sexual pleasure.

oyster11.  Oysters: Oysters have been regarded as an excellent food for increasing the sexual power of both men and women.

Studies indicate that oysters are composed of effective ingredients and amino acids that increase the level of the sex hormones.

Most of the popular supplements for enhancing sexual activities contain oysters as one of the main ingredients. Oysters are rich sources of zinc, which is known to increase the quality and amount of sperm while helping men to attain better erections.

Blueberries: Acai berries and Acerola are regarded as effective and natural male enhancement foods. They are composed of antioxidants, nutrients and anthocyanin that are known to increase the flow of blood into various parts of the body.

Men who are working towards improving their sexual health by using various techniques, such as male enlargement supplements from Extenze should also add natural male enhancement foods to their diet. To get the most out of these foods, they should avoid eating junk food, dairy, refined food, fried and spicy foods, caffeine and sugar. All it takes is a few basic changes in what you eat to help make a huge difference in your sex life.

Male Performance Enhancers: 5 Tricks for Best Results

Male performance enhancers help men achieve a sustained and stronger erection, bigger penis size and fulfilling sexual pleasure. With the introduction of innovative male enhancement techniques, many men have been able to revive their lost sexual relationships with their partners.

partnersEffective male performance enhancers not only cure sexual health issues, such as erection quality, desire and stamina, but also improve the sperm quality.

This is highly beneficial for women who are unable to conceive because of the poor sperm quality of their partners.

This article is put together to help you learn some of the effective and proven male performance enhancers to enhance your love life. Discover these world-wide accepted techniques, and then choose the one that’s best for you.


Be Safe, Not Sorry: 5 Healthy Male Performance Enhancers for best results.

Your penis works best when you are healthy overall. If you maintain your emotional and physical well-being, your sexual potency will improve tremendously. To maintain your optimal health, it is important that you follow these rules:

  • SmokingQuit Smoking: Men who smoke have a greater chance of experiencing a low sex drive than men who don’t.
  • Smoking damages the arteries that carry blood to various organs of the body.
  • Reduce Alcohol Intake: Excessive consumption of alcohol can reduce production of the sex hormone testosterone and lower your sexual drive and function.
  • Remain Stress-Free: Stress increases your body’s cortisol levels, which reduces secretion of testosterone and causes lowered sexual potency.
    Try relaxing and take sufficient breaks from your daily routine to energize yourself.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Exercise Regularly: When you are healthy, you look and feel attractive and desirable.
    This in turn makes you sexually confident. Also, physical exercise increases the level of your sex hormones. Exercise also improves the flow of blood and helps improve your sexual functioning.
  • Eat Healthy: Including healthy foods such as oatmeal, peanuts, walnuts, green vegetables, fruits, garlic, ginseng, cashews, seeds and soybeans in your diet is a good way to keep your body physically and mentally fit.

Exercise: One Of The Many Effective Ways Of Male Performance Enhancers

Testosterone is a hormone formed in the testicles of men and the ovaries of women. The amount of testosterone is higher in men than in women. Testosterone reduces fat, slows the aging process and increases lean muscle mass. Testosterone also plays a major role in stimulating sexual activities in men.

weight trainingRegular physical exercise increases the level of testosterone naturally and improves sexual functions.

Weight training is one of the effective ways to increase the secretion of testosterone in the body. Squats, bench presses and other exercises that require the involvement of more than one joint are some of the recommended exercises for men.

If you are new to exercising, be cautious.Learn to exercise properly to avoid injury. Extreme endurance exercises can have a negative impact on the testosterone level. It is also necessary to give yourself a break and take needed rest to help stabilize the normal functions of your body.

Kegels: A Popular Penis Enlargement Exercise

pubococcygeal musclesPenis enlargement exercises are ancient male performance enhancers performed exclusively to increase penis size and erections.

Kegels are the most popular male enlargement exercise. They deal with strengthening the PC, or pubococcygeal muscles. This is a simple exercise to make your erections firmer and prevent premature ejaculation.

Before performing Kegels, it is important to recognize the PC muscles. You can do this while you are urinating.

When you are urinating, stop mid-stream and you will feel your PC muscles tighten. Obviously, you are not required to pee every time you want to practice tightening your PC muscles. It is just a way of recognizing their location.

You can perform Kegels any time of the day. The best part is that you can perform them while you are working. You can start by practicing Kegels 20 times per day and then gradually increase this number to seventy repetitions per day.

Natural Supplements: Beneficial Male Performance Enhancement Product

Male enhancement prescription medications have been available for more than a decade for men to increase their sexual stamina. In addition to increasing sexual pleasure, these medications help reduce the stress involved in attaining a stronger erection.

headacheHowever, regular use of synthetic male enhancement supplements may result in severe side effects, such as gastrointestinal problems, headache, flushing and changes in vision, flushing.

Considering men’s health, many manufacturers have introduced natural male enhancement drugs that are safe and effective to use even over the long term.

These products work by increasing the blood circulation towards the penis. They also aid in improving tissue mass, which helps to increase the size of the two penis chambers and leads to bigger penis size.

Natural male enlargement pills
are herbal in nature and you can easily order them online without a doctor’s prescription. Folate, zinc, ginger, yohimbe extract,

Korean Ginseng
Photo by Eugene Kim / CC BY

Korean ginseng, damiana, horny goat weed and astralagus roots are a few of the natural ingredients found in effective herbal male enlargement products.

Now, it is easy to pick one of the best natural male performance enhancers to help get back your lost sexual confidence.

But, how do you know which supplement is the best, especially when there are thousands of brands available on the market? If you are confused, continue reading for some helpful tips:

  • Check the ingredients contained in male enhancement supplements.
    It is important that you learn about the efficacy of the ingredients used.
    Also, you should note the amounts of the ingredients in the supplement.
    Both too little and too much of the ingredients can prove to be ineffective and risky to your health.
  • male enhancement supplementCheck reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer that offers the male performance enhancer.
  • If the manufacturer has a reputation for producing quality products, you can be sure that you are using a genuine male enhancement supplement. Otherwise, numerous manufacturers use fake ingredients and low-quality products.
  • Reading reviews and testimonials of previous customers is equally essential in determining the efficacy of the male enhancement supplement you are considering. If you find there are large numbers of people making negative comments about the product, you should avoid buying it. Some people may be sensitive to certain ingredients, but a large majority of people can’t give negative reviews. So, be careful and choose the right product.

These are a few of the effective and widely accepted male performance enhancers to help you solve your sexual health problems. When used in combination, these techniques can drastically improve your sexual life and emotional understanding with your partner.

How to Increase Erection Size in 6 Simply Smart Steps

Do you want to learn how to increase erection size naturally and safely? If you are one of those men who is always on the lookout for natural treatments to remain healthy both sexually and physically, you will be pleased to know that there are effective natural ways that can help to drastically increase your erection size and strength.

Penis extenders, pulleys and surgery are invasive and risky ways to increase penis size. You should avoid them as much as possible.

6 Nature’s Way: How To Increase Erection Size And Strength

You can use natural methods to improve erection size. Here are some tried and tested natural ways to increase your penis size and erection:

eat healthyEat Healthy: Your diet has a powerful effect on your sexual health.
The truth is that erection size is mostly governed by the amount of blood that flows towards the penis.

Thus, if your penis is not receiving adequate amounts of blood, your erection size and strength will definitely suffer. Poor lifestyle choices also compromise your body’s ability to work optimally in mental, physical and sexual areas of life.

For instance, smoking and drinking alcohol can adversely affect your sexual health. Unfortunately, most men are addicted to both these habits, which over time constrict the blood vessels and reduce the amount of oxygen and blood that reaches the two chambers of the penis.

The combination of a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits leads to a significant decrease in penis size, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and poor sexual performance in bed.

dark chocolateDid you know that there are many foods science has proven to increase your erection size? Oily fish, fruits rich in antioxidants, omega-6 rich foods, dark chocolates and berries can increase the blood flow to your penis.

In short, foods that are composed mostly of water and nutrients will have a positive effect on your body’s ability to maximize muscle growth and expansion of the spongy tissue of the penis.

These foods work by increasing the amount and pressure of blood flowing towards the penis in order to make it bigger and erect. When you include healthy foods to get back your lost sexual stamina and strength, make sure to avoid highly processed foods, refined starches and sugar. These junk foods can minimize your chances of retaining your sexual and physical health.

  • Penis Enlargement Exercises

    Photo by ShinyFan / CC BY-SA 2.5

    Penis Enlargement Exercises: The real key for how to increase erection size and strength is penis enlargement exercises.

  • Men all over the globe are applying this simple, yet effective technique to increase both girth and length of the penis.
  • Regular penis enlargement exercises help to add a few inches in a couple of months. Read on to learn about some effective exercises on how to increase erection size of your penis.
  • Jelqing: This is the most ancient penis enlargement exercise that shows effective results in just a couple of weeks of regular use.
    It involves using your hands in a milking motion to exercise your penis size.
    This movement of the hands increases the amount of blood flow to the penis and fills the two chambers of the penis that run through the shaft. This in turn increases the penis size and makes it thicker and firmer.
  • Penis Stretching: Penis stretching exercises are a beneficial means of how to increase erection size and strength safely.It requires using your hands to stretch your penis without hurting it. Regular stretching of penis expands the cells, which gradually grow and increase the penis length.Your penis is composed of two chambers that are made up of spongy tissues.These tissues accept blood and expand to achieve an erection. When the spongy tissues are stretched, they lengthen and increase the penis size over time.
  • PC muscleKegel Exercises: Kegels are a great way to maintain your erections and help you remain sexually active in bed. They are meant to strengthen the PC or that maintain erections.
  • After you strengthen the PC muscle, you will be able to attain multiple orgasms. Furthermore, you will have control over your ejaculations, so that you can please your partner for a longer time.

Penis enlargement exercises are an easy, simple and affordable technique to enhance your sexual life. You may need to be persistent and dedicated to see noticeable results with penis exercises. Obviously, they are not a magical and quick remedy, but definitely a safe and natural way to increase erection size and strength.

  • Natural Penis Enlargement Supplements: As you may already know, to attain hard and firm erections it is important to have an optimal circulation of the blood.
    Although there are numerous synthetic supplements available on the market to get a harder male erection, they can cause many side effects.
    Natural supplements, on the other hand, are safe and free of any side effects.
Saw Palmetto

Photo by Sallicio / CC BY-SA 3.0

These supplements are herbal and formulated with natural ingredients and essential nutrients and minerals, which are vital for sexual health in men.

People have known for centuries that herbs such as ginkgo, ginseng and saw palmetto work as libido enhancers.

These supplements help to increase blood circulation to the penis by releasing nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide plays an essential part by relaxing the muscles surrounding the penis, thereby increasing the amount of blood flow towards it. Apart from increasing the flow of blood, these supplements help to expand the erectile tissues, which results in an increased erection size. Furthermore, natural supplements also work to increase your sexual libido and semen production to help you attain intense orgasms.

You can find numerous supplements with the label ‘natural’ on them, but not all of them are clinically certified and endorsed.

There are only a few, including Extenze natural supplements, that are clinically approved and recommended by doctors to be effective and safe to use over the long term.

Lastly, Be Patient

Have patience and set a goal you want to achieve. Give yourself ample time before you expect to see significant improvements in the size and strength of your penis erection. Your hard work, willingness to reach your goal and regular application of natural treatments on how to increase erection size and strength will definitely pay off.

Penis Growth: 4 Psychological Reasons Men Fixate on Size

A question that many men may ponder upon is, “Is it possible to have penis growth?” In the last decade or so, several men all throughout the world are stuck thinking that the average male penis is not large enough for their liking.

For many years, medical professionals and books have firmly believed that the average size of the penis is typically around 6.5 inches. In addition, the common mentality that men who have the average penis size should be satisfied with their package size, since it is average.

frustrationHowever, it seems that when it comes to the frame of mind with the “average penis size,” it is completely different in comparison to having the average height, weight or feet size.

It actually proves to show that men who have a size said to be average considers that quality to be a major flaw.

No man wants to be considered average when it comes to the discussion about his penis. Now this is where the frustrations come in. In addition, many men will go through drastic means just to find ways to have a bigger penis.

Why Do Men Worry About Their Penis Length?

American menIf you are a woman or a man, you might still wonder why so many men fret over their penis size. It is not as if people have built-in x-ray vision to see through a man’s pants, right?

So the question remains, why do men worry so much about how big their penis really is? The truth is, many American men are desperately engrossed with their penis size and it all boils down to psychological factors.

Here are the top 4 psychological reasons explain why men are concerned about how big their penis is:

  • embarrassmentIt Is Embarrassing To Have A Small Penis. There is actually a medical condition wherein men are born with a small penis it is called “micro penis.”
  • However, for the 80 percent of men that think that their penis is smaller than average, showing it off to others could cause embarrassment. No man would want to have that feeling of shame.
  • There Is A Lot Of Hype About Having A Longer Penis. With the influences of the pornographic industry, men and even women start to compare how their body looks with those that they see in pornographic movies and magazines.
    Men seeing other men pleasure a woman will certainly trigger a bit of jealousy, which makes them wish that they had a larger penis.
  • Sex Is To Be Better With Men Who Have Longer And Wider Penises. There are several people that believe that sex is more pleasurable when the penis is bigger than average.
    Then again, the pornographic industry has influenced the many minds in believing that penetrative intercourse is the real type of sex.
    Women who have sex with men who are bigger in size seem to feel more pleasure during the entire sexual encounter.
  • larger penis
  • A Man’s Penis Defines How Manly They Really Are. There are also some beliefs that the penis size determines how manly a man is. They believe that they bigger the package, the bigger of a man he really is.
  • This is where a man’s insecurity comes into play. Seeing another male who has a slightly larger penis could really play with a man’s psychological thoughts.

Are Their Products That Help In Penis Growth?

In our day and age, with the constant demand of men finding methods to increase their penis size, the pharmaceutical industry has taken advantage of this problem. There are loads of creams, oils, lotions, supplements, exercises, devices, surgeries and other techniques that claim to help in growing the penis longer.

With the various products and methods available for you, have you ever just wondered which approach is really effective and safe to use? If you have, you probably already know that you should not trust everything that you read. Companies will say just about anything to sell what they have and that means that some companies will led you on to believe facts that are not true at all.

How Do You Choose A Method For Penis Growth?

There are few tips that you should keep in mind when selecting methods for enlarging the penis. First off, do your research. If you have already explored your options, then you have a good idea of how many products and techniques available for you to choose.


Photo by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / CC BY 2.0

Be aware of the products that claim to be 100 percent effective or doctor recommended, because most of the time, they really are not what they say. Like mentioned above, businesses will say anything that they feel like will sound good to people even if they are not telling 100 percent of the truth.

After you gather a list of methods that seem safe and effective for you, consult your health care professional for options. This could be an embarrassing step, but if you are in desperate need to find out what you could do to increase your penis size, then you should really consider this step.

Doctors know more about what your body is going through because they have studied it for many years. Bring this issue up with your doctor so that you can get a rundown of the safe and effective methods that you could try out to obtain a bigger penis.

What Is The Bottom Line With Penis Growth?

With the many products and methods out in the market today to enhance your penis size, you really have to pay attention when it comes to selecting the right type of technique for you.  There have been many successful stories with men saying that their penis length increased a couple inches with this certain method, but there have also been failed attempts which left damages to a man’s reproductive system.

Talk to your health care professional about your options, so that you can get to the bottom line about if your penis is really smaller than average. You might be the only person thinking about how small your penis is when in reality, it is more than average.

Male Libido Enhancers: Top 6 Reasons to Give Them a Try

Are you a man currently struggling with a decreased libido? If so, then you know well enough how frustrating it is to have to deal with this situation. This could be a difficult topic to bring up with your significant other, or even with your physician, because it could cause embarrassment.

relationshipsLoss of libido in men could really put a strain in their relationships. It could also be an indicator for sexual dysfunction.

Losing the interest to have sexual intercourse is not as common in men as it is for women, but statistics show that around 15 percent of men could experience having a decrease in their sex drive.

Since it is double the percentage in woman, men who lose their desire for sex could really scare them out of their wits. The reason behind that is a man is known to be more sexual than a woman. It could take a toll on their masculinity.

This could be a distressing situation for the man and also their significant other. Men who lose their sex drive are significantly more unhappy then women. In addition, this is surely an experience that no man would ever want to encounter at any point in his life.

If you are currently experiencing low libido, there are natural male libido enhancers that could help you regain your sex drive. Before we begin on the topic about libido enhancers for men, let us talk more about the loss of libido.

How Do You Know If You Have Lost Your Libido?

You have to realize that losing your libido does not just happen overnight. It takes some time before this situation happens. There are various factors that could affect it. A man losing his libido is the same as him losing his desire and need for sex.

womenThat problem does not even seem possible for men because men are known to be more sexually than women are, but it does happen in about 15 percent of men.

6 symptoms that you may encounter when you lose your libido:

  • You no longer look forward to having sex or even foreplay
  • Sex is routine for you and your significant other
  • You are almost never the one to initiate
  • You are rarely satisfied
  • You rarely have any sexual thoughts and fantasies about your significant other
  • You have sex once or twice in a month and in some couples months at a time

If you have been experiencing more than one of these symptoms, then you might be a candidate for decreased libido. Now do not be alarmed because you could always bring this up with your health care provider so that you can learn more about this condition and ways to enhance your libido. Keep in mind that you are not the only man encountering these symptoms and there are certain approaches that could aid in its increase. 

What Are The Common Male Libido Enhancers?

consulted your doctorOnce you have consulted your doctor about your symptoms and he or she has given you the diagnoses of having decreased amounts of libido, then you should ask about natural methods to help you increase it.

Of course starting in natural approaches is always wise to do so that you could prevent from taking in unknown chemicals into your body. The following are the popular ways to enhance your libido:

  • Pay Close Attention To Your Lifestyle. One of the biggest factors that could contribute to a Try to focus on foods that are non-toxic, fresh and natural such as fruits and vegetables.
    Drink lots of water daily and stay away from negative vices such as smoking and excessive alcohol drinking.
    Try to get in some physical activity at least three times a week also to keep your blood circulation flowing.
  • Try Out Aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are foods that increase the urge for sex. You could eat some oysters, asparagus, almonds, avocados, chocolate, bananas, basil, figs and garlic to increase your sex drive through food.
  • Lose Some WeightLose Some Weight. If you are a bit on the heavy side, you should consider shedding off some pounds.
  • Another reason why men might lose interest in sex is that they are not confident about the way they look without clothes.
  • Since being overweight or having a big stomach could play a role on your self-esteem, this is certainly a factor to consider.
  • Get A Massage. If you are stressed from work and other personal issues, massages are a great way to ease the tension and worries on your body and mind.
    Throughout the centuries, massage has been a way to arousal people sexually.
    You and your partner could try taking turns massaging one another with some soft and soothing music and dim lights to set the mood.
  • ginsengTry Some Herbs. Natural methods for increasing the male’s libido would not be complete without trying out natural herbs
  • .Plants such as black cohosh, ginseng, chasteberry, L-Arginine, ginkgo and yohimbe are known to help stimulate the desire for sex in the most natural ways possible.

What You Should Expect From These Libido Enhancers?

How effective these natural approaches are in increasing a man’s libido really depends on their individual desire to increase their sex drive.It also depends on how they improve their lifestyle, especially is if their lifestyle is unhealthy.

doctorYou should also be sure that your health care provider knows what you are trying out so that you could be guided by a professional who knows what methods are safe and effective.

Once you start experiencing unusual symptoms, it is best to inform your doctor about it all.Natural male libido enhancers could be your answer to increasing your sex drive without going through potential risks that products contain.

If you are experiencing symptoms of low libido, make sure to talk to your doctor about the situation. Try out natural methods before considering supplements and other approaches that contain chemicals and other components.

Male Enhancement Underwear: 4 Ways to Plump Your Package

Whether you are a man or a woman, you cannot deny the fact that bigger is always better. For women, a man having a bigger penis is always a positive in many aspects compared to a man that is smaller than average.

For men, it could be frustrating to have an average or small penis. Even though most men have a standard or normal sized penis, for many that is still not enough. They are still trying to find all types of methods to increase their package.


Let us face it; it is not easy to make your penis physically bigger. With the countless products and procedures available out in the market today for those men wanting to increase their inches, how do you really know which method to choose that is safe and effective?

lotionsThat could be a frustration for many men, especially for those who do not want to take supplements or pills. Many men don’t have the time to put on creams, lotions and oils. It is a risk to undergo surgeries just to enhance their penis size.

If you are one of those men who want to make your penis look larger physically, but you’re not into trying out unknown products and procedures, you have another choice.

What Is Male Enhancement Underwear?

penis’ length

This type of underwear is a new trend that men are trying out to make their penis look bigger. No one can deny the fact that both men and women have the urge to stare at the “bulge.” For that reason, why not give them something to stare at?

Male enhancement underwear was invented to provide that bulge for many men that do not want to go through absurd methods of penis enhancement. Although it does not physically increase the penis’ length, it will definitely create a bigger looking penis from outside the underwear.

Throughout the years, male enhancing underwear has really come a long way. Just like push-up bras and butt pads, the male enhancement underwear provides the same feature but for males.

There have been constant advertising with this type of underwear, which has made it very popular.Men who do not want to waste their money, efforts and time on creams, supplements, devices and expensive surgeries have opted to using male enhancement underwear instead.

4 Types of Male Enlargement Underwear Available Today?

man’s reproductive organIn the market today, there are four chief underwear enhancers: fabric panel c-rings, c-ring slings/straps, special enhancement pouches and enhancing support pockets.

Each type of underwear has its own specific variations and benefits when it comes to creating that bulge appearance for the man’s reproductive organ region.

If you are interested in male enhancement underwear, then you could choose from these four types that come with different designs and variations. Whichever type you choose depends on your comfort, and what style you would like.

1. Fabric Panel C-Rings

male enhancement underwearThis is one is a very popular type of male enhancement underwear you could try. It contains a c-ring strap that supports your penis and balls in an outward position from your body so that the bulge will be more noticeable.

The fabric is different from the other types of male enhancing underwear, because there is a circular cutout layered in the pouch where the penis goes through. This type of underwear is not adjustable but could provide more comfort compared to other enhancement underwear.

2. C-Ring Slings And Straps

cock ringThe cock ring, also known as the c-ring has been around for a long time, which is similar to rubber rings used to maintain a man’s erection.

The only different is that it is in combination with an adjustable leather snap ring, which surrounds the balls and the base of the penis to gather them all together to make the penis look bigger in size.

This type of mechanism is said to be the most effective way to create a more noticeable package for males.

3. Special Enhancement Pouches

This variation of male enhancement underwear has been around for quite some time, but has reached its popularity only recently. Many jock briefs and boxer briefs have special enhancement pouches to extend the man’s package, which will surely get the attention of many women.

The mechanism of this enhancing underwear is to make the pouch bigger and to model the man’s anatomical shape so that the penis is enveloped and not restricted in any way. This type of underwear lets the balls hand lowered then its pouch, so that your penis could look bigger at side’s view.

4. Enhancing Support Pockets

enhancing underwear

Photo by Hari Singh / CC BY-SA 3.0

This kind of enhancing underwear provides the most comfort and fit for men. The straps and slings are not as comfortable compared to enhancing support pockets.

That is why many men prefer this type of underwear. It provides lift and comfort and come in different fabrics, styles and colors.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Male Enhancement Underwear?

Using enhancing underwear comes with many advantages. First, you do not have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to get your hands on this product.

surgeries for male enhancementIf you are terrified of penis pumps, tractions and other procedures to increase the penis size, then enhancement underwear is the thing to try out, because they are non-invasive.

Another benefit is that you do not have to deal with risks that are associated with some supplements, devices and surgeries for male enhancement.

Should You Use This Type Of Underwear?

If you are looking for a natural and easy way to increase your bulge, then male enhancement underwear is your best bet. You do not have to waste money on products and procedures that do not guarantee your own safety and effectiveness. You could also choose from these four types and from a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs.