8 Stupid Things Guys Say During Great Sex

You have managed to get her right where you want her. You have pulled all of the right stops, and now she is lying in your bed. You are having sex, and all is right with the world. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment.

Or could it?

Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that could ruin sex for you. Are you aware of them all? Let’s be a buzz kill and list some for you. Well, you could lose your boner, your partner could pass out or get sick, or you could say the wrong thing in the heat of the moment.

Don’t drink too muchFortunately for you, we want to guarantee that you have the best sex possible. So, let’s talk about ways that you can avoid a sex blunder, shall we? For the first and second issues, the answer is simple.

Don’t drink too much, and take some additional help for your boner if needed. Side note: be sure to stay tuned for our recommendations for boner help later in the article.

Out of all of these awful scenarios, the one thing you are most likely able to stop from happening is saying something completely idiotic. To help check that you do not fall prey to this happening, let’s list some of the stupidest things guys have ever said during sex. We suggest you take notes.

1. “Is It In Yet?”

Or, perhaps the better rendition of this line is from the renowned movie Superbad when the one character boasts, “It’s in,” as he penetrates his partner. This line can ruin things just as they get started. In a survey of women, this line was proven to be one of the worst sex destroyers out there. Guys, even if you are thinking this one, do yourself a favor and simply don’t let it be known.

 What’s Wrong With Saying This

bedroomFor starters, it completely lets the cat out of the bag. After all, if you’re saying this, then that means you think you have a small penis. Not only that, but this also makes it look like you are not exactly qualified in the bedroom.

Well, women do not want someone who is overly experienced in the bedroom. However, they certainly don’t want someone who has to brush the dust off their penis and wonder if it’s functioning correctly.

At least this little verbal mishap makes it seem as though you are exciting that you are having sex. This next line, not so much.

2. “Let’s Just Get This Over With.”

long relationshipAny woman who hears you utter this line will not only stop having sex with you in an instant, but you just might receive a left hook to match.

We are not exactly sure why anyone would say this. Okay, let’s pretend for a minute that maybe there’s one excuse.

Maybe you are in a long relationship and you have become too comfortable with your partner. That’s the only semi-almost-appropriate instance we can think of for this occurrence. However, even still, it’s simply not okay.

What’s Wrong With Saying This

In case you weren’t aware, saying this implies that you don’t really want to have sex. In other words, you feel like it’s an obligation you want to get through, instead. This line makes it seem as though there are at least a hundred other things you would rather be doing than your partner. The chances are good that your partner will be completely offended at the utterance of this phrase. The chances are even better that you are likely to never have chance of having sex with this person ever again.

We totally understand the desire for a quickie. Yet, this line is not, and we repeat, not the way to have a quickie. Perhaps you could try something like, “Hey babe let’s see how quick you can get me off,” or, “I want to make you come so badly,” which is sure to have her get hers, so that you can get yours. We highly advise that you only attempt these alternative lines if you are in a committed relationship. They are likely to not hold up with a one-night stand or a first encounter.

3. “Whoa, Let’s High Five.”


This one might be tempting for all of those jokesters and pranksters out there who have gotten by in life being the laughing stock of the room.

However, once you say this during sex, the only person who will be laughing will be the girl that you were having sex with as she walks out the door.

Chances are she will walk right out and tell everyone about your little joke, which will ruin your chances of ever having sex again tenfold. In fact, you have a better probability of having sex saying tenfold, than you do asking for a high five.

What’s Wrong With Saying This

Okay, so maybe you think you are being funny or cute, but you are not. This line makes you look like you are that silly little frat boy who has had one too many. No woman wants to have sex with this kind of guy. You are a grown man, so act like it. Stop high fiving in general, and especially while you are having sex.

4. “That’s It?”

Yikes. We are afraid that if we even have to go here that you won’t figure out what exactly is wrong with this line. This is because the only type of guy who would ever say a line like this is an egotistical narcissist who likely would rather be having sex with themselves.

What’s Wrong With Saying This

For anyone who does not possibly understand the problem with this line, it is the most offensive thing you can say to someone after sex. They trusted you and allowed themselves to become vulnerable. Turning around and saying something like this implies that you are not satisfied or impressed. Perhaps you meant to ask her if she wants to give it another go if you aren’t satisfied and want more.

never talk like a baby5. Talking Like A Baby

Baby talk has its place and time. Actually, scratch that. You should never talk like a baby, ever.

It is never socially acceptable to coo and aw at someone, baby or not. Therefore, it is especially not tolerable in the bedroom.

What’s Wrong With Saying This

This is an absolute mood killer. There is no chance for bringing it back after this one, either. We are talking ultimate; she is walking out the door thinking you are a psychopath mood killer. Maybe you just can’t help it. Perhaps you have an unusual knack for talking like a baby when you think something is cute, like a puppy for example.

However, do us all a favor and do your extremely best to not treat your sexy Adonis like a puppy. We don’t really think she will appreciate it or find it pretty cute.

put the phone on silent

6. “Can You Grab My Phone For Me?”

We get it. Everyone is addicted to their phones in this day and age.You can walk into any public area and find practically the entire room on their phones, even those who are clearly there with someone else.

However, if there is one place where you should put the phone on silent and hold your calls, it’s the bedroom.

What’s Wrong With Saying This

What could possibly be better than having sex? That’s right. Nothing. Answering your phone during sex implies that something is more important than what, or who, you are doing at the only moment. If it is absolutely pressing and it has to be answered, then be sure to prompt your partner first before you have sex.

It is understandable if its spontaneous, impromptu sex you are having and the business call can’t wait. However, make it quite clear to your partner that you had to answer that call. We imagine that you can think of a few ways to express your sincere apologies.

7. “How Much Longer?”

partnerAh, the sexual version of, “Are we there yet?” Just as it’s annoying when your five year old nephew does this in the car, your partner will not appreciate it very much either.

Think about the pressure that you are adding by uttering this phrase. As if it’s not enough pressure to finish every time, you have now made your partner even more self-conscious of their performance.

What’s Wrong With Saying This

There are a few things wrong with saying something like this during sex. First of all, it implies that you are in a hurry. Like you could possibly have something better to do than the person you’re doing right now. Secondly, you are basically asking if they will be able to orgasm or not. We would imagine that they want to. So, maybe you should up your performance and make that happen for them.

8. “Hang On, It’ll Get Hard Again”

feel frustrated

Photo by Kay Kim / CC BY 2.0

Definitely, there are a few reasons why you might go soft during sex. However, it is certainly detrimental to your partner’s self-confidence.

To make matters worse, this phrase is usually followed by a half assed attempt to turn yourself back on by rubbing your penis viciously to try and make it hard again.

Side note: this usually never works and only causes everyone involved to feel frustrated.

What’s Wrong With Saying This

Any woman will feel as though she is not attractive enough for you to maintain your hard on. Thus, she will take it personally. In order to avoid something like this from happening, purchase a reputable penis enlargement supplement from a company like www.BuyExtenze.store This effective supplement will assure your boner is impressive every time.

Most definitely, some sexual mishaps are unavoidable. However, making certain you don’t say something stupid is virtually avoidable every single time. When in doubt, just moan, tell her how good it is, and enjoy yourself with your mouth shut. You are having sex after all, so try not to blow it by saying something mindless.

5 Things Men Need to Know About Relationships But They Just Don’t Get

Women are definitely one of the secret wonders of the world. Similarly to the magnificent, yet unexplainable structure of the Sphinx, it is practically impossible to understand them. However, if you are reading this article,it’s likely that you can’t live with them,but you can’t live without them.

Relationships can be wonderful. Truly, nothing compares to having someone share your life with you in a way that makes it much more enjoyable. Without your partner, you feel incomplete. Yet, men are always a little hesitant when it comes to relationships. There is always the fear of something going wrong.

A flurry of questions may invade your mind, such as: what if she turns out to be crazy? What if you aren’t on the same page? What if this relationship ends as chaotically as your last relationship did?

pen and paper

Well, fear no more. We have cracked the code of the female brain. We are going to share with you some common things women wish their male counterparts understood about them.

So, sit back and keep your pen and paper handy to take some notes, because here is our list of five things men need to know about women.

1. It’s No Cliché, Communication Really Is The Key

Undeniably, you have heard it a million times before. Communication is everything in a relationship, yadda, yadda, yadda. While it is easy to shrug off this advice when it is unwanted or repetitive, you actually should be taking it quite seriously. Both partners in a relationship should understand the concept that communication can make or break it. Stereotypically, men are not exactly the ideal communicators, but women can be at fault for this problem, as well.


You know how it is. It’s just that sometimes she just talks so much that you can’t possibly process all of it. Well, start to try. The second that a woman feels as though you are not listening to her is the exact second that your relationship fractures beyond repair.

Make an effort to listen to her, but also make an effort to voice your own opinions, too. You should never bottle your feelings inside. And, yes, it is okay to have feelings. If you are upset about something, then you have to communicate this to your partner.

Otherwise, you may never solve the issue. It will build up from aggravation to anger, and no one wants that. Even worse, your partner may never even know there was an issue to begin with, which fractures your respect and trust for each other.

Our Two Cents

Taking this a step further, one of the biggest mistakes men make is to let things fester. They might shrug something off and assume that it’s not a big deal. However, you have to communicate if something is bothering you sooner rather than later.

Allowing issues or conflicts to mull over will only lead to resentment, anger and a ruined relationship. The chances are that you can solve your issue if you simply bring it up to your partner tactfully.

Our Tip

Go in the conversation with a level head. If something is bothering you to the point that you are angry or outraged, then do something to release your anger first. Go for a run, hit the gym, or just go yell it out somewhere first. Releasing these strong emotions is inevitable if you wait until your conversation, and that is not fair for your partner.

stressful day at workPick a time that works best for you. Communicating is dependent on timing. Do not wait until the second your partner comes home.

The last thing they want after a stressful day at work is to come home to conflict. Try to wait until everyone is settled and comfortable to bring up your concern.

Remember that you have every right to feel the way you do. Regardless of your gender, communicating with your partner is imperative to creating a strong relationship. In addition to communication, some admiration and respect is also necessary.

2. Treat Her Like The Goddess She Really Is

Remember the way you felt about her when you first started dating? Think about all of the nice things you used to do for her. Now ask yourself if you still do them. The reality of it is that you probably don’t. Women want to feel like they are appreciated. Relationships don’t mean that certain actions and courtesies are obligatory. Instead, you and your partner should take care of each other for the sake of making each other happy. Therefore, make certain you are both expressing your gratitude and reciprocating the generosity.

Our Two Cents

understand your partner

Photo by Kelley Boone / CC BY-SA 2.0

No two women are alike. Therefore, what makes one woman feel appreciated might not work for another woman. Humans differ in their ideas of what love looks like, so try to fully understand your partner.

Perhaps something as simple as cleaning up after yourself or making sure to say thank you after your partner goes out of their way for you can do the trick.

Our Tip

If you think your display of appreciation is long overdue, then pull out all of the stops. Plan something nice for your partner. Perhaps it is a day at the spa, a night out with your or her girlfriends, or a day without the kids to take care of.

Figure out what you can do to make an entire day special for her, and she will definitely get the message that you are thankful to have her. If you want to have a successful relationship, then it is important to constantly show your appreciation. Our next thing to know about relationships just might keep this issue in check.

3. Keep Her On Her Toes

loversShe might say she doesn’t like surprises, but all partners long for a sense of wooing and surprise. Even if it is something you consider to be little, surprising your partner will help her feel as though she is both appreciated and wanted.

It is one thing to show her that you appreciate her, but remember that is something that friends do. You have to also show her that you love being in a relationship with her. You are more than friends. You are also lovers, so remind her of that with some fun and spontaneity.

Our Two Cents

Stick to her comfort zone. If your partner tends to be a little on the wild side, then skydiving or jet-setting off to Maui might work. However, for the run-of-the-mill everyday gal, something as simple as surprising her with flowers or a nice dinner out might just do the trick. It all comes down to knowing your partner, and catering your occasional surprises to her wants and desires.

Our Tip

occasional flowersRemember to switch it up. Indeed, the occasional flowers or chocolates are definitely nice, but if you keep surprising your partner with the same thing, then it will no longer be a surprise.

Not only that, but you also should be showing your partner that you are putting some thought into her gift. The surprise itself can help show appreciation. However, the thought behind it shows the affection and thoughtfulness that she wants to see.

Did we mention that these surprises and displays of affection could also be sexual? Actually, let’s have a whole section for this one, shall we?

4. Channel Your Inner Romantic

It is too easy to let the romance dwindle as a relationship progresses. We all know it happens. Sometimes we even shrug it off and figure that it’s fine that way. However, it’s not okay. But, it’s not okay.

Becoming complacent in a relationship without romance may certainly lead to destruction. At one point or another, your partner will feel as though you are not attracted to them, or that they are not worthy of your affection. Once this happens, expect a brief period before your relationship is done.

Our Two Cents

candlelit dinnerMake sure to keep the romance alive. Romance does not need to be the same for every couple.

Your friends might like a candlelit dinner at a nice steak house, and you may prefer a night out at a heavy metal concert with a little groping session in a mosh pit. You get the picture.

The only rule is to ensure that you are making an effort. Would you want your partner cheating on you? That is definitely a possibility if they feel neglected and unwanted.So, keep that in mind the next time you shrug off the romance.

Our Tip

You can never go wrong with a special night planned at home. Be considerate and think about what her favorite meal is. Cook, or order out, her favorite meal and plan a nice night in together. Don’t let her do anything, and make her feel special. Oh, and make sure your romantic night ends with some great sex. After all, happy relationships need awesome sex, and she wants you to know that, too.

5. The Sex Matters

No, it’s not the size that matters, but rather the quality of sex that you are having. Women want a healthy relationship, sex included. Unarguably, most men assume that women’s sex drives plunge faster than you can blink an eye, butthis actually is not the case. Men and women both tend to have the same sexual desires in their relationships. However, the difference is that women want a sex god. A woman wants to feel wanted, and this in turn will help her feel sexy. Thus, the romance aspect we just talked about.

Yet, there also needs to be a certain amount of sexual chemistry in every relationship, as well. Work on your physical fitness and start researching about ways to amp up your sex life. For starters, check out www.BuyExtenze.storeto purchase products that will awesomely make your boners fuller, harder and longer-lasting. Who’s the sex god now?

Top 10 Techniques to End Premature Ejaculation Forever

Premature ejaculation is a difficult dysfunction for sufferers to endure. Not only does it affect a couple’s sex life by reducing the quality and length of encounters, it also leaves partner’s feeling unfulfilled, as well.

coupleMeanwhile, the men who suffer with this problem can experience huge losses in self-esteem and confidence. They often blame themselves for the problem, struggling with guilt and anxiety as a result.

Both partners can therefore end up feeling unhappy and exasperated by this problem. Moreover, couples can even grow apart because of this.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find a lot of help to deal with the problem. However, much of what you can read online is conflicting information, or even misinformation. Every person is different and reacts differently to various treatments.What will work perfectly for one man might be useless for another.

That’s why we will show you the top 10 techniques to deal with premature ejaculation in the hopes that at least one of them will work for you. Before we talk about treatments though, it’s important to consider the causes of this issue. Existing health conditions can contribute to the problem. Similarly, the abuse of drugs or alcohol can also be a factor.

Primarily though, premature ejaculation is a psychological problem. Many cases of premature ejaculation begin in the mind. You may be struggling with performance anxiety, self-doubt and excessive stimulation. Moreover, you may have anxiety because of the cultural or religious reasons, or something else entirely.

10 Great Ways To Cure Premature Ejaculation

buying drugsWhatever the reason behind your problem, you will hopefully find a solution below. Men can be tempted into buying drugs designed to treat premature ejaculation.

However, these can often involve troubling side effects, not to mention being expensive. Here, we will give you some natural and safe techniques to try that won’t put your body at risk.

1. Desensitizing Solutions To Help You Last Longer

A great way to help men last longer is with the use of a desensitizing solution.

creamYou find these in various forms, from creams to sprays.  By applying some solution to the head of the penis before sex, the nerve endings in this sensitive area are desensitized.

This means that you won’t get too excited too quickly and it should take longer for you to reach an orgasm.

A downside of this solution is that it will affect your partner, too. Both of you will experience reduced sensitivity, which might make sex less pleasurable. But, it will last longer.

Other potential problems caused by the use of desensitizing solutions are irritation in the groin and numbness. These side effects can affect your partner, too. We recommend you read on and test out some of the more natural methods to combat premature ejaculation before trying this one. But, it will work as a last resort.

2. Different Positions Can Help With Sensitivity

For a more natural solution, you can try some different sexual positions. Did you know that certain positions can contribute to premature ejaculation? Well, it’s true. In fact, the most commonly used sexual position, which is missionary, is actually terrible for men as it forces them to tense their muscles which lead to earlier ejaculation.

man relaxingPositions that involve the man relaxing are the best for longer-lasting sexual encounters. Try lying on your back with the woman on top.

Doggy style is also ideal as you will not see the front of your partner during this position, reducing the level of visual stimulation. At the same time, you will be experimenting in bed and trying new things together which can bring you and your partner closer.

While having sex in new positions, you should try and control your breathing. If you hold your breath, you will tense up, and are more likely to suffer premature ejaculation.

Take slow, deep breaths and hold them in for a couple of seconds before exhaling. This will keep your body as relaxed as possible and calm your excitement levels. Doing this will also allow you to focus on your breathing, taking your mind away from the act itself and helping to calm you further.

3. Give Your Penis A Squeeze


This is a simple technique, and it works too. It’s great as you can use it right in the middle of any sexual session. Once you feel like you are approaching an orgasm, simply stop thrusting and ask your partner to squeeze around the base of your penis.

This process will actually help to diminish your arousal levels and calm your sexual organs. Then, after a short pause, you will be able to restart the sexual activity and work your way back towards an orgasm.

You can also remove your penis entirely and squeeze it yourself, but it’s more effective when your partner does it.

It’s also worth mentioning here that another simple trick to ease the pressure on your penis is to visit the bathroom before having sex. Many men forget to urinate before sexual encounters and this buildup of pressure can contribute to early ejaculations. Remember to pee, and you will see the benefits immediately.

4. Try Out Some Condoms With Benzocaine

CondomsYou have probably seen the condoms that claim to help you last longer in bed. Well, the way they do this is through the use of a mild anesthetic called benzocaine. This essentially numbs the tip of your penis, just like a desensitizing cream.

The reduced levels of sensitivity in the head of the penis allow you to last longer while having sex. You and your partner might not enjoy using condoms. But, this is still a potential short-term solution that has proven to be effective in many cases. The best part is, it won’t affect your partner like gels do.

5. The Cool Draw Technique Can Keep You Going

Sexual organs

Photo by Shazz / CC BY-SA 3.0

The technique known as “Cool Draw,” is one of the top natural methods men use to delay ejaculations. The process essentially consists of using the muscles around your sexual organs to raise and lower your testicles.

This technique works to reduce pressure and excitement in the sexual organs and help men to last longer in bed.

Before testing this out in the middle of a sexual session, practice by yourself in a calm and private environment when your penis is flaccid. To begin, hold your testicles in the palm of your hand and rub them gently. As they begin to tingle, take a deep breath and simultaneously pull upwards using the muscles around the testicles and anus.

As you do so, use your mind to visualize the sexual energy from your testicles being drawn out towards your anus. Then exhale slowly and relax. Repeat this breathing exercise a few times. While breathing, you should focus on the transfer of your sexual energy from your testicles across you perineum and towards the anus. You should eventually feel a tingling sensation moving across this path.

press your tongueOnce this happens, continue to breathe slowly and focus on that energy. Move it away from your perineum via the anus all the way up your spine. You should be able to feel that tingling sensation moving through your body towards your head.

It might take up to 10 minutes. But, eventually the tingling will reach your head. At this point, you can press your tongue to the roof your mouth and feel the energy slipping away down the front of your body. The whole technique is based around visualization and the use of the mind, as premature ejaculation is often a mental problem.

You can practice this technique several times until you begin to master it. Then, during sexual sessions, make use of it. This will help to draw the sexual energy away from your penis and testicles, freeing the pressure in these areas. Thus, allowing you to have sex for longer periods of time.

6. Rub Your Tongue Against The Roof Of Your Mouth

This one might sound bizarre to start with, but it does work. This is essentially an activity built around distraction. By stroking the top of your mouth with your tongue during sex, you will find yourself focused on this simple task. Thus, the excitement and pleasure of sex will be pushed to the back of your mind. You will still enjoy sex, but you will be distracting yourself enough to go longer before ejaculation.

7. Relax Before Sex By Soaking In The Bath

stress and tensionThis one is easy and enjoyable, and it really does work. As we have previously discussed, premature ejaculation dysfunction is often because of stress and tension.

The modern world has given many of us hectic lifestyles filled with worries and doubts. Our careers, families, social responsibilities and more can ravage our minds.

After a long day, there is nothing better to calm your nerves and ease your tension than a relaxing soak in a warm bathtub. Try adding some soothing oils, like lavender to your bath for additional calming effects.

As you relax and let your negative thoughts and stresses float away, you will find your mind becoming more at ease. This will allow you to get in the mood for sex and enjoy every moment of it. Anxiety or other problems that can make you ejaculate too quickly won’t distract you.

8. Tantric Techniques Make Sex Last Longer

The art of tantra has been used since ancient times in Asian countries. A widely-accepted definition of tantric sex is “weaving.” When it comes to sex, this definition implies the weaving of two partner’s souls and bodies together. The philosophy of tantra is built around appreciating the full gamete of human emotions and senses.

partner closer together

In sexual terms, the idea is to slow down and enjoy every moment of a sexual encounter. Tantric sex can bring you and your partner closer together. It also allows you to enjoy the best sex of your lives.

Fortunately for sufferers of premature ejaculation, tantra is also a wonderful solution to this problem as it involves learning to control one’s emotions and pleasure levels during sex.

To begin your tantric journey, first learn to control your breathing and focus on the effects each breath has on your body. Each time you inhale, visualize the oxygen being transported to your genitals and arousing them.

Once you have mastered this, you must focus on controlling their pubococcygeus muscles. These are also popular as the pelvic floor muscles. You can control and strengthen them via Kegel exercises. When a man controls these muscles entirely, he can tighten them during intercourse to delay ejaculation.

9. Vipassana Meditation Can Free Your Mind

We have discussed the effects of calming one’s mind and focusing on a distraction or a non-sexual thought during intercourse to reduce arousal levels. Well, weirdly enough, we can also recommend a completely different psychological technique that involves you focusing entirely on the sexual act itself.

By taking all of your senses into account and focusing 100 percent on the sexual experience, you can actually reduce your sexual tension levels and last longer. Visapanna meditation is the ideal way to use this technique.

ExerciseTo begin, find a private and calm environment that allows you to practice without being disturbed. Ideally, you should be completely naked for this exercise. Stand up, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.

Breathe deeply to calm your body and start paying attention to your senses and each part of your body. Feel the tension and relaxation in every muscle and focus on all of the sensations flowing through you.

After a short while, open your eyes very slightly, just enough to see where you are going, as you begin to walk slowly around the room. As you do this, continue to focus on every sensation in every part of your body. Feel the pressure of your body as you take each step and the sensations in your legs and feet as they move. After a few moments of this, allow your eyes to open further and focus on your sense of sight. Begin to appreciate every detail of the objects around you. Don’t forget to pay attention to the sensations in your body as well.

Eventually, add your sense of hearing and listen to every single sound around you. You might discover ambient noises you had never even noticed before. At this point, you should be using your senses of touch, see and hear to their maximum capacities. Finally, you can add the sense of smell and notice the various odors around you. Continue like this and repeat the activity until you get comfortable with it. Then, during sex, make use of this technique to focus your mind on every sensation, smell, sight, and sound of your sexual experience.

10. Super Supplements To Boost Your Performance


These days, many sufferers of premature ejaculation are turning to supplements. Doctors and sex therapists are even prescribing them on a regular basis as they are capable of offering incredible results in terms of sexual performance enhancement.

Look for male enhancement supplements like those offered at www.BuyExtenze.store which are entirely natural and safe to use. They free your mind and body of any possible causes of premature ejaculation.

At the same time, they allow you to gain control over your body, giving you the power to delay your orgasms and last longer in bed.

They are also designed to provide you with easy-to-attain and long-lasting erections to boost your sexual performance. As a final benefit, they have no nasty side effects like some of the chemical-based treatments you can find in pharmacies.

There are lots of ways to combat premature ejaculation. These are just 10 of the most effective. If one doesn’t work for you, don’t fret and simply try another. You should be able to find something to solve your problems and help you enjoy longer and more pleasurable sex.

Ultimately, just keep calm and don’t stress out about it. Premature ejaculation affects a lot of men, and women don’t really care as much as you think. Many women can’t even have an orgasm from vaginal penetration. So, they will appreciate it if you take the time to pleasure them in other ways.

Top 4 Medical Innovations in Birth Control for Men

In the battle for equality between the sexes, birth control and the options for each sex has been a hot topic for debate. There is the obvious fact that a person can’t become pregnant without having sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. But there is the question of why women have more options when it comes to birth control compared to men. Men have always wanted more options other than condoms.

IUDWomen have injectables, IUDs and pills. They have more than enough options, thanks to modern medicine.

Men have to either get cut off down there, use rubbers or pull out early – all of which are not really appealing if you want a full blown, all the way sex.

So the appeal for more research studies and innovations in birth control for men is more or less the same as with women.

The means, men want to avoid having to undergo anything that requires rubber or scissors in order to participate in family planning. With the needs arising come the greatest innovations of our time, and birth control for men is no exception.

With years and years of studies and testing, science is on the verge of applying the long awaited birth control for men to follow the structure of birth control for women. Yes, as enthusiastic as it sounds, it would mean no more withdrawal methods, vasectomy for life and the hassle of putting on a condom just before sex.

You can have sex all you want without the fear at the back of your mind that you will get her pregnant. Here are four medical innovations in birth control for men that may just be the answer to those questions.

1. Vasalgel

The idea of vasectomy horrifies most, if not all, men and women in so many levels. It’s one thing to not want to have a kid right now, but it’s a totally different thing to not being able to produce one by the time you start liking the idea.

medical casesVery few medical cases end up in vasectomy, but considering the male population in the entire world, “very few” still means millions.

Vasectomies are meant to be permanent, and the reversal process doesn’t always work. But science has yet to once again prove its seemingly endless potential – meaning beyond the edges of the universe – and will soon introduce a vasectomy-type of contraception for men which is not really vasectomy. At least not until you choose it not to be. How, you ask?

The equation was pretty simple. The demand was high for a male contraceptive method that could be more or less like IUD for women, so great minds brainstormedand came together an innovation that will leave good old condoms eating the dust when it finally hits the market in the future. Do you see where this is going? Anyhow, so great minds came together and invented Vasalgel. Memorize that name because you will be greatly considering that, too.

medical researchIn 2010, a non-profit organization known to support medical research, Parsemus Foundation, started working on a prototype of a male birth control method in the pattern of a vasectomy but does not have to go through surgery and is totally reversible.

Now, you know that vasectomy is the process of cutting off the vas deferens from the rest of the world so that sperm cannot travel through it and impregnate someone, right? That’s the whole idea of the Vasalgel except for the cutting off the vas deferens from the rest of the world part.

The procedure is fast and simple. Your doctor injects the polymer gel, which is Vasalgel, into your vas deferens and blocks that tube, preventing the sperm from going through. It’s more of a temporary restraint as compared to an actual vasectomy.

If you ever decide to take it off, a separate solution will be injected through the same area and will dissolve the gel in the process, clearing the way. The procedure has been tested on baboons and rabbits and is so far 100 percent effective. That’s promising.

Vasalgel has received a lot of public support and there are thousands of patients waiting in line for clinical trials, but the procedure is still undergoing some finishing touches and final studies before they can finally test it on humans. The only drawback is that there were no studies yet as to when exactly a man will gain fertility again once the gel has been flushed out.

2. Contraceptive Gels

pregnantJust like brushing your teeth in the morning, adding another part of your routine before going out would not hurt all that much.

Especially if said addition would mean you can practically have sex anytime, any day without the fear of getting her pregnant. The idea is both enticing and inspiring.

So what if you have some sort of gel that you rub down there and can stall the production of sperm without really causing any real damage like ejaculation issues or loss of libido? You say, “Oh yes,” and buy yourself a dozen. Sperm production is a constant and natural process in your body. You can’t stop it or prevent it, but you can slow it down. That’s not harming your body in any way because you’re still producing and the normal functions are still happening.

One type of male birth control that is being tested right now is a contraceptive gel that does exactly just that. The gel-based hormonal contraception made for men contains progestin and testosterone, which when combined, can inhibit the production of sperm without causing negative side effects like muscle mass, ejaculation problems and libido loss.

What’s more promising is the ability to regain fertility once you stop using it. Researchers are still in the process of testing the product and it has yet to be delivered to and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

3. Implants

womenIt may sound futuristic and robot-like, but the studies and tests are being done for male implants and incorporating them in birth control methods. In fact, it is already happening with women.

A good example is Nexplanon – a small plastic rod inserted into the female upper arm. It acts by releasing progestin, a hormone that can prevent ovulation and is 99.9 percent effective in the world of birth control. It can last up to three years, too.

No surprise here, male birth control implants are already under way,and undergoing studies and development. A non-profit organization that conducts research on public and biomedical health, The Population Council, are working on an implant for men that can last up to one year.

Christened as MENT, this small device works by releasing a testosterone-like steroid that affects the development of sperm cells. Though testing hasshow minimal side effects, it promises no issues in terms of libido, muscle mass and bone density. The product is still undergoing research and further studies have to be done.

4. Contraceptive Pills

Contraceptive PillsAh, the proverbial pill. How women just pop one every day and not worry a thing about getting accidentally impregnated has always left men wondering if they would ever have such a privilege.

Well, great news gentlemen. You’re in luck, because studies for a male birth control pill are ongoing for not just one type, but two types of male birth control pills.

One type is called Gamendazole. Initially an anti-cancer drug, scientists discovered its side effect of blocking the production of sperm cells. Scientists worked further on this potential and came up with a drug that has the capacity to still ejaculate normally, yet totally disabling the sperm cells on the process. The effect is reversible after 10 weeks of stopping the use of the drug. It has been tested on non-human primates, like rabbits and has worked 100 percent.

Another type is the “Clean Sheets Pill” which again stemmed from another drug, one that treats blood pressure and schizophrenia. It works by relaxing the muscles in the vas deferens into a lengthwise position which can still allow an orgasm but stops the release of semen. The best thing about this type of pill is that you don’t have to take it every day. You can just pop one right before sex.

male birth control pillOf course, the male birth control pill, like every other contraceptive innovation here,
are still young and lacks further studies and testings,which means you might not yet see it in the market for another five to 10 years. But potential customers are already standing in line for it.

Men sleep around. That’s a reality of today as it was yesteryear that prompted the need for a birth control that will not have men asking themselves, “Did I put one on” or “Did it break,” as with condoms, or “What if I want a baby someday” or “Can it be reversed,” as with vasectomy.

These new ways of contraception for men can be convenient for men, making the usage of birth control more common, which will result in fewer unwanted pregnancies. By making it easier, young men will be more willing to try it, too, saving many teen pregnancies, which disrupt lives.

For men in relationships, it’s not that you don’t want her to get pregnant. It’s just not now. Maybe someday when you’re both ready, you can finally go all the way. But in the mean time, keep it all casual. Worry less about the pregnancy and focus more on the sex.

Too Much of a Good Thing: 10 Ways Abusing ED Drugs Harms Men

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition in middle-aged to older men. It is not something to be ashamed of – okay, who are we kidding? Men will always be ashamed to admit, even to their doctors, that they are having a hard time making their manhood stand up and growhard. In some cases, it never gets hard anymore. Men resent it.

After all, it is an abomination to your manliness knowing that you can’t please your partner anymore with the one thing that should be the object of both your pleasure. Impotence can be caused by many things. It could be health or psychological issues, but nothing more that can’t be addressed by good old ED drugs.

partnerOf course, like any other drugs and chemicals, it can potentially be abused by some.

Especially those who have developed a dependence on such things, and then there’s the fear of embarrassing themselves if they don’t continue to take it.

There is also the case of men who do not really have ED conditions, yet use these drugs to boost their performances.

While the objective of pleasing your partner is good, the means of getting there by overdosing on these performance enhancing drugs may pose more danger than actually helping you with your performance. You many not notice the negative side effects immediately, but abusing these chemicals will eventually show signs. They may even worsen your condition, if you actually have one. So, here are 10 symptoms that can tell you it’s time to cut down or stop taking those ED drugs.

1. Frequent Headaches

HeadachesHaving a headache is a bummer and may cripple you for the rest of the day. Migraines, hangovers – they can be cured by a dose of pain killers.

But what if the blinding headache you have is caused by the medication itself? Erectile dysfunction drugs, when abused, can mess up your hormones and blood circulation, which will then produce ailments, such as headaches.

Headache is also one of the common side effects of using ED drugs. Studies show that this is caused by changes in hormones and the sudden rush of blood. So, is it curable? Yes, it is. But it is never an appealing thing to have a headache in the first place. Abusing ED drugs can give you frequent and serious headaches.

2. Body And Muscle Pains

Muscle PainsIt’s no secret that ED drugs affect the testosterone and hormonal levels of your body. The question is how much it changes and what are the consequences. Studies show that too much ED drugs can greatly affect the muscle mass by either increasing or decreasing it.

Abusing the drugs would prompt for a faster change in these muscles which can cause pain – hence, the body and muscle pains that you would feel which is a common side effect of using ED drugs.

Although the idea of increasing the muscle mass sounds appealing, it is not always the case. Some cases have shown that abusing ED drugs can also shrink and even deform the muscles. Either way, the sudden body changes could cause muscle pain, which can be quite inconvenient.

3. Stomach Problems

Erectile dysfunction drugsErectile dysfunction drugs are no more than foreign chemicals ingested into your body.

Thus, these chemicals may be rejected by your stomach and cause gastrointestinal problems, commonly known as stomach aches and diarrhea.

Simply put – your stomach is not working well with the drugs that you ingest; it would act up and cause stomach aches and problems with your bowel movements.

This is a common side effect seen in ED drug users. The condition may be easily cured by over the counter drugs. However, those who tend to abuse these drugs, especially if they’re stomachs reject the chemicals, may experience it more often than those who don’t use them.

4. Dizziness And Fainting

Studies showStudies show that too many ED drugs may cause a sudden increase of nitric oxide in the body. This change can cause dizziness in men who are not accustomed to the drug and in severe cases, may even cause fainting.

Dizziness is a common side effect of erectile dysfunction drugs. Abusing these drugs would mean that you may feel dizzy much more often than you like.

Fainting, on the other hand, can pose a serious danger to your health, especially in your everyday activities. While dizziness may be cured, fainting – especially if you are nowhere near anyone who can help you – can be scary and downright dangerous.

5. Nasal Congestion And A Runny Nose


Photo by Tim.Reckmann / CC BY-SA

Nasal problems are also common side effects of using erectile dysfunction drugs. Though it may seem unlikely, studies have shown that nasal congestion cases link to too much use of ED drugs. These side effects are associated with the use of Viagra and Levitra.

In some cases, the runny nose will subside without having to take any medications. There are also cases where a patient will have to go through treatment or stop using them altogether to cure the ailment. Either way, nasal problems are not appealing and can be a great inconvenience in your day to day activities. Not sexy.

6. Changes In Vision

Some ED drugs are not recommended for persons with retinal problems. For a good reason. Erectile dysfunction drugs – namely Viagra and Levitra – have been linked to vision changes when used or abused. This may be a case to case basis, but the possibility is there, and it can be frightening. Cases such as blue vision, blurry eyesight or complete loss of vision are some of the recorded side effects.

ED drug abuse may alter your vision permanently. This can affect and change your life on a high scale and cause inconvenience not only to you, but also to the people around you. It may also affect your driving which can be dangerous.

7. Loss Of Appetite

doctor’s advice

A common side effect of ED drug use or abuse is the loss of appetite. While it may seem harmless, losing your appetite could have a domino-effect inside your body. Not eating properly may lead to ailments or even the early deterioration of your interior body systems.

The loss of appetite would also cause a lack of nutrients that your body needs that could make you strong and healthy. Showing this symptom means that you will need to stop using ED meds altogether, or seek your doctor’s advice to change your prescription.

8. Overall Feelings Of Discomfort

It is never a convenient feeling to feel disoriented or something is off through the day. Abusing ED drugs have the potential to do just that to your body.

high blood pressureIt may even lead to high blood pressure and severe health problems when you don’t take care of it of immediately.

An overall feeling of discomfort means your body is not accustomed to the chemicals in the drug and it is affecting your blood circulation.

If you feel this symptom, stop the medication immediately and seek medical attention, so you can get the right prescription. Abusing ED drugs that would make you feel overall and overwhelming discomfort can pose as a danger to your overall health, rather than helping you.

9. Forming A Dependence On The Drug

Drug dependence is not different from drug addiction. As with illegal drugs, ED drugs can also leave permanent damage to your systems and body functions. Abusing ED drugs can lead to dependence on them, which may pose serious medical issues in the future.

Drug dependence is a condition. In some cases, stopping the medication would cause withdrawal symptoms and surface other medical conditions.Forming a dependence on the drug is not a light case. You should seek medical help if you feel like you are having a hard time not taking the drugs.

10. Severe Erectile Dysfunction

drugErectile dysfunction drugs are used for – as the name suggests – erectile dysfunction. But in some cases, especially to those who choose to abuse the good results that the drug brings, ED drugs may backfire and leave you with what you have been trying to avoid in the first place.

The abuse of ED drugs could alter your blood circulation and permanently change how your system works. This means it could potentially mess up your hormones until such time when even taking the strongest dosage won’t affect you.

Wanting to please your partner during sex is a noble thing, at least in the world of sex and pleasure, that is. But you also have to realize that your body has its limits, and these limits are not something that you can put a band aid on to fix. While it is no question that ED drugs can help you with whatever erectile dysfunction condition you may have, abusing it may harm your body more than you think.

natural herbal pillsIn fact, using ED prescription drugs may hurt you more in the end.The best way to prevent and treat erectile dysfunction is to live healthily. You should also follow the medications and dosages that your doctor orders.

Your doctor knows best, at least for your health that is, so ask him or her about non-prescription male enhancements methods, like all-natural herbal pills or penis exercises. Cut out bad habits, such as smoking and drinking excessively. Start exercising and eating right. Avoid junk foods and get plenty of sleep. You’ll thank yourself later – and so will she.

L-Arginine: 10 Amazing Things This Lowly Amino Acid Can Do for Men

Amino acids can help the body in many ways, in terms of health and system functions. It aids the vitamins and nutrients to maximize their benefits in the body and keep it healthy and in shape. One type of amino acid is L-arginine. It helps the body in making proteins, which is essential to keep the body strong and able.

The need for L-arginine in the body may be conditional. This means that some body structures may repel it, while others may absorb it and use it to the body’s benefits. Even so, it helps the body in many ways.

medicationFor men, it can help with erectile dysfunction conditions and many more health problems that arise common at middle to older age.

You will find that it can help with some of the most common physical conditions and what’s more, it’s a natural way of treating these conditions, instead of undergoing medication treatments.

L-arginine is available through a healthy diet and your choices of food. You can find it in animal or plant sources. Among the animal sources are dairy products, pork, beef, seafood and poultry. Among the plant sources are wheat, flour, oatmeal, nuts, seeds and beans. As the list of food sources suggests, having this amino acid in your diet will also mean ingesting lean sources of protein. That is only one of the many amazing things that L-arginine can do. Here are 10 other great things that it can help you with.

1. Reduces High Blood Pressure

high blood pressureHigh blood pressure is common in aging men and can be a great inconvenience: you can’t eat what you want, you’re not allowed to be stressed a lot.

And there are a number of things you can’t do unless you want to see the wrath of hypertension eat up your whole being. That’s high blood pressure. It’s not nice, and many can testify to that.

Luckily, there’s L-arginine. This lowly amino acid helps regulate the blood and the blood pressure in the veins. This prevents or at least controls high blood pressure and prevents heart problems brought about by hypertension. That alone is enough help in the body for some, but always take your prescription medications and check with your doctor before trying L-arginine.

2. Amps Up Growth Hormones

Growth hormoneGrowth hormones are what we call the ones responsible in making a man’s body look like masculine.

You know – the beard, the hair everywhere, the wide shoulders and the overall manly physique. Well, L-arginine helps in pumping up the growth hormones in the male anatomy.

So, if you want to look like a man – or at least how they depict a “man” in today’s generation – L-arginine can help you with that endeavor. You just have to ingest this amino acid to your diet, so growth hormones can play their part also.

3. Increases Muscle Mass

Muscle MassIf you’re a guy who’s obsessed with muscles and body building, then listen up. L-arginine is known to help growth in the muscle mass.

Accompany it with a few hours in the gym, and you can get the perfect body-building tone that you want.

This amino acid helps with the regulation of the blood, and therefore brings the necessary nutrients to the different parts of the body and makes them grow faster in a healthy way. Plus, L-arginine and the nutrients it contains are good for the muscles.

4. Promotes Protein Production

Protein is a vital part of your diet. It keeps you strong and healthy, even in the later years of life. An abundant supply of protein in the body can mean that you have the stamina to keep working and keep going on your daily activities.

Protein can be found in many types of meat and fish, which also contains the amino acidsthe body needs, while working for the production of protein. Now, as you know, protein helps in keeping your bones and muscles strong, which is important if you want to stay standing longer.

5. Improves Blood Flow

heart diseasesDid we mention that L-arginine helps a great deal in the blood department of your body? This amino acid works well with the heart and the blood vessels.

It also helps regulating the blood and its circulation around your body. This is vital considering that all parts of your body need the constant supply of blood to function correctly.

Basically, L-arginine works best with blood flow. It is its main calling in its life and has always been a reliable component in making the blood healthy. It prevents heart problems, such as coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure and other heart diseases, too.

6. Decreases Angina Symptoms

Angina is a heart condition where the symptom is mild to severe chest pain. This happens because of the reduced blood flow to the heart. This is mainly caused by semi-blocked veins and arteries, preventing the blood to flow freely. Angina, when not treated properly, can lead to serious heart problems, and even heart attacks.

doctorSince L-arginine helps with the blood regulation and circulation, it helps keep the blood flow smooth, despite blockages in the arteries and veins.

Although it does not address the condition directly, it is one way to reduce the symptoms,but do discuss its usage with your doctor first and continue to take any prescriptions for your condition.

7. Quickens After-Surgery Recovery

After-Surgery RecoveryThe longest part of surgery is the recovery time and the healing period. Waiting for a full recovery and for the wound to completely heal may be difficult, since you have limited things to do, while resting and waiting for healing.

You also can’t risk any strenuous activities that may open the wound again. If you’re an active person, this could pose a dilemma.

The answer is L-arginine. For quick recovery and faster healing of the wound, this amino acid can help greatly. With its ability to work with the blood harmoniously by keeping a constant supply of nutrients to the wound area, healing and recovery can be faster than a normal process.

8. Relieves Migraines And Headaches

headachesMigraines and headaches can be a big problem for many people, and can ruin an entire day. If you are a busy person and don’t have time for any illness, headaches can be a real inconvenience.

Pain killers and meds may not always be the best option, since taking them regularly may also affect your kidneys or liver, and that is a much bigger problem. L-arginine can help with that.

Studies show that a constant supply of this amino acid in the body will help fight and prevent headaches and migraines. Take note: it is not an immediate cure for a headache. But it can prevent one, especially if you constantly have it in your diet.

9. Strengthens The Immune System

Our immune systems have a big role for the entire body. It is responsible for fighting the viruses and bacteria that threaten to invade our system. It also keeps our body stronger when we are hit with illnesses. Without the immune system, we’re practically toast. But what keeps the immune system strong? Because after all, it’s only just another system in the body, and it can still be invaded by ailments.

L-arginine is the answer. This amino acid helps in keeping the immune system healthy and strong, therefore making it able to fight the diseases that are threatening to enter our body. This means that an abundant supply of L-arginine in the body will help in preventing diseases and keep you strong and healthy.

10. Addresses Erectile Dysfunction In Men

Erectile Dysfunction In MenMost erectile dysfunction cases are nothing more than a lack of blood flow, or the male organ’s inability to regulate the blood from within.

As you know, an erection is a rush of blood to the penis and is responsible for making the penis hard. Without the blood rush, the muscles remain limp.

With L-arginine’s association with the blood and its ability to maintain the blood circulation healthy, this amino acid can help a lot in erectile dysfunction cases in men. The right amount of L-arginine in the body can keep the blood flowing smoothly and correctly in the all parts of the body, including the male organ, therefore helping to address erection problems.

As you age and grow older, your body will eventually go through some physical conditions whether you like it or not. The best way to counter it is by making sure that you are healthy and strong enough to fight these health problems. L-arginine can be a big help to you in that department.

Health buff or not, we need amino acids in our body to keep us standing strong and healthy. L-arginine does not only help cure and fight health problems, it also prevents them from happening in the first place. It can even help with erectile dysfunction, so really, it’s a full service package. It may just be a lowly amino acid, but it certainly does great things for men.

Karezza: 6 Steps for Caressing Your Way to a Renewed Sex Life

It’s a known fact that sex is essential in every relationship. Along with love, trust, open communication and respect, sex is amount the foundations of a long-lasting relationship. As most happy couples know, intimacy plays an important role in making every relationship work well.

Let’s face it. Sex opens up many possibilities, enables you to get to know your partner more and helps you bring your relationship to a completely new level. It also makes you do things you never expected you could do, which could also be a good thing.

However, does it always have to be the same old routine in bed? Do you have to repeat the same sexual activities just because these are what you’re used to? The answer is no, you don’t, and you shouldn’t.

There is a new practice circulating in the world of sex therapy these days. This is called Karezza, which borrowsideas from the Tantric and Taoist principles.According to Karezza devotees, this form of sexual practice enhances relationships and helps revive your dull and dying sex life, which leads us to ask some key questions. What is Karezza? How could this practice help renew a couple’s sex life? Here’s what you need to know about this practice that is saving relationships all over the globe.

1. Understand What Karezza Is All About

Before you go through this process, you have to know and understand what Karezza actually is. In simple terms, Karezza is a type of sexual practice focused on affectionate and sensual intercourse without considering climax as your end goal.

SexSex is about giving and receiving pleasure in erogenous zones, penetration and getting your juices out of your system. Karezza is that, with a different twist. Unlike regular intercourse, Karezza doesn’t always have to end with an orgasm.

You might say that sex without orgasm is useless. That may be true. However, sex is not always about reaching a climax. Believe it or not, there is more to it than that, and Karezza could give you the pleasure you are looking for.

2. Focus On Each Other’s Pleasure Zones

Here’s the problem with sex: you are focused so much on orgasm that you tend to forget about pleasure. This is what Karezza aims to address. Since the end goal is not orgasm, you are able to connect with your partner, focus more on each other’s pleasures and get you and your girl at the moment.


Photo by Moyan Brenn / CC BY 2.0

In other words, it’s not just about getting in the end, as if there is a race to finish. You value intimacy and emotional connection more than just a physical release.

It may not seem like a lot, but this could help couples who are down on a rocky road. In fact, couples who practice Karezza were able to keep the romance alive and the fire burning.

There are couples who felt like they were in honeymoon stage or in a new relationship high,even though they were married for years. This is because Karezza gets deep down into you and your girl’s deepest pleasures, not just your libido.

3. Karezza Helps You With Your Issues Down There

relationship with your girlDid you know that aside from improving your relationship with your girl, Karezza could help work on your issues down there? How is that possible? Karezza is pleasure-driven.

This means you are able to attain pleasure in the most relaxed manner even without reaching orgasm.

This is a good thing because it helps you control ejaculation and makes you last longer in bed.This is important because one of the issues affecting couples is that men don’t last longer in bed, which leaves your girl unhappy and dissatisfied.

That’s not all. Karezzahelps address any issues related to erections. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about getting your girl pregnant because being a father is now a matter of choice, and not just an accident.

4. Say No To Masturbation And Sex – For Now

If Karezza is pleasure-oriented, why do you have to let go of masturbation and sex? The operative word here is temporary. This does not mean that you will live the rest of your life without sex and masturbation. You have to let go of this temporarily to be able to enjoy Karezza.

What’s Your Alternative?

thinking of sex too muchTwo words: genital massage. Give your guy down there a genital or penis massage at least three to four times every weekor even everyday, if you want to. This gives your brain chemistry an opportunity to re-stabilize and settle down from thinking of sex too much.

This is also where your girl comes in. You could ask her to give you a massage, but make sure to repay her with something non-sexual such as a movie, dinner or a simple token.

To do the genital massage, lie on your back or position yourself in a comfortable position. Open your legs slightly, allowing your girl some easy access to your package. Your girl should use almond oil or any kind of oil to make the massage easier. Let her massage and lightly touch your genital area slowly and gently, including your penis, scrotum, perineum and testicles for 20 to 45 minutes, maximum. Make sure she won’t stroke your penis and give you a hand job because that defeats the purpose.

girlGenital massage not only prepares you for Karezza, but also helps you focus on the present, increase your sensitivity down there, teaches you to focus your sexual energy on your girl and appreciate her touch.

In fact, this is an excellent training method, not just for Karezza but also sex in general. It is important to develop these techniques without releasing your juices.

At the same time, it doesn’t matter if you are able to get your man up. If you are successful in getting penis massages without ejaculating and by remaining relaxed and calm all throughout the session for the next two weeks, you are ready to take it to the next level.

5. The Karezza Intercourse

excitement inside the bedroomIf you are able to get through two weeks without sex and masturbating, then you are ready for Karezza intercourse. This is the stage where you explore each other’s body.

Cuddling and relaxed kissing plays a major role at this point. Applying oil on your and her body could add excitement inside the bedroom.

Once you are in the mood, partial insertion of penis into her vagina is a must. To do this, try the snuggling position. Your member does not have to be fully erect and practice soft penetration. Make sure not to insert it fully, since you know what happens next, right?

You need to be calm and relaxed. Don’t let temptation get in your head and force you to give in your urges. It may be boring, but remember, good things come to those who wait. At the same time, pay attention to your body language and need to climax. When you feel you are about to give in, pull away as gently as possible and go back to kissing and cuddling. The point is you need to settle down and get it together before you make another comeback in her vagina.

Keep in mind that the goal of Karezza is not for you to climax. In fact, the objective of Karezza is to get in touch with your and your girl’s energy circuits, combine them and make something good out of your union. It is about sending the sexual energy between the two of you, keeping it together and not getting rid of it. This is where a deep connection starts to happen that could bring out something more magical.

relaxThis could be challenging to do at first. You may not even get it right the first few times. That’s fine.

Just relax, be comfortable with each other and release any kind of tension in your bodies. You can master this stage in no time.

6. The Garden Of Love

Once you mastered the Karezza intercourse, you would feel that you are ready for deeper penetration. This is what the ancients called “The Garden of Love.” Your penis is crucial in this stage. Erect or not, your penis creates and sends an energetic connection with a woman’s cervix through physical contact.

true gentlemanHowever, this does not mean you should force yourself inside her in order to stimulate yourself. That’s not the way to do it.

A true gentleman shows respect for his lady, and the best way to do this is to ensure that your penis is a calm, loving one that sends out positive energy.

At this point, you will realize that your guy down there is an intelligent creature. In fact, it knows what to do and how to do it given the different set of circumstances. This is the reason why you will experience an erect state when confronted with this situation and at times, you can’t even get it up. This also explains why you are easily turned on with some women while there are women, no matter how hot or gorgeous they are, don’t even get your libido in first gear.

In summary, Karezza is a sexual practice focused on pleasure and arousal, sans the orgasm. This means that intercourse is slower, more relaxed and focused solely on pleasure. When you do it properly, this could relieve any sexual tension, too, even without achieving orgasm. Don’t worry about the inability to climax. In the long run, Karezza could work magic for your sex life in many ways you couldn’t imagine.

10 Things That Prove Oxytocin Isn’t Just for Women

Men play the field for some time in their young lives. It’s a natural occurrence that most of them, if not all, go through in order for them to be called a man. Thus, the proverbial “men are all alike,” and the trail of broken hearts that they leave behind can be a reality. But contrary to what women think, men are capable of falling in love. And when they fall in love, they fall in love hard.

As cheesy as it sounds, you are capable of falling head over heels – or soles, since men don’t really wear heels – when you finally find the one. You may have found her, you may still be searching, but the fact remains that you sticking to one and making her the object of your universe is a possibility. The best part of this phenomena is that science can explain it. You can hardly argue when science decides to get involved. You may have heard of oxytocin.

random womenApparently, this brain chemical dubbed as “the love hormone,” is not only abundant in women, but also in men.

That means, your playboy attitude may just be a temporary life segment and when your brain finally decides to mass produce this hormone, you can say goodbye to all those random women and say hello to one special woman.

Aside from keeping you tied and happy to one woman in your lifetime, oxytocin can plainly be just a happy hormone that can make you stress-free. Here are the 10 great things that oxytocin does for men:

1. It Relieves Stress


Stress happens to everyone, men and women alike. What’s more bothersome about it is that it affects you externally with wrinkles and all that, and internally with fatigue, loss of appetite and high blood pressure.

Luckily you have oxytocin. It does not only work in women, because obviously men have it, too. It’s also not just for love, being the “love hormone.”

Research was conducted with people who were showing signs of anxiety, depression and stress who were injected with oxytocin for the study. Results were astounding and showed that those who were injected with oxytocin had visibly less stress and depression. So, if you’re feeling a little down, just think that oxytocin is on its way to boost your energy up.

2. It Makes Beautiful Memories

recent studyA recent study and experimentation had a few selected men inhale the gas version of oxytocin.

Surprisingly, the procedure has augmented the memories of these men when they were younger – happy memories about their parents and their childhood.

Apparently, the brain kept these emotional memories at the subconscious and had them resurfaced when there was an abundance of oxytocin in the brain.

This discovery is touching and emotional, to say the least. It proves that you are capable of keeping these wonderful and happy memories in your life. So, you might have forgotten the actual date of your wedding, but it does not dissolve the memory of how happy you were during your wedding day or how beautiful she looked to you.

3. It Boosts Your Sexual Cravings

Oxytocin is a “love hormone.” Being the love hormone, it boosts certain cravings that you may have for your woman or anyone of the opposite sex. Since men think about sex for most part of their day – and don’t deny that you do – oxytocin is there to boost your cravings and have you running home to your woman in no time.

adrenalineWhen the brain releases oxytocin, it’s more like adrenaline, but in the love and sex department.

You get spontaneous erections anytime, anywhere and you’ll be hot and ready by the time you are alone.

4. It Improves Your Social Skills

A study of oxytocin has revealed that an abundance of the hormone in the body will make socializing easy for you. Socializing can be difficult, especially if you are surrounded by people you don’t know and have different interests than you.

business deal

Photo by reynermedia / CC BY 2.0

Young men who have not had a break through in the production of oxytocin in their body will have a difficult time socializing, mostly keeping to themselves, or with the only group of people that they are comfortable with.

Oxytocin, being the happy hormone, can improve your social skills on a much higher level.

People who have higher oxytocin levels in their body are more enthusiastic in meeting new people and talking to them regardless of the topic. Men, this might just be the answer for successfully closing that business deal.

5. It Triggers Protectiveness Over Important People In Your Life

In a study done for oxytocin and social groups, it showed that men who have an abundance of oxytocin in their body tend to be more protective of the people in their group or the important people in their lives.

husbandTalk about bro-mance and over protectiveness. But it actually connotes a positive trait for men. Fathers, older brothers, husbands and boyfriends who act strict and sometimes jealous are just a little overdosed with oxytocin.

It is actually a good thing. Protectiveness will keep your brain active and alert to identify anything that may harm the people that you care about.

6. It Promotes Sleep And Rest

Because of the hormone’s ability to alleviate stress, it keeps the brain relaxed and tension-free, therefore promoting sleep and rest. Oxytocin is said to have a calming effect on the brain and the nerves in situations that normally induce stress.

rest and sleepThis actually sounds promising to men. In the corporate and business world where everything is fast-paced, you may hardly have the time to pause and your brain always works overtime in an effort to keep up with your deliverables.

It’s a good thing oxytocin is there to calm you when you’re cooling down and about to end your hard day. Oxytocin is said to have a loving and tranquil effect, which leads you to rest and sleep.

7. It Cultivates Generosity

Studies show that oxytocin in the brain can promote generosity and concern for others. It is, after all, called the love hormone. Which means that an abundance of oxytocin will make you feel enthusiastic in giving and sharing what you have with others. The feeling of concern will prompt you to want to learn what the other person needs and therefore giving you the opportunity to help out and being happy about it.

8. It Makes You Want To Cuddle

OxytocinWaking up next to the woman you love is an ecstatic feeling and one good way to start your day. With the right dose of oxytocin released in the brain, it will make you more affectionate and touchy-feely in the morning.

That explains the wanting to cuddle part before your day starts every morning when you wake up.

At the same time, being the love hormone, oxytocin also intensifies your sexual cravings, so that kind of sets the mark.

9. It Promotes A Solid Relationship


A man will come to a time when he wants to build a strong and lasting relationship. It’s kind of like a practice run on the whole settling down thing. That is because of the higher level of oxytocin that the brain will produce – something that happens later in a man’s life.

Because it is after all the love hormone, oxytocin will make you want to see your loved one more often, spend time with her more often and become happier when she’s around.

This alone can solidify your relationship as you both work together to become a stronger couple. That and the amount of sex that you will be getting and giving because of how oxytocin works in your brain will make your relationship and your man tool rock solid.

10. It Makes You Stick To One Love

Studies show that a man in love has a higher level of oxytocin in his body. This promotes a stick-to-one attitude,which means a man may not look at other women the way he did when he was single. That explains the gleam in your eyes when you see the woman you love.

Oxytocin also alters a man’s brain in such a way that he only finds his woman attractive, while the others are just in the background. You may still look at other women, but nothing compares to her. This explains why some men, even when flirted upon by other women, really have the power to ignore and reject other women.

men and womenSo basically, oxytocin lives in women’s brains their whole lives – which explains the “falling in love” in early stages, something that some teenage boys fail to understand sometimes.

But eventually, a man will also start releasing more oxytocin in the brain and he will start what womenfondly call as “growing balls,” admitting to himself that he is in love and he is sticking to one woman.

It’s not a miracle hormone, ladies,quiet down. It’s purely body chemicals working at the time that they are designed to work. That’s where the difference between men and women starts. But if it’s all the same, men and women will eventually get to that stage of wanting to settle down. Let’s give a big round of applause for oxytocin.

10 Little Vitamins That Can Help Your ED Bigtime

The fear of not pleasing your partner – or yourself, and especially yourself – can be like a big problem gnawing at the back of your head. So, you think ahead and make sure that you don’t get to the point where you only have to use your hands or your tongue to please her. That’s right folks. Erectile dysfunction can be a pain in the butt, as well as your front, literally.

For years, science has produced ways to treat erectile dysfunction, which is a common condition for middle-aged to older men. Businesses have been rolling, medicines have been popped and everyone stays happy, because impotence is just a thing of the past.

ED drugs

But wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to take medication at all? As common as it is, taking ED drugs is still a punch in the gut of manhood, knowing that without them, you really could not function anymore.

Like every other health condition, men can treat erectile dysfunction with a boost of some nutrients that your body needs – nutrients that you might have lacked before. So, instead of bombarding your body with ED drugs – chemicals that may pose harm to your body – you can choose the natural and healthy way. After all, it’s an ego boost to know that you don’t need drugs to get you going. Here are 10 vitamins and nutrients that can help with your erectile dysfunction:

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Photo by Health Gauge / CC BY 2.0

A group of researchers came together to study what is causing erectile dysfunction in men. The result was astonishing. It showed that men with erectile dysfunction demonstrate a lack of Vitamin D in their bodies.

What does this tell you exactly? It’s a simple equation leading to the knowledge that you need a great deal of vitamin D in your body to prevent erectile dysfunction.

That means you need to eat more fish and dairy products and expose yourself to sunlight every once in a while. The abundance of vitamin D in your body will definitely help avert the dreadful erectile dysfunction.

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin ATo boost up your sexual appetite, you need your libido to be active and continuously producing. Vitamin A can help you with that. Vitamin A is essential in regulating your sex hormones, namely progesterone.

In a simpler way of presenting it, vitamin A makes sure that your body has enough libido to make your appetite for sex just right.

Regular sex means you need to your keep your appetite wet all the time and making sure that you’re hungry enough. A well functioning libido is the key to that. That’s why you need to eat your carrots, squash, mangoes and other vitamin A rich foods that can help you boost your sex hormones.

3. Vitamin C

 Vitamin CVitamin C is not just good for your eyesight; it’s good for everything else in your body, as well. Taking vitamin C would help produce hormones for fertility and to have a healthy sex life.

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? But, it doesn’t stop there. Vitamin C also helps strengthen capillaries and veins and helps in regulating the blood. You know erection is a blood rush, right?

Vitamin C also keeps your sperm healthy and helps in their production. The list is endless for this wonder vitamin. So, just keep on eating those oranges and citrus fruits to keep the vitamin C level of your body abundant and help prevent erectile dysfunction.

4. Vitamin E

Prostaglandins are hormones that increase your sex drive and keep it on that level. If there is a sex drug, there is also a sex vitamin and vitamin E holds that throne. Vitamin E is also use as an anti-aging antioxidant because it helps protect the cells.Keeping the cells healthy is also an important, but in the world of sex, vitamin E pumps up your sex drive, which is an important component in keeping the sex in your life alive.

fast foodInstead of oily potato chips or fast food, go for those apples, nuts and seeds to keep your body abundant in vitamin E and keep your sex drive active.

A good sex drive will keep you sexually active and keep your friend down there in action all the time, making him strong and healthy.

5. Vitamin B1

An erection is a group of nerves and muscles reacting to the blood rush and growing as a result. Vitamin B1 optimizes your nerves on all parts of your body – yes, including down there. That is something that you need to make your erection hard and strong. Apart from that, vitamin B boosts your stamina to keep you going for a long and hard sex.

drink milkVitamin B also improves the blood circulation of your body and since erections happen when there is a rush of blood, healthy blood circulation can make you hard fast.

So eat more meat and fish, drink milk and other dairy products to keep the Vitamin B1 in your body abundant and keep your erectile dysfunction at arm’s length.

6. Magnesium

Magnesium in your diet

Some erectile dysfunction cases are just a lack of androgen and estrogen in the body. That is what you work on to increase to prevent or cure the condition. Luckily, there is magnesium. Although it can only be found in small amounts in the body, it plays a big role in fighting erectile dysfunction and also curing it.

Magnesium helps in creating estrogen, androgen and neurotransmitters that are all responsible to boost the sex drive. A strong appetite for sex can just be the key to prevent erectile dysfunction and keep you sexually active.

Ingesting Magnesium in your diet can pave the way for an active sex life. Magnesium can be found in fruits and vegetable such as avocado, spinach and other seeds.

7. Selenium

seafoodSelenium, in the male body, can be found mostly in the testicles. In fact, almost half of the amount of selenium can be found there. It helps in the production of sperm and keeps them strong and healthy. This naturally means that a lack of selenium in the body – or in the testicles specifically – would lead to a lower sperm count, which eventually could lead to erectile dysfunction.

Selenium can be found in common foods like citrus fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables, dairy and seafood.

Keeping the selenium levels of your body healthy can help greatly in the constant production of sperm, which in turn, can prevent erectile dysfunction.

8. Zinc

Zinc is stored in a male’s prostate gland and should remain in a certain concentrated amount to keep the sperm production healthy. It is found that men with erectile dysfunction have low levels of zinc in the prostate gland. This simply means that they need the right amount of zinc to keep the sperm production going and also keep the body healthy. Zinc is also needed in the production of testosterone, which plays a big role in a man’s sex drive.

Zinc can help greatly in fighting erectile dysfunction and keeping the sperm healthy. So to keep your testosterone levelshigh and the sperm production going, consume those zinc-rich foods such as meat, fish, cheese and broccoli to prevent and help cure erectile dysfunction.

9. Horny Goat Weed

Asian natural remedies have always been a healthy and natural way of treating diseases. Erectile dysfunction is one of them. Horny goat weed is an herb that helps in relaxing and smoothing the muscles to increase the blood flow.Since erection is blood flow to the penis, this herbal medicine helps greatly in that aspect.

viagraHorny goat weed works like Viagra, but without the known side effects that Viagra brings.

It naturally increases the blood flow without altering any other body functions that foreign chemicals may bring. It’s a natural way of treating erectile dysfunction that has been around for centuries.

10. Ginseng

Sex drive is libido in action. Ginseng is another Asian natural remedy that treats erectile dysfunction without the fear of side effects. Taking ginseng with a 900mg dosage three times a day can help increase your libido. In the aspect of sexual performance, ginseng will also help to prolong an erection.

GinsengGinseng is like an energy drink but in the sex department. It can keep you hard for long and keep your sex appetite high and ready to go anytime.

It is like Viagra, but it comes from natural extracts. With its natural roots, it is not only side-effect free but also healthy for the body.

Erectile dysfunction is a health problem and can be dealt with ingesting your body with the right amount of nutrients to address this condition. The results may not be as immediate as how ED drugs work, but a healthy lifestyle is a habit that you need to form so that you can live longer and better.

Vitamins are always the healthiest and most natural ways for treating any physical condition. Erectile dysfunction is no exception to that fact. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, sooner or later, and with a dose of patience, you’ll definitely get your physique back in the bedroom.

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Giving Her Loving Bites

Fact: You can’t run away from foreplay. Think about foreplay as your sidekick. No matter how strong and able you are in bed, you need support from someone – or something – to make sure that the work is done – and done well.

There are three things you need to use to make things in the foreplay department more exciting: your mouth, hands and tongue. These three things should work hand in hand to be able to give your girl the most pleasurable oral sex she will ever have. However, that doesn’t end there. There is one part of your body that could also do the work and bring your game to the next level – your teeth.

Yes, your pearly whites. Surprisingly, your teeth, and the act of biting have a special kind of power that could bring pain and instant arousal at the same time. However, the key here is biting her in the right places. Here are 10 important things you need to keep in mind before you give your girl some teeth action.

1. Do Create A Buildup


No soldier will go directly on the battlefield without checking the area first. The same concept goes with sex. Before you let your inner Edward Cullen out, you need to make sure that she is aroused enough to experience the pain and pleasure of biting.

Start your foreplay with your signature moves. Kiss her, caress her, slowly take off your clothes and talk dirty to her. You can also try something new to get her excited. Once she is in the mood, slowly and gently drag your teeth to wide fleshy areas such as shoulders, hips or thighs.

Keep in mind that you want her in an aroused state, both physically and mentally, before using your teeth. Pay attention to her body language before giving her a teeth job.

2. Don’t Bite In Random Areas


This is crucial. Even if she enjoyed the biting action, this doesn’t mean you should use your teeth anywhere in her body. Random sensual biting could be a turn off. More importantly, biting the wrong areas could freak her out and ruin her mood, especially when this is the first time someone has done this to her.

Always remember that biting is an art. Hence, don’t just bite on anything you see. Focus only on erogenous areas such as her neck or thighs. The end goal is to let her moan in pleasure, not in pain or agony, so take it easy.

3. Do Focus On Erogenous Zones

You already know that biting in random areas is a big no-no. When it comes to sensual biting, your girl’s erogenous areas deserve the spotlight. Consider your teeth as your fangs. You can’t just bite anywhere in her body, since there are areas where pain is something she can’t manage. The question now is what areas you should focus on.


Start with the nape of her neck. This is a highly sensitive area where most women want to be kissed. This could be a good area to work on before moving to other areas. Alternate teeth and tongue action, so it won’t get boring.

Once she is aroused enough,pay attention to her breasts, the curve of her waist and her lower back. Then, go down to her inner thighs and make sure you skip her you-know-what. The inner thighs are also highly erogenous zones that would make her beg for some action in her pleasure area.

Make small, gentle bites on your way up to her vaginal area. This will definitely blow her mind and make her beg for more.

4. Don’t Make Animal Noises

Again, biting is an art. She may love how you bring out the inner tiger in you when it comes to sex. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to take the role seriously or sound like an animal. There are certain kinds of noises that don’t deserve a place inside the bedroom, which includes slurping and smacking. This makes you look inexperienced and such noises have nothing to do with boosting her libido and keeping her in an aroused state.

inside the bedroomSilly comments should also be kicked out of the bedroom. Comments such as “Yummy,” “This is fun,” or other comments you normally hear in the playground or dining area don’t need to be inside the bedroom.

Even if you mastered the art of nibbling, making annoying noises could still tick her off.

5. Keep The Biting Quick And Painless

Here’s the truth: biting could be painful. There are women who don’t want any teeth action because of fear of pain. They have a point. It’s your job now to change that perception and make her realize that sensual biting is a pleasurable one. In giving her love bites, make sure that you do this as quick and as painless as you can.

The longer you bite, the more pain she feels, which is not good. Therefore, make sure that the bite should last for a few seconds, say one to two seconds. If you want to keep it longer, she has to ask for it first. Don’t bite her intensely without her permission. The last thing she needs is a Dracula on her bedside, so keep the sensual biting quick.

6. Don’t Gnaw, Just Nibble

lollipopHere’s the thing: you are not a rat, or any other type of rodent. Therefore, there is no need for you to gnaw, resemble a chewing motion, or nip on a particular area only.

The more you focus on just one area, the less pleasurable it becomesfor her, which makes sensual biting less exciting.

At the same time, it makes her feel like a cookie or a lollipop that you enjoy nibbling. Keep your sensual biting quick, clean and erotic. After all, there is nothing sexy and exciting about feeling gnawed upon, unless that’s her preference, so go ahead and gnaw all you want.

7. Share A Safe Word

Sensual bitingSensual biting is a combination of pain and pleasure, which makes the act even more exciting. This is also the reason why there are women who secretly yearn for this.

However, sensual biting could make you do the unthinkable. Even if you promise to go easy on her, you might lose control and get carried away while in the situation.

Therefore, it is best that you agree on a safe word in case she feels some kind of pain she could no longer manage. This way, you could easily tell if you’ve gone overboard and lets you know what’s going on her mind. This would make you stop, go back to reality and remind yourself to be gentle.

8. Don’t Forget That Biting Could Be Painful

Biting Could Be PainfulThis is why having a safe word is important. Men get carried away, especially when you are turned on and in the moment.

That’s okay. However, you tend to cloud your judgment and forget that there are consequences for every action you do in bed.

Therefore, don’t forget that biting, no matter how sensual you intend it to be, could be painful and dangerous.

This could lead to scratches, redness and minor bruises if you are not careful. The good thing is, this could easily fade but still, that’s not the goal. You want to make the experience as memorable and pleasurable as possible for her, sans the wounds.

9. Change It Up Often

Even if you are giving your girl some teeth action, this does not mean you should focus on it alone. Alternating methods are a fun way to keep things more exciting and pleasurable in the bedroom.

By alternate, this means switch modes. Use your mouth, then tongue, and then your teeth, then repeat the cycle. Even if you alternate, keep in mind that your teeth are the star of the show. Therefore, use it wisely and appropriately.

10. Don’t Forget You Also Have Needs

men get embarrassed

Photo by Jayel Aheram / CC BY 2.0

Sex is a two-way process. You need to be in concert with one another to make things pleasurable between the sheets.

Even if your goal is to make her scream in pleasure, keep in mind that you also have your needs in bed.

Hence, don’t hesitate to discuss the possibility of getting some tongue action from her. Most men get embarrassed when discussing things that could make you beg for pleasure.

Don’t be like those men. Plus, women would love some honesty inside the bedroom. It makes things more exciting. Tell her how you want her to bite you and allow her to take control in bed from time to time. If you prefer a certain method of sensual biting, go ahead and say it. Honesty delivered in a nice manner could go a long way.

Keep this in mind: sensual biting is a pleasurable experience for a woman. In fact, not many women won’t admit it, but they secretly long for someone who will give them some teeth action. However, don’t just do it without even considering the do’s and don’ts of sensual biting. Just follow these simple tips and you will surely give your girl a wonderful and pleasurable time in bed.