8 Bad Things That Can Make You Suck in the Sack

No matter how confident you are in bed, and no matter how many times you’ve done it with many different women, it’s no guarantee that you are a certified sexpert. Even the best of you will suck in the sack from time to time for a lot of reasons. Hormones, moods, stress, illness – whatever the reason, we can be perfect all the time.

They say different strokes for different folks, and this also applies to sex. Some women may love what you’re doing, but some loathe it. And the loathing things you do make you a sucker in bed. Here is a list of the things that you might be doing that makes you suck, even when you think it’s hot. If you have not done it, then now you know what not to do.

1. Pushing Her Head When She Gives You Oral

womenThis is definitely one of the most annoying things men do in the bedroom. Deep throating may make you feel so good, but leaving her gagging is just disrespectful.

Some women may be fine with it, but there will be others who can’t stand it. Are you focused on your satisfaction or just wanted to stroke your ego with the sight of her gagging because of your “huge” size?

Whatever it’s just plain disrespectful. If she’s not going too deep when she goes down on you, this only means she knows her limits, so don’t push your luck.

2. You Stop On A “Go” Sign

When she’s all warmed up and starts responding to your movements and stimulation you suddenly stop and change position. This might be a good strategy to make her last longer in bed, but could also be reason enough to kill her mood. If you want to change the pace, slow down and give her a hint, so you don’t take her by surprise then leave her wanting and frustrated. Caress other parts of her body or tease her with your hand as you do so. Better yet, wait for her go signal.

3. A Habit For Jack Rabbit

passionate love-making

Photo by you me / CC BY 2.0

Jack rabbit sex. On some occasions, getting straight at it without foreplay may be acceptable and enjoyable, but doing it on a regular basis is just a no-no.  Firstly because it’s painful for her.

Constant, hard pounding without proper lubrication can cause too much friction. Next, it lacks intimacy and connection. If you’re out somewhere in public and can’t control the urge, go on with the jack rabbit.

But when you’re in the bedroom, nothing feels great than a slow, passionate love-making.

4. Feeling Like A Porn Star

What’s up with all the intense pounding and grunting, plus those death-defying sex stunts? As much as women love hot intense sex, they hate being treated like porn stars. That’s a fact. For them, sex is an emotional experience; thus it should be done with tenderness and respect. Show her love and not plain lust. Better yet, ask her if she’s in for a rough porn scene. You might get lucky.

5. Awful “Guy” Things

woman in bedUnlike men, women don’t have an “on” switch that will turn them into your wanton woman in bed. It won’t be easy getting her in the mood, but easy for her to be instantly turned off.

If your smell is anything funny, if you burp or fart during a hot session, or if you start doing weird things without asking her first, then expect her to get cold in an instant.

Be sure to hit the shower before hitting the sheets and keep those awful “guy things” in the locker room. If you want to be a little adventurous, ask her if she’s on it.

6. Too Much Booze

Too Much BoozeA few drinks can heat up your body, but too much booze, and you’ll end up with a limp penis. A lot of men think they become more charming when under the influence of alcohol.

Maybe, because you are more confident to express yourself when tipsy, but the truth is alcohol can dampen your desire and your erection. According to studies, sensual sensations and orgasm are less pleasurable for men who drink before having sex than men who are sober.

7. Premature Ejaculation

A few thrusts and you’re done. You’re done, but she isn’t, so this is a bad thing. Premature ejaculation makes it to the top of the list when it comes to men’s sexual concerns. It’s a condition that may be difficult for you to control, but the good news is, there are a lot of ways to compensate for your “shortcoming.”

If sex is soon over for you, let her reach orgasm by using your expert-level mouth skills, or your hand or maybe by using a sex toy. Another thing, don’t be too apologetic with your condition. It’s ok to say “sorry,” if you left her hanging, but constantly doing it after every deed may seem like you’re asking for her pity, which can be annoying. Instead of saying sorry, do something.

try ExtenZeThis predicament is nothing uncommon but if you want to last longer despite getting off real fast. Use a male enhancer. It will keep you erected despite numerous ejaculations.

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8. You’re Mean When You’re c

Some women can be up front with their feelings, but others can pretend and go on like nothing’s bothering her. If she starts getting cold in bed or she’s not as responsive as she used to be, the chances are she is over you, but can’t tell you right to your face.

So, is it that it’s you that’s at fault? You should talk. She can’t have great sex with someone who was a big a-hole throughout the day, and now he’s nice because he wants sex. There are things beyond your control or things you do that leaves a bitter taste in her mouth during sex. Whether intentional or not, it is not too late to change.

7 Ways Stress Leads to Dead End Sex

Stress is inevitable because it gets to you anytime and anywhere. Heavily trafficked roads, unfinished paper works, heaps of unpaid bills, problematic teens and so much more can cause angst. Stress could lead to more serious health issues both physical and mental. A lot of men also reported that stress is the number one reason for their poor sex life.

Stress can alter moods, trigger the release of the unnecessary amount of hormones, as it inhibits the production of vital hormones, which makes you feel awful and causes you to resort to unhealthy habits. While your body needs stress once in a while, too much stress can do more harm than good. Here are ways how stress leads you down the path of dead end sex:

1. Stress Leads To Depression

Stress Leads To DepressionToo much stress can cause depression, which can isolate you from your environment. First, it can make you lose interest and satisfaction from the things that once make you happy.

It draws you away from the people you love, your work, your friends and the activities you used to enjoy. Depression can heavily impact every aspect of your life, and your sex life is no exemption.

Second, you turn to sex as an escape to these negative feelings instead of your desire. Back when you were a child, you have developed a habit of dealing with negative emotions. You distract yourself through playing, watching TV, eating candies and a lot more. As an adult man, you distract yourself through sex.

Although you don’t have the desire, you do it compulsively for the sake of relieving your emotions. In turn, it will only leave you unsatisfied and unhappy which could add more stress. Moreover, medications of depression caused by too much stress have side effects that can dampen your sexual desire and affect your ability to achieve erection and orgasm.

The intensity of the side effects may vary from person to person. Medications are best treatment options for depression so talk to your doctor about your concerns about its effects on your sexual life.

2. Stress Affects Sex Hormone Production

CortisolWhen you are stressed, your body reacts by releasing hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. These two hormones are needed by the body daily, but only in small amounts.

However, during stressful periods, your body tends to release bursts of cortisol and adrenaline over a short period. Thus, reducing the production of sex hormones, testosterone.

So, if you’re feeling that stress is beginning to take over you and before it could take its toll on your life, find ways on how to handle it effectively. Take a break or get involved in recreational activities. Better yet, have great sex with your partner to ease stress.


3. Stress Makes You Want To Eat A Lot

If eating is one of your ways of coping with stress, then it’s no surprise you’re slowly gaining weight. Weight gain means fewer visible muscles as your belly and other parts of your body start to become soft and saggy.

Those excess fats will make you less confident about your body hence you feel less desirable. A poor self-image will make it difficult for you to be confidently naked in bed with your partner. Less sex could strain relationships, which can add more stress.

4. Stress Turns You Into A Grouch

Stress is a negative thing thus it reflects negative emotions. When you are stressed, you are likely to be easily irritated. Most likely, you vent out your anger and frustrations to your partner, you yell at small things and you reject physical contacts. If this happens after every stressful day, how can you be sexually intimate with your partner and how will she desire a grouch like you?

5. Stress Is A Communication Barrier

relationshipYour relationship suffers when you feel stress due to lack of proper communication, and if ever there is, it will only consist of hurtful words and angry tones.

Women need to feel emotionally connected to be sexually aroused and if you don’t communicate, then how will she feel connected to you?

If you constantly cut her off when you’re stressed, then expect less and less sex. Moreover, sex makes you feel connected to each other. This only means that stress not only affects your sexual life, but ultimately your relationship.

6. Alcohol Becomes Your Friend When Stressed

AlcoholYou usually end up in a bar after a stressful day at work. If this is how you cope up with stress, you might need to find other ways to do it.

A drink or two may heat up your body for a hot night in bed but, more than a few drinks on a daily basis over a long period can seriously hurt your ability to achieve and maintain erection.

Too much booze, even for just a day can dampen your mood and decrease libido. You can still have sex, but may not be as pleasurable when you are sober.

7. Stress Leads To Sleeplessness

Too much stress from financial and office problems could lead to sleepless nights, which could affect your sexual desire. Deprivation of sleep makes a person easily irritated, angry and in no mood to mingle with other people how much more to respond to sexually.

How can you respond when you’re body and mind are craving for enough shuteye? Ironically, having sex can relieve stress. If you can’t handle stress well, it could create a vicious cycle where less sex leads to more stress, and more stress leads to lesser or no sex at all.

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It is a potent blend of herbs proven to be safe and effective for bigger, harder erections and improved stamina. Check out their website at https://www.buyextenze.store for complete info. Stress is a major culprit for a lot of medical conditions, both physical and psychological. It can also hugely impact relationships, as it slowly cripples your sex life.

Top 10 Sex Positions for Any Penis Size

How many times have you heard a woman say “I just had the best sex of my life,” followed by a description that it was “the best,” because of her lover’s penis size? We bet you it would not be a lot.  That is because women, open-minded and performance driven species that they are, care less about the size of your tool and more about how you perform, how you use your tool and how you bring her to the brink of full-blown orgasmic experience.

That’s right, gentlemen, you read it correctly. She prefers mind-blowing sex with a small tool compared to a dull, perfunctory sexual activity with an enormous junk. Although, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a man with a huge penis and performs like a porn star, right?
All hail if you have a long and thick penis, but for those who are ranging from small to average, they’ve got something to give, too. Knowing the right position can hit that sweet spot between her legs just right. Sure, missionary can also do that. But if you want a stupefying, earth-shattering, can’t-walk-straight-for-days, intense sex, you will want to try out these top 10 sex positions.

1. Doggy Style

Or the G-spot killer, because long or short, it can hit your lady’s G-spot just right, over and over. That’s why it tops the list.

Doggy style is a common sex position because it’s flip-over fast and strike-anywhere easy. You just have to let your lady kneel and bend, with her hands flat on the floor like a dog and penetrate her from behind.

Your head and her G-spot can be in perfect tune once you start pounding, bringing her quickly to the edge. And here’s an exciting thing: since it’s fast and easy, you can do it with clothes on. Just push her panties to the side and you’re good to go. The idea of getting caught is thrilling and can bring you both to the brink fast.

2. The Fan Position

Small and average size men, listen. Deep penetration is impossible no more. The Fan position can give you the perfect access to your lady’s vagina walls and hit the G-spot just right. The Fan position is much like a Doggy Style, only instead of kneeling, you are both on your feet. Your lady bends forward, her head and upper body should be lower than her pelvis level. You can use props like a low table or a chair that she can bend and hold on to.

Take her from behind and pump in and out. Your head should be in bulls-eye mark to her sweet G-spot. While doing it, you can play with her breasts or her clitoris for added sensation. The over-the-top sensation of it all can bring her to orgasm over and over.

3. The Sphinx Position

Sphinx PositionYou know the Sphinx, yes? Well, that is basically how your lady should be positioned like.

She’s lying on her stomach and you’re lying on your stomach on top of her. Her one leg should be straightened while the other should be folded, stretching out her vagina walls.

Your weight should be on your arms as you push yourself upward and let only yours and her mid-part and pelvis areas join together, entering her from behind. Rear entry positions are always best in hitting your lady’s G-spot, take note of that. Once you’re in, pound harder.

Your weight, the pressure of your body pinning her down, your balls hitting her clitoris every time you pound can give an overall gratifying and mind-boggling sensation that can get her to the edge fast, again and again. You can play with her breasts with one of your hands to add sensation.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

Alright, gentlemen. Let your lady do the action by riding you Reverse Cowgirl style. One of the most classic sex positions there is, reverse cowgirl is rear entry except that the lady is on top and facing opposite from you.


Photo by KariHak / CC BY 2.0

Like other rear entry position, Reverse Cowgirl can quickly hit that sweet spot that can quickly bring your lady to orgasm. She can do the pumping while you lie on your back and look at her sweet ass, at the same time getting a clear view of how she pounds your brains out.

Ladies, here’s a tip. While you do him, caress his balls and look behind, giving eye-contact. The combined sensation of it all can bring you both fast over the edge and will leave him asking for more.

5. Nirvana

Missionary can’t be all that conventional and boring. Nirvana is good, old missionary style with a twist. Gentleman, you’re on top. Lady, close your legs. When he penetrates you, close your legs tightly to hold him firmly in there. This will allow you to constrict and control your muscle which is additional sensation for both of you. Gentlemen, you may go hard or slow depending on what she likes. Either way, the deep penetration and friction of your pubic bone to her clitoris can bring her over the top and give her an intense orgasmic experience.

6. The Splitting Bamboo

Imagine two pairs of scissors penetrating each other at the base. That basically how it looks like. The penetration is deep and the friction is intense. Straddle your lady and lift her legs to your shoulder.

bouncing breastsHer other leg should be beneath you and between your two legs as well. This will allow you to pound her harder while pinning her down.

The hard pounding adds pressure to her clitoris. This also gives you a great view of her bouncing breasts while you pump.

Alternately caress her breasts and play with her clits, or let her play with her clits, whichever she likes best. The overall experience can be intensely sensational for her that it would feel like coming the entire time.

7. Reclining Lotus Position

Talk about deep, deep, deep penetration. The position: lady, spread your legs, bend your knees and hitch it up your man’s hips. This allows a wide and shallow opening which is perfect for a short to an average length penis.

The wide and shallow opening allows more area for the pounding and requires less other body parts from getting in the way. It’s essentially just penis to vagina. At the same time, you put on pressure on the clitoris with the hard pounding, which can be an extreme sensation for the lady and can get her to orgasmic pleasure over and over.

8. The Eagle

You want a full, frontal view of your woman’s face, breasts, clit and vagina? And you want to see how your penis goes in and out of her the whole time? This is the style for you.

In the Eagle position, the man should spread his legs and be on his knees while the lady spreads out and extends her legs in a V position.

The gentleman stays upright while the lady lies on her back. While the man holds the lady’s legs up, penetrate the vagina this way and feel the inch by inch sensation that it brings.The Eagle is an overall penetration style and can give you a full view of each other, looking at the facial and body reactions to every pump, every moan and every touch.

9. The Hero

The Hero is much like The Eagle except that instead of the legs spreading out, the man bends and holds the lady’s legs together, applying pressure to the back of the knees towards the lady and the lady’s butt is raised a bit. The somehow complicated position and added pressure allows more sensation and pleasure while you pound your lady hard.

Your other free hand can play with her clits and add pressure to it so that the climb to orgasm and the orgasmic feeling can be earth-shattering and extreme. When she comes, keep her legs still and let her feel the waves of orgasmic pleasure while her legs are in the air.

10. The Dolphin

If you and your partner like a little challenge, try out The Dolphin. Ladies, support your body weight with your shoulders and let your man hold your hips and butt up from the ground, while your legs hang at his backside.

lady’s G-spot

Photo by Tsaitgaist / CC BY-SA 3.0

The man should stay upright and kneel down, levelling the vagina opening to his penis. Penetrate from this angle. This position will hit the lady’s G-spot just right and massage the vaginal walls, allowing a more sensational and more intense sexual feeling.

A man may lack or be blessed on the brief size department, but the performance is what really hits the spot. Pun intended. So, the size does not really matter.

What matters is you last, you hit the mark and you bring her to the edge. And plus factors of knowing the right position: it can strengthen your relationship and it can boost your confidence in knowing that you can satisfy your woman anytime, anywhere.

Skin On, Skin Off: The Top 8 Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Foreskin

“Should the foreskin on a man’s penis stay or go?” That is the ultimate question asked by many parents these days. The issue on circumcision, also known as removal of the foreskin on a man’s penis, has always been a subject of many debates. For many, the foreskin plays an important role in the male genitals, which explains why it exists. On the other hand, there are others, who call for its removal due to hygienic reasons.

Dating back in the earlier times, men’s foreskins were all intact. During the Victorian era, doctors thought that foreskin curbed a man’s capacity to masturbate, which for them was an unhealthy practice.

Since then, circumcision has become a practice and even peaked during the 80’s due to social reasons. Today, many groups are advocating against it, which is why the number of circumcised men are slowly declining.

What’s With Circumcision, Anyway? And why Are There People Who Are For And Against It?

1. Pro: Circumcision Can Reduce The Risk Of Getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Yes, you read that right. Admit it. Nowadays, it is hard to say no and abstain from sex. Come on. That’s just impossible. That is why if you can’t stay away from sex, at least use some protection to prevent the spreading of unwanted diseases.

If you still have your foreskin intact, then you should know that you have higher chances of getting STDs. Where else do you think will the virus be trapped? The truth is, circumcision can prevent the growth underneath the foreskin, which can cause STDs. This can also offer some protection from diseases not just for you, but also for your mate since the unwanted agents have nowhere to go.

HIVIn fact, getting HIV is lowered by about 40 percent, with about 35 percent for genital warts and 30 percent for herpes simplex type 2. This can even reduce the risk of your female partner against other types of STDs.

Still, this does not mean you should not use condoms every time you have sex, especially with any random girl. Just because the disease-causing agents are not trapped underneath the foreskin, the skin-to-skin contact can still result in STDs.

You never know what you can get, especially when you’re having one night stands, so it’s better to keep yourself protected – at all times.

2. Con: Keeping Your Foreskin Means You Need To keep It Clean, Too

hygieneLet’s face it: not many men are into hygiene. As soon as they shampoo their hair and wash their body with soap, that’s it, they’re done. They are good to go. In other words, men want a maintenance-free body, including down there. Do you know a guy who shampoos his pubes down there?

Well, not if you are an uncircumcised dude. The foreskin is still part of your body, which means you need to take care of it and clean it, too. This means spending a few minutes of extra hygiene in the bathroom to get rid of bacteria trapped underneath it.

Why? Because normal secretions accumulate beneath the foreskin. This means you need to retract the attached skin and gently remove the secretions that could lead to infection. Of course, this is an isolated case. Still, do you want to go through this process of treating yourself due to infections? Therefore, make it a habit to clean the foreskin, too.

3. Pro: Sexual Pleasure Is Not Affected, With Or Without Foreskin.

Based on a study published in the British Journal of Urology International, circumcision removes five areas in a man’s penis that are more sensitive to touch.

researchesHowever, experts are not that convinced with the study, some even creating conflict with other researches.

Okay, fine. When you get rid of the foreskin, this means you are removing certain areas and nerves too, which can help you in the stimulation process.

However, these areas are not exactly the type of stimulation needed to give you the sexual pleasure you deserve. The difference now lies on the amount of friction you need to get you the orgasm you want. The foreskin contains nerves that are capable of stimulating the frenulum, one of the most sensitive parts in your penis. If you still have it, take advantage of it by rolling it back and forth to add to the sensation.

On the other hand, getting a circumcision means you need more friction to be able to orgasm. The good news is it allows you to try out different positions to maximize stimulation. Circumcised or not, how you are in bed and the positions you are willing to do are what matters most.

4. Con: Women Tend To Freak Out On Foreskin

porn movie

Have you seen a porn movie where the man has his foreskin intact? Weird, isn’t it? You can’t see his manhood too, although looking at a man’s junk can be awkward and embarrassing, don’t you think?This explains why a lot of dudes in the adult industry have circumcised penises.

Take it outside the porn industry. Although it may be normal for you, women have no idea what an uncircumcised penis looks like. Well for one, they are women, so don’t expect them to know what a foreskin looks like, especially when it is moved up and down.

The best way to go about this is to make her feel comfortable. Tell her and let her know that the foreskin responds well to stimulation, which can add some spice in bed. And if she is planning to give you a blowjob, tell her to treat it like an ordinary penis. She can even use her tongue to nibble gently on the area.

Sure, it adds some surprise value, especially when it is the first time she’ll unzip your pants. At the end of the day, a penis is still a penis, capable of erection and penetration. Foreskin doesn’t really matter that much anymore.

5. Pro: Circumcision Minimizes The Incidence Of Urinary Tract Infections

urinary tract infection

Photo by Steven Fruitsmaak / CC BY-SA 3.0

Did you know that a urinary tract infection, or UTI in uncircumcised male infants are higher than circumcised ones?

In fact, a 1982 study showed that UTI are more common in uncircumcised male babies compared to female babies. Of course, things are different now, where a UTI is more common with women than with men.

So, How Can Circumcision Minimize UTI On Men?

The foreskin can be a good home for bacteria to thrive. By removing this through a process called circumcision, the growth of bacteria underneath is prevented, thereby protecting men against UTI. Aside from UTI, there is also a higher risk of getting other infections, such as meningitis, an infection of the covering of the brain, and bacteremia, or bacterial infections of the bloodstream. If you think the foreskin can protect you and your man down there, well, not exactly. In case you want to keep the skin intact, it is important to keep the foreskin clean at all times to minimize infections, including UTI.

6. Con: There Are A number Of Religious And Cultural Issues Associated With keeping Your Foreskin

Of course, no one is judging those people who continuously conform to their faith and cultural beliefs. That is part of human life, right? And it has been going on for centuries. However, one of the major issues surrounding the circumcision issue is the cultural and religious aspects. For other religions, circumcision is considered as a mutilation. In fact, it is like taking away something from the boy’s body without asking for his consent, especially when he is circumcised as a newborn baby. It limits his freedom of choice, because the parents dictate what he is supposed to do with his body.

7. Pro: It Saves You Some Cash – And A Whole Lot More.

surgeryOh come on. Do you think you can get circumcised for free? Of course not. You need to use some of your hard-earned money to bring yourself to the hospital and pay for whatever medical expenses you incurred for wanting to get rid of the foreskin.

The good news is you can actually save yourself from this should you decide to keep it intact. You don’t have to go through surgery and pain, and you don’t even have to pay for medical bills that only bring you pain. And yes, you have to take antibiotics and other medications to minimize or prevent swelling or infection.

What Do You Think?

8. Con: Potential Complications During And After Circumcision

take your meds

This is perhaps one of the major concerns when it comes to circumcision. You will never know what can go wrong when you decide to get rid of that excess skin. This includes swelling, excessive bleeding, and post-operative infections. In worse cases, although rare, there might be an injury to the urethra.

Hence, it is important to follow post-operative care instructions and make sure to take your meds, just in case you decide to get circumcised. This way, any possible complications and infections are minimized, if not prevented.

The bottom line is, it’s all up to you and your personal choices. Keeping your skin intact has both its pros and cons. It is best to weight the consequences and benefits first before deciding whether to go for it or not.

10 Things Men Really Think About One Night Stands

The one night stand. Defined as two people, usually strangers to each other, who have casual and sometimes awkward sex, which both will or will not regret afterwards. In other words, it is sleeping around with any hot guy you meet in a party, which you may or may not see, depending on how the sex went.

For men, sleeping around earns them their bragging rights. It shows they know how to get girls and actually make them fall for them. However, the case is different with women. Find a girl who sleeps around with hundred dudes and men won’t surely consider her for a long-term relationship.

Anna Faris

Photo by Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

Sad, but that’s the reality of life. However, there are men who don’t really give a damn about women who have had a couple of one-night stands.

Take the case of Anna Faris and Chris Evans in the movie, What’s your Number? Despite sleeping with almost 20 men, they still end up together.

Apparently, not all men are like Chris Evans in the movie whose numbers really matter. Which leads you to the next question: What do men think about one-night stands?

1. Men Anticipate One-Night Stands

You’re out with some friends for some Friday night fun. Then you bump into this cute guy from the other table and there was an instant connection between the two of you, or at least according to your perspective.

drinksYou talk, flirt with each other and have a few drinks. After an hour or so, you realize that you have so much in common. For you, this guy could be the one, while for the dude, he’s only thinking of ways to get into your pants.

Let’s face it. Men crave sex most of the time. You may not notice it, but underneath that calm, suave man is a boy who wants to get laid – a lot. His thoughts may even include what to do with you when he pins you to the wall. Sorry ladies, but that’s just how men are programmed.

2. Men Get Scared, Too

pregnancyThey may look like sex machines who only want to get laid 24/7, but men freak out during one night stands, too.

Once the acts starts, men also worry about lots of things – sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, his performance in bed, and even his size down there.

Once they are able to calm themselves down, fear becomes a foreign concept and all they care about now is to enjoy the night. It’s one night stand, right? It doesn’t matter if he’s terrible, since there is a possibility that he may not see you after that night. Yes, it can be a douche-y thing to do, but one night stands are one-night stands. As long as they are not part of the one-minute man’s club, getting that orgasm is all they care about. And getting yours, too, if they are gentleman enough even in bed.

3. Men And Their Feelings Of Shame

motel roomSo, you finally agreed to come with him to take your so-called relationship to the next level, i.e. sex.

From the moment you walk into his apartment or a motel room, up until the time you two are done, there is a feeling of shame somewhere in between.

He might be ashamed of his Batman sheets at home, or the tacky motel he chose, or how he performed in bed. He might also be ashamed of the size of his penis compared to other dudes. At the end of the night, none of this feelings of shame matter anymore. As long as they were able to sustain it for two to three minutes, congratulations, you just boosted his ego.

4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Okay, this is a sensitive and embarrassing issue to talk about now. However, your health is important too, which is why it is a must to use protection. Men may not admit it, but STDs or the possibility of getting HIV is something they don’t want. Well, who does, right?

use a condom

Photo by Flegmus / CC BY-SA 3.0

In fact, men worry about this too, which is why it is important to use protection every time you decide to have sex.

This is to protect you, and not just from STDs, but also against unwanted pregnancies. And in case the guy refuses to use a condom, hmm, that’s a huge red flag. Get out of there right away.

5. To Take Or Not To Take To The Next Level?

Here’s the thing. It is difficult to bring a relationship to the next level when it started with sex. Before you react, keep in mind that most men have nothing against one night stands. They’re dudes.

menThey are supposed to like that. However, if they are looking for someone to have and to hold, someone they can live with till death do they part, then a fuck buddy is certainly not on the list. Generally, it is difficult to maintain a serious relationship that started from a one-night stand. However, this is not impossible, too.

Apparently, most men prefer being serious with women whom they get to know first – with clothes on – compared to women who they slept with first. This is because it makes you and the guy both vulnerable to each other even before building a solid foundation between the two of you.

Plus, they want a woman who they can bring home and introduce to the whole family and crew. So yes, being part of his “Girls I Slept With” list will not lead you to that.

6. It’s All About Getting Laid

Sorry to break it to you ladies, but men who sleep around fall into one of these categories: Heartbroken dudes who is still not over their ex. This is also known as “rebound sex.” Bragging rights. Apparently, the more women they sleep with, the more they are idolized by their equally sex-hungry colleagues. They just want sex. Period.

It may be harsh, but men don’t sleep around just so they can find the woman of their dreams. Some are just having commitment issues, too that they prefer using women to fill the void That’s the reality of life.

7. They Think About The Escape Plan

casual sexMen usually think of one thing after sex: “Will I get some more? If she’s not game, how do I get out of here?” Yes, men can be a douche at this point, but that is the whole concept of casual sex, isn’t it?

This is where the escape plan comes in. However, men are careful on this one. Obviously, he can’t leave you alone in the motel room in the middle of nowhere and let you pay the bill.

He still has to be a gentleman, since he might see you again accidentally. It may be unclear now as to how a guy devises an escape plan, but you are sure to find tips such as “pleasure her,” or “do a follow up – for the last time” on his list.

8. Seeing You Again May Not Be Out Of The Question.

casual partners

Photo by Kelley Boone / CC BY-SA 2.0

You might think that after sex, that’s it. There is no need for follow up or see each other. In fact, you can even pretend you are complete strangers, as if nothing happened. Still, there is a possibility that you can be good friends – and nothing more than that.

However, this depends on many factors – your performance in bed, the sexual chemistry between the two of you, and the overall experience.

If everything turns out well, then yes, he might ask you out. But don’t get your hopes high. Men tend not to take their casual partners seriously.

9. One Night Stand Implies Short Term Fun

Let’s get things straight: men are not exactly against one-night stands. However, giving in to the temptation implies you’re only after the physical and sexual aspect of relationships – and nothing more. Believe it or not, men want to work hard in order to get the girl of their dreams. They want a challenge to prove to the girl that they are worthy of her time. Giving it up too easily is like laying everything on the table without the man longing for it. And yes, it sends him a signal that you’re only in it for a short time.

10. A One Night Stand Is Not A Necessity

taking her clothes offBut if the situation calls for it, hey, why not? Yes ladies, there are still men who prefer getting to know the person first before taking her clothes off.

Some men do it out of fun and experience. In fact, they had a number of casual sex in their entire existence. Still, that doesn’t mean they are into it or are willing to do for as long as they can.

Don’t be surprised, but there are still guys out there who prefer long term relationships over flings and casual sex. Oh, and if you found that man, he’s definitely a keeper. Casual sex or one-night stands have some pros and cons. While men may not judge you for your acts, it will be difficult for them to take you seriously. That’s the reality of life.

10 Sexy Tips for Newbies to S & M

You’ve been having sex with your partner for a long time now. And while sex is as intimate as it can be, you have to admit it that the whole missionary, conventional, and even cowgirl style can get boring sometimes. So, you ask yourself, what else can I do? Well, you have probably thought of kinky sex once or twice. It’s not wrong. There is even a special category for kinky sex on porn sites. While it may seem taboo for some, it can be a source of more pleasure and more intensive orgasmic experiences that you may never have through ordinary sex.

While it is common knowledge and rule that men should be gentle and careful with women, and the other way around, S & M is a gratifying exception to that rule. S & M is sadomasochism, or rough sex, where one is a dominant and the other is a submissive. It revolves around foreplay, role play, pain and pleasure – all rolled into one. So, if you think you’re ready to take that step with your partner, here are 10 tips to get you on your way to your new, kinky sex life:

1. It Should Be A Unanimous Agreement

relationshipOkay, you think that S & M sex can be good and even strengthen your relationship. Does she think so, too? This sort of thing should be carefully talked and planned out before venturing into it.

And by planned out, we mean you know what you want to do. S & M has a great deal of stuff that you can do, so it is best if you’ve picked out the things that you want to try out first.

Like any other new experience that you have in your relationship or your individual self, it is best experienced when your partner is in tune with what you want. So, talk. Tell her, or him, what you think and see if they feel the same way. If the answer is yes, then gear up and gas up, it’s time to rock and roll.

2. Set The Ambience

The right ambience can stimulate the sadist or the masochist in you. Preparing your room or your background before you have kinky sex is a big factor to make sure you are turned on the right way. The details are important because otherwise, it will lose the S & M vibe.

Here are some of the details that you can prepare to make sure that you are kinky-ready:

  • musicMusic. This actually depends if you and your partner have the same taste in music or if you both like to do it with the music on.
    Classical music is said to stimulate S & M because the ambience transports you back to the medieval times, when slavery and whips were part of society. Whatever it is, you should both be on board with it.
  • Background. For some couples, they have a special room set aside just for these types of occasions. A room filled with costumes, whips, ropes, paddles, riding crops and sex toys can get you in the rough sex mood.

3. Dress The Part

handcuffsS & M sex has a great deal of role play, so you better dress the part. Best ideas? Be a cowboy with a riding crop, a medieval verdugo with a whip or a paddle, or a cop with handcuffs and police baton ready to cause pain.

Dressing up for the role that you will play is an essential step in making your kinky sex more stimulated. The more you look the part, the more encouraging you will be for your partner and the whole experience can be more exciting.

4. Safe Word

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And yes, S & M is a game, so the risk of someone getting hurt can be there. It could be you, or it could be your partner. Gather up, ladies and gentlemen and listen well. Probably the most important thing to remember before going into the S & M world is the “Safe Word.”

partnerIt’s your indication, your sign, your limit to know when the action being done is too much and needs to be stopped immediately. Some deeds can be painful or just too kinky for your partner’s taste.

So you come up with a word, just one word that one of you can say when you want to discontinue what you are doing.

Take note: do not use the word “Stop.” This is because some kinky actions can be too pleasurable that you do not really want to stop, and you yell “Oh, please stop,” but you actually really do not want to stop. So, yes, choose another word. Preferably something common, yet not used during sex. Can you say watermelon?

5. Talk Dirty

Talk DirtyOoh, of course you should talk dirty. And by dirty, meaning nasty, spiteful, harsh orders and curses. The use of harsh words can heighten the roughness of your sexual activity and can stimulate you into full S & M role.

Since S & M is dominance and submission, bark those orders to spank you here or lick you there to your sex slave.

6. The “No-Props” kinky Sex

Yes, S & M sex is a lot better with toys and tools. But what if you get caught up somewhere without your toys and you feel like being kinky? Well, you can still go through with it without your props. Kinky sex is, in essence, causing your partner pain or you receiving pain. That pain is actually a way for you to be more sensitive sensually and your pleasure points are heightened.

Thus, you give or receive pain, so you can feel more pleasurable and have more intense orgasms. And yes, we used orgasms in plural form, get the message? So, if you don’t have your toys, how can you do the whole kinky thing?

  • Biting sensitive areas down there or other parts of the body can be sensual and pleasurable, as long as you don’t go overboard.
  • Hair pulling

    Photo by Emergency Brake / CC BY 2.0

    Hair pulling is basic rough sex. You get pain up in your head while feeling all pleasurable down there.

  • Pinning your partner down while you ride her or bang her from behind can display dominance while your partner is helpless below you.
  • Anal Sex. The proverbial forbidden anal sex, which can cause both intense pain and pleasure for your lady.

7. Use Blindfolds

BlindfoldsHow do you magnify your sense of touch? By disabling your sense of sight. Using blindfolds will, of course, disallow you to see anything that your partner is doing.

Or is about to do, therefore making your other senses hyperaware in deciphering and anticipating what will happen next.

With your eyesight covered, you are more focused on what your skin touches and you get hypersensitive sensually. It builds up the anticipation and excitement of not knowing what is touching you yet gives you pleasure.

8. Use Restraints

ropesS & M is about dominance and submission and, well the stuff you do depend mainly on what the dominant wants. As a dominant, you would want your submissive to be helpless and unable to take control anytime during the act. So, you use restraint.

Restraint can be exercised using different stuff. You can use handcuffs, gags, ropes, cable ties, a silk scarf or a tie to tie your partner’s hands, neck or feet together. Be careful though, when tying around the neck, as it may be too painful or dangerous for your partner.

9. More Pain, More Pleasure

There are many tools that can be used during kinky sex. In fact, just about anything can be used during kinky sex, as long as it fits your style. For S & M, the more painful the tools used, the more pleasurable to whole act becomes.

Some of the most basic pain-inducing moves can be spanking, choking or slapping your partner. If you use toys or tools, the most basic ones used are whips, riding crops, paddles and cat o’ nine tails that you can use to spank your partner with if they refuse to submit to you. Little drops of melting wax from a candle can also be a source of pleasurable pain. Again, safety first, though. Sex is not meant to be fatal, after all.

10. Sex Toys

sex toys

Photo by Anna / CC BY-SA 2.0

Who says you cannot use sex toys when you are already having sex? Sex toys can actually add more excitement and kinkiness when you use it while doing the deed. Some of the best sex toys to use for S & M fun include:

  • Vibrators can give the lady pleasure while you watch her. If the male is the submissive, the lady can torture him by making him watch the whole time without him having to do anything about it.
  • Nipple clamps, as the name suggests, are clamps that you use on your nipples to apply pressure on them. Believe it or not, the more pressure you put on your nipples can heighten your sensitivity on other parts of your body, specifically down there.
  • Butt plugs are something you can insert in the ass while you have sex with your lady. The sensual and intense feeling at the front and behind can leave her gasping and asking for more.

When you hear the words “kinky sex,” what initially comes to mind is sex for those who enjoy giving pain or for those who take pleasure in receiving pain. However, it does not only focus on those two. S & M, as what they say, allows you to feel the pain, so you can be hyperaware and sensitive to pleasure. Thus, when pleasure comes, it can be more intense, more pleasurable and the orgasmic experience becomes much more extreme.

10 Fast and Furious Ways to Drive Your Man Wild

Men and sex go well together, and there is no doubt about that. They like getting blowjobs, dream about threesomes, or anything wilder than that, and generally live and breathe sex. They’re men. What do you expect them to do?

However, men are more than just maniac machines who think about sex 24/7. As crazy as it may sound, men also want more than just getting their man up and keeping it in that state for the next 30 minutes to one hour of their lives, well at least every night. What’s even more surprising is that these chauvinist pigs, as some refer to them, are also capable of emotions that can make sex even more memorable for both of you.

So, before you reach any conclusions, or say something, here is a challenge for you. Your man may not say it out loud, but do these 10 simple tricks on your next sex session. You will surely drive your man crazy and make every sexual experience more meaningful for you both.

1. It Boils Down To Attitude

sleep after sexHow many times have you had sex with your man out of necessity? You know, just to stop him from babbling about it and be able to get a good night’s sleep after sex.

Apparently, men can notice if you are doing it just because you are obliged to, or you want something in return, or you are simply going with the flow.

That’s a big turn off ladies. You need to do something about that now. Just like women, men want to have sex with a woman who is willing to do it and is so into it. You may not notice, but showing some enthusiasm and excitement in bed can really go a long way. If he sees you having fun inside the bedroom, that can be an ultimate turn on. Oh, and if you’re not in the mood, just say it in a nice way. Just make sure you’ll make it up to him.

2. Don’t Just Wait, Initiate

If you were living in the 1800’s, when men initiated sex, while women had to lie in wait for their predator, we wouldn’t be talking about this. Back then, women who made the first move were immoral, at least during those times. The good news is, you are not living in 1800’s anymore and initiating some action in bed, at least with your man, is no longer considered a mortal sin.

taking your clothes offAs a matter of fact, your man will love that. It makes him feel wanted and sends him a signal that you are still attracted to him. It doesn’t have to be as blunt as taking your clothes off and lying down in bed naked.

Send some subtle signals, such as sticking your hand down his pants, or giving him that “I want you, now,” look.

Go ahead. Initiate. It will surely turn him on.

3. Be In Control

Men are the dominant ones, let’s leave at that. However, that does not mean they have to take control all the time, even in bed. If you really want to rock his world, then play the dominant, naughty-but-sexy card, too.

How Do You Do That?

Well, take charge. Grab your guy, push him down and just do what you want with him. Treat him like your boy toy, with his consent of course, and show him who the boss is this time. Believe it or not, a woman who knows what she wants and does something about it is a huge turn on for men.

4. Talk Dirty To Him

erotic novelsYou’ve seen it in adult movies, and even read it in those erotic novels. It sounds hot, isn’t it? The question now is, “Can you do it?” Of course. As crazy as it may sound, talking dirty is a huge turn on for men, too.

It doesn’t matter if you scream or moan. The important thing is you give some feedback every time your man does something that tickles every portion of your body.

Your man needs to know that he is doing a great job so a simple comment such “That’s hot” or “It’s turning me on” really makes a difference. However, take it easy on doing the dirty talk. Too much can ruin his mood, too.

5. Change It Up From Time To Time


There’s nothing wrong with knowing the basics, at least when it comes to matters between the  sheets. However, there is nothing wrong with being adventurous and trying out new things in bed. After all, doing the same thing over and over can be quite boring, too.

Remember this: when you are willing to try new things, especially your man’s fantasies, he will feel safe to express himself to you sexually. This can lead to deeper connections, not just in bed but also in your overall relationship.

However, if you are not comfortable with doing what he wants, then that’s fine. Be honest about it and think about other adventurous ways that are amenable to both of you. Honesty goes a long way, ladies.

6. Tease Him

Here’s the thing: men are also sensory by nature. This means you have to activate his five senses – and more – to get him in the mood for bed. Take note that it is more than just wearing sexy lingerie. Remember, don’t just stick to the basics.

So How Do You Tease?

Instead of wearing your lacy lingerie, try putting on his white shirt to tickle his sense of sight. Use the perfume he loves for the sense of smell and whisper something sexy, but naughty to activate his sense of hearing.

kiss him passionatelyOh, and don’t forget to kiss him passionately, but have some control so you both don’t get carried away too fast. If you can include aphrodisiacs, then go ahead and have some.

If that’s not enough, consider sexting or sending naughty messages to his email. Even a simple message such as “You felt so good inside me,” can already drive him wild.

7. Fulfill His Fantasies

Men are different from one another. However, there is one thing they always agree on: sex. When it comes to sex, men have their own set of fantasies that they want to experience at one point in their lives. If you want to drive him wild, then be that girl who can fulfill his fantasies.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can let him do anything he wants. Learn to set some boundaries for yourself. If threesome is unacceptable, at least choose one or two from his checklist. Sex is more wonderful when both of you are on the same page. Remember, attitude is also important and men can tell if you are having fun, or just doing it just to make him happy, even if you’re not.

8. Master The Art Of Giving A Blowjob

Giving A Blowjob

Photo by Marco C.D. / CC BY-SA 2.0

You want him to give you the best oral you ever had, right? If you expect your man to get down and dirty down south, then you have to make sure you can reciprocate. By reciprocate, this means you need to master giving blowjobs, too.

Most women just go from lips to penis, but you know that’s not going to work. Before you go down on him, make sure to visit the places that can lead you down there such as his neck, chest and inner leg.

Once you reach your destination, don’t go straight to sucking his manhood. Build some momentum first until you are ready to take it all in your mouth. This adds up to the excitement and makes sexy time even more pleasurable.

9. Be Confident

Photo by Katie Tegtmeyer / CC BY 2.0

Has anyone ever tell you that confidence is key? For sure, you heard it countless times already. This is because being confident is one of the sexiest traits you can have, which your man will absolutely love.

It is normal to feel embarrassed about your body, especially when you had too many tacos of fries that night. However, if you constantly ask your man to turn the lights off before you undress, then this sends a message to your man that you don’t like your own body, too.

If you’re too conscious with your jiggles, then try soft lighting. This can hide the flaws you want to get rid of. Though seriously, ladies, the last thing your man will notice is your cellulite. Once you take off your clothes, he’ll be thrilled to get down to business with you.

10. Praise Him

After the night that was, it is important to praise your man and tell him how amazing he is. Genuinely tell him how much you enjoyed sex and how fantastic it felt for you. There is no need to go into detail, but if you can tell him the specific moves you liked, then that would mean a lot to him.

Men long for praises, too. They need the assurance that you enjoyed your time with him, regardless of how long you’ve been together. Once you start praising him for a job well done, he will surely come up with ways to please you even more. Don’t you just love that? Hmm, are you ready to take your performance to the next level? Good luck and have fun. Your man will surely love it – and so will you.

10 Cringe-worthy Sex Stories to Crack You Up

Sex is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. When done the right way and with the help of the right tools, it can send you to a different dimension and definitely rock your world. It’s sex. It is supposed to give you the most majestic orgasm you ever had. Unfortunately, it is not the same for everyone.

For sure, you heard one or more hilarious stories of sex gone wrong, whether it’s the little brother crashing into the bedroom during the act or getting caught by security guards while doing it on one of the aisles in Target. Stop whatever you are doing now and get a good laugh for a few minutes. Here are 10 funniest and cringe-worthy sex stories that will surely crack you up.

1. When Allergies Ruin Everything

bedroom“I asked one of my girl friends how she and her man spice things up in the bedroom. So she introduced me to her famous vibrator and swore by how amazing it was.

Following her word, I decided to get one for myself. While in bed, I decided to introduce my new toy to the guy I am dating.

Wrong move. I didn’t even bother looking at the type of rubber or plastic used and caused me to break out in hives. I didn’t even try using it first before the act itself.

When I started using the vibrator, it was so itchy down there and worse, I got lumps on the inside of my thighs. Yes, it pretty much ruined the mood and was super embarrassing. Good thing he understood of the situation. Lesson learned: always read the label.” – By the vibrator-sensitive girl.

2. Three’s a Crowd – Or Not

drinks“I was sort of seeing this hot guy for couple of times but never really went out on a date. One night, we were at this bar with other bunch of people for a fun booze night.

I felt really special, since he singled me out from the crowd and bought me tons of drinks. He really seemed so into me so I decided to go with the flow.

So yes, I agreed to go home with him, thinking we’re going to have some action. When I got into his place, I was so stunned to see his wife, lying down in bed and waiting for us to jump into her for some threesome action. Sure, some couples get turned out with that but I felt so sick, I decided to turn right around and left. I never saw the guy since then. It was really embarrassing.” – By the girl who hates married men.

3. Sex Sent Me To The ER

“I was seeing this guy for a month already. Some people tell me not to take advantage of a man with vulnerable feelings since he is a virgin – and 440 pounds at that time. Anyway, I was getting impatient since we never really had sex. I really wanted to take it to the next level so I made the first move by getting in bed with nothing but my underwear. I guess it turned him on so bad, he decided to jump at it and we had sex – for the first time. Well, maybe he got too excited, he accidentally drove my head through the room’s sheet-rock wall – and it shattered.

relationshipIt was funny though, since he thought he killed me, but I was fine. It was just an awkward trip to the ER while I feel dizzy and nauseous. It turns out that I had a concussion.

We dated for four years after the incident but eventually have to end the relationship. The last time I heard, he lost a lot of pounds, so kudos to him.” – said the girl who never goes near walls.

4. Heart Stopping Sex – Literally

“I will never forget that time when a young couple was brought to the ER. They were having sex in the basement while grandma was out of the house.  Since they needed some extra help down there, they decided to go through her well-stocked medicine cabinet and grabbed a tube of what they thought as lubricant.

I guess they were so excited to go at it that they failed to read the label. It turns out that the tube was nitroglycerin paste, a heart drug, which can potentially cause a fatal drop in blood pressure. Grandma came home and she saw the two of them unconscious and naked. After giving them oxygen and fluids, these two turned out fine. And they read the label since then.” – ER nurse on duty.

5. Can’t Seem To Get Off You

doctor“A couple was brought to the ER because the guy was stuck inside the woman’s vagina. It turned out that they were doing a lot of drugs and having wild sex at that time.

While he is inside her, the woman’s vagina cramped up and the dude can’t get his thing off her, causing them to get locked to each other – literally.

The good thing was muscle relaxants saved the day and after a few minutes, he was able to pull it out the woman’s vagina. Sadly, the police officers were waiting and they can’t get away with drug charges.” – By Doctor on Duty.

6. A Really Painful Shower

“Shower sex is one of the favorite things we do. While having sex in the shower, my foot slipped and I went down. Worse, I hit my open mouth against the bath faucet, which knocked out my two front teeth and loosened the others. It was so scary since there was blood everywhere. I managed to get dressed and brought myself to the ER for treatment.

I made up a story and told everyone that I lost my footing while I was in the shower when asked what happened. Since then, my man and I stayed away from shower sex – and I don’t think I ever will.” – said the girl who lost her teeth due to shower sex.

7. Stuck On You

stomach pain“I was assigned to examine a patient who was complaining of stomach pain. When I came to see her, it turned out she was my high school classmate. Instead of being happy to see me, she was even mortified.

Later on, she confessed that stomach pain is not really her problem, but there is something stuck inside her. She probably couldn’t find her dildo, so said she microwaved a frozen hotdog and used it as a sex toy.

Of course, heating caused the softening of the hot dog and broke off inside her. Thankfully, I managed to remove the hotdog inside. Sadly, I don’t know if she will still look at me in the eye in our next reunion. Talk about an embarrassing situation” – Saved by the classmate.

8. Let’s Play Ball


“This really happened in the emergency room. A couple rushed themselves in the hospital for an emergency.

After much interrogation, we found out that during sex, the woman got hold of a medium-sized rubber ball and inserted it into his man’s back door. Unfortunately, the ball went up so high in his rectum that they couldn’t get it out.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it out too so the attending physician called a surgeon to get rid of the ball. While waiting for the surgeon to arrive, the man started to cough.

Maybe there was too much coughing that the ball flew out of his butt and hit the arriving surgeon on the head. At least that saved him from medical bills.” – By I love working in the hospital.

9. Keep The Fires Burning

wineMy man and I were having a romantic night together, complete with dinner, candles, wine, and the works. We left the music and candles on when we started to have sex.

The room was so dark that neither of us noticed that my hair was on fire and burned one section all the way up to the scalp.

Worse, we couldn’t turn off the fire alarm and firefighters were showing up everywhere – all that without our clothes on. So yes, I have to go to the hospital since the smoke burned my scalp and made up a story on what happened. I had to put my hair in a ponytail for weeks so no one will notice.” – By the girl on fire.

10. Stuck On Me

“My college boyfriend and I used lubes that would warm up. I don’t know but there is a different feeling of sensation. Anyway, we were a bit tipsy that night so when he asked where the lube was, I told him it was on my desk. He put it on me very quickly until we realized he got the Superglue by mistake, which was sitting next to the lube, and spread it all over my vagina.

He managed to pull his fingers off but my newly waxed labia were stuck together, it hurts like hell. It was so bad and painful, I had to go to the college hospital and call my mom to console me.” – By I’ll never place glue and-lube together. So, did you have a good laugh?

8 Sexy Things Women Want You to Do in Bed

Women and sex don’t seem to go well together. Can you imagine a woman who is open about sex and willing to tell the world what they want in bed? Hmm, can be a bit turn off, don’t you think? Here’s the truth: there are a lot of things men do in bed that ticks most women off. It may not be that important to you, such as kissing her or telling her that she’s doing great, but those little things affect their mood for sex.

You might say that you are not some mind reader dude who is part of X-Men, so there is no way you’ll know. Okay, good point there. After all, sex is a two-way process, and unless she tells you what to do, you’ll never know how to please her according to her fantasies. To avoid any confusion and frustration inside the bedroom, here are eight sexy things your girl wants you to do to give her the best sex of her life.

1. Sprinkle Romance Liberally

Sprinkle RomanceCall it outdated, but women love that feeling of everything first – first date, first kiss, first time to hold hands, first time to have sex. It is sweet, it is mushy, and yes, it can be an ultimate turn on.

On your next sexy session, try to sprinkle some romance both in and out of the bedroom. Start your night by having a lovely dinner for two and just talk about anything.

Don’t go sexual yet, since it’s like dropping the bomb too early, which can kill the mood. Oh, and don’t forget to decorate the bedroom with some rose petals and candles to surely get her in the mood for sex. Aside from adding some romance, be a perfect gentleman, too. Prove to her that chivalry is not dead yet. Does this have to happen every night? Well, not really. Still, there is nothing wrong with acting like her dream guy for a night. Women love some romance once in a while.

2. Be A Bit Rough

inside the bedroomHere’s the thing. You’re not living in 1900’s anymore where women were expected to be meek and submissive – although the dom-sub role-play can be a good one in bed. Surprisingly, women today want you to be, hmm, a bit aggressive in bed.

Wait, this does not mean you should hit your girl with a club and pull her hair as soon as you get home. That’s just plain sick and you don’t want violence against woman charges in court. Women appreciate a bit of roughness inside the bedroom. This could mean pulling her hair, or tying her up with your belt, or spanking her on the butt as you doggy-style her, or anything “mildly rough” acts you can think of.

The important thing is to ask her first if you can be somewhat aggressive in your next session. Set up a signal for her to use if you get too rough, though. You don’t want to hurt her. This will surely surprise her and make her more excited for sex. Oh, and in the event she wants to switch roles and be the aggressive one, let her. She’ll surely love to take control too. Go ahead and show your strength. Now, that is spicing up something in the bedroom.

3. Undress Her, One Piece At A Time

You’ve seen it in Mr. and Mrs. Smith – how Brad Pitt wanted to rip Angelina Jolie’s clothes off during that kitchen sex scene. Sure, that’s hot – if you do it once in a while. If you’ve been ripping your girl’s clothes off nine out of 10 times you had sex, hmm, then you’re in trouble. There’s nothing wrong with this, but there is nothing wrong with undressing her slowly, too.

kiss it passionatelyHere’s a challenge for you. On your next session, slowly remove her clothes, one piece at a time. Enjoy every area of her exposed body and kiss it passionately.

It won’t hurt if you kiss every inch of her body as you unhook her bra and use your tongue to take off her underwear. Yes, it is sensual and sexy, and the thought of you seeing her naked is hot for you, but employing some control on yourself is something a woman would love to see.

In other words, don’t rush it. Think of this challenge as if you are unwrapping a present, but slowly and surely. What’s waiting underneath the fancy gift wrapper is something you surely want. Don’t worry. It’s worth the wait.

4. Treat Her Like A Prostitute

Oops, you didn’t see that one coming, right? Here’s the truth: women are tired of playing the nice girl card and would want to be raunchy in bed once in a while. The problem is they are afraid that men will judge them for their actions and think of them as a slutty human being even outside the bedroom.

moneyWhat can you do? Give her a free pass where she can be what she wants and you can do what you want with her. If it helps, treat her like a prostitute.

Given a chance, what do you want to try in bed but you’re afraid to do with your girl? Imagine her as someone you paid to have sex with you, except that she’s your girl and there is no money involved.

Have fun and go with the flow.

5. More Mouth In The South

Did you know that most women love giving blowjobs? In fact, they are willing to spend a few minutes down there, giving you a head and making you cum – with high hopes that you will do the same.

What Does This Mean?

using your tongueGive her the best oral sex she’ll ever have. Nothing beats your man inside her but there’s a reason why appetizers come before the main course, right?

Therefore, do your job and get deep down there using your tongue, mouth and fingers. Tease her with your penis then use your mouth again to get her really wet. If possible, make her cum.

The point is don’t go straight to humping. There is a logic behind oral sex and why it is an important part of the while process. Don’t take this for granted. If you want her to give you the best blowjob, make sure you can do the same, too.

And speaking of blowjobs, please be a gentleman. Your girl appreciates your oohhs and aahhs, but it won’t hurt if you guide her, too. Tell her what you want or don’t want and how fast you want it. This will make oral sex even more pleasurable for both of you.

6. Make It All About Her – At Least Just This Once

You may think that women are selfish for wanting you to focus on them entirely. Well, not really. Remember, women are capable of reciprocating and doing more than what you are asking them to do. If you want to have the best sex of your life, make sure you can give her that too.

neckWhat do you have to do? Simple. Just focus on her needs and anything that can get her in the mood. Give her a massage and kiss every portion of her body starting from her neck down to her toes.

Cuddle with her until she falls asleep and simply make her feel good. Bring out sensations that come from other areas in her body aside from her vagina. Some night, she will surely return the favor, but that’s not the goal here. Please her, and you’ll feel pleasure, too.

7. Be Spontaneous

Planning for some sexy night is fun. It keeps you prepared for the night that is about to come. However, nothing beats having spontaneous, but passionate sex once in a while. Grab her from behind and have sex on the kitchen floor. Do her in the couch while watching our favorite movie for the nth time.

Have sex in the elevator, in the fire exit, on the beach or anywhere public. The important thing is to ravage her in the most unexpected way you can think of. Come on, it’ll be fun. Your girl will even love the thrill, too.

8. Kiss Her

kissingHere’s the problem among men. They tend to forget the importance of kissing when having sex with a girl. Believe it or not, kissing is as important as humping, especially for women.

It solidifies the intimacy between the two of you and assures her that you’re both on the same playing field.

However, kissing is not just as simple as landing your lips to hers for two seconds. Make it a long and passionate one. Kiss her every chance you get – from the time you take off her clothes to humping and even after sex. This will surely turn her on and in the mood for the rest of the night.

They say women are complicated. That is true. But when it comes to matters concerning what goes on inside the bedroom, well, men and women are somewhat on the same playing field. Just like you, they have fantasies to fulfill and things they want to do inside the bedroom with no one judging them. Go on. Experiment. Have fun in bed.

7 Tips for Making Your Lady Your Personal Porn Star

If you don’t watch porn, can you raise your hand? Come on, for sure, you have a bookmarks folder dedicated to your favorite porn sites, just in case your lady is not available for some action. Because of too much porn, you can’t help but think – can your girl do what porn stars do?

womenThe answer is yes. In fact, you can make her as your personal porn star, sans the production crew and other people watching. The key here is communication.

Believe it or not, women want to be treated like porn stars or prostitutes, too. It’s just that they are scared of what you might think of them or if you will judge them for their kinky preferences in bed.

So, how can you go about it? Make a sex tape, of course. However, it’s not as simple as setting up your camera in video mode and recording the act. You need to do the following to make a successful homemade porn movie and be able to bring out the porn star mode in your lady.

1. Talk About It


This is the first step in everything you do with your lady, both in and out of the sheets. Keep in mind that keeping the communication lines open and discussing together what to do and not do in bed can make or break the success of your porn movie – and your relationship, as well.

Therefore, ask her first if she’s open to the idea of making a sex video. Discuss how you want to go with the film – location, your outfits, the roles you are about to play, the positions you will do, how the video will be captured and even what to do with the recorded movie after.

By laying down the ground rules, it will be easier for you to do the film and make sex even more comfortable. After all, the ultimate goal here is to have fun. And if she won’t agree, ask her if it’s okay to just set up the camera and pretend you are filming – even if you’re not.

2. Get Your Lady In The Mood

Lady In The MoodSo, she finally agreed to “act” for you in front of the camera. That’s the first step. Now, it’s time to get her in the mood – and it’s more than just getting her drunk dude. You’ve seen it in porn movies.

The guy teases the girl, so she will agree to have sex with him. Then he’ll do all sorts of stuff to make her wet down there.

Do the same. Keep in mind that the camera is not part of the foreplay. Therefore, do your part in getting her in the mood. The more turned on she is, the more she will be comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t have to do anything fancy with this. Just make her feel at ease by telling her how hot she looks, or how the red lacy lingerie looks good on her, or how much she is turning you on.

Just shower her with sexy, but genuine compliments, and you will surely get her in the mood. Don’t go overboard on this one, since women are smart individuals. They know if you’re being real or doing this for the sake of getting her in the mood, which is not working actually.

3. Get The Right Equipment Ready

Now that you both agreed to make your own film, you also need to get the right tools ready. By tools, this means having a camera on hand, lightweight is more preferable so it is easier to move around. There is no need for expensive, studio-quality camera since this won’t be distributed, right? You can also have a tripod, so you can concentrate more on having sex instead of worrying where to put the camera. Plus, you can have angles that are more appealing, too.

making a sex videoLighting also plays an important role when making a sex video. Natural light is the best form of lighting in making your homemade sex video.

If you are planning to do this at night, then warm, incandescent lights can do the trick. It can even hide blemishes, cellulite and whatever flaws your girl doesn’t want you to see.

Candles can be a good alternative too, though be careful not to knock them over – put them where they won’t start a fire. All you need is to have to call 911 while you scramble to find your clothes in the dark. It is also important to set the mood inside the room or wherever you plan to create your own movie. Change your sheets to a clean ones, clean up the clutter, bring out the scented candles and get the champagne ready to help you both take the edge off and release any feelings of nervousness.

You might want to clean up, too. It won’t hurt to do a little manscaping and take a shower before shooting time. She may be the girl you’ve been dating for the past few years, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean up for her anymore. In terms of angles, the best angle is to shoot it from below, looking up. This creates an illusion of a flat stomach while making her butt rounder and boobies look bouncier. But if you’re recording the oral action, then top-down is the best angle.

4. Execute The Positions

record a sex videoRemember tip number one, where you needed to lay down the ground rules? It’s time to execute that plan. This is why it is important to choose your positions wisely.

Believe it or not, there are certain positions in bed, regardless of how exciting it looks, that doesn’t look good on camera. Also, this is not the time to play circus in bed, especially if it’s the first time you will record a sex video.

Therefore, stick to positions that look good on camera. This includes cowgirl position, open spoon and dog style. It may look simple and common but the best positions are the ones where you are behind her and she faces the camera.

Stay away from complicated positions that could break her bones, such as pile driver. You’re not going to enjoy it anyway. In other words, go for positions that elongate her body and make her look slimmer and taller. She’ll even love how it looks, too.

5. Make It About Her

focused on womenYou will notice that most porn videos made is focused on women. This is because the entire porn industry is catering to horny men like you who are looking for some action, but don’t want to resort to prostitutes.

In making your own movies, make sure to focus on her, her needs, and what makes her look good on camera.

However, this does not mean you won’t have your three minutes of fame, too. Even if it’s all about her, make sure that you are also recognizable and visible in the shot. You need to be seen too in most part of the scenes since this is her sort of “assurance” that you won’t pass it around friends, or upload it on porn sites.

Plus, she will feel more comfortable, since both of you are seen on video. Don’t you think it’s unfair for her if you refuse to show your face on camera while she’s out there spreading her legs for you?

6. Keep Your Expectations Realistic

spice inside the bedroomMaking your own sex tape can add spice inside the bedroom. It opens up to many possibilities in bed, plus it makes sex even more exciting. However, keep your expectations realistic.

Don’t expect your own version of porn to be as grand as an Avatar or Star Wars movie. There is no production crew here or a director who will say “Cut” at the end of the scene. It’s just the two of you and no one else.

The best part is this can be a hilarious, but memorable experience for both of you, so expect some laughs in the filming process. Have you seen the movie, Sex Tape? Expect yours to be like that – fun and something that can bring you both closer. Just stick to the plan or story line, inject your own dose of humor and enjoy the whole process. When done right, you can surely bring out your lady’s inner porn star.

7. Never Ever kiss And Tell

This is a cardinal rule in making sex videos and even when having sex in general. Come on guys, the whole world doesn’t need to know that you are having sex with your girl seven times a week, nor see you actually doing it. This is why it is important to talk about what to do with the recorded sexual act afterwards.

sex tapeAs depicted in the movie, Sex Tape, do you seriously want to go through that, and – knock on wood – ruin your reputation? Remember that digital is forever.

Whatever you upload online can be difficult to take down and erase forever. If it makes her feel safe, let her use her own phone or camera.

Don’t hesitate to give her the original and only copy of your sex video. Don’t be those douches that resort to revenge porn after the breakup. That is definitely a terrible idea.

Making your own sex video is not that bad. In fact, it can bring your sex life into a new and different dimension. However, you need to be careful. One mistake can ruin your lives – forever.